The Complete Guide To Unlawful Carnal Knowledge: Sexual Insanity ?

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A character can be struck by insanity due to a curse, psionic attack, disease, etc.. The GM must make sure the role of the insane character is role-played correctly. Naturally, these insanities are not clinically correct. They are designed to conform to game terms and situations. Their inclusion is to fill an area of the game where a condition exists and no adequate explanation is otherwise given. The GM can pick the desired insanity or roll (1d30) on Table 1.

Table 1: Insanities
Die Roll Insanity
1 Bitchamania
2 Coprophilia
3 Exhibitionism
4 Fetishism
5 Foulmouthia
6 Geroniophilla
7 Innecrophilia
8 Masochism
9 Mirusmania
10 Necrophilia
11 Nymphomania
12 Pedophilia
13 Periculuphilia
14 Pigmalionism
15 Sadism
16 Sexaphobia
17 Unus-????mania
18 Uridpsomania
19 Voyeurism
20 Zoophilia