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Energy Tour List

February 13th, 1996


This is a tour list from the Energy booking agency. It will be updated here by Erik Söderström. For more information please contact: Energy Rekords, Västergatan 23, S-211 21 Malmö, E-mail:, Fax: +46-40-306336


* Each new or added date since last update is marked with a 'New' after the date/place.
* Old dates are deleted.
* New bands are marked with [New!] at the very right in the list.

Bands included in the list

Swedish: LCD
Non-swedish: Infam, Ludo X

Notable changes since last update


Swedish Artists

LCD                                                      Cascade
27/3    Gothenburg - Underground

Non-swedish Artists

Infam (D) Energy Rekords 1/3 Malmö - Numbers/Eter Ludo X (DK) Beat That! Records 15/2 Malmö - KB 16/2 Uppsala - Kalmar Nation 24/2 Gothenburg - Underground 29/2 Linköping - Herrgår'n 22/3 Växjö - MF Vinterbadarna

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