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"I think that saying 'my campaign has no place for sex because my players satisfy their sexual needs elsewhere' is roughly the same as boasting that your campaign has no place for the green color, because when your players want to see green, they go and look at your petunias. Our lives and our characters' lives are different things altogether."

--- Luwain

"The sex guide is interesting to say the least."

"'s a pretty handy guide to have really."

--- Matt

"The people in my group love the guide!!!"

"Imagine my player's face when he realized he had screwed a

wight lich !!!" --- Larry

"...let me intrude to tell you that my wife and I really like what you have come up with."

"We both have rather chaotic sensual souls as characters."

--- Morgan Blackheart

"It certainly has some interesting ideas in there."

"My friend, who is GM'ing this rather, umm, slutty city, has made good usage from it..."

--- Steve

"There where nice ideas." "Great Idea & Fun!"

" looks GREAT !!!" "It looks good & Fun."

--- Vinnie

"Well, I've read over the pages and it looks GREAT!"

--- Mike

"It takes perversion to a higher level."

--- Brian

"I...found it quite enjoyable and reasonable for application to RPGs."

"The guide is really good -- I am very impressed with the work..."

--- Jason

"I have looked it over gleefully..."

--- Lonadar

"It looks great! We've been pondering the problems of pregnancy...It looks as if your manual will take care of that and lots lots lots more."

--- Lisamarie Babik

"I also wanted to tell you that your compilation of sex in RPG rules was hilariously funny and extremely FUN."

--- Adam

"...really wild! I really enjoyed the humor and couldn't resist in printing a copy for myself."

"The sex guide did have its moments..."

"I am looking forward in hearing from you again."

--- The Mage (Nancy)

"Reading your guide was real fun and I think using it will be even more fun."

--- Mike

"I enjoyed your guide, and it will certainly add some spice to my next campaign."

--- Mike W.

"I just wanted to commend you for the guide... It was great... the imagination of everyone involved was excellent."

--- J.J.

"Fascinating guide you have here."

"You and others have obviously spent a lot of time and effort bringing it to its present incarnation."

"I am most impressed, and can't wait to pore over it in more detail."

--- Corwin

"Interesting and amusing."

--- David

"I found it really amusing, and while I'm not sure if I will use its materials in my games I find it is really inspiring..."

--- Roberto Di Meglio

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I just looked over the Sex Guide and I must say: FANTASTIC!!! GREAT!!! SUPERB!!!!"

--- Alexander

"Excellent work, and thorough."

--- Scott

"I read you guide... Its very good!!! Thanks a lot."

--- Carlos

"Thank you very much! From the short look I had at the guide just now it looks good and useful. Always nice to see something both amusing and functional."

--- Rhonda

" the way I am greatly impressed -- it will help out with my GMing immensely."

--- Sasha

"I just wanted to write and tell you I loved it..."

"It was amazing."

"I didn't realize how much you could actually put into SEX in RPGs."

"I plan to be starting an RPG world soon, and I hope to use it."

"Thank you very much, and once again, I think you have done a marvelous job!"

--- James

"Most Excellent!"

--- Joe

"I really really enjoy the guide to sex!"

"I think it is the funniest thing I have read in a long time."

"Bravo, good job, two thumbs up."

--- Thomas Forlorn

"I enjoyed the Guide to Sex. It was worth many a hearty guffaw."

--- Robin

"You did an excellent job on it."

--- Rich

"I found the Sex Guide rather humorous."

"I don't know if my GM is going to use it but I might find some of the stuff useful, if not entertaining for other players."

--- Eric

"I appreciate you work and thank you for it."

"I use a German role-playing system here. So of course I have to redo the game-specific things. However, this document is a great collection of ideas and I'm going to use a lot of it."

--- Donald


"'s just wonderful, funny to read, useful and well written."

"Again, thanks a lot for the guide... just GREAT."

--- Jarmas

"Thank you for the info in the Sex Guide. It has already proved helpful, because of the pregnancy of one of the elves, the rest of the female characters are mellowing out on the drinking/sex everytime we enter a town. The males are also chilling out, I think they know that they are running a chance for disease now."

--- Arden

"The Complete Guide to Sex has become my GM's guide."

--- Callen

"I got the Sex Guide, a friend sent me a copy. I shrugged it off as perverted :) But then scanned through it anyway. My apologies, it is not at all what I expected!"

"I am taking my PC's through the realms for a while, then plan to whisk them off to Raven for a laugh. You have given me some great ideas to throw at my poor PC's :)"

--- Deanna

"I must say that your guide is great! When I showed it to my players they loved it so much that we will start an adventure inspired by it."

--- Roberto

"This is very interesting and funny to relax with in a game! But all my party wants to know when you will complete them!!"

--- The Unnamed

"I've been reading your wonderful Guide to Sex, and I found it great!"

--- Javier

"It was so excellent I had to take it home to read because I would of interrupted the whole computer center with my laughter. My group also loves it, we intend to play a modified game using your rules."

--- Fred

"I just wanted to say that your book is probably the funniest thing I've ever seen written for RPGs."

--- Stephen

"It started out as a small simple project, but it splooged into a massive document of infinite knowledge."

"Who'd a thought anybody would show an interest."

--- Guide Creator