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June 15th, 1998

Today's Topics: [NEWS] Fireside double-CD "Hello Kids" [LIST] Upcoming Promotion Visits [09-Jun-98] [TOUR] United Stage BA Tour List [09-Jun-98] RE: crash inrormation? iota live update. Verve and Spiritualized cancelled!! *crash* Hultsfred cancellations Starboy's Hultsfreds contest LAST JAMES anyone? SV: LAST JAMES anyone? Re: LAST JAMES anyone? VB: [LIST] Music on the Radio [15-Jun-98] [NEWS] Hultsfred replacements Re: [NEWS] Hultsfred replacements Jast Lames Depeche Mode in Tartu Re: Depeche Mode in Tartu Re: Lovebites/Sugemaerker Karkkiautomaatti Komeda Concert Webcast [NEWS] bob hund on the move again raitis [NEWS] MTV Europe's Hultsfred festival shows A short report from the Demostage @ Hultsfred THE PUSH KINGS homepage updated! Administrivia: To unsubscribe from the Scandinavian Indie Digest mailing list: * send e-mail to: * with the Subject: unsubscribe To post to the Scandinavian Indie mailing list: * use the address: Digest back issues can be found in the [SID] section at the Scan-Indie website: () Please take care not to include the entire digest in your () reply, only the message(s) you are replying to. ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 08 Jun 1998 22:43:45 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Fireside double-CD "Hello Kids" Fireside double-CD "Hello Kids" ------------------------------- Swedish Emocore masters Fireside (Startracks/House of Kicks) who are playing (and doing promotion - contact the media relations person in the BMG hut) at the Hultsfred Festival this friday (Pampas stage at 2am) are putting the final touch to their upcoming double-CD "Hello Kids" which will be released at the end of August. The two discs contain *every song* they have ever made, all but the ones available on their albums. In addition to that, 8 (eight) new covers and two unreleased songs are also included. A 24-page booklet with very old photos, funny letters, a long article and interviews with all members goes with the discs. During the autumn and winter, several of their albums and singles are released internationally and the band will tour the affected territories. American Recordings are no longer in the picture, but discussions are being held with a number of companies right now. //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 00:20:02 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [LIST] Upcoming Promotion Visits [09-Jun-98] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie UPCOMING PROMOTION VISITS Scandinavian Indie June 9th, 1998 by Erik Soderstrom ( ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist/Band Rec.Label When Where Gigs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16 Horsepower Polygram 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes A Tribe Called Q. Zomba Records 28/6 Stockholm Yes Jon Carter BMG 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes DJ Cam Sony 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes The Driven Polygram 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Garbage BMG 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Gravediggaz V2 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes (Hed) P.E Zomba 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Hedrillaz V2 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Billy Joel Sony 27/6 Goteborg Yes Jon Spencer Blues. MNW 27/6 Skelleftea (Festival) Yes Larry & The Left. ? 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Mighty Mighty Bos. Polygram 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Moby MNW 11/7 Arvika (Festival) Yes Monkey Mafia BMG 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Ozzy Osbourne Sony 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Ian Pooley V2 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Primus Universal 16/6 Stockholm Yes Psycore V2 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Saint Etienne Sony 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Scott 4 V2 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Kenny Wayne Shepherd BMG 28/6 Stockholm Spiritualized BMG 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to know who to contact, e-mail me for further details. