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P3 Live Here you'll find a list of interesting music on the Swedish national radio channel P3. This list has been made available with the help from the P3 Live crew. If you want to add something or have corrections, please do not hesitate to let us know. Thanks! For more information about each specific venue, please take a look in the Gig Related area.

Day Date   Artist                             Recorded

Thu 15/6   Hultsfred Festival                 SE, *Live Broadcast*
Sun 18/6   Sahara Hotnights (R)               SE, Umeå 10-Mar-00
Mon 19/6   Beck                               SE, Stockholm, Cirkus 02-Mar-00
Tue 20/6   1000$ Playboys (R)                 SE, Sundsvall, Nöjeshuset 18-Dec-99
Wed 21/6   Bomfunk MC's                       SE, Gällivare, Killkenney's 18-Mar-00
Thu 22/6   Flaming Sideburns                  DK, Copenhagen, Loppen 01-Apr-00
Sun 25/6   Weeping Willows (R)                SE, Helsingborg, The Tivoli 03-Dec-99
Mon 26/6   Honey Is Cool (R)                  SE, Stockholm, Södra Teatern 28-Sep-99
Tue 27/6   Plastic Soul                       SE, Malmö, KB Popstad 2000 05-Feb-00
          +Colubrids                          SE, Malmö, KB Popstad 2000 05-Feb-00
          +Amir                               SE, Malmö, KB Popstad 2000 05-Feb-00
Wed 28/6   Blacknuss Allstars (R)             SE, Malmö, KB Popstad 2000 05-Feb-00
Thu 29/6   Motorhead (R)                      SE, Östersund, Storsjöyran 31-Jul-99
Sun  2/7   Staffan Hellstrand (R)             SE, Örebro, Frimis 24-Nov-99
Mon  3/7   Ben Folds Five (R)                 SE, Stockholm, Klubben 18-Nov-99
Tue  4/7   Tomas Rusiak                       SE, Malmö, Möllefesten 04-Jun-00
Wed  5/7   Groove Armada                      FR, Rennes, EBU/RFI 03-Dec-99
Thu  6/7   Robert Johnson & Punchdrunks (R)   SE, Sthlm, Fr. Corner 20-Nov-99
Sun  9/7   bob hund (R)                       SE, Hultsfred Festival 19-Jun-99

P3 Live - 21.03-22.00. '/' = 17.03-18.00, 'x' = 17.00-19.00, '*' = 18.03-19.00, '&' = 19.03-23.00,
'%' = 19.03-00.00, '!' = 20.03-21.00, 'y' = 21.03-02.00, 'v' = 21.45-23.00, '#' = 22.00-04.00,
'u' = 22.30-24.00, 'z' = 22.50-24.00
R = Rerun
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