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Released Records


Date Artist Title Format Label 9/10 The Merrymakers No Sleep 'Til Famous CD CNR 27/12 Popsicle Popsicle CD Telegram Records


Date Artist Title Format Label 15/1 Boolteens Believe In Me CD5 Speech / A West Side.. 15/1 Komeda The Genius Of Komeda CD NONS 22/1 Drain Horror Wrestling CD MVG 22/1 Penniless People..Motorhead CD5 A West Side Fabrication 22/1 Pineforest Crunch Cup Noodle Song CD5 Polar 29/1 The Drowners Destroyer CD Speech / A West Side.. 29/1 Popundret Montmartre 15 40 CD A West Side Fabrication 5/2 Coca Carola Dagar Kommer CD Beat Butchers 5/2 Radioaktiva Räker Res Dig Upp CD Beat Butchers 5/2 Svart Snö Smock 'n Roll CD Beat Butchers 5/2 Teddybears Sthlm Magic Finger CD5 MVG W6 Chester Copperpot Poems & Short Stories CD Dolores W6 Fireside tba CD StartRec W6 Ludox Audience CD Energy Rekords W6 Naked Left Alone Again CD5 Trampolene 12/2 Boolteens Beatitude CD A West Side Fabrication 12/2 Fireside Left Rustle CD5 StartRec 12/2 Refused Songs To Fan The Flam.. CD StartRec 19/2 Cloudberry Jam Another Moment Follows CD5 North Of No South 19/2 Kent Kräm CD5 BMG 19/2 Penniless People..Velocity CD A West Side Fabrication 19/2 Penniless People..Velocity (Eur) CD Music For Nations 20/2 The Cardigans Life (US) CD Minty Fresh 21/2 The Drowners Destroyer (JAP) CD ? 21/2 Popundret Montmartre 15 40 (JAP) CD ? 22/2 Wannadies How Does It Feel (UK) +3 CD5 Indolent 22/2 Wannadies How Does It Feel (UK) +4 CD5 Indolent W8 Ludox Ludox CD Energy Rekords 26/2 Blissful Am I a Wreck CD5 A West Side Fabrication 26/2 Pineforest Crunch Make Believe CD Polar 26/2 Puffin In Red And Yellow CD A West Side Fabrication 26/2 Teddybears Sthlm I can't believe it's... CD MVG 3/3 Tuk Tuk Rally Då å Nu CD Beat Butchers 4/3 A Shrine Part of The Play CD5 A West Side Fabrication 4/3 Da President Mr Cleverman CD5 Nylon Music 4/3 Naked Naked CD Trampolene 4/3 Salt Auscultate (US) CD Island 11/3 Stardog Never Be The Same CD5 A West Side Fabrication 15/3 Mouth Hole Of Your Head (US) CD Reprise W11 Kent Verkligen CD BMG 18/3 Cloudberry Jam Providing The Atmosphere CD North Of No South 25/3 A Shrine Unisex CD A West Side Fabrication 25/3 Busty Soft Inferno CD5 EMI 25/3 Gluebellies Gluebellies CD Payola 25/3 Pluto Pluto... CD Payola 25/3 Punnet Swimming In The Blue CD Ginko 25/3 Sive EP CD5 EMI 25/3 Velvet Belly The Landing CD BMG 25/3 Waterbug Somewhere Out There CD5 A West Side Fabrication Mar Chickenpox At Mickey Cohen's Thu.. CD Burning Heart Mar Nåid Nåid CD Beverage 1/4 Candysuck Popcorn CD5 Soundfront 1/4 Singer 24 CD5 Virgin Sweden 1/4 Stardog In Order To Disorder CD A West Side Fabrication 7/4 The Solar Lodge Fast Money Music CD Beat Butchers 8/4 Wannadies You And Me Song (UK) CD5 Indolent 9/4 Brandgul Champagne & Trumpeter CD Beat Butchers 10/4 Waterbug Monday Morning Quart... CD A West Side Fabrication 15/4 A Shrine Didn't It Feel Good (DJ) CD5 A West Side Fabrication 15/4 Sonic Surf City Let's Make Love CD5 Trampolene 22/4 Bob Hund Istället För Musik:... CD5 Silence