Scandinavian Indie Digest Vol.4 Issue #16 [The Scandinavian Indie]


Vol.4 #16

April 1st, 1997

There are 18 messages totalling 948 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Fidget 2. Important Finnish CD Chain News (3) 3. ELYSIUM FANZINE 5 OUT! (fwd) 4. Underground (gbg) gigs, April 97 (3) 5. Sin's Music on the TV [28-Mar-97] 6. Sin's Music on the Radio [31-Mar-97] 7. Sin's CD Reviews - Honeymoons "Fabrications" CDS 8. Sin's Upcoming Promotion Visits [28-Mar-97] 9. Sin's Selected News *NONS Special* [28-Mar-97] 10. Luger Tour List _Update_ [28-Mar-97] 11. Cardigans 3/26 - a review 12. CD offer 13. a question (2) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 25 Mar 97 11:41:51 +0100 From: (Marten Sahlen) Subject: Re: Fidget wrote: > Yeah, Johanna (Daniel's girlfriend) said "I'm sorry!" to us the whole > night. She even signed my copy of the album with "I should have stopped" :-) Since when did girl/boyfriends start signing albums? :) > Anyway, I guess we were too late to mingle with the pop-star-crowd as > we only spotted Sami. Well well, do you know which songs they played > by the way? Hmmm... Semi-Naked, My Prawns, Stop Losing, Teddy Bear Baby... and two more I don't know the names of. ----------------------------- Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 05:44:42 -0500 From: Mo Holkar / UKG Subject: Important Finnish CD Chain News Chris writes re diasters with CD. Boo, and it never got to me. Oh well... this may sound like an idiotic question, but might the damage have occurred in transit? Tapes can get smashed to bits in the post, and they're much more compact in shape than CDs. Was it in a jewel case? Bubble wrap? Polystyrene granules? Three-layer corrugated cardboard? I mean, it's an expensive enough thing for Kimmo to produce that we ought to take as much care over moving it as we can. Mo -------------------------------- Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 08:11:25 -0500 (EST) From: Chris Forsberg Subject: Re: Important Finnish CD Chain News On Tue, 25 Mar 1997, Mo Holkar / UKG wrote: > Chris writes re diasters with CD. > > Boo, and it never got to me. Oh well... this may sound like an idiotic > question, but might the damage have occurred in transit? Not an idiotic question....but no, this damage (if you could see it,you'd know what I mean) could not *possibly* have just happened in transit (unless the post office opened the package and sabotaged the CD -- which is sorta far-fetched...) > Tapes can get > smashed to bits in the post, and they're much more compact in shape than > CDs. Was it in a jewel case? Bubble wrap? Polystyrene granules? Three-layer > corrugated cardboard? I mean, it's an expensive enough thing for Kimmo to > produce that we ought to take as much care over moving it as we can. The CD itself was in a vinyl slipcase. It came to me wrapped in paper, inside of a cardboard package...but it had already been damaged before it was sent to me, I already knew that it was coming to me damaged. The CD itself is intact (not smashed or cracked, I mean); the damage is that part of the foil with the digital information is scraped away. There is a hole in it (not all the way through the CD, but through the *information part*, you know what I mean?). There is also (strangely) adhesive tape residue, as if someone had applied tape to it, and then maybe tried to pull it off or something. Wierd. There is also a bubbled-up part that extends to the center of the CD, in those first tracks where the table of contents is (a CD player reads a CD from the inside out, unlike a record player which reads a record from the outside in). The post office did not fuck this one up, that is for sure. Chris ----------------------------- Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 08:24:19 -0800 From: Subject: ELYSIUM FANZINE 5 OUT! (fwd) Can't vouch for it, haven't seen it, don't like Lemonator, but I do like the Pansies...but it seemed relevant forwarding along a message I found in my box this morning... Alexander ____________________________________________________________________ Hello! This is a note I am sending to various people around the world that I have been in some e-mail contact with during the last year or so, be it through mailing lists or other reasons. I am here to inform you, that my fanzine's issue 5 is finally available. I got it from the printers yesterday. The zine is a 36-page, semipro-printed English written A4-size mag with a lot of text and