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Vol.4 #14

March 20th, 1997

There are 9 messages totalling 741 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Cardigans and the Wannadies and things 2. Any way of ordering Siesta records cheaper in North America (2) 3. ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! 4. Web updates 5. Live: Sanctum, Arcana, Raison d'Etre 6. drompop aquadays and shallow live 7. Sin's Music on the Radio [24-Mar-97] 8. Sin's Selected News [20-Mar-97] --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 01:57:16 -0500 From: tension Subject: Cardigans and the Wannadies and things Hallo everyone! I just subscribed to the mailing list, I'm completely addicted to music, without it I would be a very sad man. I live in Toronto, Canada and yes, it is very cold here. I can't wait until the summertime :D I just got back from a Cardigans concert tonight, they are truly brilliant in concert, I adore them. I noticed that they are on the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack, quite a few Swedish bands on there actually. There's the Cardigans, Stina Nordenstam (beautiful voice), and the Wannadies. The Wannadies are a very catchy band, and I fell in love with them right away. There are like the Cardigans except have male vocals instead. Other groups and singers I listen to, Bjork, Sugarcubes, Bellatrix, Unun, Gusgus, Komeda, LFO, Moby, Leftfield, Chemical Brothers, Goldie, Metalheadz, Photek, Red Snapper, Statik Sound System, Tricky, Massive Attack, Portishead, Ruby, Whale, Skunk Anasie, Morcheeba, Lamb, Nicolette, Garbage, Cibo Matto, Sleeper, Pizzicato Five, No Doubt, Luscious Jackson, Tracy Thorn, ebtg, and Frente. I am currently in school, and I have a big essay due for tomorrow so I better go, bye for now. ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 00:30:17 -0700 From: Subject: Any way of ordering Siesta records cheaper in North America Hi I want to purchase some of the bands of the siesta label in spain like ReD sleeping Beauty , Club_8 and some other pop bands on the label and was wondering if there's a mail order service here in North America that could do it for cheaper if i get it here? =) thanks for any advice jOn ------------------------------- Date: Mon, 17 Mar 1997 12:00:39 +0100 (MET) From: Petter Tiilikainen Subject: Re: ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! According to > On Fri, 14 Mar 1997, Timo Riitamaa wrote > about: ME! ME! ME! ME! ME! > > > but tonight Larry & the Lefthanded and Bob Hund at Tavastia... > > And why hasn't anyone said anything about tour dates for these excellent > bands earlier??? _Please_ post tour dates if you have them! It doesn't > matter if you live in Finland - we're all still interested! They interviewed Bob Hund (Thomas, Johan) on the finnish show Jyrki (i might remember it wrong) on MTV3 (finnish channel, got nothing to do with MTV). They did it all in english, so it was kinda bad. I don't know if they showed any live clips or anything, but they talked about how more people seemed to understand what they sang about in Abo than in Tammerfors. Petter --------------------------------- Date: Tue, 18 Mar 1997 04:40:39 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Web updates My Internet provider moved all their customers' web pages to a new computer and made the web-server look for the pages on that computer on March 10th. Without telling anyone! All updates made after the 10th (a lot too) have therefore not appeared when someone surf any of the pages on Lysator - because it loads all the old pages on the new computer - and all the updates have been placed (as usual) on the old computer. That's why the Scandinavian Indie web site appears not to have been updated since the 10th of March. I have written a long and angry letter to the admins here and I hope to receive an answer and a solution to this today. More info as soon as I know. //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 09:13:40 -0600 From: Leif Subject: Re: Any way of ordering Siesta records cheaper in North America wrote: > Hi > I want to purchase some of the bands of the siesta label in spain > like ReD sleeping Beauty , Club_8 and some other pop bands on the > label and was wondering if there's a mail order service here in > North America that could do it for cheaper if i get it here? =) > thanks for any advice > jOn Jon, Parasol Records out of Champaign-Urbana is a great source for pop stuff and in the past