Records 22/4 Broder Daniel Broder Daniel CD EMI 22/4 Mazarine Street The Beast of... CD FineTone Recordings 22/4 Scents Scents CD Soap Records 22/4 Shredhead Melting Pot CD North Of No South 25/4 Da President Glue CD Nylon Music 29/4 Candysuck Score ! CD Soundfront 29/4 The Drowners Stupid Way CD5 Speech 29/4 Mismates All Else Is Folly CD5 Sesame Records 29/4 Salt So (US) CD5 Island Records M/Apr Sophie Zelmani Sophie Zelmani (Eur) CD Sony 6/5 Chickenpox Anything You Say CD5 Burning Heart 6/5 Bazooka! Shower Lover CD5 Roligan 6/5 Leslies A Daydream CD5 Harry Lime 6/5 Sindy Kills Me Sindy Kills Me CD Beat That 13/5 Drug The Quest of The Sourc.. CD Ceilidh 13/5 Grass-Show Freak Show CD5 EMI 13/5 Loosegoats Mule Habits CD5 StartRec 13/5 Melony Wearing Shades On Rain.. CD5 Soap Records 13/5 Starmarket Calendar CD Dolores 15/5 Sonic Surf City Surf Don't Walk CD Trampolene 17/5 Bazooka! First Floor, Second Skin CD Roligan 20/5 Chevy I Think I'm Nervous CD MCA 20/5 Drain I Don't Mind CD5 MVG 20/5 Grass-Show Something Smells Good.. CD EMI 20/5 Him Kerosene Caper CD Ampersand 26/5 Sulky Knishes Shipped Free CD5 Dolores 27/5 Eggstone Summer And Looking For.. CD5 Vibrafon 27/5 Pony Before Your Old Heart.. CD5 EMI 27/5 Punnet In My Pocket CD5 Ginko 28/5 Bumblebees Bastard CD5 Sony 28/5 Singer Fill In The Blanks CD Virgin Sweden 28/5 Superswirls Tune In Your Superswirls CD5 Sesame Records 28/5 Wagon Rock'n'Roll Cruise CD5 Slack 28/5 Various A Chance To Shine CD Dorian Records 10/6 Flakes What Do You Call That.. CD Dolores 10/6 Leslies Totally Brilliant CD Harry Lime A/May Sophie Zelmani Sophie Zelmani (US) CD Sony May Mutts I Need Needles CD5 Lund Records Spring Peanut Planet A Giant Step CD Fluid Spring Velvet Belly Mystery CD5 BMG Jun Popsicle Dusty Roads CD5 Telegram Jun Soundtrack Of O.. Homo Habilis Blues CD5 Telegram 5/8 Cardigans Lovefool CD5 Trampolene 5/8 Carpe Wade Summer Party Romance CD A West Side Fabrication 5/8 Melony Everyday Girl CD5 Soap 12/8 Doktor Kosmos Cocktail CD NONS 12/8 Salt So CD5 MVG 19/8 aBLe Prestigeless Lovesounds CD Harry Lime 23/8 Various E-Pop CD Strawberry Songs 26/8 22 Pistepirkko(SF)Zipcode CD Spirit 26/8 Pinko Pinko Nosebleed CD5 NONS 30/8 Bob Hund Bob Hund CD Silence 30/8 Greenhouse AC (SF)Doggy Bag (SF) CD Stupido Twins 30/8 Greenhouse AC (SF)Doggy Bag (D) CD Tug Records Aug Singer Urban Fly CD5 Virgin Sweden Aug Super (SF) Tempted CD5 Odor 2/9 Baby Jesus The EP Five Songs CD5 BMG 2/9 Brainpool Sister C'mon CD5 Sony 2/9 Fireside Do Not Tailgate (new ed) CD Startracks 2/9 Jumper När Hela Världen Står... CD5 Warner 2/9 Souls Expensive CD5 Telegram 2/9 Wannadies Someone Somewhere CD5 Soap 2/9 Waterbug Yellow CD5 A West Side Fabrication 5/9 Brainpool Stay Free CD Sony 9/9 Cardigans First Band On The Moon CD Trampolene 9/9 The Drowners Bumperstar CD5 A West Side Fabrication 9/9 Fivel Fivel CD NONS 9/9 Red Harvest (N) tba CD Voices Of Wonder 9/9 Various Pop Nation CD Beat That! 15/9 The Wannadies Might Be Stars (US) CDS RCA 16/9 Komeda Boogie Woogie/Rock'n'r.. CD5 NONS 16/9 Lady Lynette