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July 29th, 1996

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  1. ken
  2. MY Mistake. (2)
  3. the article (6)
  4. Opinions Please
  5. I was kinda right!
  6. New Thread! (4)
  7. Cheers Rob.
  8. Charlies innit?
  9. New Charlies Single
 10. Indirectly related (3)
 11. In Memorium (2)
 12. Sad News (fwd)
 13. Rob Collins' death (fwd)
 14. Send a condolence!
 15. The Third World
 16. rob collins


  [ ** Special daily digest release due to the sad Rob Collins news ** ]
  [ ** Rest in peace Rob. And thank you for the music.    // Erik   ** ]


Date: Fri, 19 Jul 1996 10:24:50 +0000
From: Paul Simpson 
Subject: ken

For heavens sake Mr Ken, the rest of us dont keep saying "you know" every
five words when we're writtning. If you want to convince us of your Scottish
credentials then fair enough but how about changing your vocabulary to
includ more than three words (cunt, ya, ken) that it sounds to me that you
picked up from Trainspotting. Sorry but I'm fed up of this mailing list
being full of crap, hows about stopping all this "I can speak French" or
whatever and talk music?



Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 09:51:38 +0100
Subject: MY Mistake.

Soz about the mistake, I was only fucking 11 0r 12 (between 11th and 12th)
ha ha at the time. Anyway I can't say I feel sorry for him. What if it had
been a little kid that he had hit while he was drunk? Drink-Driving sucks
and as for not wearing a seatbelt thats plain madness.
        I heard it on radio 1 that the charlatans would not split up,
however I don't know how reliable this source is - they've been wrong before.
         Does anyone know where to get hold of Charlatans sheet music - has
there been any published? if so has anyone got isbn numbers etc. so I can order.

        " tell everyone, don't put it on, it makes no difference to me,
won't mess around, been here too long."

                As ever waiting for correction,
                                                Rob. H


Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 12:27:50 -0700
From: (Ryan Butt)
Subject: Re: the article

** An American knob writes=8A
>You know, this whole scenerio is really weird for me. Being only 15, I
>haven't been around long enough to see many of these musical icons die
>(except for Kurt Blowbrain, of course, and when he kicked the bucket we
>had a party). It just seems strange to me. Has the news of the crash
>been on the news programs or in the papers in the UK? Here in the
>states, not a word has been said about it. I probably wouldn't have
>even found out if it weren't for the list. Oh well. Enough of my
>incessant blathering. On with the article.

Your highly ammusing reference to "Kurt Blowbrain" just underlines your
immaturity. Death aint funny so keep you jumped-up little opinions to your
self, you little shit.



Date: Thu, 25 Jul 96 07:17:01 PDT
Subject: RE: Opinions Please

My band used to do a few covers until I read an interview with Ian Brown
in Melody Maker (sometime in '90). When asked why the roses don't do covers,
he replied "It's like steppin' into a dead man's shoes." 


Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 11:37:04 +0100
Subject: I was kinda right!

I've just been reading old articles about the charlatans. If anyone has
Select September 95 read it. A sizeable chunk of 'up to our hips' was
recorded without rob collins - produced by Steve Hillage. Incidently if
anyone knows any Steve Hillage - listen to his live cover of 'it's all too
much' - the Beatles.


Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 13:29:57 +0100 (BST)
From: pooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Subject: Re: New Thread!

