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July 28th, 1998

Today's Topics: Re: cd treasure hunt, swirlies, ride? Re: cd treasure hunt, swirlies, ride? Re: cd treasure hunt, swirlies, ride? Re: CDs for sale Swirlies vs MBV trade. Re: swells Re: cd treasure hunt, swirlies, ride? Re: cd treasure hunt, swirlies, ride? today forever I want to trade Slowdive things!!! BE, CA, GG Re: Who Do You Love indeed... Re: I want to trade Slowdive things!!! SHOE PIE MOJAVE 3 for sale a rant re:"Selling Out" Re: ulu gig Administrivia: To unsubscribe from the Avalyn Digest mailing list: * send e-mail to: * with the Subject: unsubscribe To post to the Avalyn mailing list: * use the address: Digest back issues can be found through FTP and HTTP: () Please take care not to include the entire digest in your () reply, only the message(s) you are replying to. ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 15:56:36 -0400 From: "Mark Stancombe" Subject: Re: cd treasure hunt, swirlies, ride? Hey Shaun... > Also, this being my first ride cd (nowhere), what's their other stuff > like? There are quite a few good releases from RIDE; I thought that the album "Going Blank Again" was brilliant - judge for yourself, take it to a record store that has a listening bar or something - not all the songs are genius but the ones that are would blow your socks off (Time Machine, Ox4, Cool Your Boots, Twisterella, Leave Them All Behind, Chrome Waves) - its definietly different than Nowhere though. As well, the "Today Forever" cd seems like a good bet, or the Vapour Trail EP - interesting flipsides. Carnival Of Light is very stripped down but has some amazing songs on it, and Tarantual is a further extension of Carnival Of Light, into more the stripped down "rock" approach...its all good, but all different as well.... Sincerely, Sillabyss.... ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 14:09:48 -0700 (PDT) From: Gage Crump Subject: Re: cd treasure hunt, swirlies, ride? check out "today forever" e.p. by ride as well. it is AMAZING!!! one of my favorites. (i agree that going blank again and everything after is horrible). been listening to early catherine wheel singles lately. "dead girlfriend" is an amazing song. their sound was so much better back then (as with most bands of this ilk). -gage ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 18:27:36 -0400 From: Subject: Re: cd treasure hunt, swirlies, ride? The only other material that i would call crap is Tarantula. Except for the first track. Black Night Crash, the rest is pretty bad. I don't know how someone could not enjoy Twisterella, it's a great pop song, plus the flow from LTAB (i agree one of the best) is great. I think all of GBA is great infact. Yes nowhere and the first eps are probably better, but it's still fantastic. Carnival of Light is pretty much just ride trying to be the Rolling Stones. It's an ok album, but compared to their other stuff is pretty crappy. Oh and the swirlies(who i like) being better than mbv, PLEASE! Are you serious? At 03:50 PM 7/27/98 -0700, you wrote: > Almost all of their other material is crap. There is a collection of ep's > (i think it's called Smile) that's pretty good and the next album after > nowhere, Going Blank Again that is okay (but it does have the best ride > song ever on it). If you want to hear that song (Leave Them All Behind), > just get the ep of the same name because it has the only two good songs > from the album plus a really kick-ass, thirteen minute non-album track, > grasshopper. That's really all the ride i like (coming from a shoegazer > background) - some people like their other albums too, i don't. Not nearly > as many effects and a lot of just plain bad song writing (if you do happen > to get Going Blank Again or get a chance to hear it, just listen to the > song right after Leave them All Behind, it sucks the fatest cock. It is a > genuine piece of shit. I have no idea what they were thinking writing a > song like Leave Them All Behind and then putting that rat turd right after > it on the album. Anyway, that's my take on ride. Oh yeah, the live > album's pretty good too; it has some good live versions of crappy songs. > > - richard > > At 02:58 PM 7/27/98 -0300, you wrote: > >> Also, this being my first ride cd (nowhere), what's their other stuff >> like? >> >> shaun ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 16:37:49 EDT From: Subject: Re: CDs for sale ill have the seefeel ep ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 20:46:00 -0300 From: Shaun Schmeisser Subject: Swirlies vs MBV > Oh and the swirlies(who i like) being better than mbv, PLEASE! Are you > serious? Not better then MBV in general, but personally I think Audio Baton is much better then Isn't Anything. To me, much of Isn't Anything sounds like teenage wetdreams (with lots of feedback). I've just never been able to get into early MBV. Now loveless... *sigh* ...that album causes wetdreams. shaun ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 27 Jul 1998 21:48:37 -0800 From: "" Subject: trade. hello everyone, I am looking for the