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Upcoming Releases
Date Artist Title Format Label

15/8    Superfuzz (DK)    S/t                      CD      Kick Music
17/8    Baxter            I Can't See Why          CDS     Primal Music
24/8    The Bear Quartet  Personality Crisis       CD      AWSF
24/8    Fireside          Hello Kids               2CD     Startracks
24/8    Various Artists   Mama Take Me Home To M.. CD      Vibrafon
31/8    Various Artists   The Flight of Everson K  CD3     Radio Khartoum (US)
 1/9    The Bear Quartet  Mom and Dad              CDEP    AWSF
14/9    The Cardigans     My Favourite Game        CDEP    PolyGram
28/9    Baxter            S/t                      CD      Primal Music
19/10   The Cardigans     Gran Turismo             CD      PolyGram
31/10   Hell on Wheels    Alphaphozz and the B...  MCD     Urinine Records
27/11   bob hund          Jag Rear Ut Min Själ...  CD      Silence
11/1    Seamonster1       n/a                      10"     Amphibient Broadcasting
27/1    Loudean           No More No Less          CD      Soap
30/1    My Orchard        Grebo                    CD      Massproduktion
 1/2    The Cardigans     Erase Rewind (UK Promo1) 12"     Polydor
 1/2    The Cardigans     Erase Rewind (UK Promo2) 12"     Polydor
 1/2    Kask              Wrestling My Case        CD      Grand Recordings
 3/2    Hedningarna       Karelia Visa             CD      Silence
22/2    The All Janet     A Lot To Be Said         CDS     A West Side Fabrication
22/2    Barusta           Common Lovin             CDS     Starboy
22/2    Fidget            To Hell With Music       CDS     Silence
22/2    Fint Tillsammans  Jag Sov På En Våg        CDS     Silence
22/2    Jimi Tenor        Organism                 CD/LP   Warp
22/2    Waterbug          My Only Cousin           CDS     A West Side Fabrication
22/2    Whale             Deliver The Juice        CDS     Virgin
28/2    Cobolt/Kevlar     split 7"                 7"      Communication/Chalk
 1/3    Cinnamon          Springtime of My Life    CDEP    Soap
 1/3    Garmarna          Gamen                    CDS     Massproduktion
 1/3    Gus Gus           Ladyshave                CDS/12  4AD
 1/3    Gus Gus           Ladyshave (Digi)         CDS     4AD
 1/3    S.P.O.C.K         S.P.O.C.K: 1999          CD      Subspace
 1/3    Statemachine      Battered and Bruised     CDS     Subspace
 1/3    Various           Remote Star              CD      A West Side Fabrication
 3/3    Garmarna          Vedergällningen          CD      Massproduktion
15/3    Serial Cynic      tba                      CD      Startracks
19/3    Prune             Lovely Day               CD      ?
29/3    bob hund          Helgen v.48              CDS     Silence
29/3    Loosegoats        tba                      CD      Startracks
 6/4    Rocket 99         Electricity              CDS     Starboy
 7/4    Fidget            Glad To Be Your Enemy    CD      Silence
19/4    Sahara Hotnights  Quite a Feeling          CDS     AWSF
21/4    Cinnamon          Vertigo                  CD      Soap
21/4    Yvonne            My Man Foreverman        CDEP    Starboy
26/4    Gus Gus           This Is Normal           CD/LP   4AD
26/4    Heed              Seldom Seen              CDS/EP  EMI
26/4    Heed              Post Dynamic Tide        CD      EMI
26/4    Honey Is Cool     Bolero !                 CDEP    Rabid Records
 3/5    Rocket 99         S/t                      CD      Starboy
 3/5    Speaker           Perfectly Normal Day     CDS     Stockholm
17/5    Starmarket        Four Hours Light         CD      Ampersand
29/5    Yellow Fever      tba                      CDS     Deaf'n Dumb Records
31/5    Apple Brown Betty I May Not Be a Star      CDS     Hit Factory Scandinavia
31/5    The Cardigans     Hanging Around           CDS     PolyGram
31/5    The Cardigans     Hanging Around           CDEP    PolyGram
31/5    Elevator Adam     Wednesday/Why Do You...  CDS     Payola Records
31/5    Gluebellies       Chemical Light           CDS     Payola Records
 7/6    The Facer         Good Vibrations          CDEP    Sonet
15/6    The Motorhomes    It's Alright             CDS     Epic/Sony
16/6    Pluxus            Fas 2                    CD      Slowball
28/6    Jupither          Star                     CDS     AWSF
29/6    Drain             Freaks of Nature         CD      MVG
 1/7    Drain             Simon Says               CDS     MVG
