Scandinavian Indie Digest Vol.3 Issue #38 [The Scandinavian Indie]


Vol.3 #38

September 9th, 1996

There are 20 messages totalling 1222 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. North of No South Records & General Sale 2. Everclear @ Loppen 3. Sin's Upcoming Music on the Radio [16-Sep-96] 4. FWD: Global Radio 5. FWD: Independent Records 6. Malmo & Lund Clubs 7. Sin's Upcoming Music on the TV [23-Aug-96] 8. FWD: Radio Shanghai 9. Sin's Selected News [28-Aug-96] 10. Motor Tour List _Update_ [28-Aug-96] 11. Luger Tour List _Update_ [31-Aug-96] *Delayed* 12. Motor Tour List _Update_ [04-Sep-96] 13. Sin's Upcoming Music on the TV [30-Aug-96] 14. bob hund's 4th (3) 15. Rottingdean and Mutts... 16. Dictators + Hellacopters 17. Luger Tour List _Update_ [05-Sep-96] 18. Sin's Music on the TV [06-Sep-96] --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Wed, 21 Aug 1996 23:45:22 -0700 From: Subject: North of No South Records & General Sale With a reluctant push from fate, Voz Intl. Mailorder just might get started. Some of you may recall that some months ago I was talking about starting an international mailorder. I wrote letters to a handful of labels around the globe, but responses were so meager that I decided to can the idea and save my energy for my other pet project. By some misunderstanding I got a huge box of discs from North of No South today. With an invoice on the outside asking me to pay up within 30 days of delivery. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it. So far I've been too chicken to open the box, thinking that I may just have to send it all back to Sweden because I can't accept. But that would be horrible for all involved (esp. for the label and myself - postage isn't cheap!). So I'd much rather see if I can get some orders in advance of opening the box (I know what's inside) and give this story a happy ending. Titles and prices follow. And a few comments on the items I've heard. I'll do real reviews once I've actually heard everything. While I'm at it, I'll include a list of what's in my sale box. Mostly unpriced, so if you're interested in anything, just suggest a price that you think is fair (be good to yourself), or tell me what you're interested in and I'll suggest one. For US orders, p&p will be a flat $4 regardless of quantity. If you're outside the US, I'll figure out something for you. Please reply directly to me at: And now the lists: NONS CATALOGUE No: When: Who: What: Price: JAR1103 -90 TRIO LLIGO Bulldozerballader (LP) $9 JAR713 -90 TRIO LLIGO Rush our rap(7") $3.75 JAR301 -91 TRIO LLIGO Lika l=E4tt som ingenting(LP) $9 NONSCD01 -92 COMPILATION ONE Various(CD) $12.50 NONSCD02 -92 CLOUDBERRY JAM La la la (CDep) $7 NONSCD04 -93 KOMEDA Pop p=E5 Svenska(CD) $14 NONSCD07 -94 CLOUDBERRY JAM The art of being cool (CDmp) $9 NONSCD08 -94 RAY WONDER Hurray (CD) $14 NONSCD10 -94 RAY WONDER Superwonder (CDmp) $9 NONSCD12 -95 HONEYMOONS Louder (CDmp) $9 NONSCD14 -95 CLOUDBERRY JAM Blank Paycheck (CD) $14 NONSCD18 -95 TRIO LLIGO Same (CD) $14 NONSCD19 -95 RAY WONDER Get back inside (CDmp) $9 NONSCD20 -95 KOMEDA Plan 714 till Komeda (CDs) $7 NONSCD21 -95 SEASHELLS We rob banks (CD) $14 NONSCD23 -95 HONEYMOONS Domestic(CD) $14 NONSCD25 -96 COMPILATION Various (CD) $10 NONSCD26 -96 KOMEDA The genius of KOMEDA(CD) $14 NONSCD32 -96 CLOUDBERRY JAM providing the atmosphere (CD) $14 * The Seashells disc is tops. Hard for me to describe. Fast jangly ba-ba pop with ultra poppy drumming. For some reason NONS stuck two tracks from the Marsh-Marigold miniCD on it. That one is ace too. * Haven't heard the second Cloudberry Jam album yet. It's supposed to be very different from the first. Which was girl pop with it's jazz influences somehow fuzzed out. Sorry about the descriptions. I've got a splitting headache right now from too much excitement in one day. Hopefully someone will come to my aid now with a better description. I reviewed the first disc in this space a long time ago. * Ray Wonder - haven't heard any of these, but the comp track that I've heard is a bit like Eggstone, with psycho string arrangements and a grand piano tumbling down the escalator. * The Genius of Komeda is due out on Minty Fresh any time now, which may tell you something. MF seem to have great taste as far as liscensings go (Kahimi Karie, Cardigans), although outside of LJR I'm not at all sure about their domestic roster. Here's your chance to get the original version. Tracks I've heard have been whacky to say the least. The daftness of the Monochrome Set and Trattoria rolled up into a Swedish package. Some records are in Swedish, some in English, if that matters to you. Female and male vocals. * Trio Lligo had my favorite track on the Tambourine Studios comp. Accoustic guitar, cello and snare drum. That bangs along. The aggressive use of accoustic instruments reminds me of the Violent Femmes, but the track that I heard pure pop. Singing is in Swedish, which I don't understand, but I thought