has carried Siesta and Elefant releases. Best, Leif --------------------------------- Date: Wed, 19 Mar 97 15:19:26 +0100 From: (Marten Sahlen) Subject: Live: Sanctum, Arcana, Raison d'Etre Just in case any Swedes on the list have missed it, I reiterate that this coming Saturday, 22/3, the Nursery - a society for the promotion of experimental culture - will be hosting an industrial evening at Kulturhuset (Lava) in Stockholm. Doors open at 4 PM, admission is 50 kronor. At around 4.30 two girls with long experience from the industrial and techno scenes - fanzines, mail order, clubs (Spanking Housewives, Evil Nurse) - will present a lecture about underground culture. This is followed by an experimental video show. At 7 the bands start playing: Sanctum - Arcana - Raison d'Etre. All three have releases on the Linkoping based label Cold Meat Industry. From 10 PM the party will resume in an adjacent venue, Backstage, and do expect an all-nighter with industrial, synth, tribal, noise, dark ambient, and other equally swank genres. _ Be there, or be |_| -------------------------------- Date: Wed, 19 Mar 1997 22:53:28 +0100 From: peter Subject: drompop aquadays and shallow live This friday the superb bands Aquadays and Shallow will perform live at drompop in stockholm, sweden. There will also be great music played from the record- player, from Ride, Slowdive, Chapterhouse etc. So be there. Tre Backar, Stockholm, 20.00 or check out See you /peter ----------------------------- Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 07:13:27 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Sin's Music on the Radio [24-Mar-97] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE RADIO Scandinavian Indie March 24 -> 27 by Erik Soderstrom ( Day Date Artist Recorded --- ----- --------------------------------- -------------------------------- Mon 24/3 Suzanne Vega Stockholm, Gl{djehuset 17-Feb-97 Tue 25/3 Martyn Bennett Ume}, Folkmusik festival Mar -97 Wed 26/3 Underworld Denmark, Roskilde festival -96 Thu 27/3 Fu Manchu Hedemora, Dalarocken July -96 This list covers the Swedish National Channel P3's "Live" - at 21.03-22.00 or 18.03-19.00 where marked with a '*'. (R) = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Date: Thu, 20 Mar 1997 07:13:58 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Sin's Selected News [20-Mar-97] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie SELECTED NEWS Scandinavian Indie March 20th, 1997 by Erik Soderstrom ( "Remember where you heard it first" Contents: The All Janet, Aquadays, Backfish, Beat Butchers, Bizarre, Cloudberry Jam, Coach Bob, Cobolt, Dorian Records, Drain, The Drowners, Dune, Eggstone, Emmaboda Festival '97, Fidget, Fivel, Harry Lime Records, Honeycave, Honey Is Cool, Hultsfred Festival 97, Lemonator, Leslies, Lund Records, Mary Beats Jane, Monostar, Piggy In The Middle, Sound Affects, Sahara Hotnights, Salt, Scared, Scary Cassettes, Smash Hit Wonders, Speaker, Starboy Recordings, Stargazer, Supermono, Surreal, Union Carbide Productions, Wagon, The Wellmeant, Yvonne. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The All Janet - (Speech/AWSF) release their new single "On The Run" on April 4th, and the release date for their debut album "Grace." has been moved one week, which means that it is going to be released on April 28th. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Aquadays - our favourites from G|teborg will play together with our \rebro- rooted Shallow at Tre Backar in Stockholm on March 21st. The name for the gig is "Dr|mpop" (Dreampop) which explains very well what it is all about. You can see both bands for just 30 SEK, so trust me: go there! More news: Aquadays have recently recorded twelve songs of which eight appear on their latest demo "Spring" which is out now. The songs recorded are all the songs from their previous demo "Ultramarine" + 'Spacious' and brand new songs 'Casablanca', 'Senseless' and 'Daydreamer'. More information on their cool new homepage: (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Backfish - (AWSF) has made a video to their second single and album song "Everyone" which is said to be something really special. Soon to hit eyes and ears everywhere from a TV near you. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Beat Butchers - the most indpendent Swedish punk/pop/rock label of all news: K|ttgrottorna throws a party for the release of their new album "Tinnitus" at Studion in Stockholm on March 27th, at 20:00. Everyone is welcome - Free Entrance! Though you have to be over 18 to get in. On easter eve (March 29th), Beat Butchers presents the "Totalgalan" together with Birdnest Rec. at Kolingsborg in Stockholm. Here is the complete information: What: Totalgalan - when no one else cares. When: March 29, starting 17:00. Where: Kolingsborg, Stockholm (Gula G}ngen, Subway to Slussen). Price: At the venue: 100 SEK, In advance: 80 SEK + possible advance fee from Mega Skivakademin, Sound Pollution, Birdnest (0221-282 00). Line-Up: Skumdum, Charta 77, K|ttgrottorna, Radioaktiva R{ker, Coca Carola, Johan Johansson, R|vsvett. (Source: Beat Butchers News) Bizarre - from Estonia have recorded four new songs (actually, they recorded eight, but threw away four they weren't satisfied with) as of late, and are adding finishing touches right now. These songs have been played live earlier this year, but have not been recorded properly until now. Where these songs will appear eventually is not certain yet. (Source: Hendrik Luuk / Tristan Priimagi) Cloudberry Jam - (Polygram) member Jennie Medin is blond - that's right, she has coloured her hair in a yellow-ish blond colour, and it actually looks great! Jennie celebrates her 25:th birthday on March 30th, but throws a party on March 19th together with two of her best friends who also turn 25 around that date, at Herrg}r'n with a performace from Harvest, dinner for invited friends, and a DJ. The day after (!), they play in Uppsala at Sten Sture together with Bo Kaspers Orkester, on March 21st they play at Skottes in G{vle (with Bo Kaspers again) and on March 22nd, they play in Stockholm at Studion - then they are on their way to Japan for another tour over there. Be sure to send Jennie a _happy birthday greeting_ through e-mail to: (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Coach Bob - from Link|ping was the opening act for The Wellmeant at Herrg}r'n last thursday. Three of the members were previously in the much celebrated, but now defunct, Link|ping-band Suredo, and our expectations were of course set pretty high. To everyone's surprise, Coach Bob did sound somewhat like Suredo! Though to be honest, in the music climate we have in Sweden today, this is definitely something of the past and I'm not sure the band will go very far. But it was definitely nice to be treated to a 91/92 "retro" for a change. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Cobolt - (Ampersand) is a new band from Ume} consisting of Refused's old bass player Magnus Bj|rklund and crew- and "sixth" member Andreas Nilsson. Their music is described as very nice pop, kind of like the Red House Painters. (Source: Ampersand Records News) Dorian Records - in Halmstad, Sweden news: The label has started a new sub- label named "Silver Records" where heavier pop will reside. This because there are so many good powerpop/guitar-mongling bands out there and the motherlabel "Dorian" is destined to only release pop of the "twee" genre. Two EPs will be released on the new sub-label in April/May. The first one with Fanscene called "French Poetry EP" (AG-001) and the second one with a title to be announced with Grape (who is no longer called Grape, but they havenït decided on a new name yet). On Dorian, we'll see two albums released in May. The first from Dr. Saturn (to an extremely low price) and the other from Soul Kitchen (previously called "Bloomer"). The planned single with hyped Stockholmers Pimms is still not ready yet, because after their showcase earlier this year, several labels have expressed their interest in working with the band. When it comes to the Dorian compilations, the second one "True To You" has been released in Japan and the U.S. but not in Sweden yet - due to problems regarding the distribution. The release of the third compilation (a double CD) has therefor been delayed, and as it looks right now, it will be released at the time of the Hultsfred Festival in early June. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Drain - (MVG) have been confirmed for the US Ozz Fest Metal Tour. The band will tour together with bands like Pantera, Marilyn Manson, Fear Factory, Machine Head, Type O'Negative and a three of the original members temporary Black Sabbath reunion. The tour starts at the end of May, ends on July 7th and hits mainly stadiums with 30.000 to 100.000 capacity. (Source: MVG News) The Drowners - (AWSF) entered the studio on monday this week to record their next album. Insider song-title tips - 'Winter Left You Alone', 'Dependancy', 'One Star' and 'Fake Rock n'Roll Personality'. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Dune - also from Halmstad, who appeared on the latest Harry Lime compilation "A Twist Of Lime" have entered the studio this week to record four new songs for an upcoming single released on Harry Lime in May. The band will also appear on a compilation album released by label Motorway in Japan at the end of May. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Eggstone - (Vibrafon) are working on getting their latest album "Vive La Difference" released in the US. Apparently, their US label Critique had a licence deal with the band's old Swedish label Soap/MNW, but now when they have their own label, there is no such deal. The band hopes that everything will be worked out within about four or five months. If you live outside Scandinavia Scandinavia, and can't get hold of their records, the band said that as a last resort, you can contact them directly (see info below). More news: The band has made 1.000 vinyl copies of each of their albums, the 1992 smash "Eggstone In San Diego", the 1994 hit "Somersault" and their latest one. All of them are released on Vibrafon, but the two first are released with kind permission from Soap Records. Last but not least, the band will play at the Hultsfred Festival (though the organizers have not announced it yet), they have also received an invitation to the Emmaboda Festival, and might just appear at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark as well, though that is not yet completely certain. More info:, Email: (Source: Scandinavian Indie interview with Per Sunding) Emmaboda Festival '97 - will release a promotion CD for the festival. It will be distributed to selected people and places, but hopefully also available at the festival in August. A release party for the CD is planned to be held in V{xj| at the end of May. Bands ready for the festival so far are: Smash Hit Wonders, The Wellmeant, Soundtrack Of Our Lives, bob hund, Fidget, Silverbullet, Stargazer, Tambureens and Broder Daniel. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Fidget - (Mega) will play at the Hultsfred Festival this year! That gives you another reason not to miss the festival this year, which definitely looks like the best one in years. The band released their second single "Stop Losing" (Stop Losing / Hey Little Sister / Teddybear Baby (rerun)) on March 3rd, from their upcoming album "No Boogie Coming Your Way" set for release on March 24th. The album boasts 12 songs and will play in your CD player for about 34 minutes - pure pop that is. The release party is held in Stockholm at Tantog}rden on March 21st. The band (Nina, Louise and Daniel) will play records at the record store Pet Sounds the same afternoon between 16.00-18.00. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Fivel - (NONS) release their new EP "'57" on monday (March 17th). The EP consists of five songs, 'Imago', 'Who Are You?', 'Missing In Action', 'Laika' and 'Goodnight'. They have never been released before, though the band has played some of them live. Expect to see the band on tour this spring as well as playing at a number of festivals this summer. (See Scandinavian Indie review of the EP as well). (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Harry Lime - the record label from Eskilstuna who recently released their second compilation CD "A Twist Of Lime" are planning to release CD singles with three new bands simultaneously in May or June (depending on when the bands are ready with their recordings). The three bands are Dune, Peat and The Wellmeant, all previously featured on the mentioned compilation CD. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Honeycave - (Mega) were signed to Mega in the late summer of 1996, then spent November and December at Rommar| Studio, just outside Trosa, together with producer Per Pezon Pettersson. The result has now been mixed by Herrstr|m and Glaumann, and the first single, "Beautiful Boy", was released late February. The album, yet to be named, is set for release at the end of March. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Honey Is Cool - (MVG) are finally ready to release their debut album! The title is "Crazy Love" and the release date is set to April 21st. On April 4th, the first single, called "Nach Heart", from the album will be released. Two release parties are held to celebrate the whole thing. First one in Gothenburg (exact date not known yet) and then one at Blekingska Nationen in Lund on April 25th. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Hultsfred Festival 97 - will sell 1-day tickets this year due to the fact that the festival is not held during the "standardized" Swedish vacation period these days. The 1-day tickets cost 350 SEK, and the usual 3-day tickets go for 700 SEK (which is 50 SEK more than last year). A new stage is introduced this year for poetry, theatrical performances, and alternative music (not "alternative" like in the genre). This new stage is placed on "new" festival grounds where festival-goers previously could put up their tents. Pieces of the festival will be broadcasted live on the Internet (, and you can even follow the construction work, starting the weekend before the festival takes place. So far, the organisers have revealed the first 53 artists and bands scheduled to play at the festival, held June 12th to 14th this year. Here is the complete line-up so far: Absent Minded bob hund Breach Candysuck Cardigans Cherno Daft Punk (F) Descendents (US) Dilba DiLeva DJ A Guy Called Gerald (UK) DJ Fabio (UK) DJ Jonny L (UK) DJ Krush (JAP) DJ Seba Dr. Kosmos & Friends Entombed Esbj|rn Svensson Trio Fidget Goldfinger (US) Hellacopters Josh & Abel Kid Loops (UK) Komeda Loosegoats Marilyn Manson (US) Minimalisterna Monostar Monster New Bomb Turks (US) Orig. Electric Banana Band w/Trazan, Banarne & Olyckan Peace Love & Pitbulls Peanut Butter Wolf (US) Petrol Probiscis Prodigy (UK) Rage Against The Machine (US) Randy Reverend Horton Heat (US) S.P.O.C.K. Sherlock Bim Sherman (UK) Silverbullet Skint feat. Midfield General, Bentley Rhythm Ace, Hard Knox, Cut Le Roc. (UK) Souls Soundtrack Of Our Lives Supergrass (UK) Superswirls Bengt S{ndh This Perfect Day Voodoo Glow Skulls (US) Wu Tang Clan (US) Monica Zetterlund (Source: Topp40, Kontaktn{tet, Z-TV Nytt) Lemonator - (Warner) from Finland who released their debut album "Yellow" a few weeks ago entered the Finnish album chart at entry 38 two weeks ago. As it is a fantastic album, it was destined to climb the chart and we found it on place 30 last week. The TV program "Lista", which presents the Finnish album chart on FTV, presented an interview with the band + the premiere of their funny video (described in detail in this column earlier) to the song "Superb" last week. The video is nominated for the Jyrki awards in the best popvideo & best video altogether categories. If you missed it, don't worry. Even though it drops to 42:nd place this week, the album is, as said, destined to climb the chart, especially now when the band is out on an extensive tour of Finland. A new single "Over Now" is also on the way and set for release on April 14th. More information can be found right here: (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Leslies - (Harry Lime) has been hiding at Jon Rekdal's studio lately with the result that a new single is going to be recorded this month. The follow-up to their debut album "Totally Brilliant", which has sold about 8.000 copies so far, will be recorded during the summer. The single is set for release in August and the album in October. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Lund Records - latest release, a compilation album called "Sk}nska Klassiker I V}ra Hj{rtan" might be interesting to some of you completists out there. The album contains classics from the southern part of Sweden called Sk}ne recorded by artists and bands like Philemon Arthur, Beagle, Wilmer X, Stry Kanarie/Terrarie, Kal P Dal, Eggstone and Hoola Bandoola Band. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Mary Beats Jane - (MVG) will support Swedish metal heroes Entombed on their European tour starting April 18th. The band will appear on all dates but the ones in Germany. (Source: MVG News) Monostar - (Soap) yes, that's right, good old Monostar have finally been signed to Soap Records (MNW). Originally from the "Island Of Roses", Gotland, now living in Stockholm, they have been excellent for as long as I have known about them (meaning 1992), and it was about time they got a contract, if you ask me. Interesting to see that they received the "Demo Of The Issue" award in the winter issue of Sound Affects, and then got signed. This process has almost been a general rule as of late. The band will play at the Hultsfred Festival this summer. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Piggy In The Middle - (Rainbow Music) originally from V{ster}s, now from Stockholm, previous receivers of the now well-known "Demo of the issue" award in Sound Affects magazine, are here with a contract and a debut album called "Images & Distorted Facts" which was released on monday this week (March 17th). Recorded, mixed and produced by Christian Edgren at Traxton Recording in Stockholm (all but one song, "Discourse vs Conclusion" which was recorded and mixed by Martin Igelstr|m at H{ssl|salen and Studio Vintage). The album is said to mirror the healthy and lightly innocent attitude of the 60's, the innovativeness of the 70's, the alternative pop- industry of the 80's and today's self confidence and style awareness. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Sound Affects - the best pop music magazine in Sweden (yeah yeah) have their homepages hot and almost ready, finally. The premiere for the pages is set to the day when the latest issue of the magazine reach the subscribers (last week in March). In the magazine you will find articles on Redd Kross, The Cardigans, Backfish, Ossler, Dr. Saturn, Kenickie, Fountains Of Wayne, You Am I, My Life Story, Symposium and Tarnation, as well as a label spotlite on Beggars Banquet, a fanzine-guide, competitions (where you can win festival tickets, among other things), results from the readers votes, Japan-report, and loads of reviews. A CD single with favourites Fidget was planned to accompany the issue, but those plans were crushed by the band's record label Mega Records at the last minute. More on the magazine's homepages right here, soon. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Sahara Hotnights - (AWSF) is, you guessed it, a newly signed band on list favourites A West Side Fabrication. The band consists of four girls of ages between 15 and 17 and they are said to play some kind of "quasi-indiegrungepostpunkrock" which people say will take Sweden by storm when their debut EP, recorded last week, is released in April/May. How they got signed? They won a "talent hunt" contest held by the label in November last year. Perhaps we can se some sort of pattern here, with more and more all-girl bands with younger and younger members appearing all over the country? Sparky from Halmstad is just one good example (and they are opening for Candysuck when they play there). (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Salt - (MVG) as you might have heard by now (it really is _old_ news) did _not_ break up, but they do not exist as "Salt" either. They just wanted to do something else. Daniel Ewerman (bass) left the band to pursue other interests/talents. Nina Ramsby and Jim Tegman went on with their lives for a while, but are back with some yet-to-be-revealed plans. The band "Salt"'s farewell and second album with the title "Delay Me Down And Make Me Wah-Wah" with six previously unreleased songs and a couple of brilliant b-sides is set for release on April 7th. It is said to be something really special. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Scared - (Ampersand) is another new band from Ume} (that Popstad 97 thing really brought out a bunch of new promising acts) who have mixed a bit of emo-core (like Starmarket/Fireside) with a faster punk-ish fling. A debut MCD was recently released, so go and check it out. (Source: Ampersand Records News) Scary Cassettes - is a newly started cassette label in Lund, Sweden. The first release from the label is a compilation tape with eighteen unsigned Swedish bands. The included bands (with short descriptions where possible) are as follows: Ben (nice countryrock like Uncle Tupelo) Beth Blinker (sounds kind of like Green Day) Bobsleigh Combed Den (Neil Young-ish) In A Spring (cool Guided By Voices-vibes) Jilted (tough Polvo-rock from Malmo) Kevlar Lousy (well, we all know who they are :-)) Myron's Girlfriend (from Lund) Ogden Flood (a bit like Sammy, from Malmo) Phlegm (kitchen table-pop from Stockholm) Picabo (fast pop from Uppsala) Poyken Royal Cassette (from Malmo) Serial Cynic (noise-rock like Jesus Lizard) Sideshow Bob (Loosegoats' younger brothers) If you are interested in learning more about the label, about the bands, or want to order the cassette (it's 20 SEK plus 2 normal letter stamps), contact: Scary Cassettes, c/o Jonas Nilsson, Allingavagen 5 D:316, 227 34 Lund, Sweden. You can also call: +46-(0)46-393616, or send email to: What the next release will bring is not completely decided yet, but the