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 01:25:36 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [TOUR] United Stage BA Tour List [09-Jun-98] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie United Stage Tour List Scandinavian Indie June 9th, 1998 by Erik Soderstrom All dates without country codes are in Sweden ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Consoul (S) 10 Jun OREBRO brunnsparken 14 Jun STOCKHOLM grona lund 11 Jul SUNDSVALL gatufesten 18 Jul HUNNEBOSTRAND 21 Aug GOTEBORG liseberg Docenterna (S) 12 Jun HULTSFRED festival TOUR PREMIERE 4 Jul OSTERSUND storsjoyran 25 Jul PITEA pitea dansar & ler 31 Jul OREBRO slottsfestival Dromhus (S) 9 Jun VASTERAS malarrocken 11 Jun LINKOPING tornet 13 Jun ESKILSTUNA stinsen 26 Jun HASSLEHOLM festivaldax 27 Jun UDDEVALLA carlia 2 Jul OSTERSUND storsjoyran 3 Jul BORGHOLM sol, vind & vatten 4 Jul ENKOPING stora torget 4 Jul BOLLNAS bollnasfestival 9 Jul SUNDSVALL gatufesten 10 Jul BJASTA kornsjostrands nojespark 15 Jul GARDSKAR folkets park 20 Jul ALAND torget 24 Jul MARIESTAD stadshotellet 25 Jul PITEA pitea dansar & ler 31 Jul SAVSJO savsjofestival 1 Aug ARVIDSJAUR torget 7 Aug HAGFORS folkets park 14 Aug LANDSKRONA cidadellet 28 Aug NYKOPING nykopingsfestival 29 Aug LJUNGBY garvaren Lisa Ekdahl (S) 10 Jun GOTEBORG liseberg 12 Jun HELSINGOR (dk) tolskammergarden 13 Jun ODENSE (dk) amfidscenen 14 Jun MOSS (n) momentum festival 17 Jun STOCKHOLM grona lund 19 Jun HADERSLEV (dk) kloften festival 19 Jun ALBORG (dk) skovdalen 26 Jun KOPENHAMN (dk) tivoli 27 Jun ROSKILDE (dk) roskilde festival 28 Jun SKAGEN (dk) skagen festival 3 Jul OSTERSUND storsjoyran 10 Jul SUNDSVALL gatufesten 11 Jul LANGESUND (n) wrightegaarden 8 Aug SKANDERBORG(dk) skanderborg festival 8 Aug RANDERS (dk) randers rock Hakan Hemlin (S) 19 Jun TARENDO folkets park 27 Jun SKELLEFTEA festival 1 Jul SANDVIKEN princess 11 Jul KISA folkets park 15 Jul KARLSTAD jager 17 Jul MARIESTAD stadshotellet 18 Jul NYKOPING hamnen 25 Jul LJUNGBY hamnen 31 Jul STENSTAVIK marknaden 1 Aug VIRSERUM marknaden 15 Aug ALFTA stormassan 28 Aug NORRKOPING underbar 29 Aug UDDEVALLA hotell carlia The Latin Kings (S) 27 Jun GAVLE block 17 24 Jul PITEA pitea dansar & ler Olle Ljungstrom (S) 12 Jun LINKOPING sommar-x 13 Jun HULTSFRED hulfredsfestival 2 Jul UPPSALA sten sture o. c.o 4 Jul OSTERSUND storsjoyran 17 Jul STOCKHOLM tantogarden 22 Jul SANDVIKEN princess 31 Jul GOTEBORG chalmers sommarklubb 1 Aug OREBRO slottsfestival 11 Aug STOCKHOLM stockholm water festival Martin (S) 12 Jun MALMO malmo folkets park 4 Jul BORGHOLM sol vind vatten 15 Jul GARDSKAR slottervallen 14 Aug LANDSKRONA citadellet The Merrymakers (S) 13 Jun GOTEBORG liseberg 18 Jul STOCKHOLM muller Pandora (S) 14 Jul GOTEBORG liseberg Thirdimension (S) 27 Jun STOCKHOLM muller 30 Jun ESKILSTUNA parken zoo 5 Aug HELSINGBORG meddelas Wilmer X (S) 13 Jun HULTSFRED hawaii stage, hultsfred festival 20 Jun VASTRA TORSAS strandparlan torne 25 Jun STOCKHOLM grona lund 26 Jun SALA salafestival 27 Jun SUNNE fryksfestival 30 Jun ANGELHOLM hembygdsparken 2 Jul BORGHOLM sol, vind & vatten 3 Jul BOLLNAS bollnasfestival 4 Jul OSTERSUND storsjoyran 7 Jul KRISTIANSTAD christianstadsdagarna 10 Jul SUNDSVALL gatufesten 11 Jul SANDVIKEN folkets hus 15 Jul KARLSHAMN ostersjofestival 17 Jul SVEDALA sommarrock 20 Jul STROMSTAD skagerack 22 Jul HELSINGBORG sofiero slott 23 Jul YSTAD oja gard 24 Jul HALMSTAD brottet 30 Jul OREBRO slottsfestival 1 Aug SAVSJO savsjofestival 12 Aug STOCKHOLM vattenfestival 20 Aug GOTEBORG liseberg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- More tour dates: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 09:13:41 +0300 From: Joakim Schonert Subject: RE: crash inrormation? Crash rock! They're definetly one of the most interesting bands to come out of Finland this year... From what I've heard, they've just signed a major record deal (with Polygram) and will begin recording their first long player in Sweden at the Tamburine -studios (I don't know if this is true...;-)). Crash come from Turku and their music is a mixture influences such as Kent, Suede, Gene, etc... And they're great playing live too. Crash web-site: //Joakim. -----Original Message----- From: Fredrik Faltmarsch [] Sent: 8. kesakuuta 1998 20:26 To: Subject: crash inrormation? Does anyone have any information about a band called Crash? All i know is that they come from Finland and have released a single called Fidelity, which is really really good! I'd be very happy if anyone had some information about them. mathias f. ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 10:12:55 +0200 From: Jonas S Subject: iota live update. a quick update on tonights Iota performance at M/S Stubnitz (the nursert injection). It is now confirmed that free jazz saxophonist/flutophonist Mats Gustafsson will join Iota on stage. Mats Gustafsson is one of swedens finest feee jazz musicians - if not THE finest. he has played with bands like Gastr Del Sol his improvised cooperations with artists like jim o'rourke are among the finest you can get. also check out the music he makes in his swedish band GUSH'. anyway, now it is Iota's turn to play with Mats. iota also plays tantofestivalen on wednesday - so does pluxus. bye. ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 15:42:10 +0200 From: "Micke Rehnstrom" Subject: Verve and Spiritualized cancelled!! I found this on the Hultsfred Festival website (, so it should be true: THE VERVE and SPIRITUALIZED have cancelled their gigs at the festival. Both because of illness. Those who have bought one-day tickets for friday can return the tickets and have their money back. The festival is trying to find other bands that will play on the Hawaii stage instead of those two bands. /Micke, travelling down on thursday ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 09 Jun 1998 18:09:13 +0300 From: Fredrik Faltmarsch Subject: *crash* Crash recording at Tambourine studios! Wouldn't that be brilliant! I can't wait for the album and I hope it will be a great success. Thanks for the address to their homepage. mathias f. ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 9 Jun 1998 18:19:58 +-200 From: Mikael Fant Subject: Hultsfred cancellations Verve and Spiritualized have cancelled their gigs at hultsfred. Pity. ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 00:04:35 +0200 From: Elin Subject: Starboy's Hultsfreds contest Hello. Since I happen to be the one who updates Starboy Recording's homepage I just wanted to inform those of you who are going to Hultsfred that there is a special conest for you on the page right now. You can win Starboy's backcatalogue, posters and a Barusta t-shirt. Instructions can be found here: Elin ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 15:25:00 +0100 From: "Abbott, Daniel, ABBOTTD7" Subject: LAST JAMES anyone? Has anyone out there heard know anything about a band from Sweden called "LAST JAMES"? They have an album out called "Kindergarten" and it's apparently very Beach Boys/Beatles with loads of harpsichords and assorted baroque 'n' roll exotica, though I've not heard it yet... Made a huge search on the net but all I found were hundreds of pages about James Last, highly unpleasant. Cheers, - Dan ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 19:45:54 +0200 From: "Micke Rehnstrom" Subject: SV: LAST JAMES anyone? Daniel Abbott wrote: > Has anyone out there heard know anything about a band from Sweden called > "LAST JAMES"? They have an album out called "Kindergarten" and it's > apparently very Beach Boys/Beatles with loads of harpsichords and assorted > baroque 'n' roll exotica, though I've not heard it yet... > Made a huge search on the net but all I found were hundreds of pages about > James Last, highly unpleasant. Actually, it seems as if LAST JAMES is a Norwegian band. I haven't found much about them but I did find a review, in English, on the internet. The URL is: Perhaps the Norwegians on the list know more about them. /Micke, about 14 hours before leaving for Hultsfred (and promising that he will bring some sunshine for those who are already there and, probably, soaked by now ;) ) ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 19:50:07 +0200 From: (Jan Sundstrom) Subject: Re: LAST JAMES anyone?,Internet skriver:> > Has anyone out there heard know anything about a band from Sweden Seems like they're norwegian to me. > called "LAST JAMES"? They have an album out called "Kindergarten" Don't know them, but let me have a look... > Made a huge search on the net but all I found were hundreds