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July 9th, 1998

Today's Topics: TOP 20 Morningrise EP MP3s... Re: Top 10 - (in my ears currently) Re: Top 10 - (in my ears currently) others i forgot RE: New groups to check out. LN, Bloomsday. a couple of things... Re: Top ten sounds Flying Saucer Attack? Re: Flying Saucer Attack? Re: Flying Saucer Attack? Lassie Foundation, LN another green thread Neil in N. America? a top 10 of sorts things ive been listening to Unidentified subject! Unidentified subject! Re: Neil in N. America Administrivia: To unsubscribe from the Avalyn Digest mailing list: * send e-mail to: * with the Subject: unsubscribe To post to the Avalyn mailing list: * use the address: Digest back issues can be found through FTP and HTTP: () Please take care not to include the entire digest in your () reply, only the message(s) you are replying to. ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 08:48:18 +0000 From: Brian Burgher Subject: TOP 20 top 20 sorry I can't narrow it down. 1.SONIC YOUTH- Daydream Nation(soundscapes noone could touch) 2.AMP-sirenes(I LIKE THE BLEND WITH THIS BAND) 3.flying saucer attack- distance(oceans enough said) 4.july-self titled (best psyche band ever) 5.PINK FLOYD-Saucerful of Secrets(EXPERIMENTAL) 6.PINKFLOYD-Piper at the Gates of Dawn(one word syd) 7.ADORABLE-Against Perfection(OASIS WHO? OWEN) 8.VERVE-A Storm in HEAVEN(sexsexsexsex is great) 9.MILES DAVIS- Bitches Brew (GREAT MEMORIES FROM THE FIRST TERRASTOCK IN RHODE ISLAND) 10.THE CURE-FAITH(incredible simplicity) 11.THE CURE-PORNOGRAPHY(dense darkness) 12.POPOL VUH-Affenstunde(congas are better then in den garden pharohs) 13.ULTRAMAGNETIC MC'S-CRITICAL BEATDOWN (1987 THIS ALBULM CAME OUT. BEST HIP HOP ALBULM OF ALL TIME .I GOT IT THE DAY IT CAME OUT. IT WAS WAY BEFORE IT'S TIME) 14.MARILYN DECADE-SELF TITLED 15.SLOWDIVE- PYGMALION(heavenly skied an'clear) 16.SMASHING PUMPKINS-GISH (YOU CAN ALL LAUGH NOW BUT THIS ALBULM ROCKS IN A BLACK SABBATH TYPE WAY) 17.VERVE-EP(endless life sounds like the world is ending) 18.MAGNOG -SELF TITLED(ECHOED WAH GUITAR WITH DRUMS BASHING THROUGH YOUR SKULL) 19.MERCURY REV-YERSELF IS STEAM(the third wah guitar part on chasing a bee is enough to make your head blow off) 20.MERCURY REV-see you on the other side(syd barret would be playing on this record had the music industry not of screwed up his head) BRIAN ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 08:40:14 -0500 From: Agent Cooper Subject: Morningrise EP MP3s... Ok, Morningrise (the track) is now up on my site: Next will be She Calls and Losing Today. Probably then I'll post the EVER-so-slightly different version of Catch The Breeze as it appears on the Holding Our Breath EP. =========================== Here's my top 10 current in no particular order: Glen Branca - The World Upside Down Flying Saucer Attack - New Lands AMP - Perception Low - I Could Live in Hope Stars of the Lid - The Ballasted Orchestra Bedhead - What Fun Life Was Windy & Carl - Drawing of Sound Magnog - s/t Planet, I'm Gone - s/t Glenn Branca - Symphony #8/#10 Don't kill yourself... Sincerely, your slowdive public servant -- ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 08:42:10 +0000 From: "" Subject: Re: Top 10 - (in my ears currently) Erik, If I send you a blank tape, can you tape out of Tune for me? maybe I can tape something for you. wade ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 08 Jul 98 10:15:00 CST From: Subject: Re: Top 10 - (in my ears currently) It's nice to see somebody else listens to monster Magnet... but what is this powertrip CD?? By the way Erik... When is Daniel getting back? Crios ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 12:05:54 EDT From: Subject: others i forgot drugstore - white magic for lovers heather nova - siren ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 12:18:22 -0500 From: cory and megan collins <> Subject: RE: New groups to check out. LN, Bloomsday. I personally don't like bloomsday, but VBM is a decent label, they put out a good little live CD of Starflyer 59 called Plugged ---------- From: Jason Morehead Sent: 07 July 1998 19:40 Subject: Re: New groups to check out. LN, Bloomsday. >If any of you have LN or Bloomsday......please comment. i don't have either of these, but i just want to say that velvet blue is a great label. everyone hear should check out the lassie foundation, which is like a much sunnier, poppier version of the Jesus and mary chain. they also released several 7" by bon voyage, which is jason martin (starflyer 59) and his wife, julie. check out their website: the guy who runs the website, david, is incredibly nice, too. - reviews, pictures, and more "in my place there will be stories of a boy who died in sorrow with his monosynth." - joy electric ------------------------------ Date: 08 Jul 98 18:47:48 +0100 From: Christine Subject: a couple of things... Hiya, I've been reading the comments on the list, and I think I can shed a wee bit of light on a couple of things. The Bernard Butler thing... Neil is in fact playing rhythm gee-tar in Bernard's live touring band. This is basically a summer-only thing, though it may leak into the autumn just a bit. I think someone on the list was bummed about possibly missing Neil play with Bernard in the US. Don't fear, you didn't miss anything. Neil's first gig with Bernard was on the UK TV show, 'TFI Friday' on June 12th. 