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May 25th, 1998

Today's Topics: 2 English Motorpsycho reviews NME and Sunday Times Re: [NEWS?]/Lousy/paus vs rhp Re: major label charity / Thee Bimboos / Wilma [LIST] Upcoming Promotion Visits [23-May-98] Emmaboda news!! Grand Tone Sirens! [NEWS] Preliminary Kalas Tour Dates Re: Grand Tone Sirens! [NEWS] Kajskjul 8 Party 27/5 Reduced Salt intake (was Re: Grand Tone Sirens!) [NEWS] Klara Albinsson back in Aquadays scan indie lecture disc Re: major label charity / Thee Bimboos / Wilma Re: major label charity / Thee Bimboos / Wilma [NEWS] Swedish Music Fair 98 in Gothenburg [NEWS] It's A Simple Formality for Komeda [NEWS] Massive Festival Update #3 Re: Grand Tone Sirens! [CONTEST] Sin's Brazil & Festival Contest ESPINOZA 5, demo of the month Administrivia: To unsubscribe from the Scandinavian Indie Digest mailing list: * send e-mail to: * with the Subject: unsubscribe To post to the Scandinavian Indie mailing list: * use the address: Digest back issues can be found in the [SID] section at the Scan-Indie website: () Please take care not to include the entire digest in your () reply, only the message(s) you are replying to. ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 23:13:12 +0000 From: "Karl Morten Dahl" Subject: 2 English Motorpsycho reviews NME and Sunday Times Trust Us review from The Sunday Times 1998-05-17 MOTORPSYCHO Trust Us Stickman Psychobabble 012, 15.99 JUDGE Motorpsycho not by their appalling name. They're Norwegian, you see. The trio's fourth album, a double CD, invokes New York avant-rock forebears Sonic Youth, bending recognisable forms into compelling new shapes with left-field stylings; but it is also enamoured with the power of proper, high voltage rock'n'roll. Superstooge plays mind games with Hell's Angel biker boogie blues, working the hips and the head simultaneously; The Ocean in Her Eye offers a soaring and fragmentary psychedelia akin to modern-day acid rock avatars the Flaming Lips, and Evernine is a gloriously enervated rewrite of Led Zeppelin's When the Levee Breaks. Halfway through disc two, the wispy french horns and feedback fantasias of Radiance Freq and Taifun provide moments of respite, before the uplifting rush of Hey, Jane and the jazz tailspin farewell of Dolphyn create a perfect close. Trust Us could be your ideal summer soundtrack. SL NME: MOTORPSYCHO Trust Us (Stickman) FOR A COUNTRY WHOSE ANCIENT legends blessed heavy metal with an entire strand of iconography, Norway's actual rock heritage is pretty negligible. No offence to Tiny Too, but A-ha, some satan-worshipping grimcore nutjobs and the brunette out of Abba don't exactly fit the bill. But here's the fourth album from a Trondheim power trio to suggest it's all merely a communication breakdown; for if there were ever a band worthy of gratuitous references to Thor, Valhalla, Vikings, or the suggestion that they wield a godlike hammer, it is Motorpsycho. Consider the rampant ambition and scope of 'Trust Us'. Essentially, Motorpsycho rock with all the vehemence of a group of childhood pals who just discovered they were the collective loinspawn of a gruesome orgy involving Iggy Pop, John Coltrane, some elves, Led Zeppelin (all of them) and Dylan (the rabbit off Magic Roundabout). That's right: riffs howling with indignation that the Pumpkins are still indulged by a lamebrain populace, free-form sax skronk to curdle one's stomach juices and third eyes so righteously squeegeed they can spot crops of psilocybin mushrooms from outer space. Err, and silly lyrics: "That's just the way we are, our heads in the ozone and our minds in Shangri-la" ('Ozone'). For Motorpsycho, space is a place both out there and within, and they refuse to desist from their often gauche but powerful customising of rock's hallucinogenic heritage until the rest of us concur. In truth, 'Trust Us' peaks with opener 'Psychonaut' - essentially the MC5 live from the Death Star, gonzoid meltdown at its most seditious - but succeeds in sustaining the trance throughout the bulk of its epic, polysymphonic duration. Their producer is called Deathprod and they're gonna rule the world. Nul points? No way - Motorpsycho have smashed the Nordic egg into oblivion. 8/10 Keith Cameron PS! If you live in Germany don't miss this: Motorpsycho Special on VIVA TV, June 2nd, 23:00. Electric and acoustic live stuff from Cologna, and interviews. Hey Jane video also. Karl Morten Dahl - Computer Science, NTNU - Trondheim, Norway E-mail: Web: ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 10:42:00 +0200 (MET DST) From: (Magnus Johansson) Subject: Re: [NEWS?]