following slowdive items: outside your room 12" 5ep 12" souvlaki vinyl lp if you have any of these to trade or know where I can get them, I will pay money, but here are some of the things that I have to trade: slowdive-just for a day-vinyl lp slowdive-slowdive ep-12" slowdive-holding our breath-12" slowdive-catch the breeze-7" slowdive-in mind remixes-cd swervedriver-my zephyr-ltd. ed. of 1000 7" swervedriver-last train to satansville-12" swervedriver-last day on earth-ltd. white vinyl 12" swervedriver-space travel rock and roll-ltd. ed of 1000 12" medicine-aruca-(on creation)12" medicine-5ive-(on creation)12" medicine-shot forth self living-(on creation) vinyl lp chapterhouse-sunburst-12" chapterhouse-falling down-4 song promo cd if you are interested, please e-mail me. thanks! emmett ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 00:01:15 -0500 From: erik Subject: Re: swells At 04:41 PM 7/26/98 +0200, you wrote: > does anyone know the Swells?? > > their debut mini cd is wonderful and has slowdive influences I sorta know them personally because they are from Austin and I helped engineer them with another person on this list when they played a live set at KVRX the other night. Definently one of the most promising new bands to emerge from the Texas stargazing scene. Extremely nice people with nice songs with a hint of Slowdive and Yo La Tengo. Their new cd is not all that representative of their talent. The cd is pretty diverse, but it does not show off their song-crafting of melodies and textures. If you can find the cd, I would definently reccomend them to this list. erik ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 00:09:08 -0500 From: erik Subject: Re: cd treasure hunt, swirlies, ride? >> Also, this being my first ride cd (nowhere), what's their other stuff >> like? >> >> shaun If you ever see the ep with the big shark on the front called Today Forever, snatch it up. It is the pure brilliance that should follow Nowhere. It's only got four songs on it, but that twenty minutes seems like a frickin' eternity... the guitars are crisp and watery at the same time the harmonies are beautiful and it's so climactic that I don't think it could be any longer or you would just overload. In my opinion, it is the most essential thing they put out, but I haven't even listened to anything of theirs past '91, so I'm a little biased. erik ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 00:19:51 -0500 From: erik Subject: Re: cd treasure hunt, swirlies, ride? > I'd also like to really recommend the first Swirlies album "Blonder > Tounge Audio Baton". Very early MBV'ish but better (IMO). Anyone know > if their other stuff is as good? They Spent Their Wild Youthful Days in the Glittering Worlds of the Salons is The Swirlies' masterpiece. Anybody that likes My Bloody Valentine or early Lily's will absolutely love this album. Very well put together. > Also, this being my first ride cd (nowhere), what's their other stuff > like? I already went off about ride. > shaun > ps. where do babys come from? I was thinking about that last night and I came up with this: They are little ideas that start to form in two people and they finally pull together to a critical mass not unlike a star forming and bang! ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 02:00:10 EDT From: Subject: today forever I think that the "today forever" ep by ride has to be one of the most perfect singles from this whole early 90's era(note i didn't use the shoe word). The flow of the single is absolutely perfect. "Unfamiliar has to be one of the best ride songs ever as well as "today forever". In fact i can't think of a single more full of treasures than this one except possibly "morningrise" by slowdive or "mesmerise" by chapterhouse...........this would be a good topic anyways.....THE PERFECT SINGLE. I love slowdive but the perfect single award has to go to ride for "today forever". ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 19:18:34 +1000 (EST) From: Alister Thomas Subject: I want to trade Slowdive things!!! Hello again! I want to trade some Slowdive things for some other Slowdive things!!! Here's what I'd like to do: I want to trade that EP compilation that Dave Stack made ("Losing today") AND the Australian release of Souvlaki for the US version of Souvlaki (that has the bonus tracks). Both of my CD's are in mint condition etc. and the Oz version of Souvlaki only has 10 tracks on it (as the album originally appears as). So that's 2 CD's for 1. How does this sound??? Anyone interested mail me privately... Alister ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 09:45:39 -0400 From: "Tom Richards" Subject: BE, CA, GG > Any info on Bowery Electric, Colfax Abbey, and Grimble Grumble would > be appreciated. I have not been able to find much on the web about > them. Thanks > JC All three are US bands BE (NYC), CA (Michigan, I think), and GG (Chicago) and I would recommend these bands in this order. BE - Great stuff, their S/T debut is more of a shoegazing effort than their 2nd CD "Beat" which replaces real drums with drum machines on some