Scandinavian Indie Digest Vol.4 Issue #20 [The Scandinavian Indie]


Vol.4 #20

April 24th, 1997

There are 20 messages totalling 1376 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. More sensational gossip about Cardigans etc.! 2. Luger Tour List _Update_ [22-Apr-97] 3. A Twist of lime 4. emmaboda 5. Sin's Festivals in Sweden [22-Apr-97] 6. Sin's Music on the Radio [28-Apr-97] 7. Bear Quartet, Stickboy and some other bands concert.. 8. Sin's Festivals outside Sweden [22-Apr-97] 9. KonTur Tour List [22-Apr-97] 10. Sin's Upcoming Record Releases [22-Apr-97] 11. Sin's SIB Gig Guide [22-Apr-97] 12. Sin's SIBOS Gig Guide [22-Apr-97] 13. Sin's NSIB Gig Guide [22-Apr-97] 14. Motor Tour List _Update_ [22-Apr-97] 15. Wannadies 16. News from Latvia 17. Sound Affects 18. ICY ICY TAPE 19. harry lime 20. Cardigans news --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 22 Apr 1997 11:09:32 +0100 From: Bo Stefan Lundquist Subject: More sensational gossip about Cardigans etc.! I can't belive it's true, but check out for yourselves: hail, hail rock'n roll Bo Stefan ------------------------------- Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:17:28 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Luger Tour List _Update_ [22-Apr-97] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Luger Tour List UPDATE Scandinavian Indie April 22nd, 1997 by Erik Soderstrom ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCANDINAVIAN: BREACH (S) - Burning Heart / MD Jun 12-14Hultsfred (S) Hultsfred Festival New Date ENTOMBED (S) - Music For Nations / MNW ILR + MARY BEATS JANE (S) - MVG / MD May 02 Karlstad (S) Jager Cancelled FIRESIDE (S) - Startracks/BMG / House Of Kicks *NEW* May 10 Umea (S) Station HONEY IS COOL (S) - MVG Records / MD *NEW* May 10 Hassleholm (S) Perrong 23 KOMEDA (S) - Nons-MD / PLR / Minty Fresh + BEN FOLDS FIVE (US) *NEW* Apr 22 St Louis (US) The Galaxy Apr 23 Minneapolis (US) TBA not w/BFF Apr 24 Chicago (US) Metro Apr 25 Detroit (US) St Andrews Hall Apr 26 Cleveland (US) The Odeon Apr 28 New York (US) Irving Plaza / Supper Club Apr 29 Boston (US) TBA Apr 30 Philadelphia (US) Theatre Of The Living Arts May 2 Lexington (US) Washington & Lee May 3 Atlanta (US) 99x Stage not w/BFF Jun 12 Hultsfred (S) Festival not w/BFF LOOSEGOATS (S) - Startracks / House Of Kicks Apr 22 Lund (S) Mejeriet New Date May 01 Trollhattan (S) Magasin 15 New Date w/Starmarket May 02 Bro (S) D.A.S. New Date w/Starmarket May 09 Malmo (S) KB New Date May 24 Uppsala (S) Kalmar Nation New Date MONSTER (S) - Startracks / House Of Kicks Apr 25 Umea (S) Basement Cancelled May 02 Svardsjo (S) Hedenborg New Date May 17 Trollhattan (S) Festivalen New Date REFUSED (S) - Startracks / House Of Kicks Apr 28 Soderkoping (S) 16-20 New Date May 16 Sandnes (N) Trokk 16-festivalen New Date May 17 Trollhattan (S) Westhgothafestivalen New Date STARMARKET (S) - Dolores / MD May 01 Trollhattan (S) Magasin 15 New Date w/Loosegoats May 02 Bro (S) D.A.S. New Date w/Loosegoats ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NON-SCANDINAVIAN: CHOKEBORE (US) - Amphetamine Reptile / House Of Kicks Apr 24 Karlstad (S) Cafe Cinema New Date EARTH CRISIS (US) - Victory / Border + TURMOIL (US) - Century Media / HoK + PROOF (D) - MadMob / Hok May 07 Oslo (N) TBA Cancelled May 07 Halmstad (S) Diesel New Date May 09 Aalborg (DK) 1000fryd New Date FRODUS (US) - No looking Back / MD + NINE (S) - Startracks/BMG / HOK Apr 27 Berlin (D) Kraehenfuss SBZ New Date Apr 28 Potsdam (D) Boumann's New Date Apr 29 Prague (CZ) 007 New Date Apr 30 Hof (D) Rockwerk New Date May 01 Gent (B) TBA New Date May 02 Brighton (UK) The free butt New Date May 04 Manchester (UK) Star & Garter New Date May 05 Bradford (UK) 1 in 12 New Date May 06 Glasgow (UK) The 13th note New Date May 07 Nottingham (UK) The Angel New Date May 08 Cambridge (UK) The Boatrace New Date May 10 Saarbrucken (D) Eck New Date May 15 Aalborg (DK) 1000fryd New Date May 16 Gislaved (S) Folkets Hus New Date May 17 Linkoping (S) Skylten New Date INTEGRITY (US) - Victory / Border & FURY OF FIVE (US) + MY OWN VICTIM (US) - Century Media / Hok Apr 27 Oslo (N) Rakker'n New Date PROMISE RING (US) - Jade Tree/Import + WATER BREAKS STONE (D) - Navigator/Imp. Apr 27 Boras (S) Rockborgen New Date w/Refused TARNATION (US) - 4AD / MNW-ILR *NEW* May 28 Stockholm (S) Tantogarden ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The COMPLETE Luger Tour List is posted to the mailing list now and then. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:18:39 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Re: A Twist of lime On Mon, 21 Apr 1997, wrote about: A Twist of lime > I am just wondering if somebody has got hold a copy of this > compilation. It's really sad but we contributed with two of our bands > (La Buena Vida and Minema) but we have not seen a single copy. Hope > the Harry Lime guys send us the stuff soon before we take immmediate > legal actions... I have a copy of it (I borrowed one from The Wellmeant because I haven't received the copy Harry Lime promised to send me - and I can't find it in the stores here now either - I saw a copy a couple of weeks ago, but didn't have the money to buy it and now it's gone). I'm not sure what's going on with Harry Lime at the moment in fact - I've sent e-mail to them several times the last month, but no replies. I know The Wellmeant have tried to contact them by phone lately as well, but no one has answered. Maybe they're just extremely busy at the moment? I wouldn't take immediate legal actions though - I know they're a bit slow, but you can always send them some e-mail and try to call them, and let them know what's up. //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:18:18 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Re: emmaboda On Mon, 21 Apr 1997, Mats L wrote about: emmaboda > two more bands ready for emmaboda. dim and sobsister. Nice - I didn't think Sobsister were still with us - I haven't heard a thing from/about them since... well, last year. Do you know if they have released anything, demos etc? They're not signed to a label are they? And Chris Forsberg wrote: >> to describe them in a short, easy and not so exact way: >> dim sounds a bit like the cranes or miranda sex garden maybee. > > Do you know if they have anything out? Sounds like a must-hear > for me! Exactly what I thought! :-) Any information on Dim is greatly appreciated! //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:20:17 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Festivals in Sweden [22-Apr-97] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie FESTIVALS in Sweden Scandinavian Indie Apr 22, 1997 Updates, corrections, additions to: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Included (so far): Arvikafestivalen, Bollnaspunken, Emmaboda, Hultsfred, Karlshamn Rock Festival, Lollipop, Mera Hitlatar, Pitea Dansar & Ler, Sala Festivalen, Skara Stadsfest, StudentOrkesterFestivalen, Sommarens Sista Suck, Stockholm Water Festival, Storsjoyran, Urkult '97 - Folkfest Vid Namforsen, Westgothafestivalen. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Arvikafestivalen 97 Date: July 11 - 12 (The festival gates open 15.00, July 11th) Place: Arvika Price: TBA Line-Up (so far): . Bollnaspunken 97 Date: May 30 - 31 Place: Bollnas (Langnasparken) Price: 80 SEK/day, 140 SEK/2 days. In advance: 130 SEK/2 days (PG: 433 802-6) Type: 100% Punk. Festival against racism and violence. Every penny goes to the fight against fascism. Line-Up: Asocial, The Bastuaggregaters, Bracca 3, Chaos Sweden, Charta 77, Cosa Nostra, Dead Drunk, Discontrol, Diskonto, Disorder (UK), Distaste, Dropouts, Finkel Rokkers, Gunde & Makaronerna, The Hellacopters, Hiroshima, The Kristet Utseende, Kurt Olvars Rebeller, Leeson, M.I.D, Meanwhile, Mental Kaos, Mentally Scarred, Monster, Planet Trash, Praparation-H (USA), Punkarna, Rebell Robert, Simon & the problem child, Sixten Redlos, Skalmans ynk, Skitsystem, Subway Army, Svarta Spyor, Tatuerade Snutkukar, 3 Way Cum, Total-slakt, Troublemakers, Uncurbed, Vravarna. Emmabodafestivalen - Mersmak Date: August 8 - 9 Place: Emmaboda (Smaland) Price: TBA Line-Up (so far): Backfish, Bad Cash Quartet, Bent Spanner, Arty Banner, bob hund, Broder Daniel, The Cardigans, Cry, Dim, Dipper, Fidget, Mazarine Street, Silverbullet, Smash Hit Wonders, Sobsister, Sonic Surf City, Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Stargazer, The Tambureens, This Perfect Day, The Wellmeant, Yvonne. Hultsfredsfestivalen Date: June 12 - 14 Place: Hultsfred (Smaland) Price: 1-day ticket 350 SEK, 3-day ticket 700 SEK (both +20 SEK advance fee) Tickets can be bought from Biljett Direkt (+46-(0)77-1707070) (NOTE: tickets bought through Biljett Direkt can not be returned), ATG-outlets, Post offices, Julius Biljettservice (+46-(0)46-147888). In Norway: BilletService (815 33 133). In Denmark: BilettNET (38 88 70 22). Line-Up (so far): Absent Minded, Apocalyptica (SF), BabyBird (UK), Backyard Babies, Bentley Rhythm Ace (UK), Biohazard (US), bob hund, Breach, Candysuck, Cardigans, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (AU), The Charlatans (UK), Cherno, Chuck Prophet (US), Daft Punk (F), Dilba, DiLeva, DJ A Guy Called Gerald (UK), DJ Fabio (UK), DJ Jonny L (UK), DJ Krush (JAP), DJ Seba, Dr. Kosmos & Friends, Eggstone, Elakelaiset (SF), Entombed, Esbjorn Svensson Trio, Fidget, GBH (UK), Goldfinger (US), Handsome, Hellacopters, Helmet (US), Him Kerosene, Huutajat (SF), Josefin och Odjuren, Josh & Abel, Kid Loops (UK), Komeda, Ed Kuepper (AU), Kumikameli (SF), Loosegoats, Mansun (UK), Marilyn Manson (US), Millencolin, Minimalisterna, Monostar, Monster, The Mopeds, Morcheeba (UK), New Bomb Turks (US), Original Electric Banana Band, Ossler, Peace Love & Pitbulls, Peanut Butter Wolf (US), Petrol, Placebo (UK), Planet Of The Poodles, Probiscis, Prodigy (UK), Rage Against The Machine (US), Randy, Red House Painters (US), Reverend Horton Heat (US), S.P.O.C.K., Sherlock, Bim Sherman (UK), Silverbullet, Skint, Souls, Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Stoned, Suede (UK), The Super Eight Group, Supergrass (UK), Superswirls, Bengt Sandh, This Perfect Day, David Thomas & Two Pale Boys (US/UK), Three Colours Red (UK), Voodoo Glow Skulls (US), The Wannadies, Wolfpack, Wu Tang Clan (US), Monica Zetterlund. Karlshamn Rock Festival Date: June 13 - 14 Place: Karlshamn (Blekinge) Price: TBA Line-Up (so far): Blondie, The Blues Band, Dublin Fair, Molly Hatchet, Staffan Hellstrand & Nomads, Hellacopters, Chris Jagger Zydeco, Led Zeppelin Jam, Nazareth, Saxon, Status Quo, Mick Taylor All Star Blues Band, Ten Years After. Lollipop 97 Date: July 25 - 26 Place: Lida Friluftsgard, south of Stockholm Price: 700 SEK / 2 days, 350 SEK / 1 day (only 25.000 will be sold) Tickets can be bought from Biljett Direkt (+46-(0)77-1707070), ATG-outlets and Post offices, or ticket outlets in Stockholm (Pet Sounds, Svala & Soderlund, Mega, Globen, Sverigehuset). Line-Up (so far): David Bowie (UK), Terry Callier (US), Chemical Brothers (UK), De La Soul (US), Dimitri from Paris (F), DJ Sneak (US), Laurent Garnier (F), Grooverider (UK), Idjut Boys (UK), Metalheadz (UK), Spiritualized (UK). Mera Hitlatar 97 Date: May 31 - June 1 Place: Sjon Rudan, Stockholm Price: TBA Line-Up (so far): Backyard Babies, Candysuck, Cosa Nostra, Entombed, The Hellacopters, The Kristet Utseende, The Robots, Sindy Kills Me, Singer. Pitea Dansar och Ler 97 Date: July 23 - 27 Place: Pitea Price: TBA Line-Up (so far): . Sala Festivalen 1997 Date: June 26 - 28 Place: Sala, (Vastmanland) Price: 150 SEK/day (in advance), 200 SEK/day at the festival. Line up (so far): Eric Gadd, Jumper, Pandora, Ramalama, Niclas Stromstedt, Sven Ingvars, Tubsox. Skara Stadsfest Date: August 1 - 2 (The festival gates open 18.00) Place: Skara Price: TBA Line-Up (so far): . SOF - StudentOrkesterFestivalen 97 Date: May 7 - 11 Place: Linkoping Price: TBA (+ Student ID) Line-Up (so far): This Perfect Day. Sommarens Sista Suck '97 Date: August 22 - 23 Place: Eskilstuna Price: Free Line-Up (so far): Gentle Tuesday. Stockholm Water Festival Date: August 8 - 16 Place: Stockholm Price: The Waterpassport for admission to events. Line-Up (so far): . Storsjoyran 97 Date: July 31 - August 2 Place: Ostersund Price: TBA Line-Up (so far): . Urkult '97 - Folkfest Vid Namforsen Date: August 7 - 10 Place: Nasaker, Sweden (Angermanland) Price: Many different prices - contact the festival for more information Type: Folk and world popular music from many countries. Theater and workshops for young and old alike. Camping "on-site". Line-up (so far): Cressento, Farmers Market (N), Gongole Players, Groupa, Iwakichi & Norika Yamashita (J), Habib Koite (ML), New Jungle Trio (DK), Polka Twisters, Qwinnen, Ra-Mantik, Rock Salt & Nails (SCOT), Sabbath Hela Veckan, Simbi, Stefan Sundstrom, Tarika (MG), Yulduz Usmanova (UZ), Jimmy Agren Band. Westgothafestivalen 97 Date: May 17 Place: Trollhattan Price: 50 SEK Info: Three scenes, two tents, megarave, skateboard competition. Line-Up (so far): Backyard Babies, Chesterton, Cirkus Miramar, Closed, Coosberry, Crown Of Thorns, Dictionar, Diggers, Downstroke, Fred's United Drivers, Future Development, Hardy Nilsson, Kapten kermit, Lating Kings, Monster, Moonlanders, Nme Within, Owe Rall, Psycho Therapy, Refused, Roarkit, Olhvers. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Complete festival information can be found on the Scandinavian Indie WWW : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:21:07 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Music on the Radio [28-Apr-97] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE RADIO Scandinavian Indie April 28 -> May 1 by Erik Soderstrom ( Day Date Artist Recorded --- ----- --------------------------------- -------------------------------- Mon 28/4 Dilba G|teborg, Nefertiti 26-Mar-97 Tue 29/4 Junior Wells G|teborg, Valand 20-Nov-96 Wed 30/4 Infinite Mass Karlstad, J{ger 31-Mar-97 Thu 1/5 Ash Malm|, KB 07-Feb-97 This list covers the Swedish National Channel P3's "Live" - at 