>>I doubt yer could start a thread on this list now, luv.
>Ha, ha!  I'm going to defy you my dear Travis, and I'll even do it without
>death references.
>So, I finally bought/listened to Between 10th and 11th today.  What can I
>possibly say?  It is an absolutely amazing album!!  I cannot believe what I
>was missing out on.  It just puts you in this crazy, fun, happy kind of
>mood.  Can't Even be Bothered is a truly excellent song.  To me, it's
>almost anthemic in a way.  I mean "Can't even be bothered, energy breaks me
>down."  How true is that?
>This album is definitely different from their most recent release.  The
>songs on the more recent one seem almost mellower (in general) and seem to
>incorporate much more of an acoustic sound, whereas B10th&11th is much more
>electronic in nature.  But there is no sound in the world more pleasing
>than a hammond organ.  Wouldn't you all agree?  It just kind of opens your
>mind to an entirely different sound then you're used to.  Very trippy.
>Once again, the lovely Tim Burgess has dazzled me with his oh-so-sweet
>vocals.  Never a harsh note.  Just a truly mesmerizing voice.
>I would have to say that B10th&11th is possibly my favourite of the 4
>albums.  Absolutely brilliant piece of work which will only sound better
>with time.  My love for the Charlatans has definitely been moved to a
>deeper level and I couldn't be happier :)
>make sure you listen to it on headphones. a definate must!



Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 13:19:31 +0100 (BST)
From: pooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Subject: Re: Cheers Rob.

I found out last night and I can not believe it.I am gutted.



Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 13:36:03 +0100 (BST)
From: pooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Subject: Re: New Thread!

You are a true soulmate.I have been into the Charlies since 1990 and 
Can't even be bothered is deinately my favourite song of all time...a 
magical awakening with such a vibrant almost mystical quality about 
it.I was devasted by the news of the death.LoNG LIVE THE cHARLATANS.



Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 13:27:02 +0100 (BST)
From: pooh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Subject: Re: Charlies innit?

I think the Bluetones are brilliant.Will be going to see them when 
they tour this Autumn!!!!!



Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 20:14:51 +0100
From: Graham Cawsey 
Subject: New Charlies Single

I am listening to it right this second on Radio1 1FM's Evening Session.
It is written by Rob and is called This Is One To Another.
It will be released in the UK on August 26.

It sounds like it may have been produced by the Chemical Brothers.  It is
full of heavy break beats etc.


"Round are way the birds are singing
Round are way the sun shines bright"


Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 16:10:55 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Re: the article

	Okay KIDS enough of the fucking fighting already. I'm sure none of are
in good moods about this whole thing but there is no reason that we should log
on and find three personal attacks directed at members of this list in one day.
    Most of us do get along, but the reason why we "speak French" and talk
about things other than music is because people start insulting each other for
reasons no better than "I don't like the way he writes".  I'm sure that Travis
has caught enough shit already and that kid with the "Kurt Blowbrain" reference
didn't mean to offend anyone.
	I really thought all of this bullshit argueing would cease for more
than two days given the tragic circumstances.

Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 21:13:48 GMT
From: *suedette* 
Subject: Re: the article

At 12:27 25/07/96 -0700, you wrote:

>>Your highly ammusing reference to "Kurt Blowbrain" just underlines your
>>immaturity. Death aint funny so keep you jumped-up little opinions to your
>>self, you little shit.

Oh come on now.  Must we resort to more name calling here?  

No, death isn't funny, but a lot of people value some lives more than
others.  It is very noble to try and adopt a holier-than-thou attitude about
death, but really, no one gives a shit about it until it affects them
personally.  Obviously the person who wrote the Kurt comment was not
affected by Kurt's death, or maybe made the comment because of the fact that
it was a suicide...  I don't know, and I don't really care.  As for myself,
I can honestly say that I didn't careless about Kurt Cobain's death, I was
never into Nirvana, and if some grunge junky asshole wants to blow his
brains out and leave a legion of young, impressionable fans and a wife and
child behind, than he is a selfish bastard, and good riddence to him.  

This isn't a nirvana list.  This is the charalatans, and I think that
definitely EVERYONE who is on this list has been affected by Rob Collins'
death, obviously.  And therefore Ryan, the charlies fan that placed his
$.02 worth should be not be told to keep his mouth shut, nor called a
'little shit' by you or anyone else here.

Just my  $.02 worth.



Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 22:21:19 -0700
From: (Jen Howe)
Subject: Indirectly related

Okay, so this isn't really about the Charlies, but it sorta is, because
it's about the Chemical Bros.  Right, so a couple of days ago I got the new
Beck album, "Odelay", which is terrific, I might add.  Anyways, while I was
leafing through the liner notes, I noticed who it was mixed by - the Dust
Brothers.  My question (should anyone know the answer) is why is it the
Dust Bros and not the Chemical Bros.  And I'm quite positive that it's the
same Dust Brothers who've done so much work with our beloved Charlies
(there's my minute contents, so no flames, please!).  Anyways, I just found
that to be a bit curious.



Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 19:23:05 -0400
Subject: Reply to: RE: In Memorium

THere is no reason the band cannot go on with out may seem strange
at first...but i think it may only bring the band tighter together.....he
added alot of what i liked with that dark funky hammond...but they should
go on as the charlies...they are after all the ONLY BAGGY band to survive
w/ out a major change.....hell even the roses are getting a new guitarist
and rob really will be missed ....i really dont know my i will
end now

James "Lazyitis" Callaway


Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 22:29:32 -0700
From: (Jen Howe)
Subject: Re: New Thread!

Ah!  Responses!  Seems I'm quite talented at keeping the threads going on
this list, huh?  Guess the threads wouldn't be that good were if not for
all of you, though.

Anyways, I just think you guys are all really great, especially in the wake
of all that's happened over the past couple of days.  It's encouraging to
read all the posts about how upset everyone is.  That might sound a tad
morbid, but it's just good to know that we all love and respect Rob, no
matter how he left this world.

Let's keep the memory of Rob alive by remembering the great music he gave
us.  We may not have him anymore, but we always have the music.



Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 11:42:00 -0500
From: "Travis Saunders-R3278C" 
Subject: Re: MY Mistake.

Let us ken also, please. To all those also on the 'sis list, all I can say is 
I'm sorry fer me outburst.

Everybody knows the pain
I'm gonna be in heaven


Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 13:09:26 +0800 (WST)
From: Kevin Johnson PhD Geopolitics 
Subject: Re: New Thread!

I couldn't agree more. Between 10th and 11th gets better and better. I 
really don't understand why it never received the acclaim it deserved. 
What about "the end of everything" (is that what its called, I don't 
have the cd in front of me). Very nice. I was sold on the Charlatans with 
this album, the first was just a bit too low fi (hope I don't offend anyone).



Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 11:28:30 +0100
From: (Vicky Gilham)
Subject: Re: Indirectly related

The Dust Brothers on the Beck album are the original US Dust Brothers (the 
reason why the UK pair had to find a new name).
They've been around for a lot longer and I think are most famous for their
work with the Beastie Boys, esp. on Paul's Boutique (?)
Hope this clears things up - others probably know more than me.


Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 10:07:15 -0400
From: (deborah evans)
Subject: Re: the article

>Oh come on now.  Must we resort to more name calling here?  
>No, death isn't funny, but a lot of people value some lives more than
>others.  It is very noble to try and adopt a holier-than-thou attitude about
>death, but really, no one gives a shit about it until it affects them
>personally.  Obviously the person who wrote the Kurt comment was not
>affected by Kurt's death, or maybe made the comment because of the fact that
>it was a suicide...  

I think I'd have to agree that I have no respect for Kurk Cobain nor do I
care about his death since he took the gutless way out and killed himself.
Look at Rickie Edwards from the Manic Street Preachers he had some obvious
psychological problems and could not handle fame and he just disappeared to
live a life of solitude away from fame (since the new theory is he is living
a recluse life somewhere in Wales).  Likewise, I suddenly have no respect
for Rob Collins knowing he was drunk behind the wheel.  Okay don't get me
wrong I do feel sad about his death since I knew him personally.  We had
mutual friends in common, including his girlfriend, and he was terrific.  He
was always very kind to me when the band was in Toronto, treating myself and
my friend to all access passes, but I can not feel sympathy for someone
obviously that stupid as to get behind the wheel of a vehicle while
intoxicated.  Yes, his contribution to the band will be missed but I'm sorry
when I say I don't feel the same kind of sadness I did before all the
circumstances came to light.  I'm just more than happy he didn't manage to
kill someone else.  My only sympathy now goes to his family.

