The Complete Guide To Unlawful Carnal Knowledge: Seduction for the professional

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Certain characters (see the sub-classes in this guide) have a special benefit of seduction. This ability that differs from the seduction rules above is described here. Note that these rules are not gender specific but are given as if the Seducer is a woman.

The Seducer has a special power of seduction. Seduction is an ability which is used against individual males of the same or similar race as the Seducer. The Seducer's percentage chance of seducing is given by the following formula:

                                          Seducer's level
                                    --------------------------  X 100
                                    victim's level + modifiers
Fighter +3 Elf/Half-elf * +1
Rogue +3 Dwarf/Gnome/Halfling +2
Mage +4 Orc/Half-orc -1
Cleric +5

* +1 for each outsider (see below)

1 -6 08-14  0
2 -4 15 +1
3 -3 16 +2
4 -2 17 +3
05-07 -1 18 +4

Heavily clothed +1
Scantily/Provocatively clad -1
Nude -2

(The latter state will not be terribly practical under most circumstances, and might well lead to arrest for indecent exposure.)

A seduced person will drop his weapons, become oblivious to his surroundings, and attempt to engage the Seducer in a passionate embrace. In such a state he is extremely vulnerable (especially to kiss spells which are very popular amongst Seducers). However, if the Seducer does not attempt to use a spell on a seduced victim, he is allowed to make his save vs. spell. If this is successful, then he realizes what has happened in which case the seduction is broken and he cannot be immediately seduced again. Breaking the seduction, however, does not affect the success of the spell being used.

Seduction cannot be used in combat and cannot work against other females except those that are homosexuals. The presence of other individuals in close proximity (within ten feet, or obviously watching) will reduce the chance of success of the seduction attempt. For each outsider present, add 1 to the modifier.

Seduction lasts for a number of turns equal to five times the Seducer's level, or until broken. It can be broken in a number of ways, i.e. if the Seducer attempts to use a kiss spell as above, or if she resists his attentions (the victim is allowed his save vs. spell each time she does so), or if the victim is attacked. In the latter case, the seduction is instantly broken.

Seduction can only be used on a single individual at a time; a Seducer may use the ability a number of times per day equal to her level.

EXAMPLE OF THE USE OF SEDUCTION: Lirona the Seducer (3rd level, human) is attempting to seduce Thad Leaf the thief (5th level, human). The scene is the Golden Griffon Inn. There are a number of other people present but no one is paying any particular attention to the pair. Lirona's chance of seducing Thad is equal to 3 (her level) X 100 divided by 5 (Thad's level) +3 (modified for a thief), i.e. 300 / 8 = 37.5%. Lirona rolls 30. Success! Thad is taken in by her charms. however, a bar is no place for a romantic liaison. Eagerly he accompanies her upstairs to her room, his arm around her slim waist, not suspecting the fate that awaits him when he gets there...!!!