Jonas S Karlsson

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Name: Jonas S Karlsson
Mobil: (+1) 415 533 8742
Work: Google Inc, Mountain View, USA
Email: jsk(a)

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Swedish: I am swedish, if you know how to speak and or read swedish it may interest you to try JySKom. For more information see later in the text.

Origin: I was born in Enköping, 1968, which makes the crises to appear at any moment ;-).

Studies: I studied in Linköping at the university where I got my M.Sc & CS.

Non-studies: I was active in some Academic Societies such as: Lysator Academic Computer Society, and in Admittansen Electronics Society.

Hacking: Yes, I consider my self to be a hacker, not to be confused with crackers. See the JySKom for testing out my own WWW-server/lyskom-klient. JySKom is a conference system, in swedish, for which I built a Web-interface. Someday I'll publish an article about that.

Aftergrade: My postgraduated studies started out with a Master project on recovery system for AMOS. at the EDSLAB, the database research group in Linköping . From there I got involved in SDDSs. In my Licentiate Thesis (Half-A-PhD (after Master)) I implemented LH*LH on a Parsytec GC. After my Licenciate Thesis I was invited for half-a-year stay in Amsterdam at CWI.

Amsterdam/CWI: and I got stuck here. Heck, I did not need to teach (undergraduate courses) anymore! Which means that I could complete my PhD in shorter time (however...).

PhD: Since the environment (prof. Martin Kersten, et. al.) expects me to deliver a PhD-Thesis at about July 1999 I'll probably do so....

Goal: Enjoy different cultures/countries/people. I have been traveling somewhat, but so far only in Europe.

Travelled: I like to explore new places. I've been in Finland (Helsinki, Åbo), Denmark (Copenhagen, AAlborg), Norway (Oslo, Grimstad, Kristiansand, Trondheim). But the first big trip on my own was by interrail through Germany - England - France - Netherlands - Denmark. Next, was a trip to St Petersburg, via boat. Travel through Balticum (Estonia, Litauia, Latvia) and back over Berlin. For my work I visited Tcheckien, and twice Paris, one week each time, Avignon for a presentation. Summer 96 I went on a long trip...

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Yamaha XJ 400: Yes I had a motorcycle, I'm not fanatic but for the kind of driving I want to do I find it more appropriate (leasure). I took my driver licence for motorcycle when I was 27, and in my first year I drove through Europe: Linköping, Copenhagen, Kiel, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Köln, Hannover, Braunschweig, Leipzig, Dresden, Prague, Budapest, Wienna, XXX, 2xItaly, Zurich, Freiburg, Strausburg, Frankfurt, Berlin, Linköping. Nowadays I have an...

Yamaha XJ 750: instead. It needs some fixing since some dutch person had it before... I expect to be able to do some touring into France and Germany possible Switzerland and Italy, and Spain this year. But this contradicts partly with a strong urge to visit...

USA: I went to USA! Finally! It was <blink>GREAT</blink>. People are generally very nice. Service is fine (better than in Holland at least). With my good friend Johnny I went to Yosemite Park for a few nights. No bears ate me, still we staid in the Housekeeping Camp. We also visited Muir Woods, Alkatraz, and other nature sights (Old Faithful Geiser). San Fransisco was the base -- a wonderful sity. Where Amsterdam has Kanals, SF has Hills. Big contrast with flat Holland.

Lived: I lived in quite a few places; Enköping, Varberg, Linköping, Östervåla, Stockholm, Linköping, half a year in Berlin (Germany), and now at least a full year in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). I live in a very nice area near...

De Waag, Monumental building at Nieuwmarkt
Nieuwmarkt: Nieuwmarkt, alias Chinatown, on which De Waag (shown in the picture above), lies.

Binnen Bantammerstraat: The street where I live Binnen Bantammerstraat is an street with an interesting history. It was once a street filled with Chinese Restaurants (now two still exists). On top of the restaurants people could smoke opium and sleep it out in the room. About 5 years ago the police raided the area, no longer (?) afraid of the chinese maffia. Closing down restaurants. Most of the restaurants re-opened on Zeedijk close to Nieuwmarkt. However, there are still 3 restaurants, one and 4 eetcafe's and one Showarma (open very late!) on this very short street. The street is very cosy, and neighbourhoodly. Alkohol can be bought in the neighbours shop (BB 8). Next to that shop there is an Instrument Bow-buildingartist, Basil de Visser. In the house on the other side of where I live, there is good Hairshop nicely decorated. Oh, of course there is a Porche-store on the street too. However, how the get the porches inside the building is partly a mystery, when looking into the store from the street.

If you happen to know more about this street please send me an email and I'll try to put the information in! Appologies for incorrect or incomplete information.

Amsterdam: Near Nieuwmarkt one can walk through the Red Light District and getting offers to buy Hash, Extacy, VFSH, Whatever, the closest to drugs I get is buying liquor. Coffeshops is the place for whose who wants the soft drugs. Some of them excell in having a good selection of tea (not teabags!).

I don't like to say too much personal stuff. But you are welcome to ask me instead.