Showbiz Parasol CD5 Vibrafon 16/9 Mary Beats Jane tba CD MVG 23/9 Ludox Orange Juice CD5 RMD 23/9 Melony Satisfiction CD Soap 23/9 Mufflon 5 Fall La La CD5 A West Side Fabrication 23/9 Pinko Pinko Traffic CD NONS 27/9 Stina Nordenstam Dynamite CD Warner Music 30/9 Blissful Vitamins CD5 A West Side Fabrication 30/9 Hellacopters tba CD5 White Jazz 30/9 Lady Lynette Inside an Outsider CD Vibrafon 4/10 Jumper Jumper CD Warner Music 7/10 Gus Gus Polyesterday (UK) CD5 4AD 7/10 Mufflon 5 All In Flames CD A West Side Fabrication 9/10 Baby Jesus Scratch n' Sniff CD BMG 14/10 Dry Dive Ass Hole As Possible CD Deaf And Dumb 14/10 Souls In Between Bird And Fish CD Telegram 18/10 Cloudberry Jam Going Further CD5 PolyGram 21/10 Blissful Vitamins CD A West Side Fabrication 21/10 Chevy In My Head CD5 MCA 21/10 Dipper Butterfinger CD5 Vibrafon 21/10 Ray Wonder Hang Me High CD5 NONS 22/10 Loosegoats Country Crock CD5 StartRec 24/10 Mismates All Things Bright And.. CD Sesame Records 25/10 Bates Motel Why not...yeah,yeah.. CD Seadog Records 25/10 The Damned I'm alright jack and.. CD+ROM Seadog Records 25/10 Doris Days Live in Poland CD Some Pearls 25/10 Soundtrack of O.. Welcome To The Infant.. CD Telegram 28/10 Colonel Blimp Cynosure CD NONS 28/10 Statemachine Happy Endings CD5 October 28/10 Stickboy Love + Care CD A West Side Fabrication 28/10 Åka Bil Åka Bil CD Beat Butchers 4/11 Candysuck Popcorn CD5 Startracks 4/11 Fireside Interlace (2 track) CD5 StartRec 4/11 Fireside Interlace (4 track) CD5 StartRec 4/11 Honeymoons Histrionic CD5 NONS 4/11 Petrol Walk By CD5 Studio Blå 4/11 Smash Hit Wonders Love Your Wife CD SunSpot Records 6/11 Ray Wonder Good Music CD NONS 8/11 Doris Days Doris Days (JAP) CD Pure Sand 9/11 Doktor Kosmos Stjärnjerry CD NONS 11/11 Lemonator (SF) Superb (SF) CD5 Warner 11/11 Supperheads (SF) Lunch (SF) CD Warner 14/11 Superswirls Filter CD Sesame Records 18/11 Brandgul Bland Alla Dessa Drömmar CD5 Beat Butchers 21/11 aBLe Prestigeless Lov.. (JAP) CD L'appareille Foto 21/11 Cloudberry Jam Going Further (best of) CD PolyGram 21/11 Leslies Totally Brilliant (JAP) CD L'appareille Foto 25/11 Coca Carola Fem År Till Moped CD Beat Butchers 29/11 Fidget Semi-Naked CDS Mega Records 30/11 The Wannadies Bagsy Me (JAP) CD Denon/Nippon-Columbia Nov Trio Lligo Bulldozerballader CD NONS 2/12 Gentle Tuesday The Gentle Tuesday EP CDS Dorian Records 2/12 Eggstone Never Been a Better Day CDS Vibrafon 2/12 Sara Liberation CDS Some Pearls 18/12 Sandbugs (SF) If Only Tomorrow.. (SF) CDS Hipnose Records 20/12 Speaker Well! Come Closer CD Stockholm Records Dec Melony 2nd Man On The Moon CDS Soap 1996 Coo Heavenly Blue CDS Tangerine