it sounded fantastic. * Haven't heard the Honeymoons at all, but James from Roundabout tells me that they sound like East Village (who I've also never heard) and Joerg at Mind the Gap told me they were good too. I've also got quite a few copies of Super "Spark" 3 song CD (Tangerine 007, Finland) A great record, if you like things Cardiganesque. I got these back when I was planning to go into business. Unfortunately most of the cases were damaged by the post (cracks in jewel cases), so the price is $6. I'm sure that you can get undamaged ones from Chris Jigsaw if you'd rather. And now the old sale box: el: gpo 13 Anthony Adverse, Our Fairy Tale gpo 15 Louis Philippe, Like Nobody Do gpo 24t The King of Luxembourg, A Picture of Dorian Gray (new) gpo 26t The Raj Quartet, Whoops! What a Palaver (new) gpo 27t Always, Metroland (new) acme 22 CD Anthony Adverse, Spin cherry red: cherry 74 Eyeless in Gaza: Sun Bursts In 12 cherry 111 Horse Lattitudes: what is more than life (ex-Raw Herbs) cherry 69 Jane and Barton: I Want to be With You 7" Kevin Hewick "Feathering the Nest" 7" (Cherry 64) 12cherry 120 Mexico 70: Wonderful Lie E.P. cherry 54 Marine Girls: You Must Be Mad 7" 12cherry 120 Mexico 70: Wonderful Lie E.P. 12cherry 117 Mexico 70: E.P. Valencia Mexico 70: Everywhere (ep on Inertial) bred 82 Yeah Jazz: Six Lane Ends les disques du crepuscule: hm 002 Black & Blue - Black & Blue cd twi 120 Cabaret Voltaire, Fools Game 12" twi 410 James Cuts: Re-sexify you 12" twi 891 Devine & Statton: Hideaway - cd ep twi 641 Anna Domino: Summer 12" twi 163 Lavvi ebbel: Telepatia 12" twi 172 Lavvi ebbel: Kiss me kate LP twi 881 Gabrielle Lazure: Out of the Blue CD twi 067 Malaria: Weisses Wasser 12" twi 077 Malaria: Emotion lp twi 069 Marine: same beat/dim the light 7" twi 012 Repetition: the still reflex/fade out 7" twi 031 Repetition: a full rotation/the body cries 7" twi 142 Tuxedomoon: The Cage 12" twi 084 Tuxedomoon: Time to Lose 12" factory: Sir Horatio, Abracadubra 12" A Certain Ratio, Mickey Way, 12" fbn 17 ACR, Guess who? 12S facus 3 Cabaret Voltaire: Yashar, fac 19 John Dowie: It's Hard To Be An Egg/mind sketch 7" fbn 20 52nd Street: Cool as ice 12" fac 59 52nd Street: Look into my eyes 12" fac 212 Happy Mondays: Wrote For Luck 12" fac 196 Meat Mouth: meat mouth is murder 12" fbn 44 Stanton Miranda: Wheels over indian trails 12" fac 116 Red Turns To...: Deep Sleep 12" fac 41 Stockholm Monsters: fairy tales / death is slowly coming (magenta sleeve) 7" United Dairies: The 150 Murderous Passions, ud 09 Two Daughters: Kiss the Cloth/Gloria, a&p 01 Misc. seven inches: Action Painting: Art Student (sarah 87) Action Painting: Classical Music (sarah 73) Another Sunny Day: what's happened (sarah 16) Automatics "Sixty/Jealous Guy" (elefant er-145) Bone Orchard: Jack/girl with a gun The Cherry Smash "West Coast Rip-off" (Candy Floss CF-010) Clair/Super Eight split on Orgasm East River Pipe "My Life is Wrong" (Hell Gate 9201) Giant Sandworms, Don't Turn Away New Asia, Central Propositon (situation 2 sit 2) Essential Logic: Eugene (rt 050) In Embrace, The Living Daylights/blue beach/make (glass 030) Penelope Trip "Galaxina" EP w/booklet (has cover of Felt's Final Resting of the Ark) (Alienor - Alien =8F) Martin Pig: lovely rita/somebody loves you (rt 092) Los Planetas "Pegado a ti" EP w/gatefold sleeve (elefant er-118) Savage Republic: tragic figure/the empty quarter/the ivory coast (independent project 13) Sea Urchins: fright 032 one-sided single on Fierce recordings The Silicon Teens, Memphis Tenessee The Singing Ringing Tree, Good day good This Poison: engine failure/you;- think! (reception rec 004) Thomas the Voice, I was a young man Waking Hours "Nothing to Hide" EP (elefant er-144) Wall of Orchids "Life Must Go On" Misc. LP's and 12" Singles (and occasional CDs): A C Marias "Time Was" 12" (Mute 70) AC Marias: One of our girls has gone missing 12" A House, Kick me again jesus 12" A.R.Kane, When You're Sad (one little indian 12tp2) Samm Bennett and Chunk: Life of Crime (knitting factory works) CD Steve Beresford/Tristan Honsinger: Double Indemnity (Y records) Biting Tongues: Love Out Brighter: Laurel (Sarah 404 10" lp) Steven Brown, Zoo Story (soundtrack) Downy Mildew, Broomtree Fat's Garden, Every Now and Then Los Flechazos "Alta Fidelidad" LP (elefant 1027) Foetus Ueber Frisco, Finely Honed Machine Kevin Harrison, Fly Holger Hiller, Jonny Kevin Harrison, Fly Holger Hiller, Jonny Hula: Cut from Inside lp Ike Yard: A fact - a second Modern English: Mesh and lace - cad 105 Modern English: Life in the gladhouse - bad 208 Nasmak, 4our Clicks (on Plurex) Anna Palm "Arriving and Caught Up" LP (one little indian TPLP 10) Pig Bag, Lp on Y records Arthur Russell, Let's Go Swimming 12" (rough trade rtt 184) Savage Republic "Jamahiriya" lp w/ gate fold sleeve (fundamental - save 61) Savage Republic, Tragic Figures (Lp on Independent Projects - 5th edition, hand printed) Snake Corps, Science Kills (Midnight dong 13) Soft