/Lousy/paus vs rhp Hi! First, before you lose interest in this mail, I'll do an utterly shameless selfplug: visit the Lousy site and buy a homemade CD with our latest recording efforts (13 songs) for 50 SEK (scandinavia) or 8 USD (international). Okay? :) Now: Martin Eksten wrote: > Btw, speaking (writing?) about non caring people. I posted some > information about Lundakarnevalen, but *nobody* seemed to care. That's > pretty strange since 1. It included information about a lot of small > Swedish bands (isn't that what Scandinavian Indie should be all about?) > and 2. It's a big event among Swedish students. So, I suppose you're > right, people don't care much at all! Hey, hey! I care! Didn't have much to add though. But thanks for the post, I'm gonna be there saturday and if I see something interesting (other than Teenage FC, the main reason I'm going) I'll try to compile a little post about it (still haven't finished my Emmaboda -97 report... :) I think we all appreciate when someone posts something interesting but it doesn't show too well on a mailing-list. And that's a good thing isn't it, we don't want a list full of "hey, well done" and "cool, thanks for posting" one-liners do we? And Erik S. wrote: >On that note - maybe it's time to ask the list whether anyone's interested >in the stuff I'm flooding it with? Gig guides? Festival info? News? Music >on the Radio/TV? Tour lists? Promotional visits? Reviews? (I know there >haven't been many lately - but the whole Reviews section is re-built right >now, and I'm not going to flood the list with the 80+ reviews on the way >to be added to it - you'll have to check out the area on the Sin site when >it's finished, if you're interested.) Anything you'd rather not see posted? Keep 'em posts coming chief! I think I speak for the most of us when I say that we really appreciate the work you're putting in here. Thanks! Okay, while I'm at it: how's about the cover of Paus debut-album vs the cover of Red House Painters "Shock me" ep? Reg. the former: I'm surprised that there hasn't been much talk about it here. I think it's pretty good but I have a slight problem with the lyrics, I'm not a big fan of Joakim Berg. And I think music that... intimate and personal kind of loses something important when the lyrics isn't written by the person that sings them. Maybe that's just me being silly, I don't know. Take care, Magnus ***** (to subscribe to the Lousy newsletter send text "subscribe newsletter" to ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 13:10:57 +0300 (EET DST) From: "timo riitamaa." Subject: Re: major label charity / Thee Bimboos / Wilma Sami wrote: >On a more scandinavian note, does anyone here like Thee Ultra Bimboos? >I'm just curious to know how they got their name cos I've been asked >about it a few times. Now there's a band with some real girl power for >you all, none of that spice crap we're having in Helsinki next week. I think the name came from a trash comic... i've heard from reliable sources, that the Bimboos are going to storm the stage next week, lock the doors and massacre all the spice fans with rock'n'roll... >One more geeky thing for the finns, is that Anna Kuoppamaki from Wilma >singing in the Sonera add on tv ? Does anyone know if that's their >new material or is it just a custom made song ? Nope, it's her sister. the one who realized that after what their father did, they really couldn't have any chance in making meaningfull rock-a-rollah. I once saw a nightmear in which i was at Provinssirock, Wilma was on the main stage, and suddenly she started singing "sininen on taivas, siniset on silmansa sen...", and a panic started, with people running everywhere trying to get away, pushing eachother, trampling others to death... but the gates were all closed, and lots of people died, and the rest had to see a shrink for the rest of their lives. It was tragic. it really was. timo. ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 11:11:54 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [LIST] Upcoming Promotion Visits [23-May-98] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie UPCOMING PROMOTION VISITS Scandinavian Indie May 23rd, 1998 by Erik Soderstrom ( ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist/Band Rec.Label When Where Gigs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16 Horsepower Polygram 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes 911 Virgin 29/5 Goteborg Okej Evening A Tribe Called Q. Zomba Records 28/6 Stockholm Yes Bad Religion Sony 23/5 Goteborg Yes The Bluetones Polygram 23-25/5 Malmo, Goteborg, Stockholm Yes Cold Polygram 26-27/5 Stockholm, Goteborg Yes Tina Cousins Zomba Records 4-5/6 Goteborg, Malmo Yes 5/6 DJ Bobo Edelpitch 28-29/5 Stockholm, Goteborg Yes DJ Cam Sony 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes The Driven Polygram 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Fear Factory MNW/ILR 5-8/6 ? Billy Joel Sony 27/6 Goteborg Yes Limp Bizkit Universal 26-27/5 Stockholm, Malmo Yes Louise EMI 29/5 Goteborg Okej Evening Mighty Mighty Bos. Polygram 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes The Moffats EMI 29/5 Goteborg Okej Evening Cliff Morrison True World/BMG 2-5/6 ? MXPX Polygram 23/5 Goteborg Yes Ozzy Osbourne Sony 11-13/6 Hultsfred (Festival) Yes Primus Universal 16/6 Stockholm Yes Senser MNW 23/5 Stockholm Yes She Moves Universal 29/5-5/6 ? Smashing Pumpkins Virgin 29/5 Stockholm Yes Soulfly MNW/ILR 26-27/5 Stockholm, Malmo Yes Steps Zomba Records 29/5 Goteborg Okej Evening Sunhouse Sony 28+29/5 Stockholm Yes Take 5 Edelpitch 27-29/5 Stockholm, Goteborg Yes Teenage Fanclub Sony 23/5 Lund Yes Ultra Warner 29/5 Goteborg Yes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you need to know who to contact, e-mail me for further details. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 12:14:04 +0200 From: "Micke Rehnstrom" Subject: Emmaboda news!! Since I read about this in DN I guess there might be many people who already know about it. But I think it is worth repeating, because it is such a great piece of news - especially for those of us who think that pop music does not necessarily *have* to be straight-forward and that glockenspiel is such an underrated pop music instrument :) . Here it comes: Recently added bands to the Emmaboda Festival line-up are THE OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL and NEUTRAL MILK HOTEL!!! Both are from Athens, Georgia (US) and I am now seriously reconsidering my previous statements about not attending any festivals this year. /Micke, listening to the painfully beautiful "Mezzanine" ------------------------------ Date: 23 May 1998 12:49:49 +0200 From: Robert Cumming Subject: Grand Tone Sirens! What do Swedish indie musicians do when they're not creating world-beating rock? They're busy creating all sorts of other world-beaters, that's what. Translation is mine, and is completely unofficial, so don't tell anybody at New Teknik (Swedish weekly technology paper), please! Robert ------------------------------------------------------------ FIREFIGHTERS CAN TAKE THE BUS TO THE BLAZE Lars Rundqvist Ny Teknik, week 21 1998 Four breaths can mean the difference between life and death in a fire. Today's fire engine are noisy, look powerful but go slowly, they're unstable, uncomfortable and a real health risk for firefighters. Daniel Ewerman, 25, thinks that the emergency service should take the bus to the fire. That way they can save four breaths, if not more. Daniel Ewerman is an industrial designer who exhibited his final year project, an emergency vehicle, at the Stockholm College of Art and Deisgn (Konstfack in Swedish) on Tuesday. He's also a rock musician who had the courage to think again. He exchanged a rock career in the USA (in the group Salt, with 1600 radio plays per week and a place on the Billboard chart) to continue his studies at Konstfack. After technical high school, art colleges, boatbuiding and rock, he turned to Konstfack and emergency vehicles. In September the first vehicle will be finished, manufactured in cooperation with Sa"ffle Coachwork, who make buses, Volvo, and Ra"ddningsfordon AB (Emergency Vehicles Ltd) who construct fire engines and other emergency vehicles on lorry chassis. Ulf Johansson, director of Ra"ddningsfordon AB and himself a former fireman, says: - Daniel's idea's are quite right: it's safer, quicker and better in everyway to "take the bus to the blaze". Ulf has been Daniel's mentor during the project, and he'll be the one to build the first 'fire bus'. But what Daniel Ewerman has drawn and built isn't just a fire engine that looks like a bus. - It's important that tomorrow's fire engine actually works better than today's fire engines. But it's also important that it creates a feeling of trust. It's a bit like warpaint, it's the general public that's by far the most important customer, and they should be able to feel that help is on its way. Firefighters live with their engines at work. The work involves vehicle maintenance, physical and professional training. In an emergency, the firefighter's life hangs in the