Date Artist Title Format Label 8/1 Eggstone Vive la Différence CD Vibrafon 10/1 Odd Numbers Move On Up 7" Dolores 10/1 Sara Sara CD Some Pearls 10/1 Starmarket You Can't Come CDS Dolores 13/1 Carpet people Volley U Make CD NONS 17/1 Petrol Bad Day CDS Superstudio Blå 17/1 Various A Twist of Lime CD Harry Lime Records 20/1 Backfish Add It CDS A West Side Fabrication 20/1 Carpe Wade Never CDS A West Side Fabrication 20/1 Children Within Sea Of Life CD October 20/1 Everfresh Pure Lovecore - songs.. CD Seadog Records 20/1 Mutts Mutts CD Lund Records 20/1 Various True To You CD Dorian Records 22/1 Atomic Swing Walking My Devil CDS Sonet 22/1 The Wannadies Bagsy Me CD BMG 24/1 Peace Love & Pit. 3 CD MVG 24/1 Play Dough I Try To Be Unfriendly CD Dolores 27/1 Cinnamon A Northwest Passage CD Soap Records 27/1 The Pusjkins Avoiding Ground Loops MCD L-Style 27/1 Ray Wonder General Hugging Center CDS NONS 27/1 Singer Fill In The Blanks (GER) CD Virgin 27/1 Various @A West Side Fa. (promo) CD A West Side Fabrication 27/1 Various NONSCD50 CD NONS 30/1 Mary Beats Jane Day In Day Out CDS MVG Jan The Mopeds Hände Hoch CDS Vibrafon Jan Three Blind Mice Baby Boy CDS Vibrafon 1/2 Larry & Th.. (SF) Johnny The Void 7" Bad Afro Records 3/2 De/Vision I Regret CDS October 5/2 HappyDeadMen Bullfights Every.. (JAP) CD Polydor 7/2 Gus Gus Believe 12" 4AD 7/2 Gus Gus Believe 2CDS 4AD 7/2 Lemonator (SF) You Could Be a Monster CDS Warner 8/2 Various e-pop.vol 2 CDS Strawberry Songs 9/2 Petrol Record CD Superstudio Blå 10/2 De/Vision Unversed In Love (re) CD October 10/2 Pinko Pinko Cheekbone CDS NONS 12/2 Sandy Lyle Rock CDS Sandy Lyle 17/2 Candysuck Score CD Startracks 17/2 Lemonator (SF) Yellow CD Warner 17/2 Mary Beats Jane Locust CD MVG 17/2 Red Sleeping Bea. Soundtrack (E) CD Siesta Records 17/2 Starmarket Sunday's Worst Enemy LP/CD Dolores 17/2 Three Blind Mice Roll Out The Carpet CD Vibrafon 19/2 Odd Numbers A Guide To Modern Living LP/CD Dolores 24/2 Forbidden Colours My Broken Heart CDS October 24/2 Hedningarna Hippjokk CD Silence 24/2 Trés Nooners The Dator Years CD L-Style 24/2 This Perfect Day C60 CD Soap 26/2 Backfish It's Emily's CD A West Side Fabrication 26/2 The Bear Quartet Before The Trenches CDS A West Side Fabrication 26/2 Carpe Wade Superball CDS A West Side Fabrication Feb Backfish Everyone CDS A West Side Fabrication Feb Nine Listen CD Startracks 3/3 Dipper Instant Man EP CDS Vibrafon 3/3 Fidget Stop Losing CDS Mega Records 10/3 Atomic Swing Fluff CD Sonet 10/3 Hardy Nilsson Härifrån CD MCA 15/3 Atomic Swing Fluff (JAP) CD PolyGram ? 17/3 Fivel -57 CDS NONS 17/3 Honeymoons Fabrications CDS NONS 17/3 Mine Mine CD Massproduktion 17/3 Piggy In The Mi.. Images & Distorted Facts CD Rainbow Music 17/3 Yvonne Modern Love CDS Energy 21/3 The Cardigans Been It (US) CDS Minty Fresh 24/3 The Bear Quartet Moby Dick CD A West Side Fabrication 24/3 Carpe Wade Odd Man Out CD A West Side Fabrication 24/3 Fidget No Boogie Coming Your W. CD Mega Records 24/3 Köttgrottorna Tinnitus CD Beat Butchers 24/3 Loosegoats 4-Sale By Owner CD Startracks 25/3 Starmarket Unsaid 7"/CDS Dolores 4/4 The All Janet On The Run CDS Speech (AWSF) 4/4 Honey Is Cool Nach Heart CDS MVG 7/4 Cane (N) Unable CD Warner 7/4 Honeycave Beautiful Boy With... CDS Mega Records 7/4 Robot Gross CDS Starboy Recordings 7/4 Silverbullet Silverbullet CD Fine Tone 7/4 Surreal Pitbulls & Landrovers CDS Starboy Recordings 8/4 Gus Gus Polydistortion 2LP/CD 4AD 14/4 Grass-Show