21.03-22.00 or 18.03-19.00 where marked with a '*'. (R) = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:17:51 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Re: Bear Quartet, Stickboy and some other bands concert.. On Mon, 21 Apr 1997, Petter Tiilikainen wrote about: Bear Quartet, Stickboy and some other band concert.. > Ya, dass right.. > > Bear Quartet, Stickboy and some other band are playing in > Sporthallen, Lulea on Apr 30 at 20:00. Hey - if you find out more about this event - like for example what other bands are playing, please post it to the list, thanks! Here's a little poem for you ;-) -> stay away from the Crack, get the right month-schedule back //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:20:39 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Festivals outside Sweden [22-Apr-97] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie FESTIVALS outside Sweden Scandinavian Indie Apr 22, 1997 Updates, corrections, additions to: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Included (so far): Down By The Laituri-city Festival (Finland), Midtfyns Festival (Denmark), Norwegian Wood (Norway), Roskilde Festival (Denmark). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Down By The Laituri-city Festival Date: June 11 - 15 Place: Turku (Abo), Finland Price: TBA Extra: celebrates its 10th annual anniversary this year Line-Up (so far): Enter, Leila K (S), Malarians (ES), M.A. Numminen, Sound of R.E.L.S., Turku Philharmonics (conducted by Jorma Panula). Midtfyns Festival Date: July 2 - 7 Place: Midtfyn, Denmark Price: TBA Line-Up (so far): Biohazard, David Bowie, Sheryl Crow, H-Blockx, Rollins Band, Sting. Norwegian Wood Date: June 14 - 15 Place: Frognerbadet, Oslo, Norway Price: TBA Line-Up (so far): . Roskilde Festival Date: June 26 - 29 Place: Roskilde, Denmark Price: 4-day ticket: 850 SEK Line-Up (so far): Bob Hund (S), David Byrne (UK), Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds (AU), The Hellacopters (S), Live (US), Radiohead (UK), Silverchair (AU), Suede (UK). ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Complete festival information can be found on the Scandinavian Indie WWW : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:16:40 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: KonTur Tour List [22-Apr-97] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie KonTur Tour List Scandinavian Indie April 22nd, 1997 by Erik Soderstrom ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abhinanda 30/4 Umea Applet, Folkets Hus 30/5 Vingaker 2/6 Trondheim (N) 5/7 Oskarshamn Big Fish 17/5 Alvsjo Charta 77 25/4 Arvika Folkets Hus Arvika 1/5 Stockholm Kafe 44 3/5 Astorp Musikhuset 22/5 Skovde Alternativet 23/5 Kalmar 30/5 Koping Kopingsyran 31/5 Bollnas Bollnaspunken 4/6 Trondheim (N) 28/7 Bodo The Confusions 23/5 Solleftea Hullsta Gard Garmarna 26/4 Gavle Skotte's Musikteater 10/5 Goteborg Liseberg, Stora scenen 17/5 Tarm Vestjysk Visefestival (DK) 11/6 Northhampton Iron horse (US) 13/6 Bloomington 2nd Story (US) 14/6 Chicago The Swedish Festival (US) 15/6 Minneapolis Cedar Cultural Centre (US) 17/6 Geneva Midsummerfest (US) 19/6 Augusta Augusta College (US) 26/6 Arhus Freja (DK) 12/7 Borgsjo Borgsjo Festplats 26/7 Kluk Klukfestivalen 1/8 Dranouter Dranouter Festival (B) 2/8 Creilsheim Leofels Festival (D) 3/8 Nurnberg Barden Treffen Festival (D) 8/8 Solothurn Uhuru Solothurn WF (CH) Staffan Hellstrand w/The Nomads 17/5 Silja Line 18/5 Rattvik Kroghall Festival 31/5 Koping Kopingsyran 13/6 Karlshamn Teaterscenen 12/7 Sundsvall Gautufesten Planet Of The Poodles 12/6 Hultsfred Festivalen -14/6 Smash Hit Wonders 16/5 Vaxjo Stallarna Stoned 12/6 Hultsfred Festivalen -14/6 Yvonne 2/5 Stockholm Studion 9/5 Lund Blekinska Nationen 10/5 Jonkoping 17/5 Eskilstuna Stinsen 18/5 Eskilstuna Stinsen 31/5 Tranas Folkets Park 8/8 Emmaboda Emmabodafestivalen -9/8 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the COMPLETE KonTur Tour List ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:21:30 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Upcoming Record Releases [22-Apr-97] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Upcoming Scandinavian Record Releases Scandinavian Indie April 22, 1997 Corrections, additions or comments to: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date Artist Title Format Label 21/4 Eggstone April And May CD5 Vibrafon 21/4 Honey Is Cool Crazy Love CD MVG 21/4 Smash Hit Wonders Summer Of 89 CD5 SunSpot Records 21/4 Various Love Is A Dog From Hell CD Blue Eyes Recordings 21/4 Various West Side United CD+ROM AWSF 21/4 Various tba CD Ceilidh 25/4 Various The Knights Who Say Dot CD DOT Records 28/4 The All Janet