The Noble Art of Borrowing Electricity

My landlord is currently renovating some of its buildings in the neighborhood. A large construction project like that means the usual assortment of office trailers and other temporary buildings that have to be supplied with power. Since you don't want to set up noisy generators in a residential area, you usually borrow electricity from the nearest building. My landlord's contractors came up with a pretty neat solution to this, which I will present to you in the form of a simple step-by-step how-to guide.

Start by hooking into the building's power supply at a strategic location. Like, say, the ceiling by the back door.


So far, so good. Punch a hole through the wall to the outside and run the cable through it.


Now... how to route the cable? Just lay it on the ground and run it 20 m straight to the office trailer? Nah. Follow the wall - it's much tidier that way.


Whoops, looks like there was a light fixture in the way! And after that, a temperature sensor. No problem. Just route around them.


From there, just keep following the wall until you run out of cable.

P5160002.JPG P5250036.JPG P5250039.JPG P5160006.JPG

Time to start on the next length of cable. Since both ends are hanging freely, you need to tape the connectors together with electrical tape to stop them from slipping out.


And now for the interesting part. Run the cable up the wall...


Through the air to the laundry annex...


Onto the chair (!) you place on its roof, around the exhaust fan...

P5160008.JPG P5250045.JPG

Over the storage shed...


Into a tree...


90° to the left and back over the shed...

P5160013.JPG P5160014.JPG

Onto a cargo container...


Over two more cargo containers...


And finally, up into the cable pole and from there to the trailer! The crowd goes wild!


See? I told you it was simple!

© gnolam 2007