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Here you'll find a list of interesting music on the Swedish national radio channel P3. This list has been made available with the help from the P3 Live crew. If you have corrections or want to add something, please e-mail me. Thanks!

Next Week

Day Date   Artist                             Recorded

Mon 20/5   Maria McKee                        Stockholm, Gino 01-May-96
Tue 21/5   Hedningarna                        Umeå, 1996
Wed 22/5   Poetized, Absent Minded            Lund 09-Feb-96, Sthlm, Palladium 03-May-96
Thu 23/5   Potlatch, Passage 4, Svart Snö     Karlskrona 03-May-96
Sun 26/5   Black Sabbath (R)                  Karlshamn, Festival 16-Jun-95
P3 Live - always at 21.03
R = Rerun

P3 Live have favourite concerts (reruns) on sundays, every two weeks and "Garage & Buskage" every two weeks.

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