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Below you'll find a list of Latvian record labels and companies with information regarding address, phone, fax, internet link and email. This list is far from complete, so if you can add or correct information, please get in touch. Thank you.



Alises Ieraksti c/o Roberts Galvans a/k 1054 Riga, LV 1050 LATVIA Phone: +371-7677211 Fax : +371-7677211 Cell.: +371-9534214 Email: alises.ieraksti@parks.lv WWW : http://www.parks.lv/home/alises.ieraksti Style: Indie Bands: Balozu Pilni Pagami, Sirke, Stopkrans. Extra: Owner: Roberts Galvans. Released (so far): 2 singles and 1 album. Added: July 2nd, 1998 LU : February 18th, 1999


The Beard Is Weird Productions c/o Simon Butcher a/k-73 Valmiera, LV 4200 LATVIA Style: Hardcore, Punk Extra: Has released a hardcore/punk compilation album with bands from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania called "Peasants With Pitchforks". Added: January 28th, 1998 Beverina c/o Juris Shilders Lielvardes 139-74 Riga, LV 1082 LATVIA Email: beverina@lords.com Email: janis.balodis@riga.mail.telia.com WWW : http://www.vikings.lv/~witchcraft/beverina/ Style: Goth, Death/Speed/Black Metal. Bands: Alfheim, Sanctimony, Skyforger. Extra: Also Estonian band: Postmortem. Lithuanian: Siela. Added: January 28th, 1998


O" Productions c/o Edgars Embergs Mucenieku 28a-32 Kuldi'ga, LV 3300 LATVIA Style: Hardcore, Punk Extra: On the lookout for hardcore/punk/sXe bands for compilations. Worked with the zine "Latvian Scenereport" in English. Has released a couple of compilations with world/latvian hc/punk. Added: January 28th, 1998


Templis Rec. c/o Andris Inda'ns Skolas 10-13 Iks'kile, LV 5025 LATVIA Email: andris@ltv.lv Style: Industrial, Rock Extra: Check out Tornis' catalogue for more information. Added: January 28th, 1998 Tornis Rec. c/o Janis Daugavietis PO Box 35 Riga, LV 1055 LATVIA Phone: n/a Fax : n/a Email: tornis@tornis.lv WWW : http://www.tornis.lv/ Bands: Too many to list here. Check out the website. Extra: A shoestring underground label founded in 1991. Runs a recording studio, publishes a newsletter, organizes live shows and releases cassette recordings. Their website contains everything you need to know when it comes to Latvian music and the scene. In English and Latvian. Also runs a mailorder. Added: January 28th, 1998 LU : April 6th, 2000


UPE 13 - 108 Skanstes str. Riga, LV 1013 LATVIA Phone: +371-7067742 Fax : +371-7067742 Email: upe@radioswh.lv WWW : http://www.upe.parks.lv/ Added: April 6th, 2000


Velo Rec. c/o Juris Alksnis Bri'vi'bas 430-62 Riga-24 LATVIA Extra: Works together with Tornis Rec. when it comes to Latvian guitar rock. See Tornis' catalogue for more information. Added: January 28th, 1998

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