Cell, Torch 12" (How the devil did this find its way in, I wonder?) Mark Stewart: As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade (mute stumm 24) Terry & Gerry: Banking on Simon (In Tape ITTI 019) The Sugarcubes, Birthday 12" (original) Test Department, Compulsion (12" on Some Bizzare) Test Department, The Unacceptable Face of Freedom Yargo, Get High 12" Yeah Jazz, This is not Love Head over Ears, Debris Compilation with booklet (Tot/the Fall/Railway Children/Bitting Tongues/Big Black/King of the Slums/Swivel Hips) Impact! [Auto Edit] 12" with Sonic Youth, Portion Control, Okapi Fever and Hula (ins(t)2) Edge of the Road, Medium Cool compilation Derek Jarman's "The Last of England" OST with Simon Fisher Turner, Diamanda Galas, Mayo Thompson, Barry Adamson, & Andy Gill (mute ionic 1) LP Deadheads & Roses (w/ A Scanner Darkly, Emerald Vein, Controlled Bleeding, and Manapsara) Sub Rosa SUBCD022-44 CD Project 91, cd compilation with: Barry Anderson, Kathy Acker, Deux Filles, Pornosect, TAGC, Boyd Rice, Muslimgauze, Andrew Lewis, Rober= t Anton Wilson, The Heights Bros, Z'ev, Sow, & Peter Shyjka Thanks! Alexander ---------------------------------- Date: Thu, 22 Aug 1996 13:15:09 +0200 From: Subject: Everclear @ Loppen Hello, I saw Marieband and Everclear last night @ Loppen in K=F8b, and the show was pretty good. The opening band, Marieband, is an all-chick, indie-punk quartet. I thought they were entertaining, reminiscent of a Danish Shonen Knife. I don't know much about Shonen Knife, but I think Marieband just started playing their instruments. I thought they were rad, and I'm not vibing them in anyway. I hope to see them again. Everclear put on a powerful set covering most of 'Sparkle & Fade' and some off their first album (I don't know the name). They were about 150 people who were really stoked and knew the lyrics to the popular songs; I was even surprised. The singer said that there were more people at the gig than the people who bought their album in Sweden. I saw Bracket, Hagfish and Everclear last summer in San Jose, CA. right when "Heroin Girl" was getting alot of airplay. About 2 weeks ago, Everclear played a gig @ the Warfield in San Francisco with 7 Year Bitch and some other bands and that costed like $26. That's how much you pay to see a David Coppefield act or a Def Lepard concert. So, it was rad to see a relatively big name in a small venue. Are there any subscribers from Kob? From Denmark? Late, Pete ---------------------------------- Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 05:02:26 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Upcoming Music on the Radio [16-Sep-96] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE RADIO Scandinavian Indie September 16th -> September 22nd Day Date Artist Recorded --- ----- --------------------------------- -------------------------------- Mon 16/9 Hoola Bandoola Band Helsingborg, 20-Jul-96 Tue 17/9 Takfarinas Roskilde, Denmark 28-Jun-96 Wed 18/9 Ghostface & Wu-Tang Clan Stockholm, Lollipop 27-Jul-96 Thu 19/9 tba Sun 22/9 tba This list covers the Swedish National Channel P3's "Live" - always at 21.03 (R) = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Erik ( ------------------------------- Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 05:02:48 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: FWD: Global Radio Forwarded message: > Date: Sun, 18 Aug 1996 13:01:38 -0700 > From: germ > To: > Subject: germ's global garage > X-Url: > > hello Germ here, Last year I was doing a radio show (syndicated to > college stations) called Global Radio , in a few weeks I'll have a show > on hotwired magazine called Germ's Global Garage featuring New Music > (indie & Alt.Rock mostly) from around the globe except for the UK and US > if you could submit tapes and cds to me or let others know of the show > that would be great . I also do a demo tape show on KUSF 2130 Fulton in > SF CA 94117 USA and would be interested in tapes from up and coming > bands. If this is of any interest to you please reply and I'll give you > all the facts. //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 05:03:06 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: FWD: Independent Records Forwarded message: > Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 15:12:13 -0700 > From: Francisco Pinho <"http://www.francisco.pinho"> > To: > Subject: demo > > Dear Friend, > > We are a Portuguese independent Label, and we are looking for bands to > participate in a compilation called "indie world". > > Please can you send us a demo for our apreciation. > > best regards > > independent records > rua do jardim, 598 > 4405 valadares > porto-portugal > tel. +351-2-7128033 > fax +351-2-7111465 //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 9:03:19 +0200 From: Subject: Malmo & Lund Clubs Hi, I live in Copenhagen, and I need some directions or club info from the Malmo and Lund locals. In Malmo, there's club called "KB." In Lund, there's