And I know I'm going to get endless nasty comments and remarks for this but
let's all keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their opinion and this
is mine.  Besides think about it if it was anyone else (ie a non famous
person) in the same situation we'd all shake our heads and say what a fool
we thought he or she was.  But, since it was someone we respected and
idolized we tend to over look the mistake that brought about his downfall.
Plus, consider the fact that I'm saying this about someone I knew relatively
well, who's girlfriend I grew up with, and who's very close friend's family
knew my family.


Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 15:04:06 -0700
From: (Ryan Butt)
Subject: Re: the article

Thanks, er=8A*Suedette* for your comments, but having learnt more facts about
the late Rob Collin's incident, could his intake of alcohol on that
particular evening, or perhaps that fact that he didn't wear a seat-belt
amount to suicide?

Don't misunderstand me, I feel for the remaining band members and implore
them to carry on with the album despite the obvious pain and uncertainty
they're going through.

Anyway, stupid neglect or whatever the reason for the terrible incident,
dealing with the death of Rob is hard enough without someone poking fun at
other musical tragedies. Like you said, this isn't a Nirvana mailing list,
so why this person felt inclined to include Cobain in their otherwise
highly 'moving' letter is beyond comprehension. Basically what I'm trying
to say is that it doesn't pay to put others down just to make a point, and
if the geezer from the states had spent more thought on his so called
'$.02' worth, then everyone would be happy=8A or not as the case maybe, but
you catch my drift right?

Can't even be bothered to talk

Love 'n hugs=8A oh, and Dan - PEACE MAN!



Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 10:52:59 -0400 (EDT)
From: David Reichert 
Subject: Re: the article

At 16:10 25/07/96 -0400, you wrote:
>	Okay KIDS enough of the fucking fighting already. I'm sure none of are
>in good moods about this whole thing but there is no reason that we should log
>on and find three personal attacks directed at members of this list in one day.
>    Most of us do get along, but the reason why we "speak French" and talk
>about things other than music is because people start insulting each other for
>reasons no better than "I don't like the way he writes".  I'm sure that Travis
>has caught enough shit already and that kid with the "Kurt Blowbrain" reference
>didn't mean to offend anyone.
>	I really thought all of this bullshit argueing would cease for more
>than two days given the tragic circumstances.
>		dan.

Hear hear


In memory of Rob Collins, R.I.P.
a la memoire de Rob Collins, R.E.P.


Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 17:40:37 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Eirik Gudmundsen 
Subject: Sad News (fwd)

Hi again!

Here's another info...

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: 24 Jul 96 16:15:55 GMT
From: Dean Jackson 
Subject: Sad News

It's Dean Jackson here....
I run The Wonderwall at

I also work for The BBC.   We have been running the following news 
story..... I don't know whether or not you've heard about it.....?


Band members of pop group The Charlatans were "devastated" tonight 
following the death of their keyboard player Rob Collins in a car crash.
Collins, 32, died after the red BMW he was driving left the road near
Monmouth, Gwent on the way to recording studios late on Monday night.
Part of the late 1980s Madchester sound, the band only recently returned 
to triumphant chart-topping form after years in the wilderness, and were due 
to feature as special guests on Oasis' summer tour in a few weeks.

Colleagues of the band said they were "devastated" by the loss.
"They are really upset and trying to decide what to do," a spokesman for
record company Beggars Banquet said.

There were fears that without Collins, the four remaining members would be
unable to carry on.

Scott Piering, of The Charlatans' promotions company, said: "Frankly,
everyone involved with the band or close to the band are too shocked at 
this stage to say anything.

"They were involved in recording their greatest work and Rob was instrumental
to that whole process."

It appeared Collins' car veered out of control near the South Wales studios
where the band were recording their fifth album.

The car ended up in a field after hitting several parked vehicles and plunging
through a hedge in Rockfield Road, Monmouth, Gwent.

He died from serious injuries on the way to Nevill Hall Hospital, Abergavenny.
His passenger, a sound engineer, suffered shock but escaped unhurt.
A wild but charismatic character, Collins recently served four months of an
eight months jail sentence for his involvement in an armed robbery.
He drove suspects away from an off-licence hold-up when a gun was fired, but
protested he knew nothing about the crime at the time.

