List of Fredrik Ekman's Expert Areas

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This list superficially describes the areas where I have such knowledge that I would be suited to write about them. I have a broad knowledge about computers, which is by no means completely described here.

  • The Internet
    (trends, filtering, protocols, information quality, structure, web design, HTML, ...)
  • Computer graphics
    (image formats, imaging, compression, colours, images on the Internet, draw and paint programmes, ...)
  • Computer history
    (the Internet, personal computers, home computers, computer games, ...)
  • Computer games
    (role-playing games, adventure games, flight simulators, Interactive Fiction, MUD, ...)
  • Programming
    (C, Pascal, logical languages, many others, ...)
  • Classic computers and emulators
    (Commodore, Sinclair, Sord, ...)
  • Education and teaching
    (the Internet in education, games in education, computers in school, ...)
  • Literature
    (children's literature, Science Fiction, fantasy, comics, ...) 1999 Fredrik Ekman