club called "Mejeriet." Thank You, Pete ------------------------------ Date: Sat, 24 Aug 1996 01:11:23 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Upcoming Music on the TV [23-Aug-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE TV Scandinavian Indie August 23rd -> August 29th Day Date Artist/What TV Program Channel Time --- ----- ---------------------- ------------------- ----------- ----- Fri 23/8 Hultsfred Festival Report ZTV 22.00 Sat 24/8 Popsicle etc. Festivalsommar 1 SVT 2 13.30 R Video Top List Toppen ZTV 17.35 Lollipop Festival Report ZTV 21.00 Sun 25/8 Merrymakers etc. Festivalsommar 1 SVT 2 14.10 R Video Top List Toppen ZTV 15.30 R Mon 26/8 Video Top List Toppen ZTV 18.15 R R.E.M. Special Documentary ZTV 21.45 R Tue 27/8 Alternative Nation Alternative Nation MTV Europe 00.00 Wed 28/8 Hultsfred Festival Music (pt 1 of 3) SVT 2 21.25 Best of Live Music Exclusive MTV Europe 19.30 Thu 29/8 Nirvana Past,Present,Future MTV Europe 08.30 R = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- //Erik ( -------------------------------- Date: Tue, 27 Aug 1996 01:23:58 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: FWD: Radio Shanghai Forwarded message: > Date: Sun, 25 Aug 1996 16:03:57 +0000 > From: Jonathan Levitt > To: > Subject: [Fwd: [Fwd: [Fwd: Radio Shanghai needs Swedish Music Please pass to record labels and artists for me]]] > > I apologize for so many email messages could you please forward this > to Norwegian and Swedish Record Companies Please!!! > > Thank You---Radio Shanghai > > If you could please forward this message to the labels on your server > for me. > > Please pass to all Finnish Record labels and artists!!!!!!! > > > Greetings, Ni Hao! > > My name is Jonathan levitt and for the past three years I have done a > new music radio program in Shanghai China. I speak Mandarin and do the > show with my chinese co-host Wu Min hence the name MINI CLUB. We > broadcast on 105.7 MHZ FM 2x a day. I am also the international Music > Director and so it is my responsobility to solicit as many record > labels world wide to send me CD's that I in turn use to record my half > of the show. I have had articles written about me in The USA detailing > my show as well as my support from US and foreign record companies. > Labels that currently service us are: > > XXX, Griffin, Woronzow UK, Priority, Rock Shanghai, UP, Polydor, > Merge, Realworld, Triloka, Del-Fi, Beggars banquet, 4ad, Sub Pop, > Rounder, Cvb, American, Too Pure, Blood and Fire, Primate, World > Service. etc..... > > We have had great success in exposing the fresh Chinese audience to > the new sounds of the world. > > I was most recently at Midem in Asia, did I meet any of you there? I > also have a small record label in the states called Mimbres Sound > Recordings, we have flamenco acts one such act Sole we are set to > release a CD EP. My partner is half of the recording duo named la > Vienta on the US telarc label (Stefan Schyga).We are looking for > distributionin Finalnd and elsewhere. > > I am contacting record companies via email because no money is given > to me to pay for regular mail so, this is the best I can do. > > I need all sorts of music for the show: Metal, Punk, World, Trip-Hop, > Blues etc. I have this email address where you can keep in contact > with me. > > The address to mail Cd's to is : > > Jonathan Levitt > c/o Radio Shanghai > PO BOX 12292 > EL Paso Texas > 79913 > Tel: 915-532-9695 > > If you have any questions please call me any time and I do mean any > time. I will be leaving for Shanghai on September 8 and will be back > in October, so if you could send me music befor then that would be > great. > > Sincerely---Jonathan Levitt ------------------------------- Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 04:27:27 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Selected News [28-Aug-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie SELECTED NEWS Scandinavian Indie August 28th, 1996 by Erik Soderstrom ( "Remember where you heard it first" Contents: aBLe, Backfish, Beat Butchers, Beat That! Records, Blissful, Dune, Fidget, HappyDeadMen, Honeycave, Shallow Soundwave, Sound Affects, Starlet, Watershed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- aBLe - (Harry Lime) 's debut album "Prestigeless Lovesounds" was delayed a week due to problems at the CD manufacturing plant. The release date was still set to August 19th, but the promotion work was delayed which affected the release as well. On tuesday August 13th Uppsala Nya Tidning had an article about the band in the paper and the latest issue of Topp40 magazine reports that the album will also be released in South East Asia on a sub-label to Columbia Records. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Backfish - (AWSF) members Anna and Kattis are currently involved in a film project. The film is called "Domino" and will be premiered by Christmas time this year. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Beat Butchers - the punk/rock/pop label announce a fantastic oportunity to see a large number of Beat Butcher bands - all on the same night! The festivities will take place on October 12th, 1996 at Kolingsborg in Stockholm. There's no age limit, and all Beat Butchers bands that are able to play, will play! Ticket information, a time schedule and more information will posted right here as soon as possible. The label urges press and media to get in touch with them for press-, photo- or film-passes, as soon as possible - please send e-mail to: (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Beat That! - Records release a compilation CD called "Pop Nation - Best of Blekingska 94-96" on September 9th. A complete track list of the CD is here supplied by the kind Rottingdean members: 1. Honey Is Cool Zanzibar 2. The Cardigans Fine 3. Souls Shuffle 4. Brainpool Smile 5. Superswirls Tune In Your Superswirls 6. The Bear Quartet It Only Takes A Flashlight... 7. Chevy My Girlfriend Says 8. Colubrids At All 9. Loosegoats Suburban Slut 10. Mutts Somebody Has To Be Me 11. Rottingdean Fall Away 12. Mazarine Street Cat 13. Yvonne Cut A Smile 14. Gluebellies Her Favorite Crooner 15. Cloudberry Jam Nothing To Declare 16. The April Tears Heart Shut Down 17. Tommy 16 27 18. Ludo X Audience 19. S.P.O.C.K. Astrogirl 20. Lustans Lakejer Segerns Sotma 21. A Shrine Silent Border distributes. The release party is held on September 6th. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Blissful - (AWSF) have been roaming around in the studio the last few weeks, working on their upcoming album to be released in September. The studio is said to have looked somewhat like a warzone when they left it. Can this be a hint to what the album will sound like? (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Dune - was said to have been signed to Harry Lime Records in an earlier Selected News. This is not so. The band has _not_ been signed by Harry Lime. Sorry for any problems this error might have caused. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Fidget - (Mega) are still in the studio, though everything is almost ready. The next week will be spent mixing everything, and then they are all set. The album release date has been moved to January next year, but a single will be released on October 14th, and if you're lucky, you might see them perform live in November when they plan to go on a short swedish tour. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) HappyDeadMen - (Trampolene) went back to the studio on monday this week to mix their upcoming album to be released sometime this autumn. They are very pleased with the recording and promise a wide variation of sound such as country, bossa, and "normal pop" with strings and trumpets. Their song on the upcoming Stockholm Label Group Japan-compilation CD is "Not The Only Sucker In Town" and was mixed already in April. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Honeycave - with HappyDeadMen member Patrik Jonsfjord are on their way to be signed by Danish Mega Records. British labels have also shown interest in the band lately, but it looks like another swedish band (remember someone here saying that this might be some sort of sign a while back?) goes to Denmark. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Shallow Soundwave - moves on and entered the studio on August 24th to start recording their new demo. This is of course very very good news - but the downside of it all is that the band can only afford to record it, but not make copies for distribution, at the moment! We're all hoping that this problem will be resolved soon though. The band has lost a member (bass) who moved to Malmo recently but that has not stopped the band and their plans to release a 7" on a german label and they might also release an EP on a swedish label later on, though please note that nothing is decided yet. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Sound Affects - one of the best swedish pop magazines will release two more issues this year. The next issue is due on October 17th, and the second sometime in December. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Starlet - (MVG) the latest band signed to MVG will be concentrating on touring in Sweden throughout 1996 only to make the drastic move to "move" to the US afterwards, where GreenTeam management (Salt, Fireside) will take care of them, and put them on the road there for a while. After that, and we're talking 1997 now, they'll come back to Sweden and make a nest in a studio, recording. The band consists of Camela Leierth (vocals, guitar), Johan Carlberg (guitar), Elias Modig (bass) and Ricard Nettermalm (drums). If you have followed the "Selected News", you might remember that Elias played with Mouth as a stand in for a while. That MVG and GreenTeam have taken this band under their wings is no wonder. A quick listen to an advance tape reveals a sound that is very close to