Singer Tim Burgess recently said the jail sentence almost ended the band.
"If he had gone down for four years, there's no way we would have carried on
without him," he told this month's Select magazine.

Collins' release was the spark that inspired a return to form with eponymous
album The Charlatans last year which went straight into the charts at 
number one.

From Northwitch south of Manchester, the band are one of the few survivors of
the Madchester scene that involved Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses and Inspiral

They have cited everyone from The Rolling Stones to Sly and the Family Stone
and The Beastie Boys as influences, and claimed that if they sounded like
Oasis, it was because they got there first.

The band's latest single and video was due for release on August 26.


Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 17:39:10 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Eirik Gudmundsen 
Subject: Rob Collins' death (fwd)

Hi all!

I've had the worst day! 

I'm home for the summer, and can't connect everyday to the internet. 
That's why I unfortunately happened to read about Rob's death through a 
Norwegian newspaper (amazingly enough). After that I rushed to the 
computer and realised there was a hundred mails waitin for me. I feel bad 
since I run a homepage. I haven't donr anything, and it's a shame. 
Tonight I will put up a page to pay respect to Rob on the same address as 
the original Charlatans page (
Me and my brother will also try to put up a page where we can all send 
our condolences to. Look for it tomorrow. Forgive me for not doing this 
the same day he died.

I play keyboards myself, and Rob Collins has always been my big hero. I 
haven't heard anyone who plays so brilliant on his keyboards and 
especially the hammond. That hammond sound was the main reason I started 
to listen to british music in the golden year of 1990. I am very sad to 
hear that he was driving drunk as I am very much against that. But he 
was, still are, and always will be one of those who touched those 
tangents in the most brilliant ways. May you rest in peace Rob.

I've recieved a few personal mails with some press releases about the 
accident. I thought it was in it's place to pass them on to the list. 


Love from
             E i r i k   G u d m u n d s e n  -+-  (
                   "..just when you're thinkin' things over.."   

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 16:48:02 GMT
From: Doug Anderson 
Subject: Rob Collins' death

You might already know about this, but Rob Collins died in the early
hours of Tuesday morning in a car crash. He was driving and apparently
ploughed into a row of parked cars. An unnamed passenged escaped with
a few cuts and bruises.

Anyway here's the Times' obituary (lifted from their electronic site
so copyright etc.)...

Doug Anderson.




Robert Collins, pop musician, died in a car accident on July 22 aged
33. He was born on February 23, 1963.

ROBERT COLLINS was the keyboard player for the Charlatans, one of the
more genuinely innovative of the new "indie" pop bands which grew up
in the fertile musical ground of Manchester during the late 1980s. The
movement took its name from the small, independent record labels by
which the bands were produced. The Charlatans' rise to fame was the
swiftest of any of the local bands and, for a while at least, until
new groups like Oasis eclipsed them, they were set to be the next big
British band. 

Their popularity was based on providing a modern style of dance music,
which had its roots in 1960s pop. Their fashionably gaunt lead singer,
Tim Burgess, was considered as handsome as a young Mick Jagger, but it
was Collins (equally handsome in a dark, saturnine mould) who provided
the musical muscle to back him up, with his Hammond organ, an
instrument which had been unfairly neglected since the 1960s. When
Collins was relegated to the background - as he was for occasional
singles like Just When You're Thinkin' Things Over - the group's
playing could become directionless. But when he was allocated a
starring role, their playing became focused and exciting. Inspired by
those underground mod and psychedelic revival bands of the 1970s, he
produced an instantly recognisable sound from his instrument,
sometimes rich and swelling, sometimes urgent and stabbing. 

Collins was born in Sedgeley in the West Midlands, and went to school
locally. He played the piano as a child, and performed in several
school and local bands before forming the Charlatans with his old
musical partner Martin Blunt, the band's bass player. Steve Harrison,
the band's manager, had followed Collins's career, and he found them a
vocalist in Tim Burgess, who was then singing with the Electric
Crayons. The Charlatans had as little to do with one of those
market-led, expensively styled boys bands as could be imagined. They
bought their own clothes, and Harrison's previous experience had
extended to running a record shop. 

