Scandinavian Indie Digest Vol.3 Issue #54 [The Scandinavian Indie]


Vol.3 #54

December 15th, 1996

There are 20 messages totalling 882 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. estonian tape (return to sender) 2. P3 Live broadcasts.. 3. Sin's CD Reviews - Twigs "Beast" MCD 4. Sin's Music on the TV [06-Dec-96] 5. Sin's Selected News [05-Dec-96] 6. Jimi Tenor (2) 7. Gig schedules (2) 8. swedish-speaking bob hund fan wanted! 9. 1996 Poll! 10. 1996 Poll _Update_ 11. 1996 Poll question (2) 12. Luger Tour List _Update_ [11-Dec-96] 13. Depeche mode 14. bla 15. Komeda and Beck 16. Hello 17. Mazzy Star's new video --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 16:47:04 +0100 From: Petter Tiilikainen Subject: estonian tape (return to sender) the package was returned today, it said that the person (Asa Esomething) had moved, so I sent it to Ludvig Borgne instead... Petter PS. Sorry about prev. junk mail.. ---------------------------- Date: Thu, 5 Dec 1996 16:54:06 +0100 From: Petter Tiilikainen Subject: Re: P3 Live broadcasts.. >> Heyyyyyy, If someone has the BQ and Swervies shows on tape (we don't get >> P3 in Tampere, Finland), pleasePrettyplease could you e-mail me? >> I was devastated in January (now that's almost a year ago, innit?) >> when I didn't have the cash/time/whatever to go to the Swervedriver show. >> I've never seen them live, folks! WAAAHHHH!!! > > I have a BQ show from the radio from 1993, i sure would like to > trade for tapes of later broadcasts of BQ shows... Oh nevermind, you mean Balanesqueahiho Quartet... I was talking about Bear Quartet, nevermind.. Offer still stands though Petter ------------------------------- Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 04:43:12 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Sin's CD Reviews - Twigs "Beast" MCD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie SCANDINAVIAN CD REVIEWS Scandinavian Indie December 5th, 1996 by Erik S|derstr|m ( "Never paid, always honest." Contents: Twigs - "Beast" MCD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Twigs - "Beast" MCD 1996, Straight Bloke Records (Time: 23.43) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Beast (2.56) 2. Bone Song (2.55) 3. Family Ties (2.23) 4. Your Sort of Girl (4.39) 5. Distasteful (2.59) 6. Trouble Me (7.49) Scandinavian Indie Review: Would you believe that this band comes from Bergen, Norway when I tell you that their sound is fast and slow, speedy and catching its breath, a bit trashy, dirty, noisy, tough, lo-fi with rattling guitars? Yes, it is true. This is an indie pop band from Norway. With added female vocals it enters the dark alleys of The Breeders mixed with Dinosaur Jr/Sonic Youth. Growling guitars, deep deep down the scales. Enough slap bass to keep me happy for years to come. Great high and low, light and scratchy female vocals. Pretty Kristin Hersh-like at times, but also Breeders-esque through the duet vocals in 'Beast' and 'Bone Song'. The latter being very early Lush-like, with a garage sound to it, and also my second (or split first, I can not decide) favourite on the CD. My personal favourite is 'Your Sort of Girl'. It is so fantastic that it is impossible to get out of my head. Single guitar leads the way to the bass, which fills the empty spot until the drums and the other guitar walks around the corner to join them. Then, Katy starts singing in a casual way, like she has said all this a thousand times before, trying to act like she does not care by not following the red thread the guitars, bass or drums have drawn up at all. But as soon as the chorus kicks in, we know that it is not true. And it is a very addictive chorus. The second time it goes into instrumental mode, building up and up and up to a climax with a gorgeous muffled metal, almost Cure-like effect on a guitar, then back into the chorus again. It makes me shiver. It is ingenious. "I know I should be hating you, always end up hating me. I wish that I could hate you now, really wish I could be free." The last song, 'Trouble Me', makes me think of the non-Barlow Sebadoh mayhem sessions half the time, and if they had used a male vocalist here, the rest would be a Barlow or J. Mascis slowie. What I am trying to say is that it is dirty and beautiful at the same time. I would