of pages about > James Last, highly unpleasant. Heh, you didn't search on the right pages ;-) This is what i came up with: LAST JAMES : Watery pt.1 (Lars Pedersen). Kindergarten / Tatra TAT 035. / CD/10 / 961031 Full album reviews (in norwegian + english ;-) on: Mailorder: Jan My ICQ #10443263 Get your own ICQ: ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 21:23:44 +0200 From: Morgan Johansson Subject: VB: Epitaph Records and Burning Heart Records announe that 51% of Burning Heart has been purchased by Epitaph Records from Burning Heart founder and owner Peter Ahlkvist. The deal was negociated by Peter Ahlkvist and Epitaph Europe`s President Hein van der Ree. Peter Ahlkvist will remain President of Burning Heart Records and will continue to be responsible for Burning Heart signings and other activities in the Burning Heart headquarters in Orebro, Sweden. Distribution, manufacturing, warehousing and business-affairs will be taking care of by Epitaph`s European office - based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - which is owned by Epitaph owner Brett Gurewitz. An important ingredient in this deal is the launch of Burning Heart America imprint which assures the garanteed release of certain Burning Heart artists through Epitaph`s American headquarters in the U.S.A. and Canada. The Burning Heart roster includes bands suchs as Punkrockers No Fun At All, Satanic Surfers and ofcourse Millencolin, Hardcore bands Refused and 59 Times The pain, Garage-punks The Hives and Ska-band Liberator. Burning Heart and Epitaph`s relationship started out with the successful Epitaph-licensing of the Burning Heart act Millencolin for North-America. The agreement between Epitaph and Burning Heart can be seen as a natural development. Epitaphs Hein van der Ree comments: I have known Peter Ahlkvist for some years now and I have been very impressed by this talented A&R executive. Iím happy to work closely together on the future development of Burning Heart records and its artists. Burning Heart's Peter Ahlkvist comments: I have always looked at Epitaph as the perfect businesspartner for Burning Heart. I am impressed of how Epitaph has worked over the years, and the philosophy of the label. I felt the time was right to make this step for Burning Heart, and it will give me the time to concentrate on A & R, which I see as my strongest quality. I am really looking forward to work with Hein and the Epitaph label. *For further comments from BURNING HEART RECORDS, please contact Peter Ahlkvist or Mudda Johansson at the Hultsfredfestival. Fax: 0495-418 71. Phone: 070-4269 129 or 070-3262422. ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 01:02:51 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [LIST] Music on the Radio [15-Jun-98] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE RADIO Scandinavian Indie June 15 -> 21, 1998 by Erik Soderstrom SWEDEN Day Date Artist Recorded --- ----- --------------------------- -------------------------------------- Mon 15/6 Olle Ljungstrom Sundsvall, Pipeline 18-Apr-98 Tue 16/6 Steve Earle (R) Stockholm, Munchenbryggeriet 07-Nov-97 Wed 17/6 Massive Attack Stockholm, Heaven 18-May-98 Thu 18/6 Panic+Outbreak+Snails+Yeah! Eskilstuna, Popstad 98 Statt Jan-98 Sun 21/6 * Stefan Sundstrom (R) Goteborg, Karen Nov-97 NORWAY Day Date Artist Recorded --- ----- --------------------------------- -------------------------------- Sun 21/6 The Charlatans + Entombed Hultsfred 97 S, Roskilde 97 DK This list covers the Swedish National Channel P3's "Live" - at 21.03-22.00 or 17.03-18.00 where marked with a '*' _PLUS_ The Norwegian National Channel Petre's "Roxrevyen" - at 21.03-00.00 every sunday. (R) = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- These lists (WITH LINKS) are also available on the Scandinavian Indie site at: [Upcoming] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 03:01:17 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Hultsfred replacements Hultsfred replacements ---------------------- Because The Verve and Spiritualized cancelled their gigs at the Hultsfred festival which starts today, the festival organizers had to bring in some replacements. The whole day yesterday they were pestered by the media about the new bands, and a little bit after