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The Buz/Linux homepage - Old news

This webpage is aimed at providing information about the Iomega Buz(tm) box and its support for Linux.


  • (991015) Phew, that was some work: I did some update to all of the pages, and have now included HOWTOs to show the usage of vic and GIMP together with the Buz ...
  • (991004) At least some positive information: I just got the official confirmation from Iomega that the Mac versions of the Buz are equivalent to the PC versions and therefore can be used in PCs, too !
    So, if you really want to get a Buz (because of our fine Linux support ? ;) ), go and get a Mac version, and sell all the Mac software to a friend :-)
  • (991003) GIMP is moving towards becoming a video editing software for the Iomega Buz ! Replace the file jpeg.c in /plug-in/common of GIMP 1.1.9 and you are able to load the special JPEG images of the Buz !
  • (990904)

    A slighty improved version of the buz_tools has been released..

  • (990903) A sad day for Buz/Linux: Production of the Iomega Buz for the PC platform has stopped. (See also Iomegas Buz Homepage ). Buz/Linux support will of course continue, and there are unconfirmed rumours stating that the Mac version, altough more expensive, also will work in PCs.
  • (990903) Gernot is back from his holidays in Austria, and will soon try to share his knowledge on this homepage.
    Especially video editing under GIMP looks very promising. More info yet to come !
  • (990903) There are some efforts in trying to make the Miro DC10 run with the Iomega Buz driver. Let's wait and see if the guys are successful ! :-)
  • (990903) The Buz driver has been integrated into the developer kernels (2.3.x). Although this looks very positive, things are not all shiny - we were for example not able to contact Alan Cox about the integration yet.
  • (990724)

    A new release of the buz_tools is here !

  • (990627)

    The new Buz/Linux is here.
    Get it. Now.

    Yes, the new driver has been released ! Together with that I have set up a new release of my buz_tools ... Get them from the link besides ! For more information see Rainer's Buz/Linux page besides ...
  • (990620) A little tool for converting computer generated JPEGs to ones the MJPEG codec can read ... this tool is of course part of the forthcoming new buz_tools...
  • (990612) A new release of the buz_tools is out ! Just click on the link to the left ...
  • (990610) We developers are now allowed to talk to the windows driver developers at Iomega ! A small step for Iomega, but a huge advance for Buz/Linux... :-)
  • (990527) Contact with Iomega is still alive. They seem to have problems in creating a policy in how to treat the Linux developers. A meeting time has been set up, and I will be informed about the results (if there are any ;) ) ...
  • (990527) Now I have some more time left, and will start consolidation and documentation work together with Rainer, to make the setup easier.
  • (990517) Great news from Rainer !
    I have completely rewritten my BUZ-driver page, have a look to it at my homepage !.
    In the Applications section you can find a tool to capture AVI or Quicktime videos from the BUZ with SOUND!!!!!
    Give it a try, I like it very much - imagine what you can do with the BUZ under Linux !

  • (990516) Gernot is trying to put together a FAQ - please send him all the questions you ever wanted to ask about Buz/Linux.
  • (990516) A message from Rainer Johanni: (translated from German)

    I have deposited an V4L-compatible version of the Buz driver and would like to ask you to try test it with different V4L-applications.

    You will need a kernel patch to run it - it is called "Bigphysarea" and is e.g. available here.

    When you have installed it, you will need to reserve 1024 Pages (=4 MB) for it.

    I have tested the driver with xawtv and it has worked well. You can hence grab pictures and also run continous grabbing instead of Overlay.

    NOTE: xawtv has its own videodev.h, which is incompatible with the normal one - so please first copy /usr/include/linux/videodev.h

  • (990515)
    I have exchanged my motherboard yesterday, and finally, finally ! :-) my Buz hardware is working perfectly and as I expect it to behave ...
  • (990515)
    Rainer and Gernot will be the main workers for the project in the moment - everyone else is always welcome to join us !
  • (990515)
    There is still a chance for Buz/Linux being officially supported by Iomega ... it will just take some time ....
  • Rainer Johanni has published his driver version (which can do playback) on the web.

    Have a look at http://www.munich-vision.de/buz/index.html
  • A message from Sorin Lingureanu :
    I've just built the rpm files for Buz Drivers and your Buz Tools on a 2.2.4 with RedHat 5.2.
    Now the files can be downloaded from: ftp://tuiasi.ro/pub/os/linux/kernel/drivers/buz/* and I hope them to be available on ftp://contrib.redhat.com soon.
  • My e-mail to Iomega has not been answered yet. I am going to urge them a little ...
  • I have some problems with my motherboard and the Buz card. Description here.
  • Dave Perks has his own homepage now.
  • Buz 0.0.3 is out ! Thanks to Dave Perks, who wasted uncountable amounts of time on making all Buz/Linux-users a bit more happy :-) ....

    Get it. NOW !

  • I have hacked a little in the driver and got the small resolutions (PAL: 180x144, 360x288, etc.) working (thanks also to Rainer Johanni !). Please test them. Careful: The new hacks are just included in the version on my server here !
  • For those who don't know how to create the /dev/video file:
    To create /dev/video, you should create /dev/video0 first:
    .) go to the dev-dir
    .) type "mknod video0 c 81 0"
    .) create a symlink with "ln -s video0 video"
  • The Buz tools have been improved now ! They are half-working now, and should be working, if the options are not used too extensively.. ;)
    Here you can get the Buz Tools !
  • A mailing list (buz-linux) has been set up. Subscribe with a message (with "subscribe" in the subject) to buz-linux-subscribe@webmages.com.
    Unsubscribe with a message (with "unsubscribe" in the subject) to buz-linux-unsubscribe@webmages.com.
    Mailing volume is very low in the moment, so don't be scared ;) ....

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