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This is Scandinavian Indie's list of Music Festivals 1999. The web-version of the list is regularly updated and a text version is frequently posted to the Scandinavian Indie Mailing List. If you want Scandinavian Indie to include your festival, please request more information from, or send your information directly to us. Number of festivals covered so far: 22.

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Arvika Festival (S)
Augustibuller (S)
Bluesfestival Mönsterås (S)
Bolgstock (N)
Emmaboda Festival (S)
Fanclub (S)
Gränslösa (S)
Hultsfred Festival (S)
Malmö Festival (S)
Mera Hitlåtar (S)
Midtfyns Festival (DK)
Musikfesten Tullakrok (S)
Norberg Festival (S)
Page 2
Provinssirock (SF)
Rock På Gräs (S)
Roskilde Festival (DK)
SommarRock (S)
Stockholm Water Festival (S)
Storsjöyran (S)
Sweden Rock Festival (S)
Uråsa Festivalex (S)
Åtvid Svänger (S)

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