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This page is severely obsolete and only kept for historical reasons. Please consult the mailing lists on MJPEG Tools page for up-to-date help !

Here a short description of my problems with my Buz card:

I have some "serious" (= hardware limitation) troubles while programming my Iomega Buz (hosting an ZR36067 chip) to do PCI-video transfers to my graphics card:

The following effect occurs:
A video transfer from the ZR36067 to the G200 happens through a PCI-DMA-transfer, just like the Brooktree cards do. The actual video window (up to 720x576, 32 bit) is transferred 25 times per second.

The funny thing is that I can't get x-resolutions higher than approx. 80x576 (y doesn't matter, I've tried). After that one half-picture is only written with a few lines. Over 100x576, the picture disappears, and only two black lines appear at the start of the picture.

Things I tried:

  • It can't be the card, i tried it with an ET4000/W32p (PCI), too. (though x-resolution could be heightened a bit to approx. 100x576)
  • It can't be the driver software - Buz's original drivers have the same troubles.
  • It can't be the video mode - it happens in all modes.
  • BIOS-upgrade, playing with the BIOS-adjustments doesn't help.

I am strongly suspecting my chipset, a VIA VP3.

Ady from Zoran Inc. gave me the following hint:

> The behaviour you describe, the CHOPPY overlay, is the result of PCI
> transfer timeout. The 057 DMAs the video pixels over PCI to the VGA card.
> It the bus is not granted to this transfer for a period of more than 256
> bytes (at 16 bpp this would be 128 pixels), the field is aborted.

Update: I have found out that there is an extra PCI-to-PCI-bridge between the Zoran chipset and the PCI-bus. .. it's produced by National Semiconductors ...

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