gnugoclient - connecting GNU Go and other GTP engines to NNGS and compatible go servers

Gnugoclient is a program that can be used to connect GNU Go to NNGS and compatible go servers. It can also be used with other go programs implementing GTP . Gnugoclient is free software, distributed under the terms of GPL, the GNU General public license. Author is Gunnar Farnebäck.

Version 3.0 was released on September 13, 2004.

News from version 2.0:

README for version 3.0.

Download gnugoclient-3.0.tar.gz

Bugfix for windows engines

Due to an embarrassing bug gnugoclient 3.0 doesn't work correctly for engines running on windows. It's easily fixed, however, just change line 126 of Gtp.pike to:
        string s = f->gets() - "\r";