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Below you'll find a list of Icelandic record labels and companies with information regarding address, phone, fax, internet link and email. This list is far from complete, so if you can add or correct information, please do not hesitate to let us know!. Thank you.



Bad Taste Ltd. P.O.Box 1263 121 Reykjavik ICELAND Phone: +354-551-3737 Fax : +354-551-3730 Email: badtaste@saga.is WWW : http://this.is/badtaste/ Extra: Also runs a great mailorder Added: February 28th, 1998


FIRE.inc. P.O.Box 7257 127 Reykjavik ICELAND Phone: +31-20-389-9369 Fax : +31-20-389-9369 Email: sfs@isholf.is WWW : http://www.isholf.is/fire/ Style: Ambient, Noise, Minimalistic Bands: The Hafler Trio, irr.app.(ext.), Reptilicus, Stilluppsteypa. Extra: Main office is located in Holland. Added: February 28th, 1998


Isdiskar Raudagerdi 27 108 Reykjavik ICELAND Phone: +354-588-8255 Fax : +354-588-8215 Email: fih@itn.is WWW : http://www.itn.is/fih/ Bands: All union members in Iceland can be reached through Isdiskar. Check out our homepage for for contacts and details about our releases. Extra: Current manager is Petur Gretarsson. Email: pegre@mmedia.is. Fax: +354-553-3580 Added: March 31st, 1997

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