tracks and has a more ambient electronica feel to it. Both are great albums (there are few things I can recommend more). The only decision is where to start. "Beat" if you like ambient electronica, "S/T" if you prefer shoegazing --- personally, I like both equally and doubt anyone on the list would dislike this band. They also have a 2 CD remix album called "Vertigo". This release is relatively weak and should be considered "For completists only". CA - 2 very different releases. "Drop" is an album containing traditional song structure that is melody based and has a dream-pop feel to it with enough layered guitar that some of their stuff could be considered shoegazing. Actually, reminds me a little of BE's first album -- good material, real pretty, heavy(dark) recording, shimmering, ringing guitars. I really like "Drop". Their other release "Penetrate" has no vocals, no "songs" and is a 36 minute basement tape (literally, recorded in their basement) of lo-fi electronica with loops and drums machines providing its core. Its not bad, but not great. I can't recommend this album. There are so many people doing the same thing, but doing it soooo much better (IMO)...... GG - Picked up their S/T CD last week from the label ($10 post paid) and I had a nice talk with the guy who runs the Chicago label that released it (Greg Lane "Won't go flat records") -- really nice guy. Now on to the CD. I have only listened to it once so I apologize in advance for any inaccuracies. It was 2 songs, no vocals (except a few samples of someone talking) about 35 minutes long and is traditional space-rock. Anyone with a short attention span should not buy this CD --- this stuff is repetitive and doesn't do a whole lot (to be honest, I found it boring). Very pretty, pleasant space rock, but I was not impressed. 7% Solution is a much better fix for your Spacerock urges (IMO). Hope this helps............. take care, Tom ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 10:23:12 -0400 (EDT) From: mike p Subject: Re: Who Do You Love indeed... > and beliefs that the media labelled and pigeonholed them with. I am sure > the NME are proud of their "creations"...anyone else feel the same...? no, yr right. im sure loads of people on this list dissaagree, but there are a few of us on here only cos of slowdive, and want to keep representin even tho their done and tuned dire country. sad really mike ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 10:25:00 -0700 From: Richard Henson Subject: Re: I want to trade Slowdive things!!! I'm interested in doing the trade. Where are you located and how do you want to go about sending everything? Why don't you want Losing Today anymore? Did you get the "real" stuff? I'd like to be able to give it my friend for his birthday. I've got all of the ep's but he can't find them anywhere. If you still want to do it, just e-mail me back - richard At 07:18 PM 7/28/98 +1000, you wrote: > I want to trade some Slowdive things for some other Slowdive things!!! > Here's what I'd like to do: I want to trade that EP compilation that Dave > Stack made ("Losing today") AND the Australian release of Souvlaki for the > US version of Souvlaki (that has the bonus tracks). Both of my CD's are in > mint condition etc. and the Oz version of Souvlaki only has 10 tracks on it > (as the album originally appears as). So that's 2 CD's for 1. How does this > sound??? Anyone interested mail me privately... > > Alister ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 28 Jul 1998 13:22:46 EDT From: Subject: SHOE PIE MOJAVE 3 for sale Hi I have many mint condition CD copies of the 4AD compilation 'Shoe Pie' for sale. The CD contains the exclusive STRINGS VERSION of MOJAVE 3's 'MERCY'. The prices are as follows 5 (UK STERLING) or $7(US) Both prices include P&P to anywhere in the world. The full track listing is as follows 1.Lush - Runaway 2.Throwing Muses - Freeloader 3.Heidi Berry - Holy Grail 4.Dead Can Dance - The Snake and the Moon (edit) 5.Gus Gus - Polyesterday 6.The Breeders - Safari 7.Scheer - Demon 8.Mojave 3 Mercy (Strings Version) 9.Pale Saints - 1000 Stars Burst Open 10.His Name Is Alive - Nice Day 11.Michael Brook - Arrival 12.Tarnation - There's Someone 13.Lisa Germano - I Love A Snot (Tchad Blake Mix) 14.Tanya Donelly - Human 15.Paladins - One Step Please e-mail me to reserve a copy Best Wishes Antony ------------------------------ Date: 28 Jul 98 18:34:30 +0100 From: Christine Subject: a rant re:"Selling Out" Hello all, I've been away for a few days and have just come across the outrageous and incredibly uninformed comments of Sillabyss... I have a few things to say on this subject, as someone who is a friend of the members of Mojave 3. Sorry for the long message, I guess I have some strong feelings on the matter and I feel the need to set some things straight. Sillabyss wrote: >> Neil has definietly taken the bull by the horns >> and is definietly intent on charting with real singles - >> when you revamp your allustrious sound to adjust yourself to a >> market, that is something else entirely You could not be more mistaken. You