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This page is severely obsolete and only kept for historical reasons.
Please consult the mailing lists on MJPEG Tools page for up-to-date help !

This webpage is aimed at providing information about the Iomega Buz(tm) box and its support for Linux.


  • (991220) Just wanted to tell you that there are 100 people subscribed to the Buz/Linux mailing list by now - thanks for the support, guys ! 8-)
  • (991220) After a lot of work at university I am back in the Buz business: I have been joining GIMP/Video, and will try to make GIMP able to handle video processing :)
  • (991220) Adam Fritzler has joined the Buz/Linux effort and has contributed with quite some stuff, e.g. the kernel patch to make the Buzkernel driver work in 2.3.x, and his explanation for coding MPEGs in Linux !
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    Please join us !

    There are approx. 160 people subscribed to the MJPEG tools user mailing list in the moment (which implies that they are at least trying to run the Buz under Linux) ... so we are happy to get any help you can offer us .... even if it is just informing us about that you have a Buz box and Linux ... (so that we can "abuse" you as a beta tester ;-) )
    Things to do in the project are:

    Mailing list

    A mailing list (MJPEG tools user list) has been set up.
    For more info, see the MJPEG tools user list on the MJPEG/Linux square. All former Buz/Linux list subscribers have been autosubscribed to the new list.

    The old mailing list archive for the Buz/Linux mailing list can be found at