Ingemar Ragnemalm's opinions and reviews

On this page, I will put various manuscripts that I've written. To begin with, it will mostly be about Macs, Mac products, Mac games and Mac development.

Article: The sweet taste of moving forward
About moving to MacOSX as a developer and a user
Article: Do you enjoy hurting your friends, Apple?
Apple vs the Mac Themes Project
Article: Progress or not
Some thoughts about where we are going
Review: Sierra MacPak.
Review of a fairly new game package.
Article: True and false about Macs.
A reasonably balanced view on the never-ending Mac-vs-PC debate. [Updated 2007]
Article: My new car.
A humorous comparison of Think vs CodeWarrior, best read by someone who still remember Think Pascal and who is missing some of the nice features. Note: NOT a language debate. If you get the point, there's no reason to read the boring explanations at the end. Explanations always makes humor less fun. (Written in 1997 but not "published" until now.) (Link fixed.)

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