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by Erik Söderström

Adorable are: Piotr Fijalkowski (vocals & guitar), Kevin Gritton (drums), Robert Dillam (guitar) and Wil (bass). All releases are on Creation Records unless otherwise stated. All songs written by Adorable. They are from Coventry, UK.

(I) Regular Releases

1. Sunshine Smile (May, 1992) CRE 127T - 12" CRESCD 127 - CD5 (Time: ??.??) a) Sunshine Smile (?.??) b) A To Fade In (?.??) c) Sunburnt (?.??) Notes: Engineered by Simon Lennon. Sleeve by Designland. Cover photo ------ of Jeanne D'Arc used with kind permission from Artificial Eye. 2. I'll Be Your Saint (1992) CRE 133T - 12" CRESCD 133 - CD5 (Time: 10.17) a) I'll Be Your Saint (3.34) b) Self-Imperfectionist (3.52) c) Summerside (2.49) Notes: Produced by Pat Collier. Engineered by Scott Grant. Image ------ manipulation & sleeve by Designland. Cover photo by Andy Wilsher. 3. Homeboy (1992) CRE 140T - 12" CRESCD 140 - CD5 (Time: 12.22) a) Homeboy (4.32) b) Pilot (3.49) c) Contented Eye (3.59) Notes: Track a) produced by Alan Moulder. Track b) Engineered by Guy ------ Fixsen and Marcus Lindsay. Sleeve by Designland. Cover photo by Andy Willsher. Homeboy inspired by Wayne Peters. 4. Sistine Chapel Ceiling (1993) CRE 153T - 12" CRESCD 153 - CD5 (Time: 16.41) a) Sistine Chapel Ceiling (3.34) b) Everything's Fine (4.26) c) Seasick Martyr (4.06) d) Obsessively Yours (4.33) Notes: Produced by Pat Collier. Engineered by Corin Pennington. ------ Sleeve design Mark Bown. Cover photo by Andy Willsher. 5. Favourite Fallen Idol (1993) CRE 159T - 12" CRESCD 159 - CD5 (Time: 11.27) a) Favourite Fallen Idol (2.41) b) Mirror-Love (4.23) c) Cool Front 23-6 (4.21) Notes: Track a) Produced by Pat Collier. Engineered by Finn Steele at ------ Greenhouse. Track b) and c) Produced by Adorable. Engineered by Andy Faulkner at Rich Bitch. Cover photo taken from a video directed by Tom Laurie. Back photo by Kevin Westenberg. 6. Against Perfection (1993) CRELP 138 - LP CRECD 138 - CD (Time: 40.15) K2/K4-81416 - CD (US) (SBK Records) a) Glorious (4.17) b) Favourite Fallen Idol (2.41) c) A To Fade In (4.50) d) I Know You Too Well (3.41) @ e) Homeboy (4.30) +* f) Sistine Chapel Ceiling (3.34) g) Cut #2 (4.43) h) Crash Sight (4.02) i) Still Life (2.37) j) Breathless (5.18) Notes: Produced by Pat Collier. Recorded at the Greenhouse. ------ Engineered by Corin Pennington and Finn Steele. +* = Produced by Alan Moulder at Beat Factory and Mixed at Swanyard. @ = Keyboards by Nick Muir. Front Cover, Glorious and Still Life photos by Louise Rhodes. Back Cover and all other photos taken from the Tom Laurie Directed video 'Homeboy'. Sleeve Design by Mark Bown.


1. Independent Top 20 Vol.15 (1992) TT015MC - Cassette TT015LP - LP TT015CD - CD (Beechwood Music Ltd) a) Sunshine Smile (5.03) Notes: Produced by Pat Collier. ------


1. Sunshine Smile (1993) K2-19780 - CD 5 (US) (SBK Records) (Time: 13.12) a) Sunshine Smile (5.02) b) Pilot (3.41) c) Obsessively Yours (4.29) + Notes: Published by EMI Music Publishing Ltd. Administered by EMI ------ Blackwood Music Inc. (BMI). Produced by Pat Collier. + = Engineered by Guy Fixsen. says: "The sleeve is a negative and close up image of the face from the other [non-US] one. On the front is a sticker with their 1993 U.S. tour dates on it."


Notes: Information coming right up.


1. Glastonbury 1993 (UK)

Please email me if you can fill in the ?'s, have corrections, or basically with anything you'd like to add or say.

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