midnight they revealed Popsicle (S) and This Perfect Day (S). Also added yesterday was Turbonegro (N). Don't forget to check out the live Internet broadcasts! //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 10 Jun 1998 23:07:51 +0100 From: Chris Forsberg Subject: Re: [NEWS] Hultsfred replacements My friend at Sonicnet told me the Verve has now canceled their 6/14 appearance at the Free Tibet festival in Washington DC too......damn!! She said it's due to Simon Jones collapsing from exhaustion... Chris Erik Soderstrom wrote: > > Hultsfred replacements > ---------------------- > Because The Verve and Spiritualized cancelled their gigs at the > Hultsfred festival which starts today, the festival organizers > had to bring in some replacements. The whole day yesterday they > were pestered by the media about the new bands, and a little bit > after midnight they revealed Popsicle (S) and This Perfect Day (S). > Also added yesterday was Turbonegro (N). Don't forget to check > out the live Internet broadcasts! > > //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 10:26:00 +0100 From: "Abbott, Daniel, ABBOTTD7" Subject: Jast Lames Cheers Jan and Micke for the Last James leads, I think I'll go and buy the album now! thanks again - Dan ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 13:03:05 +0300 From: Siim Kalder Subject: Depeche Mode in Tartu According to the Estonian largest daily paper Postimees, Mute records has announced that Depeche Mode will open their European tour in Tartu on September 2nd. There are no details, and strangely enough the venue - Tartu singing grounds - has no information on the event. We'll hope for the best... Siim ___________ ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 20:11:10 +0200 From: (Jan Sundstrom) Subject: Re: Depeche Mode in Tartu,Internet skriver: > Depeche Mode will open their European tour in Tartu on > September 2nd. Wow, this is cool - and fits together with Roberts saying that they'll play Riga the next day. > There are no details, and strangely enough the venue - Tartu > singing grounds - has no information on the event. Hey, this is cause those shows are secret warm ups, they are not announced on DM's official site, and probably won't be. But keep us posted; SIim and Roberts, if you hear any news on the tickets, I'll be first in line to buy one... ;-) Jan My ICQ #10443263 Get your own ICQ: ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 11 Jun 1998 22:37:43 +0000 From: "Viridian" Subject: Re: Lovebites/Sugemaerker On 4 Jun 98 at 20:13, Chris Forsberg wrote: > Viridian wrote: > > > > Lovebites > > > > > > > Curious...this is a Danish band? It reminded me of an Icelandic band > that I know existed in the mid-late 80's of the same name (translation: > Sogblettir). I clicked on the top link and saw that one of the girls in > this Danish Lovebites band has an Icelandic name. Coincidence or have > the band relocated? It is a danish band. Peter Olesen from Greene plays the guitar. One of the singer is from Iceland, the others are danes as far as I know. Maybe she knew the icelandic band and suggest that the band use this quite good name again. That s just recycling :) -- Viridian ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 12 Jun 1998 14:58:26 -0700 From: Subject: Karkkiautomaatti I'm pleased to report that I just got my hands on their album, "Suudelmilla", and what's more, it lives up to my hopes after the "Seikkailuun" single. A very eclectic sounding band, at times there are touches of surf or something South American, but for the most part, I have no idea what traditions if any this band takes it's influences from. Lots of cool keyboard parts and the twee-est singing I've ever heard in Finnish. Great melodies on most of the songs. And the remix of "uks-kaks-motocross" at the end of the disc is definitely something I'm going to play if my friend ever gets that club he's working on (and is brave enough to let me get behind the turntables). All in all, a strange and wonderful band. Recommended. Though I really regret not being able to understand the lyrics. I was kind of surprised to see that the cat' number on this album is 04, and the single that I've got was only 01. Anyone know what's happened inbetween? Two other singles? Alexander Radio Khartoum. ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 15:23:13 -0500 From: "John Helgeland" "Indiepop" Subject: Komeda Concert Webcast As you may know, Komeda is making their way across the US from June 9 through June 27. Tour dates can be found at the Minty Fresh website - The Show in Minneapolis on Friday, June 19 will be webcast from the First Avenue Mainroom. You will need the Real Audio Player. Both Audio and Video are being broadcast. Go to the First Avenue Site - The show begins about 6 pm, with the first band, Minneapolis artist, Reba Fritz. Ivy should go on around 7 or 715 pm and Komeda anytime between 8 and 830 pm. All times are US Central Time Zone (same time zone as Chicago). See ya there! john ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 22:24:28 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] bob hund on the move again bob hund on the move again -------------------------- The extremely cool bob hund (Silence) are back with a new single called "Nu Ar Det Val Revolution Pa Gang, Jag Tycker Att Vantan Varit Lang", which was released June 8th on CD as well as a limited edition thick 12" vinyl. The song "Jag Tror Jag Ar Kar" which is a bob hund interpretation of Velvet Underground's "Guess I'm Falling In Love", is the b-side. A video for the first song is expected. The next album is planned to be released this autumn. There are also plans in the making for a bob hund live video with recorded material from the winter concerts in Norway and Denmark. In the meantime, you may want to turn on the radio, (Swedish National Radio, channel P1), on August 6th between 13.05- 14.35 (re-run the same day between 23.10-00.40) when singer and front-man Thomas Oberg hosts the program "Sommar". If you're a bob hund completist, you'd probably also like to know that the song "En Pratstund" is available on a 7" transparent vinyl split single on American label Bedtime Records. You may also want to check out these pretty recent bob hund interviews (in Swedish): bob_hund.html News about their English hobby project: They have decided to change their name from International bob to Bergman Rock. Four songs have been recorded (they will not play bob hund songs with English lyrics, only new and unique material), and are hoping to release an album this year. Silence is handling the band in Sweden, and they are waiting for offers from foreign labels. And finally, the band won an alternative song contest in Bayern, Germany, which was held by Achim Bogdahn at the Bayerischer Rundfunk radio channel the same week as the Eurovision Song Contest. The channel is the second biggest in Germany, fourteen countries were represented, and bob hund won with "Ett Fall & En Losning". Norway with Euroboys got the second place and Finland with Aavikko came third. //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 14 Jun 1998 23:39:55 GMT+2 From: Subject: raitis Hello// my new e-mail is: *** Sincerelly raitis ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 00:59:07 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] MTV Europe's Hultsfred festival shows MTV Europe's Hultsfred festival shows ------------------------------------- MTV Europe were present at the Hultsfred festival this week to record some live music, interview bands and people around the festival area and gather material for their Hultsfred festival special shows. These can be seen on MTV Europe this upcoming weekend. //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 16:19:43 +0200 From: Erik Starck Subject: A short report from the Demostage @ Hultsfred Since I had the pleasure to work at Demoscenen under the Hultsfred-festival, I got to see half of the bands playing there. These were the bands I saw with some of my comments. (It is quite hard to judge music the first time you hear it, so don't pay too much attention to my comments. They only reflect the general impression I got from the shows.) Abstain - An ordinary and average heavy metal band. Has been around for a while and is from Hultsfred. This kind of metal was interesting a couple of years ago, but today... nah, I don't think so. I give them 2 tiny skulls out of 5. Outcast - Does the world need a Tool clone from Sweden? Can't really say if this was good or bad, but I do feel that I have heard it before. 