Something Smells.. (UK) CD EMI 14/4 Stargazer In The Crowd CDS Beat That! 14/4 Yvonne Getting Out, Getting... CD Energy 15/4 Wagon Wagon CD Borderline 21/4 Eggstone April And May CDS Vibrafon 21/4 Honey Is Cool Crazy Love CD MVG 21/4 Mine Little Pieces CDS Massproduktion 21/4 Smash Hit Wonders Summer Of 89 CDS SunSpot Records 21/4 Sonic Surf City Tune In, Turn On, Drop.. CD Ceilidh 21/4 Union Carbide.. The Golden Age Of CD Radium/MNW 21/4 The Wannadies Hit (CDS1) (UK) CDS Indolent 21/4 The Wannadies Hit (CDS2) (UK) CDS Indolent 21/4 The Wannadies Hit (7") (UK) 7" Indolent 21/4 Various Love Is A Dog From Hell CD Blue Eyes Recordings 21/4 Various West Side United CD+ROM A West Side Fabrication 21/4 Various Singles & Vinyls CD Ceilidh 25/4 Various The Knights Who Say Dot CD DOT Records 28/4 The All Janet Grace. CD Speech (AWSF) 28/4 Honeycave Come Now CD Mega Records 28/4 Honeymoons This Coherent Excitation CD NONS 28/4 Merrymakers No Sleep Til Famous (J) CD EMI Toshiba 28/4 Merrymakers Monument of Me (J) CDS EMI Toshiba 28/4 Super (SF) Rendezvous With Super CD Odor 28/4 Superswirls Leave Your Friends CDS Sesame Records 1/5 Jones Valuable Stuff (DK) CD Ax-Products 1/5 Yvonne Protect Me CDS Energy 5/5 Cinnamon The Courier (US) CD Island 12/5 Inbetweendays Inbetweendays CD Download Records 12/5 Various Rocks Audiovision 1.0 CD Download Records 13/5 Salt Delay Me Down And Make.. CD MVG 19/5 Cessna (SF) Holiday on Ice (US) 7" Jigsaw Records 26/5 Fanscene French Poetry EP CDS Silver Records 26/5 Lemonator (SF) Over Now (SF) CDS Warner 26/5 Sahara Hotnights Suits Anyone Fine CDS A West Side Fabrication 26/5 Various Emmaboda Festival 97 CD Beat That! May Carpe Wade Odd Man Out (JAP) CD Alfa May Freinds Maximum Rythm & Blues CDS Starboy Recordings 6/6 Cam Purr (BRAZIL) CD Soap 6/6 Doris Days Quiet Withdrawal CDS Some Pearls 9/6 Daybehavior Movie CDS NONS Records 9/6 Paste Wired CDS Silver Records 10/6 Salt Delay Me Down... (US) CD Meltdown Records 10/6 Sobsister Hey Mike / Promenade 7" Freak Scene 18/6 Jones Valuable Stuff CD Sonus Records Jun Backfish Fashion Mania CDS A West Side Fabrication 17/7 Cane (N) Private Scene (N) CDS Warner 21/7 Fireside Sweatbead CDS Startracks 21/7 Happy Todd To Leave The Station EP CDS Damn The Man Recordz 28/7 Him Kerosene Whatever Gets You By CDS Telegram 1/8 Croc Cough It Up CD Everest Records 1/8 Cessna (SF) Bordeaux (US) 2CD3 Radio Khartoum 1/8 EnCounter Mastermind CDS Energy 4/8 Martin Bärjed & N Sagor i Ett Skogsbryn CD Lilla Livet Records 7/8 Leslies My Perfect Perl (Promo) CDS Harry Lime Records 8/8 Various 2.95 Dollar Sounds MC Scary Cassettes 11/8 The Bear Quartet His Spine CDS AWSF 12/8 Mew (DK) A Triumph For Man (DK) CD ExLibris 14/8 Ward J Little Homing Tones (Promo) MC NONS 18/8 Enter (SF) Yah-Hah! (SF) CD Metamorphos 18/8 Ward J Little Country Rose CDS NONS 28/8 Novelle Love Stories EP CDS Harry Lime Records 28/8 Peat Peat CDS Harry Lime Records 28/8 The Wellmeant The Wellmeant CDS Harry Lime Records Aug Acid House Kings Advantage Acid H.. (JAP) CD Harmony 1/9 Cam Purr CD Soap 