information and opinions about all kinds of "alternative" rock music, ranging from noise/metal to sweetest pop. #5 includes e.g. The Posies in a large 2,5-page feature, the Swedish garage/punk rockers the Hellacopters, UK's powerpop/punkpopsters China Drum, the Finland's answer to Disintegration-era Cure - This Empty Flow, a big reader's guide to Finnish guitar/powerpop with inties w/ Lemonator, Atom Heart, Homespun and 100 Million Martians + stuff about Penniless People Of Bulgaria, Dynamite Fishers & Sandbugs. Also: the zine being "the great Aviation special", humorously thematesized around aeroplanes and connected things, there's some fun stuff about that, and also dozens (about 200) of reviews (records, demos, zines and bizarre old records). Also, my friend writes about his car. Hah. If you are interested, the zine is available for US$4 (in Europe) or US$5 (outside Europe), or the same in your own currency (no coins, though!) or to be traded into any cool stuff (record, zine - write first!), but I prefer cash. Please get in touch if you're interested - my mailing address and my e-mail address are included in my signature. Also: any help with distribution would be much appreciated (if you have cool record stores that stock zines in your neighbourhood or if you think you could sell a few copies to your friends etc, please let me know - I can send you some copies and you can pay me afterwards...). Thanks for your time! Take care! Mikko. (e-mail: **** snail mail address: Elysium Fanzine/Ben's Diapers (band) Mikko Lappalainen Yliopistonkatu 14bA3 20100 TURKU Finland/Europe What's good music - this week: The Critics: "Braintree" CD Jellyfish: "Spilt Milk" CD Lemonator: "Yellow" CD Gladhands: "From Here To Obscurity" CD The Replacements: "Alex Chilton" song The Dambuilders: "Encendedor" LP -------------------------------- Date: Tue, 25 Mar 1997 08:24:15 -0800 From: Subject: Re: Important Finnish CD Chain News >> Boo, and it never got to me. Oh well... this may sound like an idiotic >> question, but might the damage have occurred in transit? [and other stuff along these lines liberally deleted] I've always suspected that the original damage was done by the fact that there was a cassette in the package for me (which would explain how I managed to end up first on the list). The cassette was in a plastic case to protect it from the CD, but the CD didn't have a hard plastic case to protect it from the cassette. From there on I can only speculate if folks tried to repair or simply biopsy (autopsy?) the ailing disc. Having recently acquired a CDR machine, my understanding is that the discs are not nearly as sturdy as regular CDs, so the thing I'm going to take away from this experience is to always keep the things in jewel cases, even though otherwise I can't stand the things. That said, Kimmo, listen up: If you want to send me a DAT, I'll burn the next Finnish comp, or I can hook up you up with inexpensive DATs/CDRs from here (about US $5 and $6 plus shipping respectively)... Hope you're not disenchanted, I'm sure everyone agrees it was a valiant attempt. Alexander ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 27 Mar 1997 12:49:20 +0100 (MET) From: Ola Lundkvist Subject: Underground (gbg) gigs, April 97 Fri 11 Kiss of Thunder Sat 12 Bear Quartet Wed 16 Hellfire Club: PAF Sat 19 Candysuck Fri 25 Transport League Sat 26 Starmarket /Ola ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 07:50:01 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Sin's Music on the TV [28-Mar-97] ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE TV Scandinavian Indie March 28 -> April 3 by Erik Soderstrom ( Day Date Artist/What TV Program Channel Time --- ----- ---------------------- ------------------- ----------- ----- Fri 28/3 - Sat 29/3 Kula Shaker Live'n'Loud MTV Europe 15.30 Seal Unplugged MTV Europe 23.00 R Sun 30/3 Suede Live'n'Direct MTV Europe 16.00 Video Top List Toppen ZTV 17.15 Mon 31/3 White Room White Room ZTV 19.15 Tue 1/4 Blur Blurography MTV Europe 11.30 R Video Top List Toppen ZTV 19.15 R Musikmagasinet Musikmagasinet ZTV 20.00 Kula Shaker Live'n'Loud MTV Europe 21.30 R Alternative Nation Alternative Nation MTV Europe 00.00 Hotel Babylon Hotel Babylon TV 4 01.25 R Wed 2/4 Video Top List Voxpop SVT 1 19.20 Seal Unplugged MTV Europe 00.00 R Thu 3/4 Finnish Top List Lista FTV 17.37 Video Top List Results Voxtopp SVT 1 18.55 Latin Kings Musikbyr}n SVT 1 19.15 Musikmagasinet Musikmagasinet ZTV 20.30 R R = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 07:50:31 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Sin's Music on the Radio [31-Mar-97] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE RADIO Scandinavian Indie March 31 -> April 3 by Erik Soderstrom ( Day Date Artist Recorded --- ----- --------------------------------- -------------------------------- Mon 31/3 Baby Bird Stockholm, Studion 05-Feb-97 Tue 1/4 Steve Earle Malm|, KB February -97 Wed 2/4 The Aloof (R) Hultsfred, Festival -96 Thu 3/4 Alannah Myles Pite} 16-Aug-96 This list covers the Swedish National Channel P3's "Live" - at 21.03-22.00 or 18.03-19.00 where marked with a '*'. (R) = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 07:51:00 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Sin's CD Reviews - Honeymoons "Fabrications" CDS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie SCANDINAVIAN CD REVIEWS Scandinavian Indie March 26th, 1997 by Erik S|derstr|m ( "Never paid, always honest." Contents: Honeymoons - "Fabrications" CD5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Honeymoons - "Fabrications" (CD5, NONS 1997, NONSCD53. Time: 05.25) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Fabrications (2.37) 2. My Innocent Friend (2.46) I have always liked Honeymoons. Ever since I heard them the first time on the NONS-compilation "Compilation One". 1992, the year of dreamlike, organ-filled Manchester pop. Those who know me understand that it "fit my hand like a glove" so to say. After that, I managed to see them live once in Linkoping, some time during 1993/94. But the venue (J's Place - where even Cardigans played during their early days) was not the best one, and I have never been able to compare a gig there with a gig somewhere else, because of, among other things, the wide pillar, from the floor to the roof, right in front of what was called "the stage". Unfortunately, I didn't know that at the time, so the gig made me only listen to the compilation tracks and ignore their following two albums. It was not until 1996 and the "NONSVOL2" compilation that I resumed my acquaintance with the band. As expected, everything was more quiet and relaxed - all the "Manchester" in the band, except the organ, which is an instrument I can't live without, was gone. But to my great surprise, I found infinitely beautiful pop there instead (has someone missed the amazing 'Travel' - music _and_ lyrics - then please accept my condolences) and I re-opened my interest in the band there and then. That's why it was very pleasant to see the "NONSCD50" compilation turn up just a couple of months later, where two tracks from the before mentioned albums were included. To my surprise, though a pleasant one, rattling guitars and a synthesizer had been picked up by the band. This did leave me worried about the organ for a while. Had they held on to it? Seconds later my worries were gone - they had. This was heavier than anything I had heard from the band before, a bit Teenage Fanclub-ish, maybe the time was right for it, what do I know, but it still sounded good. So, after all these compilations, my first Honeymoons record, the new single "Fabrications", recently appeared in my mailbox. With a somewhat nervous feeling, remembering the pretty big changes in the band's sound earlier - would they be even heavier now?, I put the single in the CD-player and pressed play. Of course, I had worried for nothing. The soft, warm and always pleasant vocals, though in a much wider spectrum than before and stronger because of it, not quite dissimilar to Rob Dickinson's when he really means what he sings (there I was again!), an acoustic guitar, a lonely electric guitar, a synthesizer, bass and drums (but where is the organ!?) in 'Fabrications' create music I am bound to call summer-pop. The b-side, 'My Innocent Friend' would have been the title track on the single if I had been in charge. But, with the somewhat obvious risk of them getting a Wannadies-wannabe label, this surprising and totally self-evident pop-hit, served as a b-side, suits me just fine. The song literally boils from trust from the band, that this, this is really really good - and when they know, that's when they can create something as good as this! A simple melody with a simple drum machine, synth, bass and two lonely guitars, one acoustic and one electric, really throw themselves into real drums, "You And Me Song"-Wannadies-like guitar-walls and gorgeous organ-loops (phew!) with such