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Welcome to the visual database !

Here I'm going to show you in pictures how my life, my environment and especially my former "cave" in Linköping / my (former) "homeplaces" in Austria look like....
If you want to browse by yourself, you can use


If you want a convenient guide (but I can't guarantee that there are links to all of my pictures), please use the links above.

A little on how the pictures came into the digital world:
Most of the pictures are from my personal photo collection, and have been scanned using a Genius Handscanner/Truecolor.
I was using 100DPI and approx. 50% JPEG compression. If some pictures are turned around, please excuse that. I will correct it in some time :) .....
Nono, that was a long time ago, I am now using a cheap desktop scanner, and 130 DPI - still, I am sometimes too silly to recognize that some pictures are turned in the wrong direction - please tell me if you find such a picture ...
Since August 2002 I own a Canon IXUS digital camera which has improved the number and quality of the images considerably (I hope Lysator won't throw me off their servers for the sheer number of images ;) )

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