1/9 The Drowners World Record Player CD Speech (AWSF) 1/9 This Perfect Day Dolphins CDS Soap Records 4/9 The Krispies (SF) (I'm on the) Radio... CDS Zen Garden 8/9 Fireside Oumini d'Onore CD Startracks 8/9 Melony Satisfiction (US,DE,UK) CD Geffen 10/9 Gentle Tuesday What My Sister Wants (X) 7" A Boy Wonder Release 10/9 The Trampolines The Trampolines CD Pool Sounds 15/9 The Mopeds Life's Too Short To Hu.. CDS Vibrafon 15/9 Doktor Kosmos Cocktail (US) CD Minty Fresh 19/9 The Fable (SF) Greatest Hits Vol:1 CDS TriZnay 22/9 Björk Homogenic CD One Little Indian 22/9 Carpe Wade Elvis CDS AWSF 23/9 Robot Members of The Stars CDS Starboy 24/9 Velvet Belly (N) Lucia CD BMG 26/9 The Merrymakers Andrew's Store (J) CDS EMI Toshiba 29/9 Clawfinger Clawfinger CD MVG 29/9 K-Pist Firecracker CDS NONS 29/9 Loosegoats Disdialogic CDS Startracks 29/9 Ward J Little Homing Tones CD NONS Sep Cucumber Farmer The French Connection 10" (own label) Sep The Pansies Feel Easy CD Poko Records Sep Monkeypig Head On Fire (UK) CDEP Pandemonium Records 6/10 Eggstone Birds In Cages CDS Vibrafon 6/10 Gentle Tuesday What My Sister Wants (S) 7" A Boy Wonder Release 6/10 Kent Om Du Var Här CDS BMG 6/10 Misery Loves Co Not Like Them CD MVG 6/10 Monostar The Ways To Bring You.. CDS Soap Records 6/10 Soundtrack of O.. Mantra Slider (UK) 7" Coalision 6/10 Soundtrack of O.. Mantra Slider (UK) CDS Coalision 13/10 Cloudberry Jam Providing The Atm. (US) CD North Of No South 15/10 Robot Automagic CD Starboy 17/10 Popsicle Dry Spot CDS Telegram 17/10 Ray Wonder Good Music (US) CD North Of No South 20/10 Fidget Figure 4 Leglock CDS Mega Records 20/10 Him Kerosene Start Stop CD Telegram 20/10 Soulkitchen Cut Your Bonds CD Dorian Records 24/10 Daybehavior Adored (US) CD North Of No South 24/10 K-Pist Helicopter CDS NONS 28/10 The Wannadies The Wannadies (US) CD RCA 28/10 Unun (IS) You Do Not Exist (UK) CD Deceptive Records 30/10 Leslies Leaving The House CDS Harry Lime 31/10 Popsicle Stand Up And Testify CD Telegram Oct Novelle Love Stories EP (remade) CDS Harry Lime Oct Tommy 16 Racerboy CDS ASWF 3/11 K-Pist Voltage Controlled CD North Of No South 3/11 Mazarine Street Everyday Survivor CDS FineTone 3/11 Pineforest Crunch Shangri-La CDS Polar 3/11 Three Blind Mice Supersongs CDS Vibrafon 3/11 Vobler Du Gör Mig Så CDS Virgin 7/11 The Merrymakers Superstar (J) CDS EMI Toshiba 10/11 Popsicle The Price We Pay CDS Telegram 10/11 Various Tambourine Studios Vol.2 CD Vibrafon 11/11 Fivel Fivel (US) CD NONS 11/11 Various Sue Darling Is Back To Meet... Sally Cinnamon 12/11 Kent Isola CD BMG 14/11 Mazarine Street Thirteen Reasons to B.. CD FineTone 17/11 Leslies Of Today - For Today CD Harry Lime 17/11 Sideshow Bob Bored Beyond Belief CDS Absurd Records 18/11 Carpet People Volley U Make (US) CD NONS 21/11 Cloudberry Jam The Impossible Shuffle CD Quattro (JAP) 21/11 Lemonator (SF) Pronounced Lemon... (SF) CDS Grandpop Records 24/11 Dipper Instant Kamera CDS Vibrafon 24/11 The Mopeds Kid Is Alright CDS Vibrafon 26/11 The Merrymakers Monkey In The Middle CDS Virgin 27/11 