beautiful duet vocals that I must give it ten points out of ten for style! The chorus in itself screams radio playlists and big interest from the UK. If someone now asks, "Why this long story for a single?", I am going to answer: Their fourth (if I count correctly?) album, called "This Coherent Excitation" is released on April 21st. If it keeps what this single promises, it is only a matter of writing "BUY!". (March Review by: Erik S|derstr|m - Contact Address: NONS Records, Box 119, 901 03 Umea, SWEDEN Phone : +46-(0)90-130899 Fax : +46-(0)90-129963 Email : WWW : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- All CD reviews are available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 08:37:56 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Sin's Upcoming Promotion Visits [28-Mar-97] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie UPCOMING PROMOTION VISITS Scandinavian Indie March 28th, 1997 by Erik Soderstrom ( ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Artist/Band Rec.Label When Where ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apollo 440 Sony 7/4 Stockholm Mary Black Grapewine/Kom. 7-8/4 Stockholm Blackstreet Universal 16/4 Stockholm Blur EMI 7/4 Stockholm Catherine Sony 5/4 Stockholm Counting Crows Universal 25/5 Stockholm Eels Universal 10/5 Malmo Ginuwine Sony 6-7/4 Stockholm (showcase) Patricia Kaas Sony 16/4 Stockholm Live Universal 6/4 Stockholm Vanessa Mae EMI 21/4 Stockholm Misfits Universal 25-27/4 Lund, Vanersborg, Stockholm Morphine MNW ILR 12/5 Stockholm Pavement MNW ILR 9/4 Malmo Lisa Stansfield BMG 1/4 Stockholm Supergrass EMI 16/4 Stockholm Supertramp EMI 28/4 Stockholm ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- a '?' means that I'm not certain about the city, but it's usually Stockholm If you need to know who to contact, e-mail me for further details. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 08:38:48 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Sin's Selected News *NONS Special* [28-Mar-97] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie SELECTED NEWS Scandinavian Indie March 28th, 1997 *SPECIAL* by Erik Soderstrom ( *SPECIAL* "Remember where you heard it first" Contents: North Of No South special ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- North Of No South - the record label in Umea, way up north in Sweden has literally flooded me with news lately, which of course is so nice that it is time for a whole Selected News special about the label. Contact Information and similar information can also be found at the end of this special. NONS Web Site - after months of a lot of thinking and hard work, the NONS web site has opened. Please note that these pages are under constant construction, and that if things you are looking for are missing right now, expect to find them there in the near future. Address: NONS Picture Jukebox - the label also has a cool picture jukebox on the net. Check it out at: NONS Distribution - the label has a new distribution deal for Sweden with MD (Skandinavisk Musik Distribution) from March 10th. Border will still handle the export and the sub-label DOT's distribution in Sweden. NONS Booking Agency - a new face at the office is Asa Isaksson who will handle bookings for Carpet People, Daybehaviour, Honeymoons and Pinko Pinko. Pinko Pinko, among others, was previously handled by Hansi Friberg, but as he has his hands full with his own new label, Starboy Recordings, he had to let go of the whole booking business. Carpet People - the label's latest signing, has received very good reviews for their debut album "Volley U Make". With short notice, the band was also added to the line-up at the Umea "Popstad '97" celebrations and played at the Focus scene. The gig was recorded, and will be broadcasted on P3 Live later on. A video for the song "Ad Lib" was made and has been shown pretty often on ZTV. Cloudberry Jam - went on a short "warm up" tour last week and managed to squeeze in gigs in Uppsala, Gavle and Stockholm. They were joined by Bo Kaspers Orkester in Uppsala and Gavle. Starting April 9th, the band is back on tour in Japan again. Two weeks ago, 80% of the tickets for their gigs had been sold, which should be a surprise to no one. On two occasions, one being at the Blitz in Tokyo, the band is joined by Eggstone who are also touring the country. Here are the tour dates: April 9: Quattro, Nagoya, 10: Quattro, Osaka, 11: Crossing Hall, Fukuoka, 13: Blitz, Tokyo, 14: Quattro, Tokyo and 