Salt, both musically and vocally, only somewhat heavier, and with a touch of the orient. Truly a band to look out for, so keep your ears open! (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Watershed - (Elephant Tanks) from Stavanger in Norway started about a year ago. They have spent the past year writing songs and this has resulted in the demo "The Debbie Putmanns Recording" which contains 7 tracks and is 50 minutes long. The band lists such infuences as Afghan Whigs, Kyuss, Motorpsycho, Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr, which also might explain why they call their music "prog-lo-fi-pop". If you want to know more, please contact the band at (Source: Scandinavian Indie) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- All news always at: Quote the source, _and the link_, if Scandinavian Indie is the source! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Date: Wed, 28 Aug 1996 04:26:52 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Motor Tour List _Update_ [28-Aug-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Motor Tour List UPDATE Scandinavian Indie August 28th, 1996 by Erik Soderstrom ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCANDINAVIAN: Bob Hund Silence 13/9 Umea - Universum New 14/9 Sundsvall - Pipeline Date Changed Goldmine Pitch Control *NEW* 7/9 Boras - IT massa Gordon Roligan 10/10 Linkoping - Herrgar'n New 12/10 Copenhagen (DK) - Stengade 30 New Popsicle Telegram/Wea 7/9 Boras - IT massa New Randy Dolores 14/9 Linz (A) - Punkfestival New 21/9 Stockholm - Studion New 27/9 Oden - Karlskrona New 28/9 Hassleholm - Perrong 23 New Velvet Belly (N) BMG 14/9 Copenhagen (DK) - Cafe Rust Cancelled ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NON-SCANDINAVIAN: The Aloof (UK) EastWest/Wea *NEW* 24/9 Copenhagen (DK) - Loppen 25/9 Arhus (DK) - Huset The Bluetones (UK) PolyGram 30/8 Copenhagen (DK) - Loppen Cancelled 31/8 Goteborg - Underground Cancelled 2/9 Stockholm - Gino Cancelled 3/9 Lund - Mejeriet Cancelled NOFX (US) Epitaph/Border special guests: Good Riddance & The Vandals 4/10 Helsinki (SF) - Lepakko New Venue Social Distortion (US) Eastwest/Wea *NEW* 11/10 Malmo - KB ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The COMPLETE Motor Tour List can be found on the Scandinavian Indie WWW : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 3 Sep 1996 01:32:11 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Luger Tour List _Update_ [31-Aug-96] *Delayed* ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Luger Tour List UPDATE Scandinavian Indie August 31st 1996 by Erik Soderstrom ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE HELLACOPTERS (S) - White Jazz / House Of Kicks *NEW* 12/10 Ludvika (S) TBA 25/10 Boras (S) Amandas 26/10 Stockholm (S) Studion LOOSEGOATS (S) - Startrec / House of Kicks *NEW* 3/9 Lund (S) Mejeriet 12/10 Lund (S) Varmlands Nation MINDJIVE (S) - Burning Heart / MD 5/9 Oslo (N) Rockefeller New Date 20/9 Solvesborg (S) Kartago New Date, w/Tractor 21/9 Hassleholm (S) Perrong 23 New Date, w/Tractor 5/10 Torsby (S) TBA New Date, w/Singer 12/10 Jonkoping (S) Eldslandet New Date, w/Singer SHREDHEAD (S) - Nons / Border *NEW* 26/9 Stockholm (S) Kafe 44 27/9 Uppsala (S) Kalmar Nation STARMARKET (S) - Dolores / MD *NEW* 27/9 Uppsala (S) Kalmar Nation ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- BATTERY (USA) - Conversion / HOK & DAMNATION - Jade tree / Import *NEW* 22/10 Linkoping (S) Skylten 23/10 Umea (S) Galaxen 24/10 Stockholm (S) Kafe 44 26/10 Vanersborg (S) Cafe Eloge IGNITE (USA) - Revelation / Border + STRAIGHT FACED (USA) - ? / Import *NEW* 3/11 Solvesborg (S) Kartago 5/11 Linkoping (S) Skylten 6/11 Umea (S) Galaxen 7/11 Stockholm (S) Kafe 44 8/11 Karlstad (S) Cafe Cinema 9/11 Kopenhamn (DK) Stengade 30 LIFETIME (USA) - Jade Tree / Import *NEW* 13/11 Linkoping (S) Skylten 14/11 Umea (S) Galaxen 15/11 Gavle (S) Cafe Q 16/11 Gislaved (S) Folkets Hus 17/11 Vanersborg (S) Cafe Eloge MOUNTAIN GOATS (USA) - Naptime / Amigo 30/10 Lund (S) Varmlands Nation New Date RYKER'S (D) - Warner / Import + BROTHER'S KEEPER (USA) - WeBite / HOK *NEW* 17/9 Stockholm (S) Kafe 44 19/9 Lidkoping (S) China THE JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION (USA) - Mute / MNW ILR-MD + *NEW* R.L. BURNSIDE (USA) - Matador / Border 17/10 Malmo (S) KB 18/10 Stockholm (S) Gino ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The COMPLETE Luger Tour List can be found on the Scandinavian Indie WWW : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------- Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 03:08:05 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Motor Tour List _Update_ [04-Sep-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Motor Tour List UPDATE Scandinavian Indie September 4th, 1996 by Erik Soderstrom ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCANDINAVIAN: Anywhen Roligan 26/9 Goteborg - Underground Date Changed Bazooka! Wea/Roligan *NEW* 5/10 Goteborg - Musikens Hus The Cardigans Stockholm Records 7/1 Osaka (J) - Kousei Nenkin Hall Date Changed 8/1 Osaka (J) - Kousei Nenkin Hall Date Changed 9/1 Nagoya (J) - Shimin Kaikan Date Changed 11/1 Nagoya (J) - Shimin Kaikan Moved to 9/1 12/1 Tokyo (J) - Fucyu No Mori New Date 13/1 Omiya (J) - Sonic City Cancelled 16/1 Tokyo (J) - Nihoo Budoukan New Venue 18/1 Sendai (J) - Izumity New Venue Fivel Nons rec. 3/10 Goteborg - Underground Date Changed Gordon Roligan 27/9 Stockholm - Studion New Date 28/9 Uppsala - Kalmar Nation New Date Randy Dolores 21/9 Stockholm - Studion Cancelled 10/10 Goteborg - Underground New Date 2/11 Helsningborg - Idrottens Hus New Date --------------------------------------------------------------------------- NON-SCANDINAVIAN: Red Snapper (UK) Border *NEW* 15/10 Goteborg - Underground 16/10 Oslo (N) - So What 17/10 Stockholm - Gino 18/10 Copenhagen (DK) - Loppen ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The COMPLETE Motor Tour List can be found on the Scandinavian Indie WWW : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- Date: Wed, 4 Sep 1996 03:08:52 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Upcoming Music on the TV [30-Aug-96] Sorry about the extreme delay with this one, though I won't bore you with explanations.. here it is: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE TV Scandinavian Indie August 30th -> September 5th Day Date Artist/What TV Program Channel Time --- ----- ---------------------- ------------------- ----------- ----- Fri 30/8 Doktor Kosmos PTL Z-TV 16.00 Hultsfred Festival Report (part 2) Z-TV 22.00 Hultsfred Festival Music (part 1) SVT 2 00.15 R Sat 31/8 Video Top List Toppen Z-TV 17.35 R Sun 1/9 Festivalsommar 1 Music SVT 2 15.00 R Video Top List Toppen Z-TV 15.30 R Lollipop Festival Report (part 2) Z-TV 17.30 R Hultsfred Festival Music (part 2) SVT 2 21.15 Mon 2/9 Video Top List Toppen Z-TV 18.15 Blur Blurography MTV Europe 21.00 Hultsfred Festival Music (part 3) SVT 1 22.00 Tue 3/9 R.E.M. MTV Files MTV Europe 21.30 Brainpool Musikmagasinet Z-TV 22.00 Hultsfred Festival Music (part 2) SVT 2 23.55 R Alternative Nation Alternative Nation MTV Europe 00.00 Pulp Adam TV 3 00.05 R Wed 4/9 Brainpool Musikmagasinet Z-TV 18.15 R Nirvana Unplugged MTV Europe 20.00 R The Cardigans Report TV 4 23.15 Oasis etc. 1996 VMA Live MTV Europe 01.00 Thu 5/9 Brainpool Live Sthlm 2/9 Z-TV 20.00 Hultsfred Festival Music (part 3) SVT 2 00.00 R R = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- //Erik ( -------------------------------- Date: 05 Sep 1996 23:05:52 +0200 From: Robert Cumming Subject: bob hund's 4th It's been a bit quiet here about bob hund's new album. I thought I'd better break the silence. The whole band were down at Pet Sounds in Stockholm last Saturday afternoon signing and drawing stuff for people on their CDs and LPs. I did the embarrassing fan-thing and queued up. That gave me time to spot the guy staring out from the cover and all the posters round town. He's Martin Kann, who designed all their covers and drew the original dog logo, and I got his autograph as well. He has amazing blue eyes, just as searching in real life as in the picture. As usual I'm hopelessly biased about bob hund, so your mileage may vary. This is a really great album, and it's better, I think, than the first one. Classic bob hund, a bit harder this time, similar to the stuff on the 'Ista"llet fo"r musik: fo"rvirring' EP, though none of those songs are here. For I think the first time, I hear moments in their music that sound familiar -- it's hard to place most of them, somewhere at the end of the seventies perhaps, or long before. An obvious example is 'Naanting maaste go"ras' ('Something has to be done'), which has a lot of the spirit and a bit of the melody of the Buzzcocks' 'What do I get'. If I were to pick a single here, that would be it -- radio-friendly with enough of an edge to keep the public on their toes. But then, there are at least four other quite brilliant off-kilter pop songs here: 'Upp, upp, upp, ner' (Up, up, up, down) a sad, dreamy thing, 'Reinkarnerad exakt som förut' (Reincarnated just like before), a spare but bouncy day-in-the-life story, 'Fo"rtra"ngda problem' (Repressed problems) is faster and harder (no brakes!), and 'Papperspaase' (Paper bag), bob hund's resigned and gentle comment on, well, life in a Swedish city. The lyrics are like the ones on 'Ista"llet fo"r musik: fo"rvirring', and not anything like as inscrutable as the last album. The unreality of normal life seems to be a sort of unifying theme, though it's quite often a bit hard to follow Thomas O"berg's train of thought. But still it's personal; there are lines here to take home and think about, or at least wonder about. I think with this album, probably without realising it, bob hund have taken a step closer to Kent's territory and shown that no matter how good Kent might be (and when they release that album in English, everyone will find out), bob