have no clue what you are talking about. Do you know Neil? How do you know what he is "definitely intent on"? I have known him closely for years, and he has no interest in charting, or in creating a song for the purpose of charting, to do so would be completely out of his character. Do you realize how insulting your comments are to a songwriter. Especially one with integrity, talent, and one who writes from his heart, for no one or no "thing" other than himself (just like any other respectable songwriter). btw, If Mojave 3 were so intent on charting, why would they release "Who Do You Love" as a Limited Edition EP, the duration of which is too long to qualify for the UK singles chart? Sillabyss also wrote: >> no one wants to take any risks as far as new sounds in music go >> ...we humans still rely on musical instruments that were >> cutting edge over 50 years ago (electric guitar) - enough already! >> This is definietly not a step forward so much as an incredible fall >> backwards. I believe that people who are gifted & inspired enough to write music, create it from their hearts and souls... to demand that they *progress with the times* and innovate & experiment for the sake of evolution is absurd, it is even more absurd to dismiss music on the grounds that it is not progressive enough. A true songwriter will create what comes naturally to them, whether it be experimental, or more traditional. Neil Halstead's change of direction (which for godsakes had nothing to do with press scrutiny... "they simply gave up and bowed to the press' scrutiny" -- what a jackass comment, would you listen to yourself) is not "an incredible fall backwards", nor is it contrived (as you imply). It is where his talents, and his personal tastes & influences took him. It is a progression of HIS songwriting. It is a shame that you can not appreciate that. Personally, I love guitar based music, especially that of an acoustic nature, with intelligent, thoughtful lyrics. I would be gutted if songwriters like Neil Halstead, Will Oldman (Palace Brothers), Mark Kozelek (RHP) laid down their guitars and started "experimenting" in the name "Evolution", if this was not what they wanted to do, or where their natural creative juices took them. It is not my intention to slag your opinions or your taste in music as you are entitled to them. I just think you're being a wee bit closed minded here. As for your "definitelies" regarding why Neil is now writing the songs he writes; I think you should differentiate your blind assumptions from the actual facts. I am simultaneously offended and amused at the way you so cavalierly speak, like you are some all-seeing authority and judge, on the topic of Neil and Rachel's creative integrity. Sillabyss also wrote: >> It is clear the emphasis for Neil and Rachel are no longer artistic ones >> seeing commercial potential, but commercial ones seeing artist >> potential...this is so obvious in everything >> I am a producer, an engineer, a synthesist, a guitarist, a >> vocalist, a back-up vocalist..... I work with a variety of >> bands in a variety of ways so I do know exactly what I am >> talking about. I don't give a rats buttocks about your resume/CV... I still haven't seen any evidence that you "know exactly" what you are "talking about"... unless you can add MIND-READER to your list of illustrious skills. Do you really think just because you are in the music industry, it makes you an authority on all-things-musical? Until you've worked with, or have known them personally, you could not possibly comment with any degree of authority or accuracy on Neil and Rachel's intentions. I do not claim to be a mind-reader, but I do know these people quite closely, and I can safely tell you that they are not money-hungry, fame-seeking, sell outs... far from it. Since they can not defend themselves in this forum, I thought I'd throw my 50 cents in (rapidly approaching the dollar mark). As for your other embarrassingly misinformed and presumptuous comments, re: not re-releasing Slowdive, and the trumpets choice (a particularly absurd remark... say, what if M3 chose to use strings {again} like SO MANY bands, that would have really popped a blood vessel, huh?) ... I think some rational people on the list have set you straight, so, I won't bother to go there. Try not to be so jaded, it's only rock n' roll. Have a nice day, CB ------------------------------ Date: 28 Jul 98 18:58:20 +0100 From: Christine Subject: Re: ulu gig >> does anyone know who is playing along with mojave 3 at ulu >> on Wednesday night? cheers. Sing-Sing are on first (as you know this is Emma Anderson's new band) Mojave 3 are on second Locust are the headliners. This gig is sort of a showcase for Locust. There are free "invites" kicking around. Mojave and Sing-Sing were asked to play as they are both friends with Mark Van Hoen (the man behind Locust). Mark mixed the next Mojave album, and co-produced some of it with the band. CB ------------------------------ End of Avalyn Digest Vol.98 #114 ********************************
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