But their debut 12-inch single, Indian Rope, released in 1990 was a
success, and established the group as a fine live act. They had
released the record on their own label, Dead Dead Good. Now they
secured a contract with Beggars Banquet Records, and released The Only
One I Know, a single vaguely reminiscent of Book T and the MGs (one of
Collins's biggest influences). It was a brilliant summer anthem, and
pushed the Charlatans into the top of the charts. Their follow-up
single, Then, and a debut album later that year kept them on a high
note. But the following year was quieter for them, and 1992
constituted a particularly low point for Collins, who was sentenced
for eight months after, most bizarrely, taking part in an attempted
armed robbery. Collins was driving the getaway car from the bungled
off-licence raid. The sentencing followed the release of their
excellent third album, Up To Our Hips, and the Charlatans were quite
willing to disband if Collins had been jailed for a much longer term.
In the event he served only four months, and the band bounced back
after his release. 

With the arrival of Britpop bands like Oasis, and a resurgence of
interest abroad in British music, the Charlatans had enjoyed renewed
success during the past year. Oasis invited them to appear as special
guests on their new tour. Last year's album, eponymously entitled The
Charlatans, shot straight to number one and remained in the charts for
many weeks. The album seemed to have hit the mark as confidently as
anything they had done before. 

Collins's wildchild behaviour had not, however, mellowed with age, nor
was it much improved by a youthful and unsuccessful marriage. He died
after his red BMW left the road in Monmouth. 


Date: Fri, 26 Jul 96 12:22:12 PDT
Subject: RE: Reply to: RE: In Memorium

Rob was so much more than just the keyboardist, I mean him and Martin started
the band. I think if they keep going it would be a nice tribute to Rob. On
the other hand I could see how it would be very hard to move on after something
like this. 
	I really don't know what you mean by saying "the only baggy band to 
survive w/ out major change." I think when a guitarist is changed (John Baker
to Mark Collins) that's as major as they come isn't it? 
I watched the Some Friendly video last night and almost cried. Miss ya Rob.
ps. the Roses were through when Reni left.


Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 19:36:04 -0400
Subject: Reply to: Indirectly related

to diffrent sets of producer/djs....chemicals had to change their name
because they were giving they boys who produced early beastie boys records
a "bad" name even though the original dust bros had heard nothing of the
music done by the other dust


Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1996 01:46:05 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Eirik Gudmundsen 
Subject: Send a condolence!

Hi everyone!

I have now tried to put up a respectful tribute to Rob on my homepage. I 
have also put up a bulletinboard where I want all of you to write your 
condolences or tributes to Rob. Just go to this address, and you'll 
easily find the way.
Anyway, I've been told that the funerla will take place on Tuesday. If 
you look on the latest issue of NME, you can also read about the whole 
story. Noel Gallagher is said to be auctioning his scooter to raise money 
for Rob's six year old daughter.

Ok, bye for now


Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1996 18:01:09 +0100 (BST)
From: Louise Higgs 
Subject: Re: The Third World


Yes I do like them, not Mancunian though. Bit nearer Hounslow I believe.
Sorry if you've had lots of people telling you that.

- Louise


Date: Sun, 28 Jul 1996 03:56:52 -0500
From: (shane)
Subject: Re: rob collins

According to Beggar's Banquet,
there is still time...

>Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 12:50:25 -0500
>From: (lesley bleakley)
>Subject: Re: rob collins
>X-UIDL: 27b14c562606fedc502c3dfa6b1c70b7
>Dear Shane
>If you wanted to send a card in time for the funeral which is Thursday 1st
>August, please send it c/o      Steve Harrison
>                                Omega Music
>                                2 Witton Walk
>                                Northwich
>                                Chesire
>                                CW9 5AT
>                                England
>Thankyou for the e-mail
>kind regards


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