 1/7    Pan Sonic         B                        CDS     Blast First/Mute
 2/8    Honey Is Cool     There's No Difference    CDS     Rabid Records/Startracks
31/8    Aquadays          Electric Songs           CD      Apricot Records
13/9    Penniless         Beautiful vs Cage        CDS     A West Side Fabrication
15/9    The Motorhomes    Into The Night           CDS     Epic/Sony
15/9    The Bostonpops    New York Town            MP3S    Swing 'em Low
19/9    The Instant       I Can't Figure Her Out   MP3S    Swing 'em Low
22/9    Moonbabies        air>>moon>>stereo        7"      Moonkrack recordings
27/9    Jupither          Spit                     CDS     AWSF
28/9    Apple Brown Betty The Whole World Is La... CDS     Hit Factory Scandinavia
28/9    Honey Is Cool     Early Morning Are You... CD      Rabid Records/Startracks
 1/10   Yvonne            True Love                CD      Starboy
 4/10   The $1000 PlayboysPreacher                 CDS     Massproduktion
 6/10   The Motorhomes    Songs For Me (And My...  CD      Epic/Sony
 8/10   22 Pistepirkko    Downhill City            CD      Universal
11/10   Sahara Hotnights  Drive Dead Slow          CDS     BMG
11/10   The Wannadies     Yeah                     CD      BMG
25/10   The $1000 Playboystba                      CD      Massproduktion
25/10   Sahara Hotnights  C'mon Let's Pretend      CD      BMG
 8/11   Teddybears STHLM  Automatic Lover          CDS     MVG
 6/12   Kent              Hagnesta Hill            CD      RCA/BMG
 2/2    Dipper            They Know What To Exp... CD      Vibrafon
 7/2    The Bear Quartet  Old Friends              CDEP    A West Side Fabrication
14/2    The $1000 PlayboysLonely Nights            CDS     Massproduktion
21/2    Eskobar           Good Day For Dying       CDS     V2
21/2    The Bear Quartet  My War                   CD      A West Side Fabrication
28/2    Fidget            Living on Video          CDS     Silence
29/2    Cessna            The Loves, Longings...   CD3     Radio Khartoum (US)
 4/3    Superheroes       Igloo                    CD      Crunchy Frog (DK)
 6/3    Trucker           Step Aside               CDS     A West Side Fabrication
13/3    Caesar's Palace   Cherry Kicks             CD      Virgin
13/3    Robot             She Walked By            CDS     Starboy
18/3    Pluxus            Pluxus vs Fridge vs P... CDS     Box Theory Records / Space Foundation (US)
18/3    Yvonne            Revelations              CDS     BMG/Starboy
20/3    EP's Trailer Park Apartment Recordings     CD      Ramblin' Records
23/3    Grand Tone Music  New Direction            CD      MVG
23/3    Sadovaja          Kill Your Darlings       CD      Memento Materia
23/3    Spiritual Beggars Ad Astra                 CD      Music For Nations/Zomba
27/3    Eskobar           Til We're Dead           CD      V2
27/3    Statemachine      Less Than Perfect        CDEP    Subspace Communications
29/3    LOK               Sunk 500                 CD      Stockholm Records
 3/4    Davidsson         She's a Million          CDS     A West Side Fabrication
 3/4    Robot             Fake or Real?            CD      BMG/Starboy
 7/4    Jumper            Miljonär                 CDS     Warner
10/4    Spiritual Beggars Ad Astra                 CD      JVC/Victor (JAP)
17/4    The Bear Quartet  I Don't Wanna            CDEP    A West Side Fabrication
19/4    Speed of Sound E. Young Girl               CDS     Starboy
25/4    Various           Emmaboda Festival 2000   CD      Absurd Records
26/4    Trucker           Kickbox Lady             CDS     A West Side Fabrication
27/4    Speed of Sound E. tba                      CD      Starboy
28/4    Jumper            Skyskrapa                CD      Warner
 8/5    Mew               Half the World is Watc.. CD      Evil Office
15/5    TIE 28            Loosing Face             CDS     A West Side Fabrication
22/5    The Instant       I Stay Away E.P.         CDEP    Swing 'em Low
13/6    Breather          Things I Do              CDEP    A West Side Fabrication
13/6    Reverend Big O    Small Town Chants        CDS     A West Side Fabrication
13/6    TIE 28            Laguna Seca              CD      A West Side Fabrication
15/6    Teddybears STHLM  Rock'n'Roll Highschool   CDS     MVG
19/6    The Motorhomes    For Tomorrow             CDS     Epic/Sony
25/8    Rockmonster       tba                      CD      Rabid Records
 4/9    Monster & Maskinertba                  CD      Rabid Records