15: Mythos, Nagano. More info on their homepage: Daybehavior - debut album "Adored" was recently released in the UK by Pinnacle Labels, who also takes care of the European spring release of the same album. Different selections as the first single from the album in different countries mirrors the music state in the respective country pretty well. "Hello" was selected in the UK and "Movie" in Germany for example. Videos for both songs should be ready and available now. About a month ago, the band went to London, UK, where interviews for Melody Maker and NME were on their schedule. A couple of other UK magazines gave their debut album a long listen, among others, Select, Q-Magazine, Vox, The Face, ID, Sky Magazine and The Times. You can read more about the band on their homepage at: http:/, but in case you can't, here are a couple of reviews they have received: Just Seventeen, UK, Jan 22nd, 1997 - on "Hello": "St Etienne-and-Dubstar-a-likes DayBehavior toss shimmery girly vocals across groovy dancebeats. Listen to it and pretend you're wearing a snoot cocktail dress and feather boa while being interviewed for, appropriately enough, Hello! magazine." Melody Maker, January, 1997: "1997 will bring more glamour and more gloss to immerse yourself in. Daybehavior's forthcoming single, Hello!, is as cute as a belly-botton, exquisite in the same way that made St Etienne irresistible. This is Swedish electro-pop with tinselled edges; sublime, refined and springwater-cool. You'll be tickled pink." Daniel Booth, Melody Maker, March 8th, 1997: "...Adored absorbe the romanticism of that time [1981] and updates it to an age familiar with the melancholy of Portishead, Massive and Tricky. On songs like "Hello!" and "Movie", this works magnificently well because their instinct for slimline pop shines through triumohantlu. It's techno pronounced with a soft "ch"..." "Adored is still more remarkable than waking up with the moon under your pillow". Prinz, Germany, August 1996: "What an enchanting summer-record. Three Swedes following in the footsteps of St Etienne have found the right mix of sweet and sadness. In here a small masterpiece is hidden. The best pop-album of the month!" Intro, Germany, July/August 1996: "File under trip-hop once more. However, may also be filed under all sorts of genres. You don't always have to do what the label suggests, right. How about synth-pop for example. With all the kitschy synthesizer-strings and Paulinda Crescentini's sugery vocal-cords you can even, if you want to, send Daybehavior into the New Romantics-corner. And nothing bad about that, this is in fact a good album. Therefore, please don't misunderstand me. Adored holds a lot, and there's nothing `wavy´ about it. Sounds like a successful mix of Visage and Soul II Soul. Thus, file under trip-hop...? Of course you can, but also under..." Volume, Denmark, October 1996: "Can this be true? Daybehavior have been capable to make a debut-album in the top, with ambient inspired pop put together with italian spices. It is no wonder when Ms Paulinda Crescentini gives you everything with her supreme soulvoice- both in English and in Italian. The rapper Aaron Phiri from Boogaloo participate in one track. It is great, they will climb the hitlists in no time!" Doktor Kosmos - and his Starlight orchestra have produced another piece. It is the doctor's follower-paper "Starlightjournalen" issue #18. In it, one can find interviews with the speaker voice for the rock opera "Stjarnjerry" - Fredrik, 17 years old, the drummer Henke and guitarist Stalispojken, among other things. If you want to join the association, write to: Doktor Kosmos, c/o Bo Larsson, Asgardsv. 818 22 Valbo, SWEDEN. Fivel - a whole hour with the band playing in Vaxjo last autumn was broadcasted on P3 Live on February 13th. This month, the band released a five-track EP called "'57". Honeymoons - release their long sought after second "real" album called "This Coherent Excitation" on April 21st. A single from the album called "Fabrications" is released on April 1st. The band spent last weekend in Stockholm in order to record a video and do a photo shoot with Urban Strom and Johan Markusson. Komeda - will release their album "The Genius Of Komeda" in Europe this spring. The label taking care of that is Pinnacle, UK. Members Lena and Markus produced the music to the touring childrens theater called "Jongloren" (The Juggler) which opened at Profilteatern in Umea in February. Jim Powers from their US