2 suicide letters out of 5. Birkenstocks - Plays a ska-pop-punk mix. Not really my cup of tea, but the crowd liked it. The next Monster? 3 funky trumpets out of 5. Yeah! - "Aggressive lo-fi/retro popcore" says the description about the band. The only band I saw that didn't have any melodies what so ever. It was fast, loud, noisy and really cool! They will never have a hit record, but I liked the attitude. This is the kind of band you either love or you hate. 4 trashed guitars out of 5. Bonus points for the 2 gorgeous dancers that entered the stage in the middle of the concert. S.T.A.B.B - Great singer!! Great band! Great voice!!! PJ Harvey plus Courtney Love plus Patti Smith plus Janis Joplin equals the singer of STABB. I give STABB 4 angry young women out of 5. Soul Ryders - The moment I saw the singer I thought to myself "this guy really wants to be Liam Gallagher". Then he started to sing and the similarity became embarrassing. Even the way he stood behind the mic was exactly like Liam. This band could enter "Sikta Mot Stjaernorna" as Oasis - and win. But, they did their Oasis-thing really good and had some good songs. 4 bushy eyebrows out of 5 for the Soul Ryders. Winner of the "best overall quality"-award. Mellow Wisdom - I haven't seen that many hiphop-concerts in my life (hm, this could actually be the first). What I remember from this concert was the "lllaaaalaalaa"-growling sound one of the band members made, which sounded exactly like Method Man (?). 3 scratches out of 5. Funky. EM - This was the only concert I saw while not working (which means I went to see it voluntarily). The first word that came to mind when I heard them was: Radiohead (the second was: "More beer!"), but that was only the first songs. They were quite good, actually, but not as good as I had hoped. I can imagine that the singers face will be on a lot of posters if they ever make it big. 3.5 black shirts and pale faces out of 5. SPUNK - The description of this band says: "Helmet vs Dileva in swedish." Not really true. It was more like a heavier version of Nils Eriksson. 3 misunderstood poets out of 5. A Soap - This band was supposed to have a "charismatic singer". I didn't see any. Winner of the "most boring band"-award. Can't remember very much of their music. 1.5 whatever:s out of 5. Sorry. :/ I missed these bands as I was watching Bob Hund or drinking beer backstage: Motorhomes(Ostersund) Mat Aat Far(Uppsala) Porcelain Satellite(Goteborg) Second Trip(Sthlm) Smartalec(Malmo/L.A.) Revolvo(Malmo) Honeysuckle(Sthlm) Soundrug(Sthlm) Turner Family(Uppsala/California) Elephant(Goteborg) I think you will be able to see some of the shows on the following link soon: (If you wonder why the picture gets black from time to time, it was because of that d*mn camera that turned itself of every once in a while.) :P And weren't we lucky about the weather!! Today it's raining cats and dogs here in Blekinge. //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 16 Jun 1998 00:09:32 +0200 From: Sebastian Fonzeus Subject: THE PUSH KINGS homepage updated! Hi! My name is Sebastian and during the last 6 months I've maintained an unofficial THE PUSH KINGS homepage and it have *finally* been updated!!! I know that I've been pretty lazy with updating it but now I've changed the layout quite a bit and updated almost every "section" on the page! Please check it out and tell me what you think (and if anything is not working as it should). The site now have an easy-to-remember URL: Well, I guess that's it. Have a real cool time! /Sebastian Fonzeus PS. I know that THE PUSH KINGS isn't scandinavian-indie, but some people interested in scandinavian indie probably wanted to know about the stuff above. I may be wrong but please don't be mad at me! Be sure to e-mail me *privately* (off-list) if you have any comments on the page. I apologize to everyone who recieved this message but didn't want it. I'm very sorry. ------------------------------------------------------------ e-mail: THE PUSH KINGS: THE HELLACOPTERS: Video-trading list: ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------ End of Scandinavian Indie Digest Vol.98 #51 ********************************************
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