balance, and so both self-confidence and the public's trust are important. The public need to know that it's people who can do their job that are on their way. - A fireman hasn't time to argue for his product and his services! The equipment itself needs to instil respect, says Daniel. Rescuing lives and property is a life-threatening job, and the fireman has to jump half a metre into a smoke-filled building carrying 20 kg of equipment. Back and joint strains and injuries are common. A city bus has a lower centre of gravity, is lighter than a truck-type fire engine, and can be raised and lowered. Shortened, and with better roadholding, and a tighter turning circle, it can save quite a few of those four vital breaths. A few breaths when the firefighters get in, a few more at roundabouts, another one when the firefighters get out (plus avoiding injury), and more from better-placed firefighting equipment. More breaths can be saved by designing the cabin ergonomically for best use of information technology and GPS navigation to the site of the emergency. - I reckon my fire engine can save quite a few breaths, and four breaths can mean the difference between life and death, says Daniel. The engine should be ready by September. So the autumn will see firefighters taking the bus to the blaze. Pictures: * Daniel Ewerman, the rock musician who turned industrial designer. * The fire engine built on a bus chassis, exhibited now at Konstfack in Stockholm. * Daniel and the others in Salt. ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 12:53:41 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Preliminary Kalas Tour Dates Preliminary Kalas tour dates ---------------------------- As you all know, Lollipop's Hakan Waxegard and Palladium's Pange Oberg are the organizers behind the Swedish touring festival "Kalas". Nothing but headliners bob hund have been mentioned so far. Two more bands, a couple of Sweden's top notch DJs plus local guest artists are to be revealed later in May. But news about preliminary tour dates and cities are slowly starting to surface at least. July 2nd has been mentioned as the date of the premiere and apparently thirteen (13) cities and towns are on the tour road. Please note that these dates are all preliminary and there will be changes and additions: 7/7 Malmo 8/7 Helsingborg, Tivoli 9/7 Ahus, Ahusparken 10/7 Visby, Snack 11/7 Vastervik, Granso slott 13/7 Stockholm, Kulturfabriken 16/7 Ostersund 17/7 Sundsvall, Folkets Park 18/7 Umea //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 22 May 1998 22:41:47 +0100 From: Chris Forsberg Subject: Re: Grand Tone Sirens! Robert Cumming wrote: > > What do Swedish indie musicians do when they're not creating > world-beating rock? They're busy creating all sorts of other > world-beaters, that's what. > > Translation is mine, and is completely unofficial, so don't tell > anybody at New Teknik (Swedish weekly technology paper), please! > > Robert Thanks for the very enjoyable article, Robert! It was especially so for me because I met him at the Salt concert in Baltimore a couple years ago. Probably the most down-to-earth musician I have ever met in my life (and I'm a musician myself so I've met a few!). We talked quite a bit about Swedish emigration and other topics. It's nice to see what he's been up to since Salt... Chris ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 17:50:28 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Kajskjul 8 Party 27/5 Kajskjul 8 Party 27/5 --------------------- On Wednesday May 27th, Entertainment paper "Nojesguiden", touring festival "Kalas", Park Lane's Magnus Albrektsson and Playground's Patrik Herrstrom arrange a canonical evening at Kajskjul 8 (in the harbor, next to the Gothenburg Opera) in Gothenburg. The festivities start at 8pm, and the entrance fee is 40 SEK. Bands performing are Caesar's Palace and Easy. DJs - DJ Steel and MC Nitro, together with Patrik Arve (Teddybears Sthlm) in the bar. Indoors, outdoors, the fresh summer issue of Nojesguiden together with great music. Be there! //Erik ------------------------------ Date: 23 May 1998 19:11:53 +0200 From: Robert Cumming Subject: Reduced Salt intake (was Re: Grand Tone Sirens!) In article , Robert Cumming wrote: [article about Daniel Ewerman] I should maybe point out that Daniel Ewerman is the Salt member who's not involved in Grand Tone Music. Whose album I bought this afternoon btw. Robert, deciding not to add that Daniel is the cutest industrial designer he's seen ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 19:33:44 