Grace. CD Speech (AWSF) 28/4 Honeycave Come Now CD Mega Records 28/4 Honeymoons This Coherent Excitation CD NONS 28/4 Merrymakers No Sleep Til Famous (J) CD EMI Toshiba 5/5 Cinnamon The Courier (US) CD Island 17/7 Cane (N) Private Scene CD5 Warner [Should have been released but I have no info about it] Date Artist Title Format Label ? Nov96 Yvonne tba (D) CD ? ? Dec96 Cam Purr (BRAZIL) CD Soap ? Dec96 Melony 2nd Man On The Moon CD5 Soap ? Jan Mary Beats Jane Day In Day Out CD5 MVG ? Feb The April Tears tba CD Memento Materia ? Feb Eggstone Birds In Cages CD5 Vibrafon ? Feb HappyDeadMen Bullfights Every.. (JAP) CD Polydor ? Feb Jones Valuable Stuff CD Ax-Products ? Feb Sonic Surf City tba (collection) CD Ceilidh ? Mar Superswirls Leave Your Friends CD5 Sesame Records ? Mar Happy Todd To Leave The Station EP CD5 Damn The Man Recordz ? Mar HappyDeadMen Bullfights Every Sunday CD Trampolene ? Mar Union Carbide.. tba CD ? [Month decided, but not exact date] Date Artist Title Format Label Apr Cessna (SF) Holiday on Ice (US) 7" Jigsaw Records Apr Cessna (SF) Bordeaux (US) CD Radio Khartoum Apr Engine tba CD DS Records Apr Naked tba CD SLG Apr Ship of Fools tba CD L-Style Apr Tennis tba CD SLG A/May Fanscene French Poetry EP CD5 Silver Records A/May Paste tba CD5 Silver Records A/May Pineforest Crunch tba CD Polar May Carpe Wade Odd Man Out (JAP) CD Alfa May Cloudberry Jam Providing The Atm. (US) CD ? May Dr. Saturn Softly MCD Dorian Records May Dune tba CD5 Harry Lime May Falling To Pieces Falling To Pieces CD Futon Records May Freinds tba CD5 Starboy Recordings May Monkeypig Head On Fire CDEP Pandemonium Records May Peat tba CD5 Harry Lime May Soul Kitchen tba CD Dorian Records May The Wannadies Bagsy Me (US) CD BMG May The Wellmeant tba CD5 Harry Lime May Various Emmaboda Festival 97 CD ? May Various tba (JAP) CD Motorway M/Jun Cucumber Farmer The French Connection 10" ? M/Jun Sahara Hotnights tba CD5 AWSF Jun Snail (SF) tba (SF) CD ? Jun Various tba CD Dorian Records Jun Various tba CD Silver Records Aug Leslies tba CD5 Harry Lime S/Oct Whale tba CD Virgin Oct Leslies tba CD Harry Lime [Season decided but no month or date] Date Artist Title Format Label Spring Cam Purr CD Soap Autumn Clawfinger tba CD MVG Autumn Monkeypig Francis Bacon Will... CD Pandemonium Records Autumn Popsicle tba CD Telegram Autumn Sentinel 5 tba CD Futon Records [Year decided but nothing else] Date Artist Title Format Label 1997 The April Tears Heart Shut Down CD5 Memento Materia 1997 The Drowners tba CD Speech (AWSF) 1997 Penniless People..tba CD5 AWSF 1997 Starlet tba CD MVG 1997 Sulky tba CD Dolores [No additional information avaliable] Date Artist Title Format Label ? Doris Days Quiet Withdrawal CD5 Some Pearls ? Humble Bee tba CD Arrow Records ? The Pansies (SF) tba (JAP) CD PolyGram ? Pimms tba CD5 Dorian Records ? Whipped Cream tba CD MNW ? Various En Ko Pa Isen CD5 Strawberry Songs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie Web-pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:19:33 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's SIB Gig Guide [22-Apr-97] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Scandinavian Indie Bands Gig Guide Scandinavian Indie April 22, 1997 Corrections, additions or comments to: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Included: Baby Jesus, The Bear Quartet, Big Fish, bob hund, Brazzaville, Broder Daniel, Candysuck, The Cardigans, Carpe Wade, Chunks, Cloudberry Jam, The Confusions, Cucumber Farmer, Dada Girl, Dark Side Cowboys, Eggstone, Emerick, Enter, Fidget, Fireside, Fivel, Garmarna, Gus Gus, Hardy Nilsson, Honey Is Cool, Komeda, Lemonator, Loosegoats, Mary Beats Jane, Merrymakers, Monostar, The Mopeds, Motorpsycho, Petrol, Psyched Up Janis, Riviera, Robot, Sandy Lyle, Shallow Soundwave, Silverbullet, Smash Hit Wonders, Sobsister, Sonic Surf City, Souls, Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Stargazer, Starmarket, Stickboy, Superswirls, Supperheads, Surreal, Tambureens, This Perfect Day, Troublemakers, The Wannadies, The Wellmeant, Yvonne. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baby Jesus 17/5 Mora The Bear Quartet 30/4 Lulea Sporthallen (w/Stickboy) 10/5 Stockholm, Studion Big Fish 17/5 Alvsjo bob hund 12/6 Hultsfred, Festival -14/6 8/8 Emmaboda, Festival -9/8 Brazzaville 25/4 Uppsala, Kalmar Nation Broder Daniel 8/8 Emmaboda, Festival -9/8 Candysuck 9/5 Boras, Rockborgen 10/5 Nykoping, Slakthuset 21/5 Stockholm, Studion 14/6 Hultsfred, Festival The Cardigans 13/6 Hultsfred, Festival 14/6 Talinn, Summerrock (EE) 15/6 Seinajoki, Provinssirock (SF) 8/8 Emmaboda, Festival -9/8 16/8 Karlstad, Mariebergsskogen Carpe Wade 29/5 Linkoping, Herrgar'n Chunks 25/4 Simrishamn 29/4 Goteborg, Harry's Playground (w/Cry) 30/4 Stockholm, Hyndans Horna 1/5 Skovde 8/5 Lund, Mejeriet 24/5 Goteborg Cloudberry Jam 23/4 Linkoping, Happy Nation (Platens Bar) (50 SEK, 22.00) The Confusions 23/5 Solleftea, Hullsta Gard Cucumber Farmer (SF) 24/4 Tampere, Villa (SF) 25/4 Turku, Tvo (w/Ventilators & The Duplo!) (SF) Dada Girl (SF) 25/4 Tampere (w/Supperheads) (SF) Dark Side Cowboys 25/4 Copenhagen (DK) 26/4 Arhus (DK) 2/5 Stockholm Eggstone 9/5 Linkoping, Skylten 10/5 Jonkoping, Eldslandet (w/The Mopeds) 14/5 Goteborg, Liseberg 15/5 Stockholm, Studion 16/5 Lund, Blekingska Nationen (w/Emerick) Emerick 16/5 Lund, Blekingska Nationen (w/Eggstone) Enter (SF) 11/6 Turku-Abo, Down by the Laituri -15/6 (SF) 11/7 Joensuu, Ilosaarirock (SF) Fidget 12/6 Hultsfred, Festival -14/6 8/8 Emmaboda, Festival -9/8 Fireside 10/5 Umea, Station Fivel 30/4 Umea, Humlan 6/6 Stockholm, Granslosa '97 Garmarna 26/4 Gavle, Skotte's Musikteater 10/5 Goteborg, Liseberg, Stora scenen 17/5 Tarm, Vestjysk Visefestival (DK) 26/6 Arhus, Freja (DK) 12/7 Borgsjo, Borgsjo Festplats 26/7 Kluk, Klukfestivalen Gus Gus (IS) Summer - Festivals, Europe Hardy Nilsson 16/5 Soderhamn Honey Is Cool 25/4 Lund, Blekingska Nationen (release party) 10/5 Hassleholm, Perrong 23 24/5 Goteborg, Underground 6/6 Odense, Rytmeposten (DK) 7/6 Copenhagen, Loppen (DK) Komeda 12/6 Hultsfred, Festival Lemonator (SF) 25/4 Pori, Music Mecca (SF) 30/4 Helsinki, Tavastia (SF) 1/6 Helsinki, Konerock (SF) Loosegoats 1/5 Trollhattan, Magasin 15 (w/Starmarket) 2/5 Bro, D.A.S. (w/Starmarket) 3/5 Visby (w/Starmarket) 9/5 Malmo, KB 22/5 Linkoping, Herrgar'n (w/Phone) 24/5 Uppsala, Kalmar Nation 12/6 Hultsfred, Festival -14/6 1/8 Hassleholm, Sommarfesten Mary Beats Jane (w/Entombed) 29/4 Lund, Mejeriet 30/4 Goteborg, Vagen 1/5 Oslo, So What (N) 3/5 Stockholm, Studion 4/5 Stockholm, Studion 17/5 Karlskoga Merrymakers 1/5 Stockholm, O (showcase, at 20.00) Monostar 29/4 Uppsala, Smalands Nation 3/5 Karlstad 30/5 Stockholm, Universitetet 31/5 Tranas 12/6 Hultsfred, Festival -14/6 The Mopeds 10/5 Jonkoping, Eldslandet (w/Eggstone) Motorpsycho (N) 2/5 Copenhagen, Stengade 30 (DK) Petrol 26/4 Eskilstuna, Skylight (w/This Perfect Day) 7/5 Stockholm, Grona Lund (w/This Perfect Day) 18/5 Vaxjo 24/5 Uppsala, Kalmar Nation 7/6 Falkoping (w/This Perfect Day) 13/6 Hultsfred, Festival (Stereo stage) Psyched Up Janis (DK) 24/4 Sonderborg, Gymnasiet (DK) 25/4 Haderslev, Panic (DK) 26/4 Vejle, Paraplyen (DK) 2/5 Ronne, Bornholms Musikhus (DK) 23/5 Viborg, Paletten (DK) 24/5 Arhus, Rockshow (DK) Riviera 14/5 Stockholm, Tantogarden Robot 6/5 Stockholm, Tantogarden (w/Surreal) 9/5 Goteborg, Underground (w/Surreal) 24/5 Uppsala, Kalmar Nation Sandy Lyle 21/5 Stockholm, Tumba, "Tumbstock" Shallow Soundwave 15/5 Goteborg, Harry's Playground Silverbullet 3/5 Goteborg, Underground 10/5 Stockholm, Bottleneck 17/5 Goteborg, Nya Magasinet 22/5 Copenhagen, Loppen (DK) 24/5 Vaxjo (Emmaboda festival promo CD release party) 5/6 Linkoping, Herrgar'n 12/6 Hultsfred, Festival -14/6 8/8 Emmaboda, Festival -9/8 Smash Hit Wonders 8/5 Surte 16/5 Vaxjo, Stallarna 17/5 Trollhattan, Westgothafestivalen 8/8 Emmaboda, Festival -9/8 Sobsister 25/4 Malmo, Pizzeria Golden Sonic Surf City 24/4 Falun, Shopen 31/5 Finspang, SommarRocken 8/8 Emmaboda, Festival -9/8 (SSC's last gig ever!) Souls 12/6 Hultsfred, Festival -14/6 Soundtrack Of Our Lives 12/6 Hultsfred, Festival -14/6 8/8 Emmaboda, Festival -9/8 Stargazer 8/8 Emmaboda, Festival -9/8 Starmarket 24/4 Linkoping, Herrgar'n (w/Ceasar's Palace) 25/4 Uppsala, Kalmar Nation 26/4 Goteborg, Underground 1/5 Trollhattan, Magasin 15 (w/Loosegoats) 2/5 Bro, D.A.S. (w/Loosegoats) 3/5 Visby (w/Loosegoats) 22/5 Helsinki, Tavastia (SF) 23/5 Tampere, Tulli Klubi (SF) 24/5 Joensuu, Kellari Klubi (SF) 4/7 Oskarshamn, Festival Stickboy 30/4 Lulea, Sporthallen (w/The Bear Quartet) Superswirls 12/6 Hultsfred, Festival -14/6 Supperheads (SF) 25/4 Tampere (w/Dada Girl) (SF) Surreal 6/5 Stockholm, Tantogarden (w/Robot) 9/5 Goteborg, Underground (w/Robot) Tambureens 8/8 Emmaboda, Festival -9/8 This Perfect Day 26/4 Eskilstuna, Skylight (w/Petrol) 30/4 Orebro, Festivalborg 7/5 Stockholm, Grona Lund (w/Petrol) 8/5 Linkoping, SOF (outside Herrgar'n) 10/5 Karlskoga, Viktoria 23/5 Lund, Helsingkrona Nation 24/5 Stromstad, Skagerack 31/5 Goteborg, Liseberg 6/6 Falkoping (w/Petrol) 13/6 Hultsfred, Festival Troublemakers 26/4 Goteborg 3/5 Goteborg 31/5 Bollnas, Bollnaspunken 10/6 Goteborg The Wannadies 9/5 Goteborg, Liseberg The Wellmeant 24/5 Vaxjo (Emmaboda festival promo CD release party) 8/8 Emmaboda, Festival -9/8 Yvonne 2/5 Stockholm, Studion 9/5 Lund, Blekingska Nationen 10/5 Jonkoping 17/5 Eskilstuna, Stinsen 18/5 Eskilstuna, Stinsen 31/5 Tranas, Folkets Park 8/8 Emmaboda, Emmabodafestivalen -9/8 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie Web-pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:19:56 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's SIBOS Gig Guide [22-Apr-97] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scan-Indie Scand. Indie Bands Outside Scandinavia Gig Guide Scan-Indie April 22, 1997 Corrections, additions or comments to: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Included: Atomic Swing, The Cardigans, Drain, Garmarna, Gus Gus, Komeda, The Wannadies. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atomic Swing 27/5 Tokyo (J) The Cardigans 23/4 Sydney, The Metro (AU) 25/4 Aukland, Bruce Mason Theatre (NZ) 27/4 Hong Kong, Bar City (HK) 29/4 Taipei (TW) 15/5 Vancouver, Vogue Theatre (w/Red House Painters) (CA) 16/5 Seattle, Moore Theatre (w/Red House Painters) (US) 17/5 Portland, La Luna (w/Red House Painters) (US) 19/5 San Fransisco, Warfield Theatre (w/Red House Painters) (US) 20/5 Los Angeles, Wiltern Theatre (w/Red House Painters) (US) 22/5 Denver, Red Rocks (US) 24/5 Minneaoolis, Edgefest (US) 25/5 Chicago, World Q101 (US) 26/5 Milwaukee (US) 29/5 Tulsa, Cains Ballroom (US) 30/5 Dallas, Deep Ellum Live (US) 1/6 Mexico City, Metropolitan Theatre (MX) 28/6 Lissabon, Ritmos & Blues Festival (PT) 18/7 Detroit, Pine Knob (US) 19/7 Detroit, Pine Knob (US) 20/7 Rochester, Finger Lakes P.A.C (US) 22/7 Boston, Great Woods (US) 24/7 Hartford, The Meadows (US) 25/7 Wantagh, Jones Beach 26/7 Holmdel, PNC Bank Arts Center 27/7 Philadelphia, Mann Music Center (US) 29/7 Washington DC, Merriweather Post (US) Drain (S.T.H.) 23/4 Minneapolis, MN, 7th Street Entry (US) 24/4 Milwaukee, WI, The Rave (US) 25/4 Toledo, OH, Carol's (US) 26/4 Detroit, MI, I-Rock (US) 27/4 Clinton, IA, Pigpen (US) Garmarna 11/6 Northhampton, Iron horse (US) 13/6 Bloomington, 2nd Story (US) 14/6 Chicago, The Swedish Festival (US) 15/6 Minneapolis, Cedar Cultural Centre (US) 17/6 Geneva, Midsummerfest (US) 19/6 Augusta, Augusta College (US) 1/8 Dranouter, Dranouter Festival (B) 2/8 Creilsheim, Leofels Festival (D) 3/8 Nurnberg, Barden Treffen Festival (D) 8/8 Solothurn, Uhuru Solothurn WF (CH) Gus Gus (IS) Jun - US Tour (eight gigs) Summer - Europe, Festivals Komeda 23/4 Minneapolis (US) 24/4 Chicago, Metro (w/Ben Folds Five) (US) 25/4 Detroit, St Andrews Hall (w/Ben Folds Five) (US) 26/4 Cleveland, The Odeon (w/Ben Folds Five) (US) 28/4 New York, Irving Plaza (w/Ben Folds Five) (US) 29/4 MTV US live appearence 30/4 Philadelphia, Theatre Of The Living.. (w/Ben Folds Five) (US) 1/5 Raleigh, Ritz (w/Ben Folds Five) (US) 2/5 Lexington, Washington & Lee (w/Ben Folds Five) (US) 3/5 Atlanta, 99x Stage (US) The Wannadies Apr-May US Tour (dates, venues, cities not decided yet) 12/5 UK Tour -29/5 (dates, venues, cities not decided yet) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie Web-pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:19:10 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's NSIB Gig Guide [22-Apr-97] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scan-Indie Non-Scandinavian Indie Bands Gig Guide Scan-Indie April 22, 1997 Corrections, additions or comments to: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Included: Bis, Bodycount, The Charlatans, Cranes, Eels, Front 242, Gene, Kula Shaker, Morphine, Ocean Colour Scene, Prodigy, Redd Kross, Rollins Band, Seahorses, Supergrass, Swell, Tarnation, Type O Negative, U2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Bis (UK) ? 17/5 Stockholm, Studion ? 18/5 Oslo, So What (N) ? 19/5 Goteborg, Underground ? 20/5 Lund, Mejeriet Bodycount feat. Ice T (US) 22/5 Copenhagen, Pumpehuset (DK) The Charlatans (UK) 12/6 Hultsfred, Festival -14/6 Cranes (UK) (w/Silkscreen) 12/5 Stockholm, Studion 13/5 Lund, Smalands Nation 14/5 Malmo, KB Eels (US) 10/5 Malmo, KB Front 242 (B) 1/11 Stockholm Gene (UK) 9/5 Helsinki, Vanha (SF) Kula Shaker (UK) 13/5 Stockholm, Electric Garden 15/5 Helsinki, Hartwall Areena (SF) Morphine 12/5 Stockholm, Electric Garden 13/5 Oslo, Rockefeller (N) 15/5 Copenhagen, Vega (DK) Ocean Colour Scene (UK) 22/5 Stockholm, Electric Garden Prodigy (UK) 12/6 Hultsfred, Festival -14/6 Redd Kross (US) 5/6 Oslo, So What (N) 6/6 Malmo, KB 7/6 Stockholm, Studion 8/6 Goteborg, Harry's Playground Rollins Band (US) 7/5 Stockholm, Cirkus Seahorses (UK) 2/6 Stockholm, Studion Supergrass (UK) 12/6 Hultsfred, Festival -14/6 Swell 23/5 Oslo, So What (N) 28/5 Copenhagen, Loppen (DK) Tarnation (US) 28/5 Oslo, Cruise Cafe (N) ? 