Latest news on computer (mostly Macintosh) games made by Ingemar Ragnemalm.

Here's new and old news, most recent first. Latest update: 27 november 2003.

New: In progress: Solitaire House for OSX

Coming soon! And Christmas'03 as well.

New: Ingemar's Skiing Game for OSX

Race against friends and computer players, now for OSX!


New: MacÄggaschack for OSX

The tic-tac-toe variant with eggs, now for OSX!


New: Bikaka 1.4.2x for OSX

Now the music is back, so now the OSX version is fully equivalent with the Classic version!


New: Christmas'02x

I did it! One hour into Christmas Eve, Christmas'02x is done! It works, with music and all.

Download Christmas'02x, application only (2M).

The game is mostly the same, so as a user you won't notice much difference. It still was quite a bit of work on my part.

Even though few will find this in time, I'm quite happy about this! OSX is the future on the Mac, and this is at least proof that the old stuff can keep up. I will convert some more old programs, but new ones as well of course.

New: Christmas'02

December is a tough month. Only a few days ago, I could spend some time on updating the Christmas puzzle, so it is too late again. Sorry! This is a preliminary release, with the hope that I can find the time to debug the OSX version (which compiles and runs but not correctly) before Christmas day.

Download Christmas'02, application only (2M).

So, instead of the first OSX version, this should be the last Classic version. The image is very much on the personal level.

New: Bikaka for OSX

Hardly better than the Classic version, no music, but still, the first game I have adapted to run natively under OSX! It is a start, and now I am working on Sprite Animation Toolkit to do the rest!


New: Christmas'01

A whole year since the last updates? Still, the Christmas puzzle did make it in time.

Download Christmas'01, application only (10M).

Yes, it is a whopping 10 megs this year. Higher quality sound, uncompressed image. Please let me know if it is uncomfortably big. I had to whip it together in the last minute, and there were no time for compromises.

New: Christmas'00

The annual Christmas jigsaw is here, rather late again, but I hope some people get it in time.

It is similar to the '99 version, but with two noticable changes. Big pieces are put behind, to avoid that small pieces are lost behind big ones, and the screen depth and resolution is automatically set, so there are no more problems with memory.


You get two download options below. The full package is both the application and a collection of sample files, plus two utility programs you may find useful. However, all you really need is the application, so that is available as a separate download.

Download the full Christmas'00 package (2M).

Download Christmas'00, application only (608k).

Download Christmas'00, application only, 68k version (522k).

News: Four games updated! Bachman, Bert and Ingemar's Skiing Game are now freeware

My old classics Bachman, Bert and Ingemar's Skiing Game are now freeware. Soon, I am releasing the full versions with editors (except for Bert which never had any), with no demand for payment and no restrictions on distribution. It has been all too long since I updated them, and they have grown too old to qualify for shareware any more. Thanks to all registered users for the support!

Free and still improved! All these three now come with a "launcher" which changes the screen resolution. No more tiny game area in the middle of your huge screen! If you gave up the games for that reason, try one more time!

I don't totally ditch the idea of modernizing them one day, and if I should, the new versions may turn shareware again, but I can't see that happen very soon.

Finally, Hexmines has been updated, fixing a score bug.

Download here:

Bachman 2.0.8

Bert 1.1.4

Hexmines 2.0.4

Ingemar's skiing game 1.0.3

Updated: Solitaire House 1.1.1

Solitaire House has been updated, fixing a problem with missing symbols in the english version.

Updated: Solitaire House 1.1

Solitaire House has been re-uploaded, now in a self-extracting archive (to reduce problems with crippled Stuffit Expander versions) and with registration information.

New: Christmas'99

The annual Christmas jigsaw is finally released, in the last minute. Better late than never (but this was too close!).

It is similar to the '98 version, only with new graphics and a slight change in how the pieces are generated. Freeware!

You get two download options below. The full package is both the application and a collection of sample files, plus two utility programs you may find useful. However, all you really need is the application, so that is available as a separate download.

Download the full Christmas'99 package (1.7M).

Download Christmas'99, application only (580k).

New: Solitaire House 1.1

Solitaire House has been updated to version 1.1, and is also available in swedish.

Updated: Fia med knuff 0.4

Still highly preliminary, but quite playable. With this version, I fixed a bug that caused new games to fail sometimes, and plugged in some better graphics. The previous 0.3 fixed a bug in the screen depth restoration, and added an option to let pieces enter on a roll on 1 as well as 6.

Download Fia med knuff 0.4 (150k).


This is a game similar to Tic-Tac-Toe, but using eggs and very original rules. It was presented in Ny Teknik. Recently (yesterday, actually), the latest issue presented a computer implementation with computer controlled opponent. Well, we better have one for the Mac as well, right? Here it is. Four different difficulty levels.

Freeware. Works on any color Mac. Use the small version if your screen is smaller than 800x600 pixels. All texts in swedish, but I'll probably make an english version later.

Download Äggaschack 1.0 (350k).

Download Äggaschack 1.0, small version (300k).

Fia med knuff 0.2

This is a preliminary version of a little game I made recently. "Fia" is the swedish name for the well-known game Ludo. The game is entirely in swedish at this time. 256 colors required. Freeware.

Download Fia med knuff 0.2 (150k).

Solitaire House 1.0 released!

Solitaire House is my new multi-game solitaire card game.

Solitaire House features 30 solitaire games, and perhaps more important, a scalable design that lets it fill just about any Mac screen. Most games only fill 640x480, but Solitaire House is just as happy in 800x600 or even more &endash; or less! It also has the largest cards of any Mac solitaire game, and one of the prettiest sets of honor cards (art by Susanne Ragnemalm).

Among the 30 included games are the well-known Klondike, Spider, Freecell (here named Napoleon), Montana, Canfield, 40 Thieves and Pyramid. You will also find games you never played before.

While some competitors only aim to be as pretty as possible, or to have funny animations, Solitaire House is designed to be playable, with most of the helpful features you can think of. You see, I wrote it the way I wanted it for myself!


The game is shareware, $20.

(Download link obsolete. See above.)


eFinans is a game developed for Nordbanken Finans, to market their new EDI services. It is cross-platform, works on both Macs and Wintel boxes. The game is currently only available in swedish!

640x480 pixel screen in 256 colors required!

Now available in a Mac-only archive, installed like any Mac application!

Download eFinans. (Mac only. Swedish version!)

Download eFinans. (Both Mac and PC. Swedish version!)

The Both-Mac-and-PC archive is a bit tricky to install on a Mac, so I recommend Mac users to get the Mac only version.

I wrote the game (both platforms), while Fredrik Saarkoppel at Digital Ink made the graphics, and designed the game in cooperation with people at Nordbanken. The result is a fun action-puzzle game, free of charge.

You can get more information from Digital Ink.