Computers! Of course. I still enjoy writing stupid programs like that emulator for the swedish school-computer ABC80 (to the right), among other things. Unfortunately, working with programming all day makes me want to do something else at home, so productivity in this field has not been that high recently...



Flying is another great hobby of mine. I have a PPL(IR) Private Pilot License for Aeroplanes with an Instrument Rating. I'm a member of Linköping's Aero Club, one of the largest in Sweden.

On the right: Me and a PA28-180 belonging to Malung’s Aeroclub on a trip to Dala Airport in Mora.

On the left: On my way back from Kristianstad with a C152 from Linköping’s Aeroclub.



My car is another source of joy, mostly because I like driving. It's a Mazda 6 2,3 (to the right).



Other things I enjoy, summarized:
  • Listening to good music
    Jean-Michel Jarre being the favorite, but also U2, Marillion, Duran Duran, and Sisters of Mercy to mention a few. Electronic music such as S.P.O.C.K, Covenant, Saft, Apoptygma Berzerk, Statemachine, and VNV Nation is also interesting.
  • Eating spicy food
    Thai, Mexican, and Indian, perhaps. Sometimes even cooking myself :-)
  • Having a beer or two
    This is a good one. 
  • Watching sci-fi movies
    Some of my favorites would be Star Wars (all of them), Matrix, and Terminator. When it comes to TV-series, Star Trek TNG, Voyager, or X-Files will do. 
  • Skiing
    Downhill in the winter, water-skiing in the summer (weather allowing, that is...) 
  • Hiking
    In the Swedish mountains this summer, but also in the surroundings of Linköping.
  • Soccer
    I'm #13 in the Sectra team. I suck the big one, but it's great fun nontheless.


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