David Hall

David Hall is a year old Swede with a M Sc in media technology and engineering at Linköpings universitet. He wrote his master's thesis An XML-based Database of Molecular Pathways in 2004--2005.

He has worked at Eniro with the web portal gone community, Passagen.se then moved on to a web startup called Wiky Ventures that develops a search engine called Reco.se for companies built on a community of consumers.

Nowadays he is working as a systems developer at TV4 while on a leave of absence from the department for computer science, IDA, in Linköping where he is a PhD student.

One of his greatest interests in computer science is XML and especially XML-based standards for media.

In his sparetime he updates his blog Månhus (in Swedish) when he finds time for it. There he can thrive in technology, like web technology and Web 2.0, and in languages -- both two great interests.

David Hall
Last modified July 2010.