bob hund Rock'n'Roll Tar Död På.. 2x7" Silence 27/11 bob hund Rock'n'Roll Tar Död På.. CDS Silence 27/11 Candysuck Candysuck Unite And... CDS Startracks 27/11 Lousy Electrolux MC Nope Records & Cassettes 27/11 The Merrymakers Bubblegun (J) CD EMI Toshiba 27/11 Stacks Secret Summerdream CDS Startracks Nov Acid House Kings Advantage Acid H.. (US) CD Shelflife 1/12 Cloudberry Jam Out of Control CDS NONS 1/12 Hedningarna Remix Project CD Silence 8/12 Eggstone Taramasalata CDS Vibrafon 8/12 Tonestream Moon Collection CDEP Ladybird Records 10/12 Tommy 16 Come On, Come On CDS ASWF 15/12 Candysuck Discharged CDS Startracks 15/12 Various Inhale - Fig.1 (US) CD Indica Records 15/12 Circle (SF) Pori CD ? 29/12 Candysuck Discharged (ltd.ed) CDS Startracks 29/12 Pineforest Crunch Watergarden CD Polar 29/12 Various Välkommen Till Festen CD Startracks


Date Artist Title Format Label 5/1 Grand Tone Music Venues CDS MVG 6/1 The Mopeds The Hills Are Alive W.. CD Vibrafon 6/1 Pinko Pinko Traffic (US) CD NONS 7/1 The Krispies (SF) Solid Gold Rockstar CDS Zen Garden 12/1 The Merrymakers Saltwater Drinks CDS Virgin 13/1 Honeymoons This Coherent Exc..(US) CD NONS 14/1 Statemachine Negative Feedback CDS October 19/1 The Drowners What Comes Naturally CDS AWSF 23/1 Carpet People Assemble & Plug CD NONS 23/1 Cloudberry Jam The Impossible Shuffle CD NONS 23/1 The Merrymakers Bubbelgun CD Virgin 26/1 Bel Canto (N) Rush CD EMI (N) 26/1 Doris Days To Ulrike M. (UK) 12" Dorado 26/1 Grand Tone Music Grand Tone Music CD MVG 26/1 Tommy 16 Rocking Big Buddha CD AWSF 29/1 Various Popstad 98 CD Strawberry Songs 30/1 The Krispies (SF) Solid Gold Rockstars CD Zen Garden 2/2 The Cardigans Other Side Of The Moon CD (Japan) 2/2 Ship of Fools React To This/Golden T.. 12" L-Style 2/2 Vobler Där Ute CDS Virgin 9/2 gusGus Polyesterday (remix) 12" 4AD 9/2 gusGus Polyesterday (pt1) (mix) CDS 4AD 9/2 gusGus Polyesterday (pt2) (mix) CDS 4AD 10/2 Slow Gash CDS 3D Studio 13/2 Honeycave Come Now (Asia) CD Rock Records 16/2 Doris Days To Ulrike M. (US) CDS/12" Dorado 16/2 Gentle Tuesday Lovely Lady e.p 7" A Boy Wonder Release 16/2 Fireside Let Rasputin Do It CDS Startracks 16/2 Ship of Fools Live and Direct LP/CD L-Style 16/2 Starmarket A Million Words 7" Ampersand 23/2 Björk Joga 12" One Little Indian 23/2 Twigs (N) Postscript To Her Letter CDS SunSpot 23/2 Vobler Damien CD Virgin 25/2 The Wannadies Skellefteå CD Soap 25/2 Ward J Hold It Dear Your Care.. CD NONS 3/3 Motorpsycho (N) Trust Us 2CD/3LP Stickman 4/3 Fly Bad Karma Sky CDS Dolores 4/3 Monostar Speed Your Love CD5 Soap 9/3 a Shrine (Can You) Feel It? CDS A West Side Fabrication 9/3 Backfish How To Be a Friend CDS A West Side Fabrication 9/3 Circle Pori (SE release) CD Metamorphos 9/3 Sobsister Wardrobe CDS Absurd Records 11/3 Komeda It's Alright Baby CDS NONS 16/3 Penniless Avalanche CDS A West Side Fabrication 16/3 Velvet Belly Easy CDS BMG 17/3 IOTA IOTA 7" Slowball 17/3 K-Pist Voltage Controlled (US) CD NONS USA 17/3 Pluxus Pluxus 7" Slowball 19/3 Broder Daniel I'll Be Gone CDS Dolores 19/3 The Pusjkins