28/5 Stockholm, Tantogarden Type O Negative (US) 15/5 Copenhagen, Vega (DK) U2 (IE) 2/8 Goteborg, Ullevi 4/8 Copenhagen, Parken (DK) 6/8 Oslo, Vallehovin (N) 9/8 Helsinki, Olympiastadion (SF) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie Web-pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 06:17:06 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Motor Tour List _Update_ [22-Apr-97] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Motor Tour List UPDATE Scandinavian Indie April 22nd, 1997 by Erik Soderstrom ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCANDINAVIAN: 59 Times The Pain 31/5 Hudiksvall - Stoppa Rasismen Festival New Date No Fun At All Burning Heart 28/6 Losheim - Festival New Date This Perfect Day MNW 23/5 Lund - Helsingkrona Nation New Date 24/5 Stromstad - Skagerack New Date Wannadies BMG *NEW* 9/5 Goteborg - Liseberg ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NON-SCANDINAVIAN: Lagwagon (US) + Satanic Surfers + No Fun At All *NEW* 24/6 Mannheim - Alte Feuerwache 25/6 Munich - Babylon 26/6 Gottingen - Outpost 27/6 Dortmiund - Openair Seahorses Universal *NEW* 2/6 Stockholm - Studion ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The COMPLETE Motor Tour List is posted once / month to the list. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 04:01:47 -0200 (WET) From: Roberts Galvans Subject: Wannadies Hi! I just want say that lsat week Jihn Peel played track from Wannadies... I dont remember the name but it was about weekdays or smth RoberC // --------------------------------- Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 04:10:10 -0200 (WET) From: Roberts Galvans Subject: News from Latvia Latvian Indie Mailing List: We (Peteris and me) made a LIML,but 90% is in Latvian.Discussing about Latvian indie and more (not only Latvian).[more news about this will follow] Jan Sundstrom: He was in Riga,and brought 30 CD of Swedish indie on radio show (he made an interview too) [more info. from himself] Latvian Indie compilation: Finally I finnished it.Info. about bands will be later. Rock Summer 97 Riga: It will just 2 day fest in this year.[more info l8er] RoberC // -------------------------------- Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 19:13:01 +0200 From: Subject: Sound Affects Hi all Just noticed that the Sound Affects/Close up, site is open: also as we heard before Electric Frankenstein are coming to Sweden for the Underground Art & Noise Festival in Ludvika on the 10th of May I have also heard that they might play in Stockholm the 9th, has anyone heard where? Trevor ----------------------------- Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 11:19:14 -0600 From: Subject: ICY ICY TAPE Hi I just got the ICY ICY tape today and I'm going to send it back out this friday , so anyone who would like to be added to his me =) the next person this is going to is STEVE WOOD. bye jOn ------------------------------- Date: Wed, 23 Apr 1997 21:41:38 GMT From: (Johan Gille) Subject: Re: harry lime i felt i had to step forward to defend my good friends at harry lime. and yes, my band is under contract to them, but i have to sort a few things out... >I wouldn't take immediate legal actions though - I know they're a bit >slow, but you can always send them some e-mail and try to call them, >and let them know what's up. i already spoke to one of the guys, and it seems that yet again the eminent swedish postal service has managed to lose a package. he was genuinely sad that the package had been lost, and that he would have to dish out another 200+ SEK on the shipping. as for the wellmeant not being able (or aBLe, i don't really know ;-) to contact them - i have no idea why. yes, they are busy men, working, studying, raising kids, but if you really want to get hold of them, you always can. btw, how is honey is cool's new CD? i've seen it, but not had the time to even listen to it in the shop. here's hoping spring will come some bloody time so i can get out on the golf course again, johan. ----------------------------- Date: Thu, 24 Apr 1997 11:06:22 -0400 (EDT) From: Chris Forsberg Subject: Cardigans news I just picked this off the Bjork/Sugarcubes mailing list. It's from a girl in Sweden...has anyone heard corroborating stories?? I'm sending this cos I haven't heard anything here about it... ******** Read in todays paper that Nina is splitting from the cardigans to go solo. I can scan piccies if anyone wants :) and transcribe ...and there is an article in this months "Cafe" magazine about the Cardigans..havent seen it tho... Love you longtime / Lina the lunargirl __ Chris -------------------------------- End of SIN Digest #4.20 ***********************
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