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May 7th, 1998

Today's Topics: [LIST] Music on the Radio [01-May-98] Re: SV: Komeda US Release Date [LIST] Music on the TV [01-May-98] Ivy/Komeda US tour dates Latvians rocknews 1 may [NEWS] SiNews: Festival Extravaganza! [01-May-98] SV: [NEWS] SiNews: Festival Extravaganza! [01-May-98] Latvian rocknews 2 may Latvian rocknews 3 may Gangway Naked when you come Nursery Injection (Was Re: Festival Extravaganza!) Roskilde ticket for sale. God Damn Carnival EttNollEtt party + Shermans? Latvians rocknews 4 may SV: EttNollEtt party + Shermans? Re: Nursery Injection (Was Re: Festival Extravaganza!) Unidentified subject! shameless shelf promotion - shermans Karkkiautomaatti 22051998 show. self-promotion: Cessna news If you were here ??? Latvians rocknews 6 may Administrivia: To unsubscribe from the Scandinavian Indie Digest mailing list: * send e-mail to: * with the Subject: unsubscribe To post to the Scandinavian Indie mailing list: * use the address: Digest back issues can be found in the [SID] section at the Scan-Indie website: () Please take care not to include the entire digest in your () reply, only the message(s) you are replying to. ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 03:15:16 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [LIST] Music on the Radio [01-May-98] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE RADIO Scandinavian Indie May 1 -> 10, 1998 by Erik Soderstrom SWEDEN Day Date Artist Recorded --- ----- ------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Fri 1/5 * Hyperstate - Antiloop, Laurent Garnier, Mono, Run DMC etc. Denmark, Copenhagen *Live* Sun 3/5 Spice Girls UK, Birmingham *Live* Mon 4/5 Ron Sexsmith Goteborg, Pusterviks Bar 14-Feb-98 Tue 5/5 Mynta Lulea, Fiskekyrka 20-Mar-98 Wed 6/5 Tortoise Lund, Palladium 08-Apr-98 Thu 7/5 Unsane Stockholm, Studion 25-Mar-98 NORWAY Day Date Artist Recorded --- ----- --------------------------------- -------------------------------- Sun 10/5 Megadeth + Jungle Brothers Midtfyn -97, Lollipop -97 This list covers the Swedish National Channel P3's "Live" - at 21.03-22.00 or 22.00-04.00 where marked with a '*' _PLUS_ The Norwegian National Channel Petre's "Roxrevyen" - at 21.03-00.00 every sunday. (R) = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- These lists (WITH LINKS) are also available on the Scandinavian Indie site at: [Upcoming] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 01:22:38 -0400 From: (Martin Olson) Subject: Re: SV: Komeda US Release Date At 11:11 AM 4/27/98, Micke Rehnstrom wrote: >If you are a patient person you can just sit down and wait. I think the >album was initially planned to be released in the US at the same time as >the Swedish release. But the US release has been delayed. According to the >official Komeda homepage ( June 9th is the date >to keep in mind for interested Americans (and others living there). And it >is definitely worth waiting for! And wouldn't you know it, the other day this kid waltzes into the office and says, "Look what I found for $2!" and waves a copy of "What makes it go?" in my face. Apparently some reviewer hadn't taken to much of a liking to it. I tried beating him up for it, but no luck.... I'm thrilled at least that they'll be playing here soon and not with a band like Ben Folds Five who are fine on their own but attract a totally different crowd... -martin. ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 14:36:27 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [LIST] Music on the TV [01-May-98] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE TV Scandinavian Indie May 1 -> 7, 1998 by Erik Soderstrom Day Date Artist/What TV Program Channel Time --- ----- ---------------------- ------------------- ----------- ----- Fri 1/5 Caesar's Palace En Kvall Med Luuk TV 4 16.25 R Polar Music Prize Polar Music Prize SVT 2 19.00 Savage Garden Line New Pop Fest. SVT 2 00.10 Stakka Bo Musikmagasinet ZTV 00.15 R Sat 2/5 Polar Music Prize Polar Music Prize SVT 2 16.30 R Bjork Live MTV Europe 22.00 R History of rock/pop Dancing In The Str. SVT 1 23.15 Sun 3/5 - Mon 4/5 Musikmagasinet Rock Musikmagasinet Rock ZTV 19.15 Video Top List Voxtopp SVT 1 19.45 Tue 5/5 Musikmagasinet 1200 Musikmagasinet 1200 ZTV 19.15 Jukebox Jukebox SVT 1 19.20 Alternative Nation Alternative Nation MTV Europe 00.00 Musikmagasinet Rock Musikmagasinet Rock ZTV 00.15 R Wed 6/5 Video Top List Voxpop SVT 1 19.00 Musikmagasinet Pop Musikmagasinet Pop ZTV 19.15 Eagle-Eye Cherry Musikbyran SVT 1 22.45 Musikmagasinet 1200 Musikmagasinet 1200 ZTV 00.15 R Thu 7/5 Finnish Top List Lista FTV 18.40 Musikmagasinet Klubb Musikmagasinet ZTV 19.15 Whale En Kvall Med Luuk TV 4 20.20 Live Live MTV Europe 21.30 Musikmagasinet Pop Musikmagasinet Pop ZTV 00.15 R R = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie website at: [Upcoming] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 09:59:59 -0400 (EDT) From: Martin Olson Subject: Ivy/Komeda US tour dates Someone who got these off the american indie-pop list sent me these the other day. I can't guarantee their accuracy or anything (esp since I've never heard of a place called the bowery ballroom), and I'm sure Erik will have an official list soon. All the same, I thought it was my duty to pass them on so people cold start planning their summers. Oh, the dates listed are in june... ------------------snip----------------------snip---------------------- These are the tour dates for the Komeda/Ivy NYC tour, i thought someone out there might want to know. Times listed are for the headliner. 9 Atlanta (Cotton Club) 11:00pm 10 Charleston (Cumberlands) 11:00pm 11 DC (Black Cat) 11:15pm 12 Philly (Pontiac) 12:00am 13 NYC (Bowery Ballroom) 11:15pm 14 Boston (Midddleast Club) 11:00pm 16 Cleveland (Peabody's Down Under) 10:00pm 17 Detroit (Shelter) 8:30pm 18 Chicago (Metro) 9:00pm 19 Minneapolis (First Avenue) 7:00pm 22 Seattle (Crocodile Cafe) 11:00pm 23 Portland (Roseland Annex) 10:00pm 25 San Francisco (Slim's) 11:00pm 27 LA (Troubadour) 11:00pm ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 20:21:47 +0300 From: "Raitis" Subject: Latvians rocknews 1 may Latvian rocknews 1 May (short version/ for long version call: **** 1. There a death/blackmetal/hard core"Without Name festival 2" follows in 8 may. Will includes local bands: SANCTIMONY, BARBAROSSA, INOKETIJS MARPLS, KRAMPĪ SARĀVĒJS, SCEPTIS, DENERVATION, MOONVEIL, BLIZZARD, DEADLINE. 2. Now comes out debut album of popgroup LABIRINTS. 3. Another local group BAUSKA with amazing female singer Inguna release new album and soon moves in Germany to touring. 4. Another one local pop act WYNDO from Latvia's western town release debut album, but the leader-composer Janis Vilnitis is very known among traditional latvians composers. 5. But the famous (in east side of Latvia) composer (and farmer!!) Andris Erinsh release his debut albums from whom some singles/songs are very popular already!! ******** Raitis Latvians Rocknews agency ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 02 May 1998 02:14:13 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] SiNews: Festival Extravaganza! [01-May-98] ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie News SiNews 01-May-98 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Festival Extravaganza --------------------- No festival organizer sleeps these days, which has resulted in a frenzy of new artists and bands being booked, cancelled, re-arranged and rumoured. Which brings us to the Festival news extravagaza with all the new updates. Just to mention a few personal favourites: The Jesus And Mary Chain will play at both Lollipop and Roskilde! Transister is slated for the Hultsfred Festival! Full info about these festivals can