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March 24th, 1998

Today's Topics: [NEWS] Popcore Festival 1998 [NEWS] Shallow Soundwave - looking for a new lead singer Smartalec in smaland [NEWS] Aqudays - also without lead female singer [NEWS] Ray Wonder (NONS) Praised in LA [NEWS] e-pop III Release Party [NEWS] The Wellmeant + Tunaflakes + Flannelmouth [NEWS] Fidget With New Material [NEWS] Kent International [NEWS] The Unknown Jay-Jay Johanson [NEWS] Danish Festivals Update Re: CD pressing/mastering Fwd: The Ugly Things Repost & Email Re: More vain Candy trivia. SV: CD pressing/mastering Make Up in Umea and Brick+BQ in Lulea.. Slowball Recordings - news (shameless promotion) [NEWS] The Soundtrack of Our Lives on UK tour Motorpsycho in Sweden Baby Snufkin (USA) [GIGS] Luger Tour List [24-Mar-98] Administrivia: To unsubscribe from the Scandinavian Indie Digest mailing list: * send e-mail to: * with the Subject: unsubscribe To post to the Scandinavian Indie mailing list: * use the address: Digest back issues can be found in the [SID] section at the Scan-Indie website: () Please take care not to include the entire digest in your () reply, only the message(s) you are replying to. ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 01:11:03 +0100 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Popcore Festival 1998 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SiNews -- 21-Mar-98 -- by Erik Soderstrom -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Popcore Festival ---------------- The 1998 Popcore festival takes place at the University and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm on March 28th. The festivities starts at both places at 7pm (19.00) and ends at 1am (at KTH) and 3am (at the University) and bus transport between the two 'venues' is available. Tickets can be bought at Mega Skivakademin, Pet Sounds, KTH and the University in Stockholm and price is 220 SEK (180 SEK for students). The schedule: University Stage 1 ------------------ Scott 19.00-19.30 Yvonne 20.30-21.15 Blue For Two 21.45-22.30 Weeping Willows 23.00-24.00 Elephant 23.20-23.40 University Stage 2 ------------------ Freewheel 19.15-19.45 Merrymakers 20.30-21.00 GrandToneMusic 21.30-22.15 Honeycave 22.45-23.15 KTH Stage 1 ----------- Pineforest Crunch 19.30-20.00 Speaker 20.45-21.30 Wannadies 22.15-23.30 Nomads 24.15-01.00 Fireside 01.45-02.30 KTH Stage 2 ----------- Playground Int. 18.30-19.00 Cloudberry Jam 19.30-20.00 Mismates 20.30-21.00 Monostar 21.30-22.00 Buddha Supreme 22.30-23.00 Caroline Af Ugglas 23.45-24.30 Mazarine Street 01.00-01.45 Dance Floors: ------------- Platoon - Gustav Gelin - Hysterik. Disco Sthlm: Richard Fearless (Death In Vegas) - Will Rock - Richard Sen (Bronx Dogs). Secret Operations: KMC & Seba (Good Looking Records), Joonas, MC Sandor. Don't forget to check out their website: //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 01:53:13 +0100 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Shallow Soundwave - looking for a new lead singer ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SiNews -- 22-Mar-98 -- by Erik Soderstrom -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shallow Soundwave - looking for new lead singer ----------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie favourites Shallow Soundwave needs a new singer. Annica Silvonen is no longer a part of the band for reasons we do not know, but the rest of the band, David and Nicolas, are on the move as things are starting to shape up pretty neatly for them. Therefor they are looking for a new female lead singer! If you happen to sing as beautiful as Liz Fraser, Kate Bush, Annie Lennox or Katherine Blake - you're hired! The band is based in Gothenburg, but it doesn't matter if you live there or not. So, if this sounds interesting, please contact them immediately. Their homepage (where you cand find their contact information) can be found at: Or you can send e-mail directly to -or- or call David at once on: +46-(0)70-660 48 91 //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 02:31:57 +-100 From: Mikael Fant Subject: Smartalec in smaland Smartalec are doing a mini-tour of smaland. Come check us out in Vaxjo, friday 27/3 at Cafe Stina, or Emmaboda sat. 28/3 at hotell Linden (w. Sideshow Bob). Cheers! ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 02:36:42 +0100 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Aqudays - also without lead female singer ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SiNews -- 22-Mar-98 -- by Erik Soderstrom -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aquadays - also without female lead singer ------------------------------------------ Lead singers never quit or leave bands one and one. They do it in packs. Seriously, Aquadys' Sarah Assbring has left the band, which means they're once again without a lead female singer. Remaining members Martin and Lisa have not yet decided whether to look for a new lead or to go ahead on their own. Hopefully both previous leads (ie. original lead Klara Albinsson as well) will at least be there when the band's debut album is to be recorded, or the fourteen songs already written can't be used without serious changes. // Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 04:01:59 +0100 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Ray Wonder (NONS) Praised in LA ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SiNews -- 22-Mar-98 -- by Erik Soderstrom -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ray Wonder (NONS) praised in LA ------------------------------- This week's shortie but sweetie: Bek David Campbell, more known as Beck 'Where It's At" Hansen, went to see Ray Wonder play in Los Angeles last week, and then told them that they were the best thing he had seen in years! [src:David] //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 04:19:41 +0100 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] e-pop III Release Party ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SiNews -- 22-Mar-98 -- by Erik Soderstrom -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 'e-pop III' Release Party ------------------------- Eskilstuna based label E-Pop, previously known as Strawberry Songs, are back with their third Eskilstuna unsigned bands CD EP compilation! The release party is held at venue Bla in Eskilstuna on March 28th and everyone is welcome. The previous two compilations (released 1996 and 1997) contained songs by Carlson, Hamilton, Divin, Panic, S:t Moores, Coaster, and Carve. The new features Deasyway, Panic, Traci in Heaven, and The Snails - and is produced by Kee Marcello. The compilation can be ordered directly from the label, contact Hans Lindell for more information at: // Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 04:38:44 +0100 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] The Wellmeant + Tunaflakes + Flannelmouth ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SiNews -- 22-Mar-98 -- by Erik Soderstrom -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Wellmeant + Tunaflakes + Flannelmouth ----------------------------------------- As previously reported in the news, Huskvarna poppers The Wellmeant are rehearsing for their upcoming April gigs in Finland. 24/4 in Tampere and 25/4 in Turku. What we didn't mention was that they will play together with Finnish bands Tunaflakes and Flannelmouth, on the last leg of their tour of Finland. Both bands release their debut CD EP:s in April. Tunaflakes' is called 'She'll Be Made Up' and is released on their own label 'Guar Records'. Flannelmouth's is called 'POP-OUT' and is released on _their_ own label 'Popvirus Records'. Also worth noting is that Antti, singer in the sadly no longer active old-time Scan-Indie favourite band Dada Girl, is playing bass in Tunaflakes (as their regular bass player is in England). The bands' complete tour date lists can be found on the Scandinavian Indie website (in the Gig Guide). //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 04:51:47 +0100 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Fidget With New Material ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SiNews -- 22-Mar-98 -- by Erik Soderstrom -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fidget With New Material ------------------------ Gothenburg's pride Fidget has now completed the recording of their new demo. Seven songs - Golden Neolife, My Mind's Elastic, Radiator, Living on Video (Fidget's synth cover of the phantoms of the 80s Trans-X), Rock'n'Roll Is Back Again (which I personally can guarantee is the best freaking song you'll ever hear), Road Rage, and Mirrors. The band has included some of these songs in their live sets lately, and they rock! So with this new demo together with the last one, Fidget are once again giving record labels and companies the chance to sign a really great band. Interested? Check out their new and utterly cool website: // Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 05:02:35 +0100 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Kent International ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SiNews -- 22-Mar-98 -- by Erik Soderstrom -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kent International (RCA/BMG) ---------------------------- One of the most domestically popular Swedish bands, Kent, have translated and re-recorded the material on their latest platinum album 'Isola' to English. In February, they were awarded with two Swedish Grammies - one for Best Group and one for Best Album. Their international launch is now just a question of time - in May they will be touring the UK together with The Supernaturals from Scotland. // Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 05:07:14 +0100 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] The Unknown Jay-Jay Johanson ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SiNews -- 22-Mar-98 -- by Erik Soderstrom -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Unknown Jay-Jay Johanson (Commando!/BMG Music Pub.) ------------------------------------------------------- Almost completely unknown in his own country (Sweden that is) but establishing a big name for himself in France is Jay-Jay Johanson. His chanson-inspired mini-album 'Whiskey' has earned him cult status there and in 1997 he has completed sold-out tours and seen countless radio and TV performances. The album has been, or is being, released in Austria, Belgium, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands. Jay-Jay's new full-length album is planned for April. Meanwhile, he is also in demand as a model for designer Jose Levy in France. [src:EXMS] // Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 05:11:38 +0100 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] Danish Festivals Update ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SiNews -- 22-Mar-98 -- by Erik Soderstrom -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Danish Festivals Update ----------------------- New bands added to some of the Danish festivals this summer this week: Roskilde Festival: ETA (DK) Midtfyn Festival : Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (AU), Anouk (NL), and Faith No More (US). More festivals: // Erik ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 11:16:57 +0200 (EET) From: "timo riitamaa." Subject: Re: CD pressing/mastering hendrik wrote: > I'm looking for contact information on companies in Scandinavia or > rest of Europe (preferrably closer to Estonia) that master and press CD-s. > I've already found DanDisc & Tocano in Denmark and Buhl Data Service & > Sonopress in Germany. There should certainly be more of them nearby. > > I wonder if they have such companies in Russia and former Eastern Block > countries as well? Nobody i know has had any major problems with vinyl or CDs at Gramofonove Zssvody in the Czech Republic. good, heavy vinyl. my friend did a run of 1000 of a compilation CD of usigned bands from Helsinki (Finnapalooza. mostly yuck), and those turned out allright. i'll myself be sending some noise pollution to be put on 7-inch slabs of plastic sometime in the nearby future. is their email. ask for the brochures through snail mail, since they're not really hot in the computer department. timo. ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 13:19:19 +0200 From: Subject: Fwd: The Ugly Things Repost & Email hiĘ i dont know if this might intrest any of you on this list. i just catch it at the BOMP! mailinglist and havent seen anyone mentioned it here and i have no idea if its a "normal" CD thats out here by SOOL or if its a special one for New Ugly things. j.n >X-To-Unsubscribe: Send e-mail to with "unsubscribe >bomp" in the body >X-Bomp-Web-Site: >X-BompList-Administrator: > > NEW UGLY THINGS IS HERE!!! > > > FEATURING:Union Carbide Productions * The Outsiders * > The Zombies * Bonzon Dog Band * Magic Sam * > The Creation * The Syn * The Pretty Things * > The Deviants * Black Cat Bones * The Homosexuals * > Buffalo Springfield * GROUPIES! DRUGS! COMMUNISTS! > Huge Review Section * 128 pages!! > > 1st 5000 copies: get a free CD by > "THE SOUNDTRACK OF OUR LIVES" > > send $6.00 (US/Canada),$9.00(overseas) > $10.00(Japan/Australia) to > UGLY THINGS, 3707 Fifth Ave. #145 > San Diego, CA. 92103 USA ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 21:47:59 +0200 (EET) From: "timo riitamaa." Subject: Re: More vain Candy trivia. I'm trying to locate and solve a little network problem i have now and then. could someone tell me if this message ever got through to the list. thanks! Olli wrote: > Also still remember the exact day in my early teens when Jussi showed me > a picture of a funny album cover. It had a banana or something on the > white backround... Yes kids! this is something we should all do! find the LP/CD with the banana on the white background! buy it! ... nah, i bet you all own it allready. things were different a few years ago, but then mainstream record reviewers understood that they need to have some credibility and found this record 30 years too late. i wonder will it take as long with Slanted & Enchanted, Alien Lanes, Rain Dogs, Intoxicated Boom Boom, Sister, This Is Not A Dream, Wormed By Leonard and countless other greats... atleast they're allready getting the drift on Ege Bamyasi. It's funny how they've always got one weirder thing they like to drop when they don't know what they're hearing. i think Trout Mask Replica is the classic in this genre... timo. ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 10:13:24 +0100 From: "Claes Nordling" Subject: SV: CD pressing/mastering Hi hendrik I know a good, cheap and professional one. I used it myself for a 7" vinyl of SAMHALLETS BOTTEN...(Villa, Vovve, Volvo) I've lost their mail, but their adress is coming here: Gramofonove zssvody a.s. Lodenice 26712 Tjeckien Tel: +420 60193387 Fax : +420 311672143 I'm not perfectly sure about the district codes The price for 500-600 7" in vinyl cost around 3.000-3.500 depending on the Deutsche Mark ! CD is a bit more, but not much, and it's taken care of professional...As a firtst customer you have to pay in advance though ! Good luck ! Claes Nordling (red. funbase) ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 12:17:10 +0100 (MET) From: Petter Tiilikainen Subject: Make Up in Umea and Brick+BQ in Lulea.. Hie, Make Up, Saidiwas, Refused and a 4th band that I can't remember are playing in Umea on the 7th of April. I don't know of any other swedish Make Up dates. Brick, Bear Quartet, Walter, Far Apart are playing at Ebeneser, Lulea on Friday, 27th of March. The doors open at 18:00 and entrance is 75 kr. /Petter ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 16:14:48 +0100 From: Jonas S Subject: Slowball Recordings - news (shameless promotion) I was glad to see a post about the IOTA/MOGWAI shows on the list. Anyone else who liked/disliked IOTA or MOGWAI? For those of you who liked IOTA I can infrom you that Slowball Recordings have released their debut 7" EP as well as some other fine recordings: Slowball 05: IOTA 7" EP. (release date: march 17) debut EP by the fine instrumentalists from Gothenburg. Post rock, kids! 4 fine tracks in that smell of Chicago and Kullavik. Slowball 06: PLUXUS 7" EP. (release date: march 17) vinyl-debut by the celebrated electronica-band from Stockholm. 5 tracks on a 7" gives you way more than you pay for. Slowball 07: AUTRO/GALOUCH split-tape. (release date: march 17) space rock form Autro and a little bit of Money Mark-ish tunes from the splendid GALOUCH (both swedish) Slowball 08: WIO "i can see where i am now" LP. (release date: march 17) Debut album (and the first full length on sloball) by the wonder-boy from Belgium. Brilliant lo-fi-pop songs mingle perfectly with weird instrumentals. Get it! Prices postpaid in Sweden/Scandinavia: 7"/7" EP = 40 kronor (abroad: 6 US-dollars) LP: 110 kronor (abroad: 16 US-dollars) tape: 30 kronor (abroad: 4. 50 US-dollars) older slowball-releases also avalible: 01: RELEASE CITY comp. cs., 02: PUSH KINGS 7", 03: PHLEGM/SIX CENTS & NATALIE split 7" EP, 04: PLUXUS cs. warmest regards, Jonas & Slowball recordings fax: +46-8-51010364 Vulcanusg. 10 (3 tr) Ph: +46-8-333483 113 21 Stockholm Sweden ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 22:38:55 +0100 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [NEWS] The Soundtrack of Our Lives on UK tour ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SiNews -- 23-Mar-98 -- by Erik Soderstrom -- ------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Soundtrack of Our Lives on UK tour -------------------------------------- The Soundtrack of Our Lives (Telegram/Warner) are on their way to the UK for an already sold out three week arena tour as the opening act for Kula Shaker (UK). A special UK only EP - 'Firmament Vacation' - is released in the UK on Coalision at the time of the start of the tour on March 25th. In Sweden, the new single 'Black Star' is released on April 4th, and their second album 'Extended Revelation' is out April 24th. Here's the complete UK tour: Kula Shaker (UK) + opening act: The Soundtrack of our Lives (S) 25/3 Torquay - Riviera Centre (UK) 26/3 Southhampton - Guildhall (UK) 27/3 Cambridge - Corn Exchange (UK) 29/3 Cardiff - Cardiff University (UK) 30/3 Nottingham - Rock City(UK) 1/4 Dundee - Caird Hall (UK) 2/4 Newcastle - Mayfair (UK) 4/4 Liverpool - Royal court (UK) 5/4 Leeds - Leeds Town & Country (UK) 6/4 Blackburn - King George Hall(UK) 8/4 Wolverhamton - Civic Hall (UK) 9/4 London - The Forum (UK) 10/4 London - The Forum (UK) //Erik ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 23:01:43 +0000 From: "Karl Morten Dahl" Subject: Motorpsycho in Sweden Do yourself a favour and go here: 1998-03-25: Stockholm, (S), Fritz Corner 1998-03-26: Linkoping, (S), Herrgar'n 1998-03-27: Goteborg, (S), Pusterviksbaren Kalle ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 23 Mar 1998 17:35:21 EST From: Spunko13 Subject: Baby Snufkin (USA) We're headed out on the road for a couple months. Could you take us off the list til we return? It has been very informative. Keep an eye out for us whereever you are. We may just pop up unexpectedly. Thanks. More soon. Scrote Baby Snufkin ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 04:27:24 +0100 From: Erik Soderstrom Subject: [GIGS] Luger Tour List [24-Mar-98] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Luger Tour List UPDATE Scandinavian Indie March 24th, 1998 by Erik Soderstrom ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCANDINAVIAN: BAD CASH QUARTET (S) - Telegram / Warner *NEW* May 02 Stockholm (S) Studion w/Broder Daniel (S) May 07 Malmo (S) KB w/Broder Daniel (S) May 09 Gothenburg (S) Karen w/Broder Daniel (S) May 12 Lund (S) Palladium w/Broder Daniel (S) BRODER DANIEL (S) - Dolores / MD *NEW* Apr 24 Helsingborg (S) Tivoli May 02 Stockholm (S) Studion w/Bad Cash Quartet (S) May 07 Malmo (S) KB w/Bad Cash Quartet (S) May 09 Gothenburg (S) Karen w/Bad Cash Quartet (S) May 12 Lund (S) Palladium w/Bad Cash Quartet (S) CAESARS PALACE (S) - Dolores / MD *NEW* Apr 04 Umea (S) Umea Open festival Apr 07 Lund (S) Palladium Apr 16 Stockholm (S) Studion Apr 17 Uppsala (S) Kalmar Nation Apr 30 Goteborg (S) Playground May 01 Boras (S) TBA May 02 Norrkoping (S) Tattoo Convention FIRESIDE (S) - Startracks / BMG Jun 13 Hultsfred (S) Hultsfred Festival New Date HONEY IS COOL (S) - MVG Records / MD Mar 31 Stockholm (S) Studion New Date w/Acetone(US) MONSTER (S) - MVG Records / MD Mar 26 Drammen (N) Union CANCELLED LOOSEGOATS (S) - Startracks / House Of Kicks Apr 03 Umea (S) Umea Open festival New support: Ward J REFUSED (S) - Burning Heart / House Of Kicks + FRODUS (US) - Tooth & Nail - between Apr 09 - May 03 + INK & DAGGER (US) - Ignition - between May 18 - 28 Apr 03 Umea (S) Umea Open New Date Apr 09 Ostersund (S) Tingshuset New Date Apr 10 Sundsvall (S) Pipeline New Date Apr 11 Sandviken (S) Kungen New Date Apr 12 Boras (S) Rockborgen New Date w/Make-Up(US) Apr 13 Lund (S) Smalands Nation New Date w/Make-Up(US) Apr 14 Halmstad (S) Diezel New Date Apr 17 Torsby (S) TBA New Date Apr 18 Eskilstuna (S) TBA New Date Apr 19 Alvesta (S) Pop Corner New Date Apr 20 Svedala (S) Smurf New Date Apr 21 Karlskrona (S) MF Oden New Date Apr 22 Hassleholm (S) Perrong 23 New Date Apr 23 Angelholm (S) Gottwalds New Date Apr 25 Kungsbacka (S) Kingston New Date Apr 26 Oskarshamn (S) TBA New Date Apr 27 Taby (S) Vita Huset New Date Apr 28 Nykoping (S) TBA New Date May 02 Lulea (S) TBA New Date May 03 Pitea (S) Grossen New Date May 18 Brighton (UK) The Albert New Date May 19 Bristol (UK) The Sk8 and Ride New Date May 20 Bradford (UK) The 1 in 12 Club New Date May 21 Glasgow (UK) Nice and Sleazies New Date May 25 Wigan (UK) TBA New Date May 26 Newcastle (UK) The Cumberland Arms New Date May 28 London (UK) The Red Eye New Date Jun 13 Hultstfred (S) Hultsfred festival New Date WARD J (S) - Nons / MD Apr 03 Umea (S) Umea Open festival New s.: Loosegoats ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NON-SCANDINAVIAN: ACETONE (US) - Vapor / Warner Mar 28 Copenhagen (DK) Lille Vega Venue Decided Mar 31 Stockholm (S) Studion New s.: Honey Is Cool COMMON (US) - Sony + X-ECUTIONERS (US) Apr 16 Stockholm (S) Nova Venue Changed COMPANY FLOW (US) - Rawkus / MNW ILR - MD Apr 05 Stockholm (S) Nova From 03, w/Mos Def(US) MAKE-UP (US) - Dischord / Border *NEW* Apr 05 Oslo (N) So What Apr 06 Molde (N) TBA Apr 08 Umea (S) Hamnmagasinet Apr 09 Sandviken (S) Kungen Apr 11 Stockholm (S) Fritz's Corner Apr 12 Boras (S) Rockborgen w/Refused & Frodus(US) Apr 13 Lund (S) Smalands Nation w/Refused & Frodus(US) NINJA TUNE PACKAGE TOUR (UK) - Ninja Tune / Border *NEW* = Chocolate Weasels, DJ Vadim, Kid Koala, Si Begg & Amon Tobin May 12 Gothenburg (S) Pusterviksbaren May 13 Stockholm (S) Nova ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The COMPLETE Luger Tour List is posted to the mailing list now and then. More tour dates: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ End of Scandinavian Indie Digest Vol.98 #30 ********************************************
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