label Minty Fresh who visited the "Popstad '97" celebrations watched a piece of the play and assured that it did sound a lot like Komeda. The band visited Newcastle, Manchester, Norwich and London on their UK tour together with Ben Folds Five (March 4-7). Next up is another tour with the same band, only this time in the US and from April 12th to May 3rd. Cities to be visited includes Houston, Dallas, Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. All in all, the two bands play 12 gigs together, but Komeda will also play a few gigs on their own. Los Angeles and Atlanta are two cities mentioned so far. After that the band will concentrate on writing new material. The recording of their next album is planned for the summer, and the release of that album (in Sweden) is set for the autumn. Pinko Pinko - what does Miss Universe from the Starlight orchestra do in the deep forest? Why are the members of the band wearing skirts? What is in the pipe the girl is holding? Why aren't all parts of member P-G (vocals) visible? There are a lot of questions in the band's latest video for the song "Cheekbone", taken from their album "Traffic". Ray Wonder - a license deal for the band with US label Runt has been signed. The band also played at "Popstad '97" and their gig was broadcasted live on P3. After a couple of songs into their set, the skin on the bass drum broke, and because it was broadcasted live, the band had to improvise, which meant that the band continued without the drummer until a new drum set arrived. The band recently released the new single "General Hugging Center" together with a video made by American film-maker Matt Mittler. After seeing a video with the band at the Umea Film Festival 1996, he decided that he wanted to do a video with the band, there and then, when he was still in town. It took three days to get everything together, and the result naturally shows a bit of lo-fi. Latest news coming in is that Beck, who, as we all know, is a Komeda fan and made his whole band wear white (Komeda's stage clothes were white when they supported Beck in November last year) in order to dedicate a concert to the band, has now placed his ears and eyes on Ray Wonder! His appreciation for the band is so big, that he has offered them to be the opening act at six gigs in the UK between May 7th and 14th. Nothing about this has been decided at this time though, so keep your fingers crossed, and we'll be back with more on this as soon as we have more information. (Source: NONS News / Scandinavian Indie) Contact Information: Record label / Internal Booking Agency: NONS Records, Box 119, 901 03 Umea, SWEDEN Phone: +46-(0)90-130899 Fax : +46-(0)90-129963 Email: WWW : WWW : (picture jukebox) External Booking Agency: Luger, Box 211, 811 23 Sandviken, SWEDEN Phone: +46-(0)26-250900 Fax : +46-(0)26-250915 Email: Band homepages: Cloudberry Jam: Daybehavior : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- All news always at: Quote the source, _and the link_, if Scandinavian Indie is the source! Please note that information (such as addresses, links etc.) about all labels, bands, artists and so on, mentioned in the selected news, can be found on the Scandinavian Indie web site. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 29 Mar 1997 08:39:42 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Luger Tour List _Update_ [28-Mar-97] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Luger Tour List UPDATE Scandinavian Indie March 28th, 1997 by Erik Soderstrom ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCANDINAVIAN: BREACH (S) - Burning Heart / MD Apr 19 Jakobstad (SF) Svenska Garden New Date Apr 30 Goteborg (S) Vagen New Date w/Entombed May 03 Stockholm (S) Studion New Date w/Entombed May 04 Stockholm (S) Studion New Date w/Entombed May 30 Malmo (S) TBA New Date May 31 Tranas (S) FP New Date CLOUDBERRY JAM (S) - Nons / Border Apr 15 Nagano (J) Mythos Venue Decided DISMEMBER (S) - Nuclear Blast / House Of Kicks Apr 10 Ystad (S) Chorus Cancelled ENTOMBED (S) - Music For Nations / MNW ILR Support Apr 29 - May 04 - MARY BEATS JANE (S) - MVG / MD Apr 30 Goteborg (S) Vagen New Support: Breach May 02 Stockholm (S) TBA Cancelled May 03 Stockholm (S) Studion New Date w/Breach May 04 Stockholm (S) Studion New Date w/Breach Jun 13 Hultsfred (S) Festival New Date LOOSEGOATS (S) - Startracks / House Of Kicks Apr 10 Soderkoping (S) 16-20 New Date w/Starmarket Apr 11 Vaxjo (S) Smalands Nation New Date w/Starmarket Apr 12 