'Who Do You Love', is actually classified as an 'Limited Edition EP', as opposed to a single... I know that sounds incredibly pedantic, but there you have it. It's basically too long to be considered a single under the fabulous new rules here in the UK. It's been enjoying a fair bit of radio play in England, but don't expect to see it in the charts, as it is not eligible. I will inform a friend at 4AD that some of you have had probs finding it in major record stores (in England), but since it is limited that may be why... either that or 4AD's distribution leaves something to be desired. Also, the reason (as many of you may know) that there isn't release dates for any Mojave 3 stuff in the USA, is because they do not yet have a new licensing deal there (Warner Bros. severed it's 4AD ties). btw--- Wade commented on the b-side 'Between Us' reminding him of Steve Miller, very funny, I can't hear Miller in there myself but, how about 'Don't Let Me Down' by the Beatles. I think it's a wonderful song, achingly beautiful as 'Ant' described. Take care, CB ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 12:02:02 EDT From: Subject: Re: Top ten sounds Digable Planets - Blowout Comb Massive Attack - Mezzanine Beach Boys - Good Vibrations Box Set Jesus and Mary Chain - Munki Elvis Presley - the top ten hits (2cd set) {the phatter the better} Slowdive - Rare Tracks and B-sides (cdr) DJ Krush - Ki-Oku (import album with Japanese jazz guy) Cocteau Twins - Victorialand Spiritualized - Abbey Road EP (u.s. with come together, come together remix, broken heart, broken heart {instrumental}) Beastie Boys -Intergalatic EP steve ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 15:06:37 -0300 From: Shaun Schmeisser Subject: Flying Saucer Attack? After seeing this band listed in alot of your top tens i'm alittle curious to check them out. Describe their sound in 10 words or less... and what's their best album (for a FSA virgin)? shaun ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 08 Jul 98 13:39:34 CST From: Subject: Re: Flying Saucer Attack? Thick distortion, Heavy noisy melody... soothing, subtle. Like listening to a blank radio station only the static has a melody and differentiation of sounds and singy male voice... I like em' Crios ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 14:23:17 +0000 From: "" Subject: Re: Flying Saucer Attack? FSA= Very messy/feedbacky guitars(but beautiful), badly mic'ed drums, delayed vocals. David Pierce has gotten a lot of reviews as a musician who doesn't understand how to use a 4 track. ....which I think is funny because obviously he records like that on purpose. A good starting FSA album in my opinion is VHF #11, though it doesn't say it on the album. It has a sun setting and a blue cover. It also has the Suede song Drowners on it. Chorus and distance are also good starters. wade ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 14:24:10 PDT From: "Pearson R. Coefficient Greer" Subject: Lassie Foundation, LN i just wanted to second or third the rave about LN and Lassie Foundation. I've been a big fan of a lot of the projects the guys in Lassie have been in up to now (for those of you who still dont have the Prayer Chain's "Mercury" ***, GET IT), and liked the first EP, "california" a lot. however- as much as i loved it, i really wasnt ready for how good the full length seems like its going to be. my friend just got back from a festival with a Velvet Blue records sampler, and the Lassie Foundation track, "el rey" AMAZING. my reaction and my friend's reaction as we walked in the room where our other friend was playing this, was a lot like what i hear Alan McGee of Creation Records was when he heard Swervedriver for the first time, as in, "aye! f-ing genius!" i dare say its the best straight up American shoegaze currently going right now. LN is great too, they're advertised as sounding like Verve, Low, or Red House Painters- but whoever threw in the Bark Psychosis reference in the last digest was right on. the rhythm section isnt just a afterthought for these guys like in so many bands of their ilk. and yes, the guitars are indeed very Nick McCabe-ish. the vocals are really nice and deep too, but in just a pleasantly rich way- not a Lurch, Type O g*th way hehe. nuff said. -pearson ***= the best record the Verve and Echo and the Bunnymen never made after extended trips to Africa and India. ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 18:11:09 EDT From: Subject: another green thread isa sez: > ...14 frequent players in no order: > > Brian Eno>Another Green World mark sez: What would life had been like if not for Eno...? Excellent choice Lisa, I just love that song "The Big Ship" off of this one - more powerful than bad cottage cheese...:) >> i sez: i discovered *agw* in 10th grade (spring of '86) was my first solo eno album (i'd bought *my life in the bush of ghosts* already, being a huge talking heads fan)...i found the cassette in the cutouts at hastings (r.i.p, at least in the houston area) for 1.99...i still believe it was pure & simple fate..."st. elmo's fire" remains my favorite eno song and was the very first selection i played on my very first show...well, sort of, i forgot to cue the cd properly and my audience got about 6 or 7 seconds of "sky saw", but you get the it stands, *agw* is my 2nd favorite album of all-time, right behind *pet sounds*...i guess i've just got a thing for brilliant people named brian... jeff ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 8 Jul 1998 23:38:46 -0400 (EDT) From: Michael Gilham Subject: Neil in N. America? On 8 Jul 1998, Christine wrote: > The Bernard Butler thing... Neil is in fact playing rhythm gee-tar in > Bernard's live touring band. This is basically a summer-only thing, though > it may leak into the autumn just a bit. I think someone on the list was Okay ... Does anyone know for certain whether Neil will be playing w/ Bernard in the States? Bernard Butler is booked here [Washington] in August, however, the gig is billed as an 'acoustic' performance. Thus making me wonder whether he will be accompanied by a band ... best, Michael ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998 00:28:18 EDT From: Subject: a top 10 of sorts These are the albums i currently am listening to myself........... 1. flying saucer attack further and new lands 2. love forever changes 3. spoonfed hybrid spoonfed hybrid 4. windy and carl portal 5. the teardrop explodes wilder 6. the lotus eaters first pictures of you (bbc sessions) 7. donovan sunshine superman 8. tim buckley tim buckley 9. echo and the bunnymen porcupine 10. care diamonds and emeralds ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 09 Jul 1998 01:07:00 -0500 From: "europe is our playground." Subject: things ive been listening to a list. of sorts. of cds i have been listening to in my car recently. 1. blind mr. jones * stereo musicale 2. ivy * apartment life 3. hum * downward is heavanward 4. rachels * the sea and the bells 5. slowdive * pygmalion (doi) 6. suede * sci-fi lullabies 7. poster children * junior citizen 8. cure * lost wishes cd someone burned for me last year 9. laika * sounds of the satellites 10. the smashing pumpkins * adore 11. moon seven times * 7=49 i think thats it. douglaspaul. ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 23:47:51 PDT From: "Over the ocean" Subject: Unidentified subject! I have just joined and i noticed that you are sending in lists of what you listen to so i thought i`d send in my current list and maybe from my list you can figure me out ! here goes (in no particular order) : mojave 3:ask me tomorrow. (of course) the bathers: kelvingrove baby. smog:the doctor came at dawn. smog:red apple falls. smog:wild love. smog:burning kingdom. (ep) smog:kicking a couple around. (ep) low:i could live in hope. tindersticks:curtains. palace music:there is noone what will take care of you. palace music:lost blues and other songs. palace songs:hope. (ep) cynthia dall:untitled. songs ohia:songs ohia. songs ohia:impala. arab strap:philophobia. sunhouse:crazy on the weekends. the cure:pornography. that`s all for now, see ya ! /markus ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998 23:49:58 PDT From: "Over the ocean" Subject: Unidentified subject! I almost forgot, i wanted to ask about laurence craig-green. somebody wrote something amazingly beautiful that he had said. who is he ? /markus ------------------------------ Date: 09 Jul 98 11:09:02 +0100 From: Christine Subject: Re: Neil in N. America Hello... To answer Michael's question re: Neil in N. America: No, Neil will not be with Bernard Butler in N. America; it's Bernard on his own with an acoustic guitar. Take care, CB ------------------------------ End of Avalyn Digest Vol.98 #98 ********************************
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