The Heat The Fuzz CD L-Style 20/3 Stargazer Don't Rock Too Hard CDS Beat That! 23/3 Monostar The Airport CD Soap Records 23/3 Sideshow Bob Invasive Confusion CD Absurd Records 23/3 Tambureens Pretty Thing CDS Absurd Records 23/3 Twigs (N) No More 24 CD SunSpot 25/3 a Shrine Dark Words Gentle Sounds CD A West Side Fabrication 25/3 Komeda What Makes It Go? CD NONS 25/3 Soundtrack of O.. Firmament Vacation (UK) CDS Coalision 28/3 Various e-pop III CDS E-Pop 30/3 aBLe Screw You Around CDS ? 30/3 Cessna (SF) My Blue Angila (US) 7" Fantastic Records 30/3 Penniless Joe CD A West Side Fabrication 4/4 Broder Daniel Broder Daniel Forever LP/CD Dolores 4/4 Sobsister Schlaraffenland CD Absurd Records 4/4 Soundtrack of O.. Black Star CDS Telegram 7/4 Cloudberry Jam The Impossible Shuffle CD NONS USA 14/4 Greenhouse AC In Technicolor (Cent.Eu) CD Tug Records (D) 14/4 Tambureens Love Affairs CD Absurd Records 17/4 The Confusions Raining Cigarettes CDS Stockholm Records 22/4 Various Artists Monolithic Minds 2 CD Monolithic 24/4 Soundtrack of O.. Extended Revelation CD Telegram 27/4 Kent Isola (eng. version) CD BMG (UK) 27/4 Super Eight Group Sunshine CDS Uppers 28/4 Kent If You Were Here Pt.1 CDS BMG (UK) 28/4 Kent If You Were Here Pt.2 CDS BMG (UK) 29/4 Flannelmouth (SF) POP-OUT (SF) CDS Popvirus Records 29/4 Tunaflakes (SF) She'll Be Made Up (SF) CDS Guar Records 5/5 Carpet People Assemble & Plug (US) CD NONS USA 8/5 Various Artists Second Harvest (promo) CDS Blekingska 11/5 Whister Pop Fiction CDEP Bed Not Found Records 13/5 Barusta The Game CDS Starboy 13/5 The Confusions Six-O-Seven CD Stockholm Records 18/5 Greenhouse AC In Technicolor (SF) CD Poko Records 18/5 Whale Four Big Speakers CDS Virgin 19/5 This Perfect Day C-60 (US) CD Sony/550 Music 20/5 Various Artists Hitta Mitten (Emmaboda) CD Absurd Records 21/5 Monostar Jee is a Looser CDS Soap Records 25/5 Fireside Let Rasputin Do It (ltd) CDS Startracks 25/5 Jupither It's Planetary MCD Speech (AWSF) 25/5 Loosegoats For Sale By Owner (ltd) CD+CDS Startracks 25/5 Motorpsycho Ozone 10" Startracks 25/5 Motorpsycho Ozone CDS Startracks 25/5 Popsicle That Was Summer (remix) CDS Telegram 25/5 Yoga Yoga CD Primal Music 30/5 Whale All Disco Dance Must.. CD Virgin 2/6 Plastic Pride No Hot Ashes CD Desperate Fight 8/6 bob hund Nu Är Det Väl Revolution CDS/12" Silence 8/6 Loudean The Best Show CDS Soap 9/6 Komeda What Makes It Go? (US) CD Minty Fresh 10/6 Komeda A Simple Formality CDS NONS 22/6 HappyDeadMen After The Siesta CD Torpedo 29/6 Sahara Hotnights Nothing Yet CDS Speech (AWSF) Jun Björk Hunter CDS One Little Indian Jun Daniel Saturn Softly CD Dorian Records Jun Dr Kosmos tba CD North Of No South Jun Easy Green Lights CD Dolores Jun Fireside Let Rasputin Do It 7" Startracks Jun Leslies That's Me (US) 7" American Pop Project 6/7 The Bear Quartet Human Enough CDEP AWSF 10/7 Eggstone Spanish Slalom CD Siesta (Spain) 13/7 Balozu Pilni Pa.. Ta busi Tu (LV) CDS Alises Ieraksti 21/7 Mine Mine (Asian release) CD Rock Records

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