Nykoping (S) Nykult New Date w/Starmarket MONSTER (S) - Startracks / House Of Kicks Apr 03 Orebro (S) Garaget Cancelled Apr 05 Falkoping (S) tba New Date May 23 Visby (S) Roxy New Date May 31 Tranas (S) FP New Date PUNKARNA I LONDON (S) - TBA / TBA *NEW* Apr 30 Elverum (S) Anders Lundins Cafe REFUSED (S) - Startracks / House Of Kicks Apr 12 Skelleftea (S) Ungdomens Hus New Date Apr 18 Haparanda (S) Folkets Hus New Date Apr 22 Osthammar (S) Ungdomens Hus New Date Apr 23 Hallsberg (S) TBA New Date Apr 24 Hjo (S) A-kallaren New Date Apr 25 Motala (S) TBA New Date Apr 26 Vanersborg (S) Vanerrocken New Venue Apr 27 Boras (S) Rockborgen New Date Apr 29 Alvesta (S) Popcorner New Date Apr 30 Goteborg (S) Backa Fritidsgard New Date May 01 Tranas (S) Sobelhuset New Date May 02 Atvidaberg (S) TBA New Date STARMARKET (S) - Dolores / MD Apr 05 Vanersborg (S) Cafe Eloge New Date Apr 10 Soderkoping (S) 16-20 New Date w/Loosegoats Apr 11 Vaxjo (S) Smalands Nation New Date w/Loosegoats Apr 12 Nykoping (S) Nykult New Date w/Loosegoats Jul 04 Oskarshamn (S) Festival New Date ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NON-SCANDINAVIAN: BLACK UHURU (JAM) - ? *NEW* May 27 Stockholm (S) Electric Garden May 28 Oslo (N) Rockefeller May 29 Malmo (S) KB CHOKEBORE (US) - Amphetamine Reptile / House Of Kicks *NEW* + CONAN & THE BARBARIANS (S) - Import (Skrikhult Production and Luger co-op.) Apr 23 Stockholm (S) Tantogarden EARTH CRISIS (US) - Victory / Border *NEW* + TURMOIL (US) - Century Media / HoK + PROOF (D) - MadMob / Hok May 01 Karlstad (S) Cafe Cinema May 02 Sundsvall (S) Pipeline May 03 Sandviken (S) Kungen May 04 Umea (S) Galaxen May 05 Stockholm (S) The Bump May 06 Linkoping (S) Skylten May 07 Oslo (N) TBA May 08 Vanersborg (S) Cafe Eloge May 10 Copenhagen (DK) Backfish FRODUS (US) - No looking Back / MD *NEW* + NINE (S) - Startracks/BMG / House Of Kicks Apr 22 Umea (S) Station Apr 23 Sandviken (S) Kungen Apr 24 Stockholm (S) Kafe 44 Apr 26 Vanersborg (S) Vanerrocken GOOD RIDDANCE (US) - Fat Wreck / Border + BUCK WILD (US) - Lobster rec / Import Apr 22 Linkoping (S) Skylten New Support INTEGRITY (US) - Victory / Border + FURY OF FIVE (US) & MY OWN VICTIM (US) - Century Media / Hok Apr 24 Copenhagen (DK) Ungdomshuset New Venue BETH ORTON (UK) - Heavenly Recordings / BMG *NEW* Apr 23 Stockholm (S) Studion Apr 24 Oslo (N) So What Apr 25 Goteborg (S) Pusterviksbaren SERVOTRON (US) - One Louder / Import *NEW* May 14 Stockholm (S) Studion May 15 Goteborg (S) Underground ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The COMPLETE Luger Tour List is posted to the mailing list now and then. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 13:14:51 +0200 (MET DST) From: Petter Tiilikainen Subject: Re: Underground (gbg) gigs, April 97 According to Ola Lundkvist: > Fri 11 Kiss of Thunder > Sat 12 Bear Quartet Just got the Before the Trenches CD5 and the Moby Dick CD, oh boy does it annoy me that I couldn't find these in Lulea. Luckily Pet Sounds had them. One of these days I'm going to get a big sack of manure and dump it in the lousy record stores here.. > Wed 16 Hellfire Club: PAF > Sat 19 Candysuck > Fri 25 Transport League > Sat 26 Starmarket I'd just like to express my opinion about Underground. At Thursday the Revelators and the Oblivians played there, they did great, considering that 95% of the people that were there to celebrate easter in the traditonal swedish way ( = getting obnoxiously drunk) and not to see the bands. And since it was packed with stupid clueless people, a lot of people who actually wanted to see the bands couldn't get in. The bands played well considering only about 20 people stayed downstairs in the club when they played. Friday in Stockholm at Tantogården was a totally different deal, a lot of people came (don't have any numbers though, maybe around 150?) both the Revelators and the Oblivians did some killer performances, and the people who were there actually wanted to see the bands. A great relief, I felt kinda ashamed of being a Swede the night before. Big thanks to the Savage boys for bringing the bands to Sweden!! Euphorically yours, Petter P. Pettersson ----------------------------- Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 12:40:49 +0100 From: Torsvall Subject: Re: Underground (gbg) gigs, April 97 Ola Lundkvist wrote: > > Fri 11 Kiss of Thunder > Sat 12 Bear Quartet Wow! The Bear Quartet on tour. Does anyone know if (when?where?) they are playing in Stockholm? BTW, I think the