Should have been released?
Date Artist Title Format Label
  n/a   n/a               n/a                      n/a      n/a

The month is set!
Date Artist Title Format Label
  Aug   Bent Spanner Ar.. Denial                   7"      Deutche Kaviar
  Aug   Club 8            tba                      CD      ?
A/Sep   Daybehavior       tba                      CD      NONS (World Wide)
  Sep   The Cardigans     My Favourite Game        CDEP    (Japan)
  Sep   The Cardigans     Gran Turismo             CD      (Japan)
  Sep   Dipper            tba                      CDS     Vibrafon
  Sep   Fireside          Uomini d'Onore (US)      LP      Crank Rec.
  Sep   gusGus (IS)       Ladyshave                CDS     4AD
  Sep   gusGus (IS)       Treasures In Lava        CD      4AD
  Sep   The Mopeds        tba                      CDS     Vibrafon
  Sep   Motorpsycho (N)   tba                      CDEP    Startracks
S/Oct   Penniless         Cyberhand                CDEP    AWSF
S/Oct   Various Artists   Rocknation - Exile on... CD      Blekingska
  Oct   The All Janet     Beautiful                CDS     A West Side Fabrication
  Oct   Barusta           Evolution                CD      Starboy
  Oct   Cobolt            Love And How To Lose It  CD      Ampersand
  Oct   Fireside          Uomini d'Onore (US)      CD      Crank Rec.
  Oct   Fireside          Fantastic Four (Europe)  CD      Startracks
  Oct   Last Days of Apriltba                      CD      Bad Taste Records
  Oct   Melony            tba                      CD      Soap
  Oct   Sahara Hotnights  Face Wet                 CDS     A West Side Fabrication
  Oct   Various Artists   Tambourine Studios Vol.3 CD      Vibrafon
  Nov   Acid House Kings  tba                      CD      ?
  Nov   Dipper            tba                      CD      Vibrafon
  Nov   Eggstone          tba                      CDS     Vibrafon
  Nov   Three Blind Mice  tba                      CDS     Vibrafon
  Feb   Fireside          Fantastic Four (US)      CD      Crank Rec.
F/Mar   Seamonster1       tba (UK)                 CD      The Rosewood Union
  May   Notaword          You Can Only Grow So M.. CDEP    Communication Recordings
  Oct   Superheroes       Johnny And I             MCD     Crunchy Frog
  Nov   Apple Brown Betty tba                      CD      Hit Factory Scandinavia
  Nov   The Instant       tba                      CDEP    Swing 'em Low
  Nov   Various Artists   Massproduktion 20 Years  CD      Massproduktion
  Jan   The Drowners      tba                      CDS     Wind-Up (US)
  Mar   The Drowners      tba                      CD      Wind-Up (US)
  Mar   Various Artists   Duckweed Sampler 2000    CD      Duckweed Records (US)
  Mar   Various Artists   Global Lo-Fi U-ground 3  CD      Duckweed Records (US)
  Apr   Fireside          tba                      CD      Startracks
  Apr   Moonbabies        tba                      CD      Duckweed Records (US)
  May   Leslies           tba                      CD      Labrador
  Jul   The Knife         tba                      7"      Rabid Records
  Jul   Jimi Tenor        Out Of Nowhere           CD      Warp/Matador (US)
  Oct   S.P.O.C.K         2001 A S.P.O.C.K Odyssey CD      Subspace Comm.
The season is set!
Date Artist Title Format Label
Summer  Coo (SF)          tba (SF)                 CDS     tba
Summer  Daybehavior       tba                      CDS     NONS
Summer  Loosegoats/Ward J tba                      7"      Startracks/NONS
Summer  Red Sleeping Bea. Single                   CDS     Siesta
Summer  Red Sleeping Bea. Singles                  CD      Siesta
Autumn  Baxter            S/t (US)                 CD      Maverick
Autumn  Baxter            S/t (World)              CD      Warner
Autumn  Cloudberry Jam    tba (compilation)        CD      (Japan)
Autumn  Doris Days        tba                      CDS     Some Pearls
Autumn  Fivel             tba                      CD      North Of No South
Autumn  Honeymoons        tba                      CD      North Of No South
Autumn  Lemonator (SF)    tba                      CD      tba
Autumn  Pinko Pinko       tba                      CD      North Of No South
Autumn  Trés Nooners      tba                      CD      L-Style
Autumn  Ward J Little     tba                      CD      North Of No South
Winter  Doris Days        tba                      CD      Some Pearls
Spring  Various           Like Two Kites Flying    2x7"    Communication Recordings
Autumn  Silverbullit      tba                      CD      ?
Spring  Baxter            tba                      CD      Primal Music
Summer  Darcy             tba                      CDS     A West Side Fabrication
Summer  Gypsy Sons of Magictba                     CDEP    A West Side Fabrication
Summer  Stardog           tba                      CD      A West Side Fabrication
Autumn  Statemachine      Short and Explosive      CD      Subspace

The year is set!
Date Artist Title Format Label
1998    Sulky             A Severe Bout of Caree.. CD      Dolores
1999    Loosegoats        tba                      CD      Startracks
No further information known
Date Artist Title Format Label
  ?     aBLe              Lost Love Songs          CD      ?
  ?     The April Tears   Eyes Cold Kisses         CD      Jimmy Fun
  ?     Busty             The All Time Low         CD      ?
  ?     Humble Bee        tba                      CD      Arrow Records
  ?     Pimm's            tba                      CDS     Dorian Records
  ?     Ray Wonder        tba                      CD      North Of No South
  ?     Various           All That Ever Mattered   CD      Dorian Records
  ?     Various           En Ko På Isen            CDS     Strawberry Songs

Note that most dates are preliminary!
 W# = Week no.

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