I started to play the guitar in October 1995. Internet helped me to find notes and inspiration. As you all know, it's more fun to play music that you listen to yourself than to play boring songs form books like 'Learn Guitar in Five Lessions #2' and so on...

The songs you can download here are mostly from OLGA, Mäster Cee and Iwe's Guitararchive, and if there are some errors in them,feel free to experiment. Use them as guides not laws, and most of all have fun...
Remember: All of these tabs and notes are for educational use only.
As you probably have noticed this page is not updated very often due to my lazyness and heavy schoolwork...

I did put some Swedish artists in Misc. English instead of Misc. Swedish though, if their songs have English lyrics. Infact all other languages has been put in the English section

Here is some chordtables:


Mäster Cee's Arkiv - Almost only Swedish music...
Iwe's Music Archive - Only Swedish music
The Online Guitar College - The Library
On Line Guitar Archive - OLGA's HomePage
Pontus Forslund's 'Songs for all occations
Henrik Jönsson's Guitar achive - Mostley Swedish pop
ChordPro Archive. Part of OLGA that's adapted to acoustic guitars.

Essentional Guitar Guide
More Links to come...