new single is great, especially "my boxer". Jonas ----------------------------- Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 14:51:17 -0500 (EST) From: Chris Forsberg Subject: Cardigans 3/26 - a review Hi all, Well, I trekked on down to Fairfax to catch the Cardies and Beck last Wednesday. Great show!! It was in a (I'd guess) 8,000 to 10,000 seat arena, and it was nearly filled. Mostly with kids in the 12-17 year age range, so my friend and I felt OLD, and we're only in our twenties! I guess it's been awhile since I went to a show that wasn't in a club. Totally unnanounced, Atari Teenage Riot opened the show. I had heard them on some German jungle comp a while ago, but never had seen 'em live before. Not many people got into them, including me. I'm sure they are good at what they do, but I gotta say teaming them with Beck and the Cardigans wasn't the most brilliant of decisions. After ATR left the stage, we waited awhile and then all of a sudden, the lights went down, and the stirring strains of Black Sabbath's "Supertzar" began pumping through the arena.....this could only mean.......the Cardigans!! Long story short: they ruled. I must admit that I'd seen them on American TV shows and they seemed a bit flat, so I wasn't sure what to expect. The band was tight and Nina's vocals were on. She was also looking delectable in her tight black leather pants and her hair swept back and...well, I could go on and on but I won't cos this isn't the list for that! The crowd, predictably, didn't recognize most of the set, even to a degree, a lot of the stuff off "First Band..." They went nuts for "Lovefool" tho, of course; it is played several times a day on the main alternative station around here. I yelled loudly for "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath" but no luck - I don't think they even heard me over the crowd noise anyway. A question: does anyone know who the bald man whose picture is taped to Bengt's kick drum is? Beck was incredible too, putting on a helluva show. Choreographed band moves, southern-style preaching, "the Robot", grooovy far-out sixties light was all there. He's a great entertainer, not what I expected actually. I had figured him to be more from the Cobain School of Reluctant Rock Stars, but Beck obviously really enjoys himself up there, enjoys the cliche and embraces it, and puts a new twist on it. Later, Chris ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 14:56:43 -0500 (EST) From: Chris Forsberg Subject: CD offer ooops, forgot to mention: A friend of mine gave me a promo CD put out by Burning Heart Records (he knows I'm into Swedish indie). It's called "Cheap Shots Volume II" and frankly it isn't my cup o tea at all. It's pretty much a punk comp, with two songs each from the following bands: No fun at all Home grown 59 times the pain Millencolin Liberator Puffball Satanic surfers Mindjive Chickenpox Breach Bodyjar Raised fist Hives The cd comes in a cardboard sleeve and contains a little booklet with pics of the bands. Is anyone interested in this?? If you are, let me know, maybe we can trade, or if not I'd be happy to mail it to anyone who provides me postage $$. Just email me privately, thanks. Chris -------------------------------- Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 16:36:28 -0500 (EST) From: Chris Forsberg Subject: a question Has anybody heard of a 2nd version of the Cardigans' "Lovefool" video, one where Nina is singing and some old guy is crying on a couch? Apparently this is different from the one MTV USA plays with the band on the boat and the bottle in the water, etc. Any info appreciated -- Chris --------------------------------- Date: Mon, 31 Mar 1997 23:12:13 +0100 From: Isabella Subject: Re: a question Chris Forsberg wrote: > > Has anybody heard of a 2nd version of the Cardigans' "Lovefool" video, one > where Nina is singing and some old guy is crying on a couch? Apparently > this is different from the one MTV USA plays with the band on the boat and > the bottle in the water, etc. > > Any info appreciated -- > > Chris I tought that was the real video!!!!!!! But I´ve seen both. Well the video starts with Nina putting on a red tape with the words LNS(does it meen linda norrman-skugge?) written on it and then she starts sing-dictate Lovefool.And she is spying on him and i can't remember moore. /Isabella -------------------------------- End of SIN Digest #4.16 ***********************
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