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Welcome to the projects section !

Here I will inform you about my running/stopped/unstarted/planned projects.....

Programming video applications and drivers in Linux (suspended)
Designing a new user interface system for computers (forming)
A homesite for my old school class in Austria (HTL R96) (complete)
A homesite for my student dormitory here in Linköping (complete)
"Computerizing" my student room here in Linköping (always under work)
Expanding my own homepage (somewhat complete)
A Demo on the Linux System (Forming)

Weeeell, it's really questionable which of these projects are actually coming to life... 8-)

Since most of my projects have become research or OpenSource projects, please consider visiting my other pages on the left !

In the last two years I have changed my attitude towards my projects very much: I am now trying to concentrate on things and really actually completing them, before I step on to the next project. This made me actually feel much better (no more bad consciousness about uncompleted projects) and gave me a good perception on what I am able to do in a certain amount of time ...

So maybe I am not going to start so many more new projects, but instead really maintaining/improving the old ones, and realizing the things I was dreaming about for such a long time, even if the time for completion is much longer than the time it took to dream up the project ;) ....