love to see this band live, especially when they play the lengthy speeding, roaring train end of 'Trouble Me'. And maybe I will, as there are plans in the making for them. This 6-song CDEP called "Beast" is released on Straight Blokes Records. The members are Katy (vocals, bass), Finn (guitar, bass, backing vocals), Morten (drums) and Per Steinar (guitar). And as this is a really good record, you should definitely contact the band if all this sounds interesting. Forget that they are from Norway! This band proves that great bands also come from our neighbor to the west! Contact: Finn Solemdal at: Or write to: Finn Solemdal, Gronnevollen 14, 5016 Bergen, NORWAY. Or call: +47-55-961901. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- All CD reviews are available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 04:42:35 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Sin's Music on the TV [06-Dec-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE TV Scandinavian Indie December 6th -> December 12th Day Date Artist/What TV Program Channel Time --- ----- ---------------------- ------------------- ----------- ----- Fri 6/12 Amen, Fidget Pop-TV Z-TV 16.00 Oasis Mad For It MTV Europe 20.00 R Oasis Oasis MTV Europe 20.30 Eels Sen Kv{ll Med Luuk TV 4 22.45 Sat 7/12 Video Top List Toppen Z-TV 17.35 R Kent, Whale Musikmagasinet Z-TV 18.20 R Amen, Fidget Pop-TV Z-TV 00.00 R Sun 8/12 Eels Sen Kv{ll Med Luuk TV 4 14.50 R Video Top List Toppen Z-TV 15.30 R Oasis Mad For It MTV Europe 20.00 R Mon 9/12 Video Top List Toppen Z-TV 18.15 Tue 10/12 Best of... Musikmagasinet Z-TV 22.15 Alternative Nation Alternative Nation MTV Europe 00.00 Wed 11/12 Best of... Musikmagasinet Z-TV 18.15 R Video Top List Voxpop SVT 1 19.10 Thu 12/12 Finnish Top List Listan FTV 17.36 Best of... Musikbyr}n SVT 1 19.15 Cranberries Rockumentary MTV Europe 22.00 R Bob Hund etc. Lucianatt SVT 1 22.30 R = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- //Erik ( ------------------------------- Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 04:43:34 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Sin's Selected News [05-Dec-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie SELECTED NEWS Scandinavian Indie Extreme December 5th, 1996 Extreme Size by Erik Soderstrom ( Size "Remember where you heard it first" Contents: aBLe, Aquadays, Backfish, Cam, The Cardigans, Clawfinger, Cloudberry Jam, Dorian Records, Doris Days, Drain, Garmarna, Honey Is Cool, Komeda, Mary Beats Jane, Melony, Peace Love And Pitbulls, Petrol, Roskilde '97, Slush Puppies, Starlet, Teddybears Sthlm, This Perfect Day, The Wannadies, Waterbug ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- aBLe - (H.Lime) released their debut album "Prestigeless Lovesounds" in Japan a while ago, which you probably remember from the last issue of the Selected News. Now, here are the promised differences between Japanese release and the Swedish release: 1) They have added the song 'Fa, Fa, Fa, Fa' and replaced the new version of 'April Sky' with the old one previously featured on the Harry Lime compilation CD "In The Limelight". 2) Lotta's voice has been given a more prominent place in 'April Sky'. This song is also the one that is going to be played on the radio the most. 3) They have removed the song 'Nevermind, It Was Just a Thought'. 4) The cover is totally different - the Japanese version features a picture of the band split into six different sections on the cover, and the lyrics are also added in Japanese. One reason behind the song changes might just as well be because of the lyrics. In the new version of 'April Sky' the line "let's get down and BONE right here and now" appears, and in 'Nevermind, It Was Just a Thought' we can find the line "DO ME like before". Another hint to this "problem" they have with things dealing with sex over there can also be found in their "spelling error" of the title: 'Prestigeless Lonesounds'. This has hopefully been changed back to the correct title now though. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Aquadays - from Gothenburg have decided to keep their name, and not change it to something else, as was previously reported in this column. They decided that it was a good name, and now they have started to write new songs and play together with the new member, Sara. Looks like we are going to see some new Aquadays songs in the near future! (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Backfish - (AWSF) debut album producer Ken Stringfellow from The Posies are working six days a week with the quartet in order to be ready with it before christmas. Drummer David Johansson says that Ken has added something to their sound that no one else could have done. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Cam - (Soap) is currently mixing her debut album "Purr", due for Scandinavian release spring 1997. The video for "Heaven's Lost" is on high rotation in Brazil. The Brazilian realease of "Purr" is scheduled before Christmas. (Source: Soap News) The Cardigans - (Trampolene) keep breaking new ground with "Lovefool". It features prominently in Baz "Strictly Ballroom" Luhrmann's new adaptation of "Romeo and Juliet". A good place to check out for more information is probably this place: (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Clawfinger - (MVG) are in Stockholm composing new material for their upcoming album. The release is due to the fall of 1997. (Source: MVG News) Cloudberry Jam - (NONS) latest records, the single "Going Further" was released as early as October 18th, and the best-of compilation "Going Further" was released on November 21st in Sweden (where it was not supposed to be released at all according to the plans). It will be released in the rest of the world, country by country, from January 1997. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Dorian Records - second compilation "True To You" due out this month (December) is almost ready to hit the shelves. Included on this one are: Dr. Saturn, Hanif, Supernova, The Wellmeant, Picabo, Diggers, St. Moores, Tambureens, neil armstrong, Morning Penguin, The Odds, Sandy Lyle, Popeye, Sparky, Curseflower, Vivid, Gentle Tuesday, Croc, A Sense of Reason, +1 sort of secret group so far. Some short information about some of the bands: Dr. Saturn are from Orsa and sounds like a mix between The Beatles, Birds and Ruthles. One of the members in Diggers from Alingsas is Aquadays ex-lead vocalist Klara Albinsson's brother. Another member in the band (these days) is Klara Albinsson, though she does not sing in the band. Sparky took their name from the Chevy song with the same name. Croc used to be called "Octopussy". Gentle Tuesday just released their debut s/t CD5 on Dorian Records (Dorian 03). Other releases on Dorian Records are: Saliva CD5 "Hooligan At Heart EP" (Dorian 01) 300 copies made, the "A Chance To Shine" compilation CD (Dorian 02) 1000 copies made. The new compilation CD "True To You" (Dorian 04) 1000 copies. A guess on what is going to be released as Dorian 05 is a CD5 with Fanscene. The next compilation due out in January 1997 will, among other things, have an exclusive track from Eggstone - the title music for the TV program "Thors Oga". (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Doris Days - (Slask - Some Pearls) debut album 'Live in Poland' is distributed by Border, which means that you will find it (or can order it at least) in Norway and Denmark as well now. The label is looking into the Finnish market at the moment. The single, 'Quiet Withdrawal' is currently only available as a promo, but will be released soon. The Japanese version of the album was released in Japan on November 8th with the title 'Doris Days'. This version has four extra tracks. Which tracks these are? We will be back with the information soon. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Drain - (MVG) are writing songs and relaxing in Stockholm. They just bought a serious computer for serious song writing, so now they're on their way to another album. Interesting things are developing in the US and hopefully Drain will go over there to tour and promote their album "Horror Wrestling". (Source: MVG News) Garmarna - (Massproduktion) are back again after their five week tour. They managed to cover Germany, Austria, USA and Denmark this time which resulted in generous reviews, radio interviews and so on. The band's last tour of the US included gigs with Joan Osborne in New York one day, and then gigs for blue-haired ladies in Macon, Georgia the next. This time they played more classic venues