The Gravity-Force 2 Homepage

Gravity Force 2 is a game made during the early 1990s for the Amiga computer, and this is its home on the web.
Update 2015-12-05: It's been 20 years since the final Amiga version and now we've made a remake! Immediately head to for the OSX/Linux/Windows remake of our Amiga game. It features all the original levels (in online play), split screen as well as online multiplayer mode, and works both with keyboard and joystick controls. It was the interview by Chris from Kaiju Pop last summer which inspired us to finally make a new version, and Unity was the development environment that made it practically possible.
Update 2014-06-05: We were interviewed by Chris from Kaijupop and he wrote this piece. Thanks Chris! Since this is the first time in 5 years we are updating the web site (and by "updating", I mean "adding a couple of lines at the top", not "switching the design to the new black"), I thought I should also collect a few of the most important links directly below: And then something we haven't done but we would like to link to anyway:
  • A version for PC called Gravity Power II, made by Richard Franks (no credit to us for this; amazing work by Richard):
  • Amiga Forever for the practical details in bringing the Amiga experience back through emulation

Update 2009-05-20: Átila Neves has made a PC game in part inspired by GF2/GP. It is called Gravastar, and features splitscreen multiplayer mode, AI opponents, different ships and weapons and even includes two of the original GF2 levels! Check it out!

Update 2008-09-21: Jan made an archaeological expedition and recovered the GF2 source code from a dusty old floppy disc! We do not pretend it is a wonder in coding style (in fact, it is a complete disaster!), but for primarily nostalgic interest we publish it here. The main file, code/gfap.s, is about 11000 lines of sparsely-commented assembly (and when commented, often in Swedish) which by a quick estimate would be about 150 pages printed in font size 8. In addition, some supporting code, sin/sqrt/arctan tables, sound and graphics are also included.

Update 2008-01-30: What about a proper dogfight, in your browser? Phil Glanville has made a game in the same style as GF2 in Flash, so head over to right away and, like me, be impressed!

Update 2007-08-10: I got an email from Rick Lindeman, who has made a CD image for the CD32 with GF2. Thanks Rick -- link here.

Update 2007-04-17: Noticed somebody has written a little GF2 Wikipedia article. Cool!

Update 2002-08-09: David Hudson, Ben Hudson and Dave Mummery just informed me that they have now released v1.0 of their game Gravity Fight! Download it here and contact them on

Update 2001-11-10: Seems it is the year of newly-produced Gravity games! Here's a Java version, allowing several people to play via network! The author is Jeremy Suttie, and you will need a JVM to run it.

Update 2001-02-27: I should have put this link here months ago, but here it comes: Richard Franks PC port of Gravity Force 2, written in BlitzBasic and looks really nice:

If you like GF2/GP on the Amiga, you should absolutely check this out. We are not working on it ourselves, but Richard has our blessing to do whatever he wants with the old graphics and levels. Naturally, no code has been recycled so Richard has full credit for the new code. Drop him a line if you like it or if you want to request new, cool features.

You will also likely be interested in This web page by Stephen Morley contains cheats, a level overview, a quiz and also maintains the current world record race times.

We're sorry - despite our previous plans, we will not release a PC version (previously referred to as "gf2k"). We simply didn't have enough time and motivation to finish it. This is an (extremely unsupported) early version of what we were working on. Please check out the readme before you say it doesn't work!

Update 2000-04-23: If you like GF2/GP, you have to visit This web page by Stephen Morley contains cheats, a level overview, a quiz and also maintains the current world record race times.

Update <long ago>: Made GP publicly available, realized that (Win)UAE is a really good Amiga emulator.

Welcome to the home of Gravity-Force 2! GF2 is, as some of you know, a game for the Amiga based on a classic idea. You control a small spacecraft by rotating it, and turning its engine on and off. Several similiar games exist, for example "XPilot", "Thrust", "SubSpace" & "Roketz".

GF2 was originally coded for the Amiga 500 by Jens Andersson & Jan Kronquist , but it works fine on all Amigas (Update 2005-05-03: I have received a report that this is no longer true -- on AmigaOne, AmigaOS4.0, GF2 will not work! The "classic" versions: A500, A1200, A2000 and A4000 should all be OK though). Two versions were released in 1994, one as FreeWare and one for registered users. Later on, a couple of improvements were made and the final version of Gravity-Force 2 (called "Gravity POWER") was on the coverdisk of Amiga POWER #50. GP was the last part of the GF2 project and we are no longer improving it.

GF2/GP doesn't have the nice graphics or sound that other games produced today have, but (surprise!) we still consider it the best gravity/thrust game available today. Still, I wouldn't call GF2 perfect, so if somebody is interested in making a better game (on any system: Unix, PC, Amiga, whatever), mail me and I'll give you some ideas!

The final version of Gravity-Force 2, "Gravity POWER" was made for the magazine Amiga POWER. It has all the features of v1.10 (the registered version with serial link-up option) and some extra stuff & levels. As Amiga POWER doesn't seem to be around any more (sad but true), Gravity POWER can now be downloaded here.

I want Gravity-Force 2 v1.10 (about 250 kB)
I want the latest & last & best version: Gravity POWER (v1.20, kind of) (about 250 kB)
Some "screenshots" (well, actually it's just pictures showing a few levels)
A level editor (about 100 kB) coded by Richard Franks can be downloaded too.
I've got some new levels made by the Crane brothers and some other levels made by Ragnar Ouchterlony.

Oh, I've got a level (yes, the level name misspelling is intentional) by Rick Bolton too.

It is not possible to run GF2/GP perfectly on a PC, but there IS an Amiga emulator that works remarkably well on a fast computer. I've tested UAE by Bernd Schmidt (great work, that) (alt. link) and almost everything worked. If you want to check it out, here's what you need:

Read the UAE documentation, put the Kickstart image and the GF2/GP stuff in the UAE directory and run the gf2.bat file. Got a problem? If you get a page full of strange text when you try to download GF2 or the Editor: Use Shift+Click to download, or select Save As in the File menu, and save the strange text to disk as Source.

We would like to thank all the people from all over the world who has contacted us. It has been a great experience, and well worth all the time and effort we put into the GF2 project. Thanks for your support, your ideas and your encouraging words! Special thanks to everybody at Amiga POWER for ranking Gravity-Force 2 the second (what? :) best Amiga-game 1995.

Live long and prosper!

Please mail me if you have suggestions, questions, found a broken archive or anything that needs to be fixed. That way, I can find out more exactly what's wrong or do something about it.

The screenshots, the GF2 source code, and the actual Amiga game (v1.10, v1.20) are released for use under the CreativeCommons CC-BY-SA license.