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Hultsfred Festival 1996

Updated: 31-Mar-96

(about 40 artists are yet to be announced)

Olle Adolphson          MNW
One of the greatest swedish troubadours of all times, a part of our cultural
heritage, has reached "cult status" during the last couple of years, even
among the younger audience.
Artis The Spoonman (USA) Most known for his appearence in the Soundgarden video "Spoonman". Will participate during the whole festival on a number of different stages and places.
At The Gates Earache/House Of Kicks "Death Metal" from grammy-nominated, lead-heavy, hard rocking Gothenburgers.
Bad Religion (USA) Sony Predecessors to the punk wave of today, shows that "old is oldest" with the new album "The Gray Race". It entered straight into the sales list as "climber of the week", week 10.
Barkmarket (USA) American Recordings On their third album, to be released later this spring, they have yet again sharpened thir headstrong mixture of low-fi and lead-heavy art-slammer.
Björk (ICELAND) Polygram One of our the greatest artists of our time, has since the time with The Sugercubes, released two solo albums, "Human Behaviour" and "Post", critically acclaimed world-wide. This is the first time she stands on a swedish festival stage.
Frank Black (USA) Sony Headstrong pop by this ex-Pixies singer, current with the new third solo album "Cult Of Ray".
The Bluetones (UK) Polygram More british high-class pop, a big breakthrough is expected when they release their debut album.
Blur (UK) EMI Pop-favourites again, for the third time in Hultsfred, now bigger than ever before.
Cirkus Cirkör Fakirs, acrobats, comedians, tightrope walkers, jugglers, mimes, musicians and dancers - give an explosive performance about the creation of the world. New-creating circus in the form of theatre, right in time without cotton candy and sawdust.
Edwyn Collins (UK) Virgin One of Great Britains most successful song writers, which is also the story with the latest album "Gorgeous George". The single, "A Girl Like You" reached top-placings on most play lists around Europe. After the US and Europe tour, this summer, it's time for the Hultsfred Festival.
Dog Eat Dog (USA) MNW ILR The leading band in the rap-and hardcore genre. One of the most wanted hardcore bands today. Last year, they won the "Break Through Artist of The Year" category at the MTV Music Awards. The members are dedicated skaters, which showed when they got the assignment to perform at the ISF arranged Snowboard World Championships in Davos last year.
Fireside StartRec/House Of Kicks Mixes hardcore and hard rock in their own special way. Had their breakthrough last autumn with their second album "Do Not Tailgate", played Hultsfred 1994.
Gypsys From Rajastan (INDIA) 8 musicians and dancers from the Indian state Rajastan, from where the Gypsys are said to descend, invite to traditional Indian culture.
Iggy Pop (USA) Virgin Another favourite again, always current, a new album "Naughty Little Doggie" will be released February 23rd.
No Fun At All Burning Heart/MD Skatepunk from one of Sweden's best live groups, have during the last six months constantly had at least thirty gigs ahead of them in most parts of the world.
Northern Uproar (UK) BMG Cocky youngsters from Manchester who have, so far, released two brilliant pop singles, their first full-length will be released this spring.
Popsicle WEA Have topped themselves with their new CD which has received brilliant reviews and is "selling like butter". This year's swedish festival group?
The Prodigy (UK) XL/MNW ILR The new single "Firestarter" soon to be released fortifies the band's unique position in the genre "technorock" and we are looking forward, with confidence, to their new album later this spring.
Pulp (UK) Polygram Sweden-current with concerts in Lund, Gothenburg abd Stockholm, the new single "Disco 2000" is played immensly on the radio and the CD is high on the top selling albums list. Grabbed the title "band of the year" from Blur and Oasis in the UK.
Skunk Anansie (UK) Virgin No one has been able to avoid noticing this band with front-singer "Skin", last year awarded with "new band of the year" in the UK, "Clit-rock" !!!
Tongue Gongue A new Ska-hope from Uppsala, still without a contract, strangely enough. They are candidates for the "Best live band in Sweden" title. Plenty of humour and the right attitude, that isn't similar to anything else in this area. Definitely on Hultsfred.
Yvonne Energy/Border Synth-based mods-rockers from Eskilstuna who played Hultsfred already back in 1994 and have sharpened their style and image ever since, today they're fully developed.

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