be found at the Sin website under the [Festivals] button. * Arvika Festival (July 10-11, Arvika, Sweden) Moved their concentration to the dance part of the festival and with that came A/a Steppin Bros (S), Cat Rapes Dog (S), DJ Anti (S), DJ Mark Allen (UK), DJ Sid Shanti (UK), DJ Zen (NL), Eat Static (UK), Ju Ju Space Jazz (AU), Orion (DK), Sista Mannen Pa Jorden (S), Synchro (NL) and X-Dream (D). On the non-dance side, we find that our friends (!) from Starboy Recordings Freinds (S) have been added. * Bollnas Festival (July 2-4, Bollnas, Sweden) Are on the way with their own website which they say will open soon. In the meantime, they have decided the ticket prices (245 for one day, and 345 for three) plus here's the line up so far: Antiloop (S), Black Ingvars (S), Anders Glennmark (S), Kent (S), Orup (S), Speaker (S), Jerry Williams (S) and Wilmer X (S). * Bollnaspunken (May 29-30, Bollnas, Langnasparken, Sweden) Will not get UK Subs (UK) to play at this year's festival as previously reported. Kottgrottorna (S), Popper Klopper (D), Rajoitus (S) and Skitsystem (S) are new 100% sure names though. :-) * Brofastivalen (June 5-6, Malmo, Sweden) Added a couple of bands to their line up this week, which makes the full one look like this: Anouk (NL), Antiloop (S), Ba Ba Loo (S), Backyard Babies (S), The Cardigans (S), Bob Dylan (US), Kent (S), Lisa Loeb (US), Loosegoats (S), Lou Reed (US), Son Volt (US), Soundtrack of Our Lives (S), Ward J (S), Wilmer X (S), Weeping Willows (S) and Sophie Zelmani (S). * Emmaboda Festival (August 7-8, Emmaboda, Rasslebygd, Sweden) Smoked a couple of new bands this week: First Floor Power (S), Monostar (S), Niel Armstrong (S) The Pang (S), Pimm's (S), Soundtrack of Our Lives (S), Space Age Baby Jane (S), Stuntbike (S), Tripod (S, which is Fredrik Norberg from Popsicle's new band), and Waterbug (S). 23 names have been released this far, and about 15-20 remains. The ticket prices have also been decided. 2-Day: 380 SEK + advance fee, 1-Day: 300 SEK (in advance) and 500 SEK if you buy it at the festival. * Hultsfred Festival (June 11-13, Hultsfred, Sweden) Has added RealAudio soundclips from hyped Swedish band Speed of Sound Enterprise to their news page - go and listen. Pure american surf pop (IMO). Additions to their line-up: And One (D), Black Moses (S), Caesar's Palace (S), Dark Funeral (S), The Facer (S), Gravediggaz (US), Luna (US), The Mighty Mighty Bosstones (US), Plexique (D), Rancid (US), Saft (S), Transister (UK/US) (Ed's note: I hope it is allowed to jump around in a frenzy in the news? No? I'll do it anyway! Yaay, hurray! :-)). Also The Motorhomes (S) - who rightfully won the Swedish National Radio channel P3 show "Demo" poll yesterday on who would get to play at the festival. Cancelled this week: Thumb (D). * Indie Iltamat and This Is Punk (June 5-7, Turku, Finland) Indoor festivals where the ticket prices are as low as for Indie Iltamat, it's 40 FMK - and for This Is Punk: 30 FMK. The line up follows: Atom Heart (SF), Aurinkokerho (SF), Circle (SF), Defend (SF), Disgrace (SF), Disploited (SF), Endstand (SF), Flaming Sideburns (SF), Forca Macabra (SF), Juggling Jugulars (SF), Kauko Royhka (SF), Kotiteollisuus (SF), MKKK (SF), Mothers Against Sex Assosiation (SF), Nollaseiska (SF), Operation (S), Penniless (SF), Prow (SF), Radiopuhelimet (SF), Rytmihairio (SF), Selfish (SF), Sharpeville (SF), Submerged (SF), Sultans (SF), Sunride (SF), Sweetheart (SF), Terveet Kadet (SF), Thee Ultra Bimboos (SF), Turun Tauti (SF) and Wolfpack (S). * Karlshamn Rock Festival (June 5-6, Norje Havsbad, Karlshamn, Sweden) Got their own domain -, and tickets are now also available from ticket meisters BiljettDirekt. Added a new headliner for June 6th - Alice Cooper (US) along with Black Ingvars (S), D:A:D (DK), Dash Rip Rock (US), Dirty Deeds (DK), Goda Grannar (S), Hakan Hemlin (S), Locomotive Breath (S), Push (DK), Pugh Rogerfeldt (S), Dee Snider (US), Sobsister (S), Speaker (S) and Andrew Strong (UK). Bruce Dickinson (UK) cancelled. * Lollipop (July 24-25, Stockholm, Agesta, Sweden) Moved the date for the first press release which was supposed to happen on April 15th - one day to the 16th :-). The festival site has moved to Agesta (Huddinge), 20 minutes from the city this year. Tickets were released April 29th and can be bought from BiljettDirekt and the usual outlets (see the Sin site for more info). The price this year is 650 SEK for two days and 375 SEK for one. The camping area is very limited this year and in order to get a place to put up your tent, you have to be quick and pay 100 SEK (!). The first line up release contains: Arab Strap (SCOT), Bernard Butler (UK), Eagle-Eye Cherry (S), Gomez (UK), The Jesus and Mary Chain (SCOT), Montrose Avenue (UK), Pulp (UK). Though the festival's website seemed to have vanished from the face of the net the last week, the second release contained heavies like Run DMC (US) and Aerosmith (US). The third release brought Atari Teenage Riot (D), Bad Cash Quartet (S), Broder Daniel (S), Caesar's Palace (S), Kent (S), Olle Ljungstrom (S) and Tortoise (US) - plus confirmed but apparently not yet official: Weeping Willows (S). * Mera Hitlatar (June 6-7, Handen, Rudansjoarna, Sweden) Have finally opened their website and are working on the press release right now. Ticket prices (2-Day: 100 SEK (in advance), 140 SEK (there), 1-Day: 80 SEK (there)) and outlets (Get Back Records (Linkoping), Birdnest (Koping), Musikorat (Uppsala), Dur & Moll (Haninge), Freak Scene (Stockholm), Mega Skivakademin (Stockholm), Pet Sounds (Stockholm), Sound Pollution (Stockholm)) have been decided. The first release of artists and bands contains the following: Bad Cash Quartet (S), Candysuck (S), Charta 77 (S), Dryad (S), Endivia (S), Mart + Band (S), Starmarket (S), Two Point Eight (S) and Weeping Willows (S). * Midtfyn Festival (July 1-5, Odense, Denmark) Has started a web contest where you can win a lot of different things like tickets to the festival and ghettoblasters. Check it out. * Provinssirock (June 12-14, Seinajoki, Finland) The ticket prices have been decided (319/379 MK) and several outlets are now listed on the website. New bands added this week were: 22-Pistepirkko (SF), Aavikko (SF), Apulanta (SF), CMX (SF), Crash (SF), Faithless (UK), Flaming Sideburns (SF), Larry & The Lefthanded (SF), Lehtivihreat (SF), Jaarli Padington (SF), Kari Peitsamo (solo/acoustic) (SF), Penniless (SF), Pool (SF) Sanna ja lapset (SF), Wilma (SF) and Rock-lyriikka -98 voittaja (SF) (winner of the Rock- lyriikka -98 contest if I understand this right...?) * Roskilde Festival (June 25-28, Roskilde, Denmark) Is not sleeping if you were thinking they were - not many new names, but what names on the other hand! Bernard Butler (UK) and The Jesus And Mary Chain (UK)! Hurray! Not official yet, but still added to the line up are: Psyched Up Janis (DK) and Turbonegro (N). * SommarRock Svedala (July 16-18, Svedala, Sweden) Swiped rockers Caesar's Palace (S) and German 666 (D), as well as the multi-talented Incka (S). * Stockholm Water Festival (August 7-15, Stockholm, Sweden) Has still not released anything official, but started to work on their website which will open on May 14th. Morning paper Dagens Nyheter reported on April 15th that Afro-Cuban All Stars (CU) will open the festival this year, and while they're at it, don't you think Weeping Willows (S) will play here too? Yes, they will. * Storsjoyran (July 2-5, Ostersund, Sweden) Presented the first thirty artists and bands lined up to play at the festival this year: Anouk (NL), Backyard Babies (S), Beverage Soundsystem (S), Brave Combo (US), Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown (US), CajsaLisa (S), Eagle-Eye Cherry (S), Dave Edmunds (UK/US), Lisa Ekdahl (S), Louise Hoffsten (S), Hoven Droven (S), Hysterix w/Hans Petter Burman (S), Intercooler (S), Kent (S), Komeda (S), Olle Ljungstrom (S), Monostar (S), The Mopeds (S), Orup (S), Panikorkestern (S), Sherlock (S), Soulstroke (S), Tait (S), Triakel (S), Version Galore (S), Weeping Willows (S), Mikael Wiehe (S), Jerry Williams (S) and Wilmer X (S). * Tivolirock (July 4, Kristianstad, Sweden) New bands added: Sobsister (S), Snuff (UK), and yes, it really looks like this year's "band who will play at most music festivals" is Weeping Willows (S). From the 23 listed on the Scan-Indie Festivals 1998 page so far, they are slated to play 12. 1995 was Millencolin's year with 12 festivals covered. In 1996 we saw Kent play at a stunning 17. 1997 brought Jumper with 12 as a total. ** Erik ** The News is also available on the Scandinavian Indie website ** ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 12:27:14 +0200 From: "Micke Rehnstrom" Subject: SV: [NEWS] SiNews: Festival Extravaganza! [01-May-98] Erik Soderstrom wrote: > Tripod (S, which is Fredrik Norberg from > Popsicle's new band), This sounds interesting. Is there anyone who has heard this band and who might be able to describe their sound? I guess they do not have any releases out yet? IMHO Fredrik Norberg has been responsible for much of the best stuff from POPSICLE. /Micke, listening to BELLE & SEBASTIAN "3..6..9 seconds of light" ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 2 May 1998 19:20:11 +0300 From: "Raitis" Subject: Latvian rocknews 2 may Latvian rocknews 2 may (short version/ for long version call: ****** 1. Schlager group with curious name PLUPAPA made up their 3rd album "For The Heart" and have great success in release one. 2. There a new traditional popmusic album - compilation on stocks now: includes artists - well known Hardijs Madzulis, Erics Gruzninsh, LAUKU MUZIKANTI ("Farm Musicians"), VEJU RUNA ("Wind Talk") and some others. 3. Latvian dance pop act 5 SHLAKA finished working in new album "Aeroplane", and one comes out now. 4. The curious pop group THE REIGANS with her first/new album have a great success in local music market. It seems, thats they are the same members as Latvians "megastars" PRATA VETRA ("Brain Storm"). 5. And in mid may the new album - compilation releases: with a lot of dance music groups and acts. Includes well known PAMATINSTINKTS ("Basic Instincts"), THE MIXERS, 5 SHLAKA, singer Linda, group DIVI ("Two"), singer Dina and some others. ***** Raitis Latvian Rocknews agency ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 09:07:05 +0300 From: "Raitis" Subject: Latvian rocknews 3 may Latvian rocknews 3 may (short version/ for long version call: ) ****************** 1. Curious artist Ufo/ Kaspars Upacieris in the beginng of may presents new albums "123". 2. Megastars in past / most popular band in late eighties / JUMPRAVA finished working in their new album what will be released very soon. 3. The new album comes from rock'n'roll / like "Status Quo" / artist Aldis Dregeris. The album dedicated to his 10th stages anniversary. And this album is 30th(!!) in his career. 4. To the new album finished working dance/pop act DIVI ("Two"), there includes the best songs in 1994-1998. 5. But the local town Cesis new group TONIS finished recording new albums "In the blue skirt", what release soon. *** Raitis Latvian Rocknews agency ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 15:42:46 +0000 From: "Thierry" Subject: Gangway I m not a big fan of Gangway, but I know that some consider them as the only indiepop band from Denmark. They split up in September 1997. Officially the reason was a lack of commercial success, but unofficially there had also been some problems within the band and between the members. The release in January 1998 of the compilation CD "COMPENDIUM GREATEST HITS", with 16 old and two new songs, was the main attraction at the burial of Gangway-- the anti heroes par excellence of Danish pop music. Here can you find all you want to know ( and more ) about Gangway : ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 15:42:45 +0000 From: "Thierry" Subject: Naked when you come After recording their new album in Malmo, Saint Etienne were on the danish radio and they wished to listen to "Naked when you come" by the lollipops, one of the biggest hits from the sixties, specially in Sweden. D.J. Noize heard it and he decided to make a remix of it. Now 35 years after, it s again a big hit in Denmark. It s sounds a bit like Portishead. A pity St Etienne didn t record it themselves, I m sure they could have made something wonderful of it. -- Thierry ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 13:59:53 +0200 From: (Marten Sahlen) Subject: Nursery Injection (Was Re: Festival Extravaganza!) > No festival organizer sleeps these days, which has resulted > in a frenzy of new artists and bands being booked, cancelled, > re-arranged and rumoured. Which brings us to the Festival > news extravagaza with all the new updates. True, no festival organizer sleeps these days. But honestly, doesn't it seem like the same old names are appearing everywhere? Want something new and fresh and truly radical? Then look no longer than to Stockholm, where The Nursery - a society promoting experimental culture - are arranging a festival throughout the month of June... partly funded be Stockholm European Cultural Capital 1998. All sorts of fringe music will be showcased during the festival: ambient, noise, isolationism, tribal, dark folk, weird electronica, experimental techno and drum'n'bass, you name it... and there will also be speeches, theatre performances, and other crossover projects. * Nursery Injection (June and first week of July, Stockholm Sweden) Panasonic (SF), Lydia Lunch (USA), Aube (Jap), Zoviet France (UK), Sol Invictus (UK), Muslimgauze (UK), Orphx (Can), MSBR (Jap), Troum (Ger), Thomas Koener (Ger), Lasse Marhaug Band (Nor), Hybryds (Bel), Shifts (NL) Peter Broetzmann (Ger), Tactile (UK), Con-Dom (UK), Government Alpha (Jap), Children of the Apocalypse (USA), Disinformation (UK), Touch label night (UK), Mego label night (A), Zbigniew Karkowski (Jap/PL), Column One (Ger). Local Swedish bands include list favourites IOTA and Pluxus, as well as Ordo Equilibrio, The Sons Of God, Lykaion Eclipse, Sephirot, Hazard, The Protagonist, Stratum Terror, C.M. von Hausswulff, Karl Spoeke, Obscene Noise Korporation, Hirseland/Rafnsson, and many more to be confirmed. All this will take place at M/S Stubnitz, a ship invited to Stockholm specially for this festival, that normally is located in Rostock, Germany, where it functions as an alternative scene for music, theatre, etc. In Stockholm it will be placed along Stadsgaardskajen, close to Slussen. Festival web site is in the works, in the meantime I can be contacted for closer info about the events. ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 04 May 1998 05:55:01 PDT From: "Petter Tiilikainen" Subject: Roskilde ticket for sale. Hi, Won't have time for this event, and therefore I need to sell my ticket (bought from biljettdirekt). Call me at 0920-97169 or mail to /Petter ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 04 May 1998 15:56:29 +0200 From: Bjorn Johnson Subject: God Damn Carnival Lundakarneval 22/5-24/5 - Who cares? BLEKINGSKA NATIONEN GOD DAMN CARNIVAL 21/5-23/5 Thursday May 21st ROCK FESTIVAL KOMEDA (S) CAESAR'S PALACE (S) MONSTER (S) + one more top Swedish indie act (t.b.c.) Entrance fee 60 SEK Friday May 22nd ROCK CONCERT THE JESUS AND MARY CHAIN (SCO) (t.b.c.) support: FIVEL (S) Saturday May 23rd DISCO t.b.c. Read it and weap/ /Bjorn Johnson ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 04 May 1998 21:18:25 +0200 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: EttNollEtt party + Shermans? I just received a note from fanzine EttNollEtt where they say they have a "Issue #28 release party" at Tantogarden in Stockholm on May 8th - starting at 8pm - 40 SEK entrance fee - and that there are a bunch of DJs playing, plus live performance from Endive and (this is it) Shermans - which they say features ex members from Stevepops and Red Sleeping Beauty!? Anyone know anything about them? //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 4 May 1998 22:11:10 +0300 From: "Raitis" Subject: Latvians rocknews 4 may MOST WANTED SONGS(#209) (week 18/ 1998/27april - 3may) (based on 18 radio/ magazine readers and listners charts) ****** This week (last week) 1. (1)"My Heart Will Go On" (Celine Dion) 2. (3)"You're My Heart...'98" (MODERN TALKING) 3. (4)"Truly Madly Deeply" (SAVAGE GARDEN) 4. (8)"Out Of The Dark" (Falco) 5. (2)"Frozen" (Madonna) 6. (7)"My Father's Eyes" (Eric Clapton) 7. (11)"An Glean" (CLANNAD) 8. (10)"Nenac man lidz" (Agnese)/latvian/ 9. (re-entry"Let Me Entertain You" (Robbie Williams) 10.(new-entry)"Broken Wings" (C-BLOCK) ****** Raitis Latvian Rocknews agency ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 02:05:28 +0200 From: "Micke Rehnstrom" Subject: SV: EttNollEtt party + Shermans? Erik Soderstrom wrote: > I just received a note from fanzine EttNollEtt where they say they > have a "Issue #28 release party" at Tantogarden in Stockholm on > May 8th - starting at 8pm - 40 SEK entrance fee - and that there > are a bunch of DJs playing, plus live performance from Endive and > (this is it) Shermans - which they say features ex members from > Stevepops and Red Sleeping Beauty!? Anyone know anything about them? I have not heard this band yet but I do know some things about them. The band members are Mikael Matsson (ex RED SLEEPING BEAUTY), Christer Nilsson and Toby Thorsen (ex STEVEPOPS). They have a 7" out on the American label "Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club" and they have also been represented on a compilation released by that label (their contribution to that compilation was a cover version of "Last christmas" by WHAM :) . I know that at least two of the band members have been, and possibly still are, subscribed to this list. I guess they can give even more information about themselves :) . /Micke, listening to OLIVIA TREMOR CONTROL "Jumping fences" ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 08:32:07 +0300 (EETDST) From: Liisa Holma Subject: Re: Nursery Injection (Was Re: Festival Extravaganza!) Wow... Now would it be possible to get some more exact information about this festival, especially about the never in Finland visiting Finnish band called Panasonic? I would be forever thankful. Liisa Holma ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 12:55:21 +-200 From: Mikael Fant Subject: Unidentified subject! It's shaky, but it's up, finally! Micke II ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 5 May 1998 20:56:05 +0200 From: mikael matsson Subject: shameless shelf promotion - shermans Hi, here's some info about shermans. The band formed in late -97. The band members are Toby Thorsen (ex stevepops), Christer Nilsson and Mikael Matsson (ex red sleeping beauty). So far we have released one 7" single on the american label Blackbean and Placenta. It's called "the sound of shermans" and got four tracks. If you want to listen to a song please go to the Blackbean and Placenta webpage: We have also contributed to a few compilations: -Blackbean and Placenta 1997-8 CD sampler (one song "summer in your heart") -It's a Blackbean and Placenta christmas LP (one song "last christmas") And coming up is the song "springtime sunshine" on the Benno magazine compilation 7". Last there will be two new songs on a compilation CD from the german label Apricot. And if you want to catch us live go to Tantogarden (stockholm) this friday (may 8th). It's the relase party for the new issue of EttNollEtt fanzine. Doors open at 20.00. Also playing are stockholm band Endive. Mikael ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 20:41:17 +0300 (EET DST) From: "timo riitamaa." Subject: Karkkiautomaatti 22051998 show. Karkkiautomaatti, the world's greatest rock'n'roll band Roope & the Rockets, Echo Is Your Love and Posteljooni Petshkin will be playing on friday the 22nd of this month at Oranssi. (Linnakatu 10, Skatta. spora 4) If you feel no need to see possibly the world's second greatest rock'n'roll band Karkkiautomaatti during the beginning of their record release tour at a small and intimate venue kicking out the jams, then come just come see the magnificient Rebel Pop of the Rockets. timo. ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 07 May 1998 00:01:15 +0300 From: "Kimmo A. Saaskilahti" Subject: self-promotion: Cessna news Hi there, our pop band Cessna has got a new 7" out on the fab US label Fantastic Records. It is called "My Blue Anglia" and it has three tracks ranging from the groovy elegance of the title track (a new recording of the song some of you may remember from the "McBain" compilation) to the high velocity garage-y pop with rough edges on the flip. The 7" will be available very soon from your favourite mail order (Parasol, Carrot Top, Jigsaw, Claire de Leon, Roundabout in the USA, Mind The Gap in Europe; hopefully some other places as well), and from the label by writing to JJ at Some cool indie stores in the major cities across the globe may also end up with a copy or two, so keep browsing if mail order is not your thang. The said 7", as well as our earlier releases ("Holiday on Ice" 7" EP and "Bordeaux" double 3" cd) can also be ordered with friendly prices directly from the band by writing to me ( Trades to cool pop thingies are also welcomed. ...and I've still got some copies of the Rocketship 7" on Jigsaw in case somebody missed out on it... bye Kimmo kimmo saaskilahti * * aleksis kiven katu 30 a 14 * 33200 tampere * finland ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 6 May 1998 23:01:20 +0200 From: (RBarczinski) Subject: If you were here ??? Argh! So happy, seeing Kent on TV (on GERMAN TV - Viva2!) for the first time, recognizing their sign, and the melody to "Om du var har", and , WHAT HAPPENED ? They sung in english! Urks! Now I feel a little bit disappointed at least :( Reiner ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 7 May 1998 02:46:26 +0300 From: "Raitis" Subject: Latvians rocknews 6 may Latvian rocknews 6 may (short version/ for long version call: **** 1. There a great concert - action event follows in 17 may. In concert participates PRATA VETRA, Uldis Marhilevich, JAUNS MENESS, LABVELIGAIS TIPS, Arnis Mednis, OPUS PRO, REBEL, LIEPAYAS BRALI, HERLIS, Agnese, THE SATELLITES, Ieva Akuratere, Pits Andersons. All incomes moves to childrens hospital in Riga. 2. There is full groups list what participates in "Valmiera's rockfestival"in 30 may: D. DAY RABBIT, GELOUSY, HUSKVARN, HMP?, Agnese ar grupu, LĀDEZERS, SATELLITES, JAUNS MĒNESS (+Agnese), JUMPRAVA, PRĀTA VĒTRA, LĪVI, POPSICLE (Sweden), GORKY PARK (Russia, head line group). 3. Very well known "techno death" group NEGLECTED FIELDS make own concert in 15 may, where appears some groups from Slovakia!! 4. But in the end of may there started a great "hard" LIVI Latvian tour with another very well pop band BET BET ("But but..."). 5. There is so very "busy" day for 15 may. In the same time in Riga in various places will make stage shows: SOULTANS, Udo (ex ACCEPT) & group, FOOL'S GARDEN, "Five Spice Girls", MORAL CODEX (Russia). Uhhhhhh!! *** Raitis Latvian Rocknews agency ------------------------------ End of Scandinavian Indie Digest Vol.98 #41 ********************************************
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