like Backstage in Seattle and Marquee in Buffalo. The tour in Germany, which was their fourth, was a success. They performed at the Malzhaus competition nominated by the press representatives, and has a chance to with the audience's prize as well. Their CD "Guds Speleman" is currently at 18th place with a bullet in the US "New World Music" list pubished by CMJ (College Media Journal). The story on the front page of the magazine by Cliff Furnald is as follows: "I could write six reviews a year about this band if I could find an excuse. Hailing (or is that halling?) from Sweden, this rock band has one of the toughest, darkest, edgiest sounds to come around in a while. Garmarna is electrically powered, to be sure, but what it powers is unique. Stefan Brisland-Ferner's hurdy-gurdy stands as one of the most unique tools a rock band could use. You have to sit to play it, turning a crank that spins a wheel that rolls against a set of rosined strings and produces a sound in its acoustic state that would make hair curl and teeth sit on edge (imagine something more abrasive than bagpipes at dawn). But what happens to this instrument in the context of this band is wondrous: mysterious, softly threatening, as romantic as a Poe story. Layered around this are thundering drums, heavy on the bass-end skins, light on the cymbals; synths, bass, acoustic and electric guitars, viola and violin, jew's harp; enough drones to drown in. This would be enough to make the group a must, but over all of this are the vocals, especially those of Emma Hardelin. Here the band becomes a force; melodic, rhythmic, emotional. With Hardelin surrounded by her male counterparts, the resulting ensemble vocals have the impact I last remember on some early Steeleye Span records. Add Garmarna's innovative musical arrangements, a purely Swedish music that pays no tithe to tradition, and it rocks. I have raved about this band before, and I will rave about it again and again. Garmarna makes sure that rock music is not only the domain of American guitars and English haircuts. This group proves it can be native, in any tongue." The band also poses on the cover of the December issue of the magazine FolkRoots - the world's biggest folk musik magazine, which also features a long article about them. Next up for Garmarna is a release of their latest album in Korea (!). (Source: KonTur News) Honey Is Cool - (MVG) is another new band on MVG. Karin Dreijer sings, John Jern plays the guitar, Staffan Larsson handles the bass, Hakan Hellstrom the drums and Paul Kjellman joins the band live when he is available. The band plays melancholic rock'n roll with lots of guitar. Micke Herrstrom, a very talented producer, is in Gothenburg doing pre-production with the band for the coming recordings in Stockholm. (Source: MVG News) Komeda - (NONS) returned home from their nine day US promotion tour a few weeks ago with loads of stories to tell, apart from the packed gigs at Fez in New York and Spaceland in Los Angeles. In New York, Joseph Cultice (Bjork, Tricky, Oasis etc.) photographed them for Minty Fresh, their US label. This meant that the members were dressed up in white spacesuits, were given electric spheres to hold in their hands and finally released on the streets. Lena Karlsson managed to squeeze in a recording together with "Shudder To Think" for the soundtrack to the movie "First Love, Last Rites" which is Jesse Peretz's (ex-bass player for the Lemonheads and music video director) debut movie. In Los Angeles, the band appeared on the fab morning KCRW radio show "Morning Becomes Eclectic", where among others, Mojave 3 and Slowdive have appeared in the past. This meant 45 minutes worth of live music and an interview in their usual format. (Interesting link there by the way, Beck has also appeared on the show, and now Komeda and Beck are touring Europe together.) The most fun of all, the band found the visit to Devo's studio to which they had been invited. And yes, Devo greeted them in surgeon's gloves. (Source: NONS News) Mary Beats Jane - (MVG) have a new album ready! It is titled 'Locust' and the release is scheduled for February 17th, 1997. This is the toughest album in years, they say. A single titled 'Day In Day Out' will be released in January. (Source: MVG News) Melony - (Soap) album "Satisfiction" is out in Scandinavia and Japan. A new single "2nd Man On The Moon" were scheduled for release late November in Sweden. Tour dates will follow this release. (Source: Soap News) Peace Love And Pitbulls - (MVG) finally have a new record on the way. The mixing is going on right now in the MVG Studio with Stefan Glaumann. The release is planned for early -97. There will soon be a little tasty taste of one of the songs on the band's home page. (Source: MVG News) Petrol - (Studio Bla) plans for the new video for the song and single "Walk By" have been cancelled. The record label did not approve of the recorded and cut video. Therefor they plan to release a video for the song and upcoming CDEP "Bad Day", which will be released in the middle of January, two weeks before the release of their debut album. The EP will contain a re-recording of 'Bad Day', the LP version of the same song, an acoustic version of 'Insane' + a yet to be decided song from the album. The band might also press additional copies of their first single "Walk By" due to a request from a company, who wants to give their employees a copy of the single each as a christmas gift (!). (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Roskilde Festival '97 - The batch of 90,000 tickets for the 1997 festival was released on December 2nd. This year, to make it possible for more people to actually get tickets, they will only sell a maximum of 4 tickets to each customer. If someone wants to buy more, they have to contact the festival directly through fax at: +45-46321499. The request must include the reasons and documentation of who/what the customer is. Ticket sales close at the end of December, only to be opened again on April 1st, 1997, and continue as long as there are tickets left. (Source: Roskilde '97 News) Slush Puppies - have ended their contract with the label Just 4 Fun after a long time of promises about a release of their debut album. The label agreed that it was a wise decision though, as their economic situation has not yet allowed them to fulfil the promise. The band is currently recording eleven new songs for their debut album, which will be released on another label, soon to be announced. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Starlet - (MVG) is one of the newest acts on MVG. They are a rock quartet, with the charismatic Camela Leierth on guitar and vocals, Johan Carlberg, guitar and Ricard Nettermalm, drums. Andreas Unge handles the bass at the moment. Their ambition is to be the best live band ever. (Source: MVG News) Teddybears Sthlm - (MVG) have just made a new video for the song 'The Robots' - a Kraftwerk cover. Photo by Gosta Reiland. A new EP will be released including a new mix by Stefan Glaumann of 'The Robots', 'Kanzi' remix by Jocko Apa and two previously unreleased trax 'When Pigs Fly' and 'Bangin' On'. Music video production is another successful part of their lives. Besides their own videos, Klas has produced videos for: Clawfinger ("Tomorrow", "Do What I Say) Salt ('Honour Me'), Drain ('Crack The Liars Smile'), This Perfect Day ("Simply Irresistable"), Popsicle ('Not Forever') - together with Jocko: Fireside ("Kilotin"). Patrik and Jocko have done Bob Hund ("I Stallet For Musik Forvirring & 'Dusseldorf') and Fireside ("Left Rustle"). (Source: MVG News) This Perfect Day - (Soap) spent most of 1996 writing and recording new stuff. The new album "C60" is scheduled for Scandinavian release late February 1997. A brand new home page for the band is under construction, to be launched in December. It will include new and unreleased TPD stuff. (Source: Soap News) The Wannadies - (BMG) new album "Bagsy Me" was released in Japan November 30th via Soap Records/Denon-Nippon Columbia. In the rest of the world the album is put on hold until 1997 and will be released by BMG. (Source: Soap News) Waterbug - (AWSF) from Gothenburg have lost an old and found a new member. Patrik Jonasson (bass) has moved to Stockholm and quit the band. He was replaced by Bjorn Magnusson who also plays in a band called "Slice". A completely new member has also been added, Peter Sjoholm, on keyboard. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- All news always at: Quote the source, _and the link_, if Scandinavian Indie is the source! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- Date: Fri, 6 Dec 1996 18:37:49 -0500 From: (Michael Rehnstrom) Subject: Jimi Tenor Does anyone have any information about that finnish guy - Jimi Tenor - Toby played on "Alternative Nation" this tuesday. He sounded as if he had been studying some old Depeche Mode and I must say that I like people who do that kind of studying. Is this what he sounds like usually? Has he released any records? I also think that he looked like the guy who plays the organ in 'Larry and the Lefthanded'. Is it the same person or is this just "the look of today" in Finland. /Micke ---------------------------- Date: Sat, 7 Dec 1996 01:08:33 +0100 (MET) From: Ola Lundkvist Subject: Re: Gig schedules On Tue, 3 Dec, Erik wrote: >Just a thought - if you live in Stockholm, Gothenburg, or anywhere else >in fact, and get gig schedules that venues put out, please feel completely >free to post the information to this list! For Gothenburg you could find info on what's happening at Kompaniet/Underground at: The Luger and Motor lists that is already beeing posted to the list contain most dates for foreign bands, and then there is (unfortunately) not that much else happening. But if there is, I'll try to remember posting it. (Maybe people want the Underground list posted as well?) /Ola ------------------------------ Date: 07 Dec 1996 19:47:37 +0100 From: Robert Cumming Subject: swedish-speaking bob hund fan wanted! Is there anyone out there who has a copy of the 'Dusseldorf' single? I had trouble making out a couple of the lines in 'H|rlurar' and I need the help of a native Swedish speaker with good ears... Otherwise the bob hund in english web pages are getting more and more hits every day -- I've no idea why, but it's fun... Robert, svar på svenska går bra förresten -- --------------------------------- Date: 07 Dec 1996 21:19:13 +0100 From: Staffan Malmgren Subject: Re: Jimi Tenor (Michael Rehnstrom) writes: > Does anyone have any information about that finnish guy - Jimi Tenor - Toby > played on "Alternative Nation" this tuesday. He sounded as if he had been > studying some old Depeche Mode and I must say that I like people who do > that kind of studying. Is this what he sounds like usually? Has he released > any records? Check out It's just a review, but there's some sound samples also. /staffan ------------------------------------ Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 02:57:14 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Re: Gig Schedules On Sat, 7 Dec 1996, Ola Lundkvist wrote about Gig Schedules: > For Gothenburg you could find info on what's happening at > Kompaniet/Underground at: > The Luger and Motor lists that is already beeing posted to the list > contain most dates for foreign bands, and then there is (unfortunately) > not that much else happening. But if there is, I'll try to remember > posting it. (Maybe people want the Underground list posted as well?) Yes, I for one would like to see the list - even though it is 300 kilometers from Linkoping to Gothenburg, it doesn't matter. If someone I have to see plays there, I'll go! So yes, please post the list, thanks! //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 8 Dec 1996 02:56:56 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: 1996 Poll! Due to popular demand.... - The Scandinavian Indie 1996 Poll - A discussion about a best/worst of the year poll, like many other lists and magazines have this time of year, led to this final suggestion and plan. If you want to participate, and make your voice heard, GREAT!! Here are the Scandinavian Indiers 1996 list categories: 1. * best album: 2. * best single: 3. * best Scandinavian album: 4. * best Scandinavian single: 5. * the band(s) you couldn't live without: 6. * most promising new act(s): 7. * most amazing live experience(s): 8. * most fancied indiepop personality: 9. * best music fanzine: 10. * best music magazine: 11. * best label: 12. * best musical event: 13. * this sucked in 1996: Just cut out the list, fill it in (leave a category blank if you do not want to vote on something), and e-mail it to Totte Pop at: You have until December 31st, 1996 to send in your votes, but don't delay! Send them in today! The results will be presented in January 1997. //Erik ( & Totte ( ------------------------------- Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 05:14:38 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: 1996 Poll _Update_ *** Scandinavian Indie 1996 Poll *** A small (but requested and needed) change to the 1996 Poll. --> Please feel free to vote on several (up to 5) different albums, singles, gigs etc. of the year. Ie. up to five items in each category. !!! And come on and send in your votes to: !!! --------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are the categories again (list max 5 items in each category): 1. * best album(s): 2. * best single(s): 3. * best Scandinavian album(s): 4. * best Scandinavian single(s): 5. * the band(s) you couldn't live without: 6. * most promising new act(s): 7. * most amazing live experience(s): 8. * most fancied indiepop personality(ies): 9. * best music fanzine(s): 10. * best music magazine(s): 11. * best label(s): 12. * best musical event(s): 13. * this sucked in 1996: You have until December 31st, 1996 to send in your votes, but don't delay! The results will be presented in January 1997. //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 10:29:10 +0200 (EET) From: (Kimmo Saaskilahti) Subject: 1996 Poll question Hey, are these categories for only Scandinavian things, or "global"? I'm confused, but that's nothing new... I think it would be nice to have separate categories for things "Scan" and "Non-Scan". Any thoughts? * 5. * the band(s) you couldn't live without: * 6. * most promising new act(s): * 7. * most amazing live experience(s): * 8. * most fancied indiepop personality(ies): * 9. * best music fanzine(s): * 10. * best music magazine(s): * 11. * best label(s): * 12. * best musical event(s): * 13. * this sucked in 1996: Kimmo ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 10 Dec 1996 23:38:17 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Re: 1996 Poll question On Tue, 10 Dec 1996, (Kimmo Saaskilahti) wrote about the: 1996 Poll question > Hey, are these categories for only Scandinavian things, or "global"? > I'm confused, but that's nothing new... I think it would be nice to > have separate categories for things "Scan" and "Non-Scan". Any > thoughts? > > * 5. * the band(s) you couldn't live without: > * 6. * most promising new act(s): > * 7. * most amazing live experience(s): > * 8. * most fancied indiepop personality(ies): > * 9. * best music fanzine(s): > * 10. * best music magazine(s): > * 11. * best label(s): > * 12. * best musical event(s): > * 13. * this sucked in 1996: Anything you like in fact. Scandinavian, American, Dutch, German, Australian.. etc. You decide. That's how I am going to vote at least. //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 02:27:52 +0100 (MET) From: Subject: Luger Tour List _Update_ [11-Dec-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Luger Tour List UPDATE Scandinavian Indie December 11th 1996 by Erik Soderstrom ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCANDINAVIAN: FIRESIDE (S) - Startracks / American Recordings - BMG Dec 14 Grand Rapids, MI(US) Reptile House/Intersection Venue Dec. NAKED (S) - Stockholm Label Group Dec 12 Vilhelmina (S) Vilhelminas Fritidsgard Venue Dec. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NON-SCANDINAVIAN: CHAVEZ (US) - Matador / Border + RAILROAD JERK (US) Matador / Border *NEW* Feb 08 Goteborg (S) Underground Feb 09 Stockholm (S) Tantogarden Feb 11 Lund (S) Mejeriet MISFITS (US) - Geffen / MCA *NEW* The Misfits tour in Sweden is a co-operation between Skrikhult and Luger Apr 25 Malmo (S) KB Apr 26 Vanersborg (S) Dalboparken Apr 27 Stockholm (S) Gino RAILROAD JERK (US) - Matador / Border + CHAVEZ (US) Matador / Border *NEW* Feb 08 Goteborg (S) Underground Feb 09 Stockholm (S) Tantogarden Feb 11 Lund (S) Mejeriet SWANS (US) - Young God Records / House Of Kicks *NEW* Feb 12 Bo (N) Kroa i Bo Feb 13 Bergen (N) Det Akademiske Kvarter Feb 14 Oslo (N) Rockefeller Feb 15 Trondheim (N) Studentersamfunnet Feb 17 Goteborg (S) Pusterviksteatern Feb 18 Stockholm (S) Gino Feb 20 Malmo (S) KB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The COMPLETE Luger Tour List is posted to the mailing list once / month. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 02:40:22 +0100 From: (micke lonngren) Subject: Depeche mode New Depeche Mode Album Notes: The new single, titled "Barrel of a Gun" will be released on February 3/1997, along with "Painkiller" as the B-side track. The new single will have no less than four remixes released. We will see a second single released prior to the album being released. The second single will be released in late March, with the album being released in mid-April. Anton Corbijn will be directing the new Depeche Mode video Tim Simenon (Bomb The Bass) is producing the new Depeche Mode record. Doug Wimbish (bassist - Living Colour) played bass on at least one track, along with the drummer from Soul II Soul. Yes, yes, yes! It's countdown. / Micke ---------------------------------- Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 09:15:20 +0100 From: (Totte Pop) Subject: bla hi, the standards are playing at 'club blue' in eskilstuna this saturday 14/12, everyone is invited 22.00-02.00! Thank you very much (Totte Pop) -------------------------------- Date: Wed, 11 Dec 1996 12:55:06 +0000 (GMT) From: Sean Kyle-Price Subject: Komeda and Beck Made the trek to South London last night to see Komeda and Beck at the Brixton Academy. I was really looking forward to the show as I adore "the Genius of Komeda" (haven't had a chance to check out their earlier Swedish stuff yet) and Beck's "Mellow Gold" has its moments. My only worry was the size of the Academy. For those of you who don't know it, it is a vast hall with a capacity in excess of four thousand people. I prefer gigs to be a little more intimate than that. Komeda were great. All resplendant in white, they rocked out a little bit more than I was expecting from the album. But all the weird and wonderful, off the wall bits were in there. And happily, they played all my favourite tracks from the album. They went down really well for the first few songs, with lots of clapping and cheering in between songs. Unfortunately, five or six drunkem, macho wankers spoilt that. They started shouting out inanities between songs, egging one another on to new depths of boorishness. You could see that people near to them (me included) were being intimidated by them so that the applause and cheering grew quieter after each song. I have been known to have a go at people who were spoiling a concert like that but last night I lacked the necessary (dutch) courage. I was surprised that Beck would have such morons for fans but I guess in a crowd that big you are bound to have a few assholes. After the show, I talked to Helena of NONS who is playing keyboards with Komeda and they were a bit bewildered by it all. Fortunately, they had gone down really well everywhere else and this had been a one off. Beck was crap. A big disappointment. It was Rock in the lamest, most straightforward way. At least it was for the first five or six songs. I gave up after that. Sean ------------------------------- Date: Thu, 12 Dec 1996 00:49:28 -0500 From: Subject: Hello Hello everyone-- I'm a free lance writer living and working in Seattle, USA. Recently I discovered a Swedish band I really liked, Carpe Wade. I've heard there are many more like Carpe Wade in Northern Europe and I've joined this list to find them. I'm also a fan of Laika and the Cosmonauts. I'm the editor of a fine online 'zine called Pandemonium that can be found at: Thus far, the 'zine has been almost entirely devoted to American bands. We did review Dutch and French compilations and a handful of English bands, but there haven't been many and I'd like to make the 'zine more international. I look forward to your advice. I hope you can help me find the best in Scandinavian rock so that I can include it in the magazine. Sincerely yours, David Liljengren Pandemonium ---------------------------------- Date: 12 Dec 1996 16:25:00 From: (Henrik Filskov) Subject: Mazzy Star's new video Hello Everyone! I missed the Alternative Nation show on MTV Europe, Tuesday... Please let me know if "Flowers In December", the new Mazzy Star video was on... I requested the video, and I forgot to watch the show... :-( Btw: I haven't seen the video yet, has anyone seen it on MTV or on other Scandinavian broadcasters? -Henrik, Denmark ---------------------------------- End of SI Digest #3.54 **********************
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