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Klara Albinsson back in Aquadays Klara Albinsson back in Aquadays -------------------------------- News travel in pairs. Original female lead vocalist Klara Albinsson is back in the band. That's right, the original Aquadays line-up is back together again, and with a perfect timing, as their debut album "Electric Songs" is planned to be released on Halmstad label Dorian Records in June (at the earliest - depending on how fast it can be pressed and distributed). Border is therefor handling the distribution, which means you'll be able to pick it up in your favourite local indie store when it is out. //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 23 May 1998 12:20:36 -0700 From: Subject: scan indie lecture disc Ok just for the sake of f%^&ck......I would llike to know if anyone else on the list got the disc. I never saw it. ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 00:13:54 +0300 (EET DST) From: Liisa Holma Subject: Re: major label charity / Thee Bimboos / Wilma Sami asked about the sonera tv ad; if it was Anna Kuoppamaki singing. Yes, it is neither one of the sisters, my guess would be Anna. And to tha chief, I just would like to give a comment on your question of the lists you're sending - atleast I read through all of them and would be more than pleased to get them also in the near future. Is there any Finns on the list interested but not aware of the three day celebration (house,d&b) in Helsinki Kaisaniemi on 12-14.6? Liisa ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 15:13:43 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: Re: major label charity / Thee Bimboos / Wilma > And to tha chief, I just would like to give a comment on your question of > the lists you're sending - atleast I read through all of them and would be > more than pleased to get them also in the near future. Okay, there haven't been many replies to the question, but it seems like it is okay to post the lists - I'll keep them fingers busy. ;) //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 17:07:39 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Swedish Music Fair 98 in Gothenburg Swedish Music Fair 98 in Gothenburg ----------------------------------- The first Swedish Music Fair was arranged two years ago, and this autumn it is time again. Write down September 17-20 in your calendars. The place is Svenska Massan in Gotenburg, but venues and related places around Gothenburg will also be used. Seminars, activities and showcases, records and instruments, artists, bands, promoters, publishers and sound technicians. This year, Swedish record companies and labels have gotten together for a major joint effort for the first time as well. The showcase bit of it all is getting the most attention this year. Stages at the fair during the days and venues around Gothenburg during the nights will be used, and labels, promoters, managers, artists and bands (signed or unsigned - domestic or international) are welcome to contact the organizers in order to get a gig at the fair and venues. The showcase program will be internationally marketed as well. Contacts: --------- +Showcase Program - Lasse Redin Phone: +46-(0)8-333307, +46-(0)70-5740442. Send material to: Lars Redin, Box 19117, 104 32 Stockholm, Sweden. Email: +Exhibitions and seminars - Christina Andersson Phone: +46-(0)70-8808090. Email: +Exhibitions - Magdalena Ranstrom Phone: +46-(0)31-7088413, +46-(0)70- 8808091. Email: +Exhibitions - Gunilla Andersson Phone: +46-(0)31-7088034, +46-(0)70- 8808055. Email: +Seminars - Anna Wirsen Phone: +46-(0)31-7088404, +46-(0)70-7178404. Email: For more information (in both Swedish and English): //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 18:10:52 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] It's A Simple Formality for Komeda It's A Simple Formality for Komeda ---------------------------------- As reported here earlier, the new single from Komeda (NONS) is the fantastic "A Simple Formality" - and if I understand this right, it will be released on Monday May 25th! If you haven't drooled over the song on their latest album "What Makes It Go?" yet, or perhaps rather, if you have - this single contains the Radio Edit version together with four brilliant ambient/dub/techno remixes by DOT artists Quant, Sarilou, Friend and Star. Weird, spaced out and complete. Rated: not to be missed! //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 24 May 1998 20:12:18 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Massive Festival Update #3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie News SiNews 24-May-98 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Massive Festival Update #3 -------------------------- Arvika Festival (July 10-11, Arvika, Sweden) New this week: Apoptygma Berzerk (N), Dark Side Cowboys (S), DJ Emok (DK), Katayama (S), Malaise (S), Moby (US), Petter (S), and Urga feat. Cirkus Cirkor (S). Emmaboda Festival (August 7-8, Emmaboda, Rasslebygd, Sweden) Added to the line up this week were: The Jam Of The Year (S), Moody Prudence (S), Neutral Milk Hotel (US), Olivia Tremor Control (US), Popshop (S), Silverbullit (S), Sludge Nation (S), Sobsister (S), The Tambureens (S) and Whale (S). Mera Hitlatar (June 6-7, Handen, Rudansjoarna, Sweden) Added this week: Babalou Smith (S) and Wolfpack (S). Midtfyn Festival (July 1-5, Odense, Denmark) Surprised us with adding a massive 50 new artists and bands to the line up this week: 7 days (DK), Annione (DK), Bell Book & Candle (D), Big Band 17:48 (DK), Behind the Curtain (DK), Nikolaj Bentzon Brotherhood (DK), Eric Bibb (US/S), The Blues Brothers Souvenir Show (DK), Angela Brown & The Mighty 45s (US), Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (US), Burnin' Red Ivanhoe (DK), Vidar Busk & his True Believers (N), Baested Band (DK), Borge Biceps (DK), Cornershop (UK), Cosmonks (DK), The Dawn (DK), Dissing, Dissing, von Daler & Dissing (DK), D'tune (DK), Essensen (DK), Fister (DK), Flipside (DK), Flower Pot Party (DK), Godspeed (DK), Hothouse Flowers (IRL), Jan Gerfast Voodoo Band (S), Wyclef Jean & Refugee Camp All Stars (HAITI/US), Angelique Kidjo (BENIN), Poul Krebs & De Sma Sensationer (DK), K's Choice (B), Larryland (DK), Lois (DK), Mojo Hands (DK), (DK), Rikke molgaard (DK), Allan Olsen (DK), Poplife (DK), The Powls (DK), The Prodigy (UK), Rock Nalle Inc. (DK), Pernille Rosendal (DK), Skilob (DK), Sonic Machine (DK), Sub Rosa (DK), Thing (DK), Jukka Tolonen w/Ralph & Big Bang Group (F/S), Tom Jones experience (DK), Transister (UK/US/SCOT), Venus (DK) and Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersens Trio (DK). Rock pa Gras Festival (June 7, Ullared, Sweden) New: the Christer Petterssons (S) - which is the Birro brothers' interesting project... Storsjoyran (July 2-5, Ostersund, Sweden) Completed their 1998 line-up this week with: Biff International (S), Wyclef Jean and The Refugee Allstars (US), Jolly Jumper & Big Moe (S), Andrew Newton (UK) and Refused (S). Tullakrok Festival (July 18-19, Angelholm, Tullakroksangen, Sweden) New this week: The Barbwires (S), Cat Rapes Dog (S), and Haddock (S). ** Erik ** The News is also available on the Scandinavian Indie website ** ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 00:35:18 +0200 From: (Jan Sundstrom) Subject: Re: Grand Tone Sirens! Message-id:,Internet skriver: > Daniel Ewerman is an industrial designer who exhibited his final year > project, an emergency vehicle, at the Stockholm College of Art and > Deisgn (Konstfack in Swedish) on Tuesday. > > He's also a rock musician who had the courage to think again. He > exchanged a rock career in the USA (in the group Salt, with 1600 > radio plays per week and a place on the Billboard chart) to continue > his studies at Konstfack. Yep, I was there at the first day of the konstfack exhibition, and met Daniel at the vernissage. Very nice, humble guy indeed. We talked a bit, and I asked him about music: no, he's only playing music occasionally today, and just on a hobby level, sometimes with a band, not planning to release anything. He said he made a choice, between Salt and design, and he chose design. He seemed to be confident about that. Salt was a good time, but he didn't mis it today. The fire-bus was exhibited, and if you go there, the spring-exhibition goes on until june . You have a good chance to see Daniel and a lot of arty, smart-looking girls. ;-) Actually, it was a good show, and the environment of Konstfack is quite interesting... There is an URL for the exhibition, but i can't find it at the moment. Jan My ICQ #10443263 Get your own ICQ: ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 02:24:05 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [CONTEST] Sin's Brazil & Festival Contest ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() Papa Muerta and the Tivolirock Festival presents the... * Scandinavian Indie Brazil & Festival Contest * also available on the Sin website at: ()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()()() We're back! And this time with a mixed Brazil / Festival contest. Sounds like they ought to be utterly far away from each other? Well, you're probably right up to a point. But in this case they are not! For this is the contest where you can win copies of the superb Brazilian Papa Muerta indie label compilation CD "Don't Be Afraid My Son", which is filled with gorgeous guitar walls, 22 (twentytwo) songs from 11 (eleven) brilliant Brazilian indie pop bands. And this is also the contest where you can win tickets to the Tivolirock Festival in Kristianstad, Sweden! July 4th is the date of the festival, and indie bands like Durango 95, Sobsister, Leslies and Sludge Nation are playing (you know where to look for additional information, don't you? :)) - so the connection is actually... well "indie". :-) Send your answers to: -------------------- Information ----------- This time we're letting you off with three really easy questions. If you send in your answers together with your address, you enter the contest. That is how simple it is. You have to work a little though, because this time we're only supplying the following URLs. You can find the three answers somewhere on these sites, but if you know your way around the Scandinavian Indie site, this will be a breeze. * Papa Muerta Homepage The cool Brazilian label Papa Muerta's homepage does not only contain information about the label, but also about Brazilian bands, fanzines, news, reviews and more. The site is sadly only available in Spanish, but we trust you're keeping your language skills up to date. :-) The page with information about the compilation CD you can win is pretty straightforward though. * Tivolirock Festival Homepage This is the festival's official homepage, which is not that updated as the organizers have too much to do with planning the actual festival - so you might want to check out the Scandinavian Indie Festivals area for the latest information. * Scandinavian Indie Homepage This one shouldn't be new to you, but if it is - this is the time to start exploring the various areas and sections we have. What you must do ---------------- Find the answers to the following three questions. 1. Which song on Brazilian indie pop band Comespace's demo "Having Never Flown a Spaceship Before" did Scandinavian Indie reviewer Erik Soderstrom really want to have on CD? 2. Which song was the same reviewer's personal favourite on other Brazilian indie pop band Dead Birds Wanna Fly's demo "Broken Wings"? 3. The Tivolirock Festival celebrates its ??th anniversary this year? Send your answers directly to us by e-mail - the address is: -------------------- ***** ***** -------------------- and please remember to include your postal (snail mail) address, or we're not going to be able to send you any prizes if you win! On June 20th, we put all entries in a hat and someone with a blindfold will draw the three winners who will be contacted through e-mail immediately. The prizes are sent at once as well. What you can win ---------------- * 1st Prize Two (2) tickets to the Tivolirock Festival plus a copy of the Papa Muerta indie compilation CD "Don't Be Afraid My Son"! * 2nd Prize A copy of the Papa Muerta indie compilation CD "Don't Be Afraid My Son"! * 3rd Prize A copy of the Papa Muerta indie compilation CD "Don't Be Afraid My Son"! Good Luck! Last date to send in your answers: June 20th, 1998 -------------------------------------------------- The winners will be presented on the contest pages on the Scandinavian Indie website about 14 days later. Please note that none of the information you enter will be spread or disclosed to anyone anywhere ever. It will only be used for this contest in order to send the prizes to the winners. Your name (or handle if you prefer) is the only thing included on the results page. Send your answers to: -------------------- //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 17:10:21 +0100 From: Lance Bannon Subject: ESPINOZA 5, demo of the month due to technical difficulties, it is not until now that we can proudly declare that ESPINOZA 5 are picked as demo of the month (April) in swedish national radio P3:s show "Demo" go to their site at and listen to the sound sample if this suits your appetite, then why not go on to the bands official homepage at , where you can receive all kinds of information about the band, and also listen to their entire first demo and finally, don't miss the band performing live at the summer club "Boogie Bar" at Praamen in Gothenburg on june 24! (together with SPYDERS) ------------------------------ End of Scandinavian Indie Digest Vol.98 #47 ********************************************
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