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The rules presented are intended for any RPG. Because of the variance between games, the mechanics used in this guide are explained here.

The guide uses eight attributes for a character. These attributes are as followed:

Number references to attributes use the 3 to 18 scale which is common among RPGs. Some RPGs use a percentile scale for attributes, if this is desired merely multiple the number listed by 5.56 to get the percentage.

Most systems have some system for characters to get out or save themselves from dangerous situations. Systems vary but the following categories are used here:

Spell levels are only provide as a measure for the spells in this guide. The spell levels don't represent spell levels of any given RPG system. Compare the power of the spells presented in this guide with the level of spells in your game system and adjust the level accordingly.

A sub-class is a standard class that provides more specific detail. The sub-class sections have the following info: