Scandinavian Indie Digest Vol.4 Issue #25 [The Scandinavian Indie]


Vol.4 #25

June 3rd, 1997

There are 13 messages totalling 926 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Kukl 2. Stockholm popfest report? 3. Sin's Music on the TV [30-May-97] 4. Sin's Music on the Radio [02-Jun-97] 5. Luger Tour List [01-Jun-97] 6. Motor Tour List [01-Jun-97] 7. Skrikhult Tour List [01-Jun-97] 8. Eggstone on Dorian compilation 9. Cardigans (on Beverly Hills) 10. Gig reviews (2) 11. emmaboda comp. 12. Sin's CD Reviews - V/A "Mersmak Rasslebygd 1997" --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 09:57:31 -0400 (EDT) From: Chris Forsberg Subject: Re: Kukl On Sat, 31 May 1997, Timo Riitamaa wrote: > At 12.57 29.5.1997 -0400, you wrote: > >This is probably a long-shot but is there *anyone* on here who might > >possess, or *know* of someone who might possess video or audio footage of > >the Roskilde Festival from years gone by? I'm specifically interested in > >footage of Kukl, a very experimental, gothic Icelandic band that contained > >several members who went on to form the Sugarcubes (Bjork one of them). > >The year would've been 1984 or 1985, I'm pretty sure. > > is this the band that had Dr. Gunni in it? if so, you could always ask Bad > Vugum... No, Gunni wasn't in Kukl.....I think you are maybe confusing them with Unun (Unun has Gunni plus Thor Eldon, who *used* to be in the Sugarcubes). This band Kukl was pre-Sugarcubes....very very different musically; they were almost 180 degrees opposite in style. Chris ------------------------------- Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 17:52:56 -0700 From: (minigo & xander) Subject: Stockholm popfest report? Yoo-hoo... We're anxiously awaiting reports of the popfest from last night in Stockholm. Did anyone manage to tape Red Sleeping Beauty/Cessna's 20 min. improv medley of Citrus songs? Is it true Tomi fainted in the middle of his guitar solo? e & a --------------------------------- Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 03:36:31 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Music on the TV [30-May-97] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE TV Scandinavian Indie May 30 -> June 5 by Erik Soderstrom ( Day Date Artist/What TV Program Channel Time --- ----- ---------------------- ------------------- ----------- ----- Fri 30/5 Best of... Live'n'Loud MTV Europe 18.30 Sat 31/5 En Kv{ll Med Luuk En Kv{ll Med Luuk TV 4 16.30 R The Doors Film Kanal 5 22.00 Sun 1/6 Video Top List Toppen ZTV 17.15 Mon 2/6 Manic Street Preachers, The Charlatans, Nut, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Jamiroquai White Room ZTV 19.15 The Cardigans Documentary TV 3 20.55 Tue 3/6 Video Top List Toppen ZTV 19.15 R Musikmagasinet Musikmagasinet ZTV 20.00 Rock Am Ring 97 Highlights MTV Europe 21.30 Alternative Nation Alternative Nation MTV Europe 00.00 Hotel Babylon Hotel Babylon TV 4 01.35 R Wed 4/6 - Thu 5/6 Finnish Top List Lista FTV 17.40 En Kv{ll Med Luuk En Kv{ll Med Luuk TV 4 20.30 Musikmagasinet Musikmagasinet ZTV 00.05 R R = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 03:36:53 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Music on the Radio [02-Jun-97] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE RADIO Scandinavian Indie June 2 -> 8 by Erik Soderstrom ( Day Date Artist Recorded --- ----- ------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Mon 2/6 Vic Chesnutt G|teborg, Pusterviks Bar 24-Jan-97 Tue 3/6 Svenne Rubins Hudiksvall 25-Apr-97 Wed 4/6 TBA Thu 5/6 Live Stockholm, Cirkus 06-Apr-97 Sun 8/6 & Best of Hultsfred 96 Hultsfred, Festival -96 This list covers the Swedish National Channel P3's "Live" - at 21.03-22.00 '*' = 18.03-19.00 '&' = 17.00-19.00. (R) = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 03:37:12 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Luger Tour List [01-Jun-97] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie COMPLETE Luger Tour List Scandinavian Indie June 1st, 1997 by Erik Soderstrom ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCANDINAVIAN: BREACH (S) - Burning Heart / MD Jun 13 Hultsfred (S) Hultsfred Festival ENTOMBED (S) - Music For Nations / MNW ILR Jun 1 Stockholm (S) Mera Hitlatar Jun 13 Hultsfred (S) Festival Jun 28 Roskilde (DK) Roskilde Festival New Date Jul 4 Kristiansand (N) Quart Festival Date Changed Jul 5 Kristianstad (S) Tivolirock New Date Jul 25 Pitea (S) Pitea Dansar & Ler New Date Aug 29 Trondheim (N) Nedre Elvehavn FIRESIDE (S) - Startracks/BMG / House Of Kicks Jun 06 Linkoping (S) Universitetet Jul 12 Arvika (S) Arvika Festival Jul 25 Stockholm (S) Lollipop Aug 16 Karlstad (S) Mariebergsskogen THE HELLACOPTERS (S) - White Jazz / HOK Jun 1 Stockholm (S) Mera Hitlatar Jun 6 Stockholm (S) Granslosa New Date Jun 7 Sandviken (S) Parkrock Jun 12 Hultsfred (S) Festival Jun 13 Karlshamn (S) Festival Jun 14 Stockholm (S) Stadion w/KISS Jun 15 Stockholm (S) Stadion w/KISS Jun 17 Helsingfors (SF) Hartwall w/KISS Jun 19 Oslo (N) Spektrum w/KISS Jun 21 Kopenhamn (DK) Valbyparken w/KISS Jun 27 Roskilde (DK) Roskilde Festival New Date Jul 11 Sundsvall (S) Festival Jul 25 Pitea (S) Pitea Dansar & Ler New Date HONEY IS COOL (S) - MVG Records / MD Jul 12 Arvika (S) Arvika Festival Aug 08 Emmaboda (S) Emmaboda Festival Aug 10 Stockholm (S) Stockholm Water Festival KOMEDA (S) - Nons-MD / PLR / Minty Fresh Jun 12 Hultsfred (S) Festival Jul 26 Stockholm (S) Lollipop LOOSEGOATS (S) - Startracks / House Of Kicks Jun 12 Hultsfred (S) Festival Jul 12 Arvika (S) Festival Jul 26 Stockholm (S) Lollipop Aug 01 Hassleholm (S) Sommarfesten MONSTER (S) - Startracks / House Of Kicks Jun 01 Stockholm (S) Mera Hitlatar Jun 14 Hultsfred (S) Hultsfred Festival REFUSED (S) - Startracks / House Of Kicks Jun 04 Norrtalje (S) Sporthallen City Changed w/Jumper Jul 12 Arvika (S) Festival SINDY KILLS ME (S) - Beat That / MD Jun 01 Stockholm (S) Mera Hitlatar SPACE AGE BABY JANE (S) - Telegram / WEA Jul 11 Arvika (S) Arvikafestivalen STARMARKET (S) - Dolores / MD Jun 09 Umea (S) Station Jul 04 Oskarshamn (S) Festival Jul 12 Arvika (S) Festivalen STICKBOY (S) - A Westside Fabriaction / MD Jun 01 Stockholm (S) Mera Hitlatar TEDDYBEARS STHLM (S) - MVG Records / MD Jun 06 Linkoping (S) Universitetet Jun 13 Sundsvall (S) Folkets Park ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NON-SCANDINAVIAN: IGNITE (US) - Revelation Records / Border Jul 05 Oskarshamn (S) Festival SAMIAM (US) - Burning Heart / MD Jun 05 Vanersborg (S) TBA Jun 06 Linkoping (S) Skylten New Date Jun 07 Orebro (S) Contan Jun 09 Umea (S) Station Jun 11 Goteborg (S) Underground SKANKIN' PICKLE (US) - Dill Records / Import + CRANK (AUS) - Onefoot Rec. / House Of Kicks Jun 01 Stockholm (S) Mera Hitlatar SPOOKEY RUBEN (CAN) - EMI + KING COBB STEELIE (CAN) - EMI Jun 12 Goteborg (S) Underground ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Luger Tour List UPDATES are posted three/four times a month. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 03:37:31 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Motor Tour List [01-Jun-97] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie COMPLETE Motor Tour List Scandinavian Indie June 1st, 1997 by Erik Soderstrom ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCANDINAVIAN: 59 times the pain Burning Heart 12/7 Belgium - Dour Festival 13/7 Belgium - Sjock Festival Absent Minded Beverage *NEW* 12/6 Hultsfred - Festival bob hund Silence *NEW* 12/6 Hultsfred - Festival The Cardigans Stockholm Records 1/6 Mexico City - Metropolitan Theatre 13/6 Hultsfred (S) - Festival 14/6 Talinn (EE) - Summerrock 15/6 Seinajoki (SF) - Provinssirock 21/6 Hamburg - Hurricane Festival 27/6 Skelleftea (S) - Festival 28/6 Lissabon - Ritmos & Blues Festival 11/7 Cleveland - Agora Theatre 12/7 Columbus - Newport Music Hall 13/7 Indianapolis - Egytian Room 14/7 Cincinnati - Bogart's 15/7 Pittsburgh - Metropol 17/7 Toronto - Molson Amphitheatre 18/7 Detroit - Pine Knob 19/7 Detroit - Pine Knob 20/7 Rochester - Finger Lakes P.A.C 22/7 Boston - Great Woods 24/7 Hartford - The Meadows 25/7 Wantagh - Jones Beach 26/7 Holmdel - PNC Bank Arts Center 27/7 Philadelphia - Mann Music Center 29/7 Washington DC - Merriweather Post 30/7 Norfolk - The Boathouse 2/8 Maui - Maui Arts & Cultural Centre 3/8 Oahu - Kualoe Ranch 8/8 Emmaboda (S) - Festival 14/8 Stockholm (S) - Stockholm Water Festival 16/8 Karlstad (S) - Barncancerfonden 22/8 The Netherlands - Lowlands Festival 23/8 Reading - Festival 24/8 Thurles - Festival Eggstone Snap/MNW *NEW* 14/6 Hultsfred - Festival Fidget Mega *NEW* 12/6 Hultsfred - Festival 12/7 Arvika - Festival 8/8 Emmaboda - Festival Fivel NONS 6/6 Stockholm - Granslosa '97 11/7 Arvika - Festival New Date 8/8 Emmaboda - Festival -9/8 New Date Liberator Burning Heart + Voodo Glow Skulls (US) 11/6 - 26/6 11/6 Oslo (N) - Rockefeller 13/6 Copenhagen (DK) - Loppen 23/6 Nijmegen - Doornroojse 24/6 Einhoven - Effenaar 25/6 Rotterdam - Nighttown 26/6 Amsterdam - Melkweg 10/7 Tampere (SF) - Tulli club New Date 11/7 Helsinki (SF) - Tavastia New Date 12/7 Juensu (SF) - Illosaari rock New Date Millencolin Burning Heart 1/6 Osnabruck - Hyde Park 13/6 Proviinsii rock (SF) New Date 14/6 Hultsfred (S) - Festival New Date 2/7 Phoenix - Vet Memorial 3/7 San Diego - Del Mar/SDSA 4/7 Los Angeles - Olympic Velodrome 5/7 Lake Tahoe - Boreal Ridge 6/7 San Francisco - Pier 8/7 Seattle - Pier 9/7 Vancouver - UPC Upper Grounds 10/7 Calgary - TBA 12/7 Salt Lake City - Fairgrounds 13/7 Denver - CuFields 16/7 Winnipeg - TBA 17/7 Minneapolis - Mall Of America 18/7 Chicago - TBA 19/7 Toronto - Mosport Race Track 20/7 Montreal - Hippodrome Parking 21/7 Buffalo - TBA 22/7 Cleveland - Agora Ballroom 23/7 Detroit - Cellar Door/Ritual 24/7 Pittsburgh - IC Light 25/7 New York Area - TBA 26/7 Asbury Park - Stone Point Lot 27/7 Cape Cod - Falmout 29/7 TBA - TBA 30/7 Atlanta - TBA 31/7 Panama City - Club La Vela 1/8 Jacksonville - Metro Park 2/8 Miami - Bayfront 3/8 Florida - TBA 5/8 Texas - TBA 14/8 Koln - Popcom 15/8 Koln - Bizzare Festival 16/8 TBA 17/8 TBA 18/8 TBA 19/8 Barcelona - TBA 20/8 Belgium - Puckelpop 23/8 The Netherlands - Lowland 24/8 England - Reading 9/9 Brazil, Rio de Janerio 10/9 Santos 11/9 Sao Paulo 12/9 Campinas 13/9 Belo Horizonte 14/9 Victoria 17/9 Curitiba 18/9 Porto Alegre 19/9 Argentina, Buenos Aires 20/9 Argentina, Buenos Aires No fun at All Burning Heart 28/6 Losheim - Festival 5/7 Buschsachen - Mind Over Matter Festival 11/7 Belgium - Dour Festival 12/7 Bremen - Hardpop days 13/7 Belgium - Sjock Festival Peace Love & Pitbulls MVG *NEW* 14/6 Hultsfred - Festival Randy Dolores *NEW* 14/6 Hultsfred - Festival Satanic Surfers Burning Heart 28/6 Belgium - Rock herk Silverbullet Fine Tune Recordings 1/6 Stockholm - Grona Lund 2/6 Norrkoping - Palace 3/6 Vasteras - Extremes 4/6 Eskilstuna - Skylight 5/6 Uppsala - Sten Sture & Co 12/6 Hultsfred - Festival New Date 26/6 Roskilde (DK) - Festival New Date S.P.O.C.K Subspace Comm. *NEW* 13/6 Hultsfred - Festival The Soundtrack of our Lives Wea *NEW* 6/6 Goteborg - Chalmers Sommarklubb 12/6 Hultsfred - Festival 27/6 Skelleftea - Festival 28/6 Roskilde (DK) - Festival 5/7 Kristianstad - Tivolirock 25/7 Stockholm - Lollipop 26/7 Gotland - Hide 1/8 Ostersund - Storsjoyran 8/8 Emmaboda - Festival 14/8 Stockholm - Stockholm Water Festival The Super Eight Group Universal/Uppers *NEW* 13/6 Hultsfred - Festival This Perfect Day MNW 6/6 Falkoping 13/6 Hultsfred - Festival The Wannadies BMG *NEW* 13/6 Hultsfred - Festival ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NON-SCANDINAVIAN: Biohazard (US) WEA *NEW* 14/6 Proviinsiirock (SF) Bloodhound gang (US) Universal *NEW* + support Nerf Herder (US) BMG 13/8 Oslo (N) - Rockefeller 14/8 Malmo (S) - KB 15/8 Copenhagen (DK) - Vega Blur (UK) EMI 14/8 Stockholm - Stockholm Water Festival Boo Yaa T.R.I.B.E. (US) Samoa 10/7 Copenhagen (DK) - Vega, Lille Sal Buckshot Le Fonque (US) Sony *NEW* 30/6 Stockholm - Electric Garden Die Toten Hosen (D) Virgin 19/6 Nummirock (SF) - Nummijarvi EMI Showcase EMI Feat. Spookey Ruben & King Cobb Steelie 11/6 Copenhagen (DK) - Vega, Lille sal Front 242 (B) MNW 12/7 Arvika - Festival The Jayhawks (US) BMG *NEW* 1/6 Copenhagen (DK) - Loppen Lagwagon (US) + Satanic Surfers + No Fun At All 24/6 Mannheim - Alte Feuerwache 25/6 Munich - Babylon 26/6 Gottingen - Outpost 27/6 Dortmiund - Openair Redd Kross (US) Polygram 5/6 Oslo (N) - So What 6/6 Malmo - KB 7/6 Stockholm - Studion 8/6 Goteborg - Harry's Playground Seahorses (UK) Universal 2/6 Stockholm - Studion Silverchair (AU) *NEW* 13/8 Stockholm - Stockholm Water Festival Supergrass (UK) EMI 3/10 Malmo - KB 4/10 Stockholm - Electric Garden 5/10 Oslo (N) - Rockefeller 7/10 Copenhagen (DK) - Pumpehuset Voodo Glow Skulls (US) Epitpah/Border + Support Liberator* 11/6 Oslo (N) - Rockefeller* 12/6 Hultsfred - Festival 13/6 Copenhagen (DK) - Loppen* Walkabouts (US) Virgin *NEW* 23/9 Arhus (DK) - Huset 24/9 Copenhagen (DK) - Pumpehuset 25/9 Oslo (N) - Rockefeller 26/9 Stockholm - Studion 27/9 Malmo - KB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- FESTIVALS: Hultsfred Festival 1997 12-14 June Rockparty/Motor New Artists ----------- Mary Beats Jane (S), Rammstein (D), Son Volt (US) Cancelled: ---------- Goldfinger (US), Reverend Horton Heat (US), Mansun (UK), Marilyn Manson (US) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Motor Tour List UPDATES are posted three/four times a month. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Date: Sun, 1 Jun 1997 03:37:50 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Skrikhult Tour List [01-Jun-97] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie COMPLETE Skrikhult Tour List Scandinavian Indie June 1st, 1997 by Erik Soderstrom ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCANDINAVIAN: A-BOMBS - Outside Soceity / House of Kicks *NEW* 28/6 Svarttorp Svarttorps Festival 20/7 Angelholm Tullakrok BRAZZAVILLE - Deaf'n Dumb / Border *NEW* 8/6 Uppsala Fyris Festival CANDYSUCK - StarTracks / House of Kicks (w/Hipshot Prod.) 4/6 Stockholm Studion 14/6 Hultsfred Festival 24/7 Sundsvall Stora Torget New Date COCA CAROLA - Beat Butchers / MD 6/6 Stockholm Granslosa New Date 26/7 Trelleborg TBA 2/8 Aseda Emmaus Bjorka NINE - StarTracks / House of Kicks (w/ Luger Prod.) 14/6 Hultsfred Festival 12/7 Arvika Festival SONIC SURF CITY - Trampolene / Polygram 9/8 Emmaboda Festival Date Decided BENGT SANDH - Own / (-) 14/6 Hultsfred Festival TURBONEGRO (N) - Boomba / House of Kicks *NEW* 13/6 Hultsfred Festival ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NON-SCANDINAVIAN: G.B.H (UK) - We Bite / House of Kicks 13/6 Hultsfred Festival ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Skrikhult Tour List UPDATES are posted three/four times month. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Date: Sun, 01 Jun 97 17:42:00 -0100 From: (Johan Jeppsson) Subject: Eggstone on Dorian compilation Is the compilation featuring the theme from "Thoors Oega" out yet? Is it possible to buy the record straight from the record company (a while back there was talk of turning the compilations into a swedish Volume kid of thing)? Great gig when they played at Blekingska nationen in Lund some weeks ago, even though they didn't play "Happiest fool". Johan Jeppsson -------------------------------- Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 01:00:01 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Re: Cardigans (on Beverly Hills) On Wed, 28 May 1997, Blue Studio Productions wrote about: Cardigans (on Beverly Hills) > Did anyone see Cardigans on Late Show with David Letterman? I know > Sweden gets the show...They were on a few months ago, and were pretty > ok, except maybe a little lacking in stage prescence, in my opinion. > They played something other than Lovefool and I can't remember the > name, only that it didn't strike me as a great song, at least not the > first time I heard it (but of course I never 'write off' songs until I > listen to them at least 3-4 times. You gotta give music a chance to get > to ya) Yeah, I'm a sucker for the Late Show - though I was almost a bit embarrassed when The Cardigans were there (didn't they play "Been It"?). I'm not sure why though, perhaps because it sounded somewhat thin, Nina's voice, the instruments, well everything. And the "stage performance" was a bit stale as well. Or maybe it's because they're from Sweden and I kind of feel they represent this country in some way, and hoped they'd put on a killer performance to show what a great band they are. Or something. :-) //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 01:00:20 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Re: Gig reviews On Wed, 28 May 1997, (Jan Sundstrom) wrote about: Gig reviews > A good week in stockholm, four gigs on five days. Sure looks like it. Well, once again one has to pull one's hair in agony because one lives somewhat far from the metropolitan and packed with great music and events every day of the week- capital of Sweden. I'll probably be bald before I know it... > Friday. Aquadays and The Wellmeant - Tre Backar > Stupid me got to late to this, and missed most of aquadays gig. When I > got in at 21.00, they played June (featured on Scan Indie tape), a > wonderful, ethereal flowing thing. Then there was Daydreamer, and that > was it. I had to kick myself hard for not getting there in time. Heh, it sure is hard to get to that place in time - when Shallow and Aquadays played, we got there just when Shallow were finished, but we got to see the full Aquadays set at least - which (of course) was worth every penny. > Aquadays was pure synth at this gig, just Martin (?) on a Juno 60, Lisa > (?) on a Farfisa organ and lovely Sara on vocals. Martin said he > intentionally left his gutar at home, to make the sound tonight more > "synth". Wow, was it beautiful! Like Slowdive, Sundays, but also a lot > like Stereolab and early Kraftwerk. Aha - I didn't know that he did that! Did you, by any chance, bring your little portable box of magic to save this event for future generations? > Hey, noone told me that the singer in Wellmeant was sooo gorgeous. She > really had star quality. But very small, looked like 16. Very bright, > seductive voice, somewhere between Alison (Cranes) and 60 girlie pop > (Go Go's). Ha ha - yeah, she's definitely a beautiful girl, and with her voice adding to the effect, it's almost like if she and Cranes-Alison were relatives or something. :-) > Monday. Grand Tune Music - Prinsen > So this was the premiere everybody has been waiting for, GTM's first > gig after reforming from Salt. The band is Nina on song and guitar, Jim > on drums, and the new one: Daniel Latt (sp?) on hammond organ. > You instantly miss the bass, that was so characteristical for Salt's > sound. This is lighter, more harmonic, and Nina doesn't even scream > anymore. Someone joked that they play country. Maybe not, but they even > play some major chords now. It was only 25-30 minutes, but I liked it. > The organ built the songs and took you high, monotonous, repetative tones > going on and on... Wait a second - are you saying they have moved into the Mojave 3 field, but added a couple of ounces of drone to the recipe? And with a Hammond (which Mojave 3 have added on their to-be-released- in 1998 album) it sounds like it just can't fail with me. Do you know on what label they'll release their album? Oh, and aren't they called "Grand Tone Music"? I've recently seen it spelled like that on the Emmaboda "merchandise". //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 01:00:34 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Re: emmaboda comp. On Fri, 30 May 1997, Mats L wrote about: emmaboda comp. > I don't want to review it, since I'm in a band myself, but the SOBSISTER > song is damn fucking great! 10 times better than anything else they have > made ever before. I completely agree - it's the track I put on repeat whenever I listen to the album even. :-) Someone (with money and a label) simply _must_ realise there are a number of great unsigned bands out there. I wish I had the cash needed (but then again, I have been doing that for years and years). I'll post a review of the CD in a minute by the way. And (Jan Sundstrom) wrote: > Haven't seen it, but it ought to be good, judging by the amazing amount > of good bands on this year. I mean: Honey Is Cool, Grand Tone Music, > Aquadays, Fidget, Silverbullet, Bob Hund, Soundtrack OOL, Yvonne, what > else do you need to be convinced. (did i hear Monostar?! ;-) What? Will Aqudays play at the festival!???!? Are you sure? > I skip Hultsfred, Lollipop, Water Festival, Arvika - Emmaboda rules out > the rest. Can't miss The Charlatans, Sahara Hotnights, Bob, Scott, Fidget, Bob Hund, SoOL, Loosegoats, Mopeds, Komeda, Petrol, Him Kerosene, Monostar, Wannadies, Cardigans, Super Eight Group, Cinnamon, Eggstone and Red House Painters - so Hultsfred is a must this year. :-) //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 01:01:10 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's CD Reviews - V/A "Mersmak Rasslebygd 1997" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie SCANDINAVIAN CD REVIEWS Scandinavian Indie June 2nd, 1997 by Erik Soderstrom ( "Never paid, always honest." Contents: Various - "Mersmak Rasslebygd 1997" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- V/A - "Mersmak Rasslebygd 1997", BEAT 014, Beat That! Rec. 1997, Time: 74.34 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Eggstone - "Suffocation at Sea" (demo 91) (3.18) 2. Honey Is Cool - "Waiter" (pu) (3.51) 3. Tambureens - "Heartbreakers" (pu) (2.07) 4. Silverbullet - "Hacker II" (pu) (6.03) 5. Robot - "Bona Fide" (b-side) (2.33) 6. Yvonne - "Modern Love" (demo 96) (3.36) 7. Stargazer - "Never Thought" (pu) (3.33) 8. Sideshow Bob - "Whitetrash Looser" (pu) (3.23) 9. Sobsister - "Weeo" (pu) (2.36) 10. Mazarine Street - "Supercop" (promo b-side) (3.05) 11. Sonic Surf City - "Cheater Slicks" (1.35) 12. This Perfect Day - "High & Stupid" (reaggae version) (6.44) 13. Dipper - "Tie Break" (2.21) 14. Broder Daniel - "Sitting Out In The Cold" (demo 89) (4.43) 15. Bent Spanner Arty Banner - "Short Career" (pu) (4.50) 16. The Wellmeant - "No.1" (pu) (3.16) 17. Dim - "Mickey Mouse" (pu) (5.29) 18. Bad Cash Quartet - "I Can't Breath" (pu) (2.28) 19. Cry - "Stick Myself Inside" (demo) (3.53) 20. Fidget - "My Prawns" (pu) (2.52) 21. Backfish - "Green & Garlic" (pu) (2.16) pu = previously unreleased 89, 91, 96 = recorded 1989, 1991, 1996 Scandinavian Indie Review: This is the Emmaboda Festival 1997 CD compilation released to promote the festival this year. The festival takes place between August 8 - 9 in Emmaboda (southeastern Sweden). Subtitled "Mersmak" (roughly translated: "Craving for more"), the compilation keeps it's promise, and I have picked out the, IMHO, best songs for this review. New thing: grades! 2/5 means 2 out of 5, 5 being the top grade. Here is the scale: 1 - not a chance, 2 - nothing I'd buy , 3 - good, 4 - great, 5 - fantastic. Yvonne - "Modern Love" (demo version) Uh, well yeah, it definitely must be a demo version. It feels so slow, stuck to the floor with bubblegum, it's almost painful to listen to when you know how the result (the single/album version) sounds. But then again, it is interesting to hear what it sounded like once upon a time. 3/5 Fidget - "My Prawns" (pu) Umm.. well, it's included on their album, so it definitely has been released before. (ie. see the album review on the SIN website). 5/5 Backfish - "Green & Garlic" (pu) Beautiful. Sounds like the pre-Ken Stringfellow Backfish I treasure and love. I don't know if it was recorded before he came into the picture or not, but it doesn't matter, because it's a great song. When I first heard it, I instantly compared it to a Juliana Hatfield song, so that's the reference I'm going to give right now as well. 4/5 Eggstone - "Suffocation At Sea" (demo from 1991) I don't have the "Eggstone In San Diego" album from 1992 where the final version of this song appears, but if the demo is this good, the album version should be simply fantastic. I'm an Eggstone buff and I haven't found anything with them that I haven't liked. This one included. What can I say - it's an Eggstone song. 4/5 Sobsister - "Weeo" (pu) Didn't they play this one on the "Soda" TV show a couple of years ago? I taped it, but I can't find it right now. It sounds like a song I have heard before at least. Anyway, it's the best song on the compilation for sure. Tough and heavy guitars and devastatingly addictive vocals - begging sort of. It's way too short though - only 2:36. 5/5 Sideshow Bob - "Whitetrash Looser" (pu) I thought it was Loosegoats when I heard it - but looking at the cover I realised it was their younger brothers. The singer is the Loosegoats singer's younger brother, the drummer is the Loosegoats bassist's younger brother, the bassist goes on the road with Loosegoats helping out, and the second guitar player used to play with the Loosgoats bassist's old band. No wonder they sound like this. 4/5 Stargazer - "Never Thought" (pu) This is somewhat of a mix between melodic rock and shoegaze. Disted/muffled vocals together with enough guitars to make a wall here, rock-ish and screamy guitars with a fast pace drum beat there. Actually, I was only kidding about the shoegaze. This is just pure melodic rock. ;-) 2/5 Mazarine Street - "Supercop" (b-side from promo EP) I like Mazarine Streen enough to compare them to The Soundtrack of Our Lives / Union Carbide Productions. At least, IMHO, that is the case here. This could easily have been an old UCP song or a SoOL b-side. Water effect filled honest vocals and enough groove to the rock to make anyone dig it. 3/5 Dipper - "Tie Break" (pu) A trypical Dipper song. Mysterious breaks, a somewhat annoying song and vocals, but still good. It's hard to describe what they sound like to someone who has not heard them, so I guess this is somewhat of a useless task. 3/5 Bent Spanner Arty Banner - "Short Career" (pu) They are still in the "lo-fi with a weird twist" field if you ask me. Like Dipper, they use strange breaks, everything from almost completely silent sections where only a high-toned electric guitar sound can be heard to mayhem, chaos, screams, where the hellish Sebadoh songs comes to mind. 3/5 The Wellmeant - "No.1" (pu) I really don't have to review this band, do I? You all know what I think of them - amazing, beautiful, gorgeous, fantastic, wonderful (etc.) A mix between Harriet Wheeler (Sundays) vocals, drone guitars and organ/synth. Say something close to My Bloody Valentine with Harriet Wheeler on vocals and you understand what I mean. 5/5 Dim - "Mickey Mouse" (pu) Isn't it amazing? Yes, it is true. Dim definitely fits in the dreamy/shoegaze/floating pop genre that is so close to my heart. It is amazing to see more and more bands appearing there these days. Loads of guitar-walls, synth (violin sound), female vocals (though sometimes she sounds like a Cranberries-Dolores wannabe, which is disturbing). Hopefully the Dolores-effect will go away soon, creating a new star in my sky. 4/5 The rest receive a grade between 1-2. Actually, only Broder Daniel receives a 1. And yes, Bad Cash Quartet's song is really spelled "I Can't Breath" and Sideshow Bob's song is really spelled "Whitetrash Looser". But considering that most of the 21 songs on the CD are good, a number of them great and a few fantastic (and you don't want to miss these, believe me), I highly recommend this compilation. It really gives you an idea of what's happening on the Swedish popscene today. Total grade: 4/5 (4 out of 5) Contact Information: Record Label: Festival Organizers: Beat That! Records Vinterbadarna Box 147 Rasslebygd 343 22 Almhult 361 33 Emmaboda SWEDEN SWEDEN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- All CD reviews are available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 2 Jun 1997 01:01:26 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Re: Gig reviews On Fri, 30 May 1997, Michael Rehnstrom wrote about: Gig reviews >> Friday. Aquadays and The Wellmeant - Tre Backar >> Wellmeant gave more of the normal indie band feel, with some Dino JR >> guys on guitar, bass, and drums. Then there was one girl on organ and >> another on vocals. (Sorry, didn't catch their names.) > > The girl on organ must be a new member or just an accompanying musician. Umm, she actually joined the band at the Linkoping gig a couple of months ago. Her name is Monica. > I also have to agree about Marikas voice and I would also like to > add Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles) when describing it. When it comes to the > part about "conventional and mainstream indie pop": ehhh, well, no more > agreement from my side, I think ;-) I agree on both things. :-) Ie. Susanna Hoffs is a good reference, and "conventional and mainstream indie pop" isn't what I would call their music. :-) //Erik ( ------------------------------ End of SIN Digest #4.25 ***********************
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