label has been in contact with Echo Troopers and Specimen from Norway and Obstinate Esther (Denmark). (Source: Scary Cassettes News) Smash Hit Wonders - (SunSpot) are back in business and a new single called "Summer of 89" is set for release on April 21st. The single contains the song with the same title from their debut album "Love Your Wife" + two songs from their earlier demo tapes, never released before. (Source: SunSpot Records News) Speaker - (Stockholm) original member (in Green as well) Helen Widmark quit the band a couple of weeks ago when she decided that it was nothing she really wanted to do. She was replaced pretty fast (on their on- going tour) by a guy whose name escapes me right now. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Starboy Recordings - is a new record label run by the well-known Hansi Friberg. They moved into their brand new offices last week, and immediately started to work on their plans, which includes single releases from signed bands Surreal (from Varberg) and Robot (from Gothenburg) (both out on April 7th), an EP in May from Freinds and some more work together with Natalie Barusta (from Gothenburg). At the end of April, the label plans a small promotion tour for the two first bands. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Stargazer - (Beat That!) from J|nk|ping were recently signed to Beat That! Records (which is a sub-label to Energy Rekords). A single or an EP is to be released at the end of this month (March). (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Supermono - is the new and official name of the Icelandic band "Blome" previously reviewed by Scandinavian Indie. The band has also created their own homepage now at:, so you might want to check it out right now! (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Surreal - (Starboy) from Varberg has put the finishing touches to their debut single "Pitbulls & Landrovers / Tuxedo", which means that it should be out pretty much right now. Producer? Grammy-award winner Nille Perned. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Union Carbide Productions - heh heh, yeah, you didn't think you would see them in the news again, did you? Well, now they are back with a compilation album (a 'best-of' sort of) set to be released at the end of this month (March). Most people believe that this album will sell more copies than all their old records put together. (Source: Spektrum) Wagon - from V{xj| are ready to release their self-titled debut album on Borderline in Gothenburg. The album boasts eleven thunder-hits according to the band, and the tentative release date has been set to April 15th. The release will probably be followed by a shorter tour of Sweden. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) The Wellmeant - from Huskvarna played a beautiful set of songs as the main act at Herrg}r'n two weeks ago. The crowd, waiting more for their student-loan money to hit their accounts at midnight the same night, was unfortunately pretty unforgivable, though the band took it pretty well, and those of us who concentrated on their music and performace were treated to pure bliss. If you are in or near Stockholm on April 16th, you can see them live at Kulturhuset around 7pm. If you plan on going to the Emmaboda Festival this summer, you can also see them perform there. The band will also play live at the Emmaboda Festival promotion CD release (on which they are of course included) party in V{xj| late May. And around that time, a single with the band will be released by record label Harry Lime. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Yvonne - (Beat That!/Energy) are back! The new single "Modern Love" (with b-side "She", a cover of the Misfits song) was released this week, and the new album "Getting Out, Getting Everywhere" is set to be released on April 14th. A video to the song "Modern Love" is also on the way. (See the Scandinavian Indie review of the single for more information). (Source: Scandinavian Indie) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- All news always at: Quote the source, _and the link_, if Scandinavian Indie is the source! Please note that information (such as addresses, links etc.) about all labels, bands, artists and so on, mentioned in the selected news, can be found on the Scandinavian Indie web site. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- End of SIN Digest #4.14 ***********************
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