hund have the creative edge over them. Bob Hund's fourth is a bit like Martin Kann's picture on the cover, a bit unkempt and confused and melancholy, but with deep blue eyes that follow you round the city... Robert PS The translations are ready! They're on the WWW at ----------------------------------- Date: Sun, 04 Aug 1996 23:12:50 +0200 From: D\icio Quintas Subject: Re: bob hund's 4th Robert Cumming wrote: > It's been a bit quiet here about bob hund's new album. Shit! The new album is out and i'm here in Portugal, zillions of miles from decent music!!! Honestly, there's a _lot_ of swedish music in the stores of Lisboa, i saw the full catalogue of In SLaughter Natives and the other CMI stuf (hi Marten!), and also quite a few other bands. Millencollin and the skate bunch are really big here. I coudn't believe it, the stores had posters on the walls of these OErebro kids!!! Besides that not much. OH, check out UK band Puressence. Albeit not "scan" their sound is amazing. Kinda early new order with strange pithed voice. Suave. Jan --------------------------------- Date: Fri, 6 Sep 96 17:48:17 +0200 From: (Marten Sahlen) Subject: Re: bob hund's 4th Robert Cumming > The whole band were down at Pet Sounds in Stockholm last Saturday > afternoon signing and drawing stuff for people on their CDs and LPs. > I did the embarrassing fan-thing and queued up. That gave me time to > spot the guy staring out from the cover and all the posters round > town. He's Martin Kann, who designed all their covers and drew the > original dog logo, and I got his autograph as well. He has amazing > blue eyes, just as searching in real life as in the picture. Thanx for the review, Robert. Will have to go and buy it as soon as possible. Just wanted to add that Bob Hund did an amazing gig on Sunday night at restaurant Kvarnen's yearly anniversary party. Maybe it was because it's a relatively small place, or maybe because I sat only 2 meters from the speakers, but they really surpassed themselves. I've never witnessed them being so explosive before, although I've seen them a few times. They played for about 40 minutes, songs like "Dusseldorf", "Dubbel tvekan", Ist{llet f|r musik: f|rvirring", "L{nge l{nge", "St{ll sk}pet i h|rnet gubbj{vel", and two more I didn't recognize and didn't get the names of (probably from the new album). Thomas did his dare-devil act as usual, balancing on tables and chairs. Nomads (with Staffan Hellstrand), Monster, and Silvermachine also played, but Bob Hund stole the show. ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 08 Sep 96 02:34:15 +0100 From: "Jens Agren" Subject: Rottingdean and Mutts... Hi! For those interested in new musical experiences I recommend listening to Musikjournalen Pop, P3 (Swedish Radio), this forthcoming Monday. I think it's about 7 PM. Musikjournalen's favourite band Rottingdean will be in the studio together with Mutts. Rottingdean is from Lund in southern Sweden. Check out their homepage for more info: Mutts is from Malmoe and is signed to Lund Records. Both bands are contributing songs to the compilation 'Popnation' (Beat That Records, sublabel to Energy Records) wich will be out in the shops on Monday. Other bands included are Honey Is Cool, The Cardigans, Souls, Brainpool, Superswirls, The Bear Quartet, Chevy, Colubrids, Loosegoats, Mazarine Street, Yvonne, Gluebellies, Cloudberry Jam, The April Tears, Tommy 16, Ludo X, S.P.O.C.K., Lustans Lakejer and A Shrine. Recommended! // Jens ------------------------------ Date: Sun, 8 Sep 1996 03:28:53 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Dictators + Hellacopters THE DICTATORS + THE HELLACOPTERS SCANDINAVIAN TOUR OCTOBER 1996 Dictators, the missing link between Blue Oyster Cult and the Ramones, who started in 1973, and released their debut album "Go Girl Crazy" two years later. An album that got miles and miles of coverage in the press and the band seized a position as one of the best live bands from the US! Then followed "Manifest Destiny" and their third and last album "Bloodbrothers" 1978. Three albums, a great dose of rock history, something for all lovers of noisy rock history. Now, 18 years later, Dictators are back, and with a blast, original members: Handsome Dick Manitoba (vocals), Andy Shernoff (bass, song- writer), Scott "Top Ten" Kemper (guitar) and former Manowar-member Ross The Boss (guitar hero), plus newcomer Frank Funaro (drums). Together with Hellacopters from Sweden, Dictators (on their first Scandinavian visit) will make the Scandinavian rock scene unsafe again. The tour premiere is at Gino in Stockholm on October 2nd, with 8 gigs following throughout Scandinavia. At four of these gigs, swedish Garage kings Nomads will show up, just to turn these four nights into total party nights. 2/10 Stockholm - Gino + Nomads 3/10 Linkoping - Herrgar'n 4/10 Gavle - Club Latting 5/10 Borlange - TBA 6/10 Oslo (N) - Last Train 8/10 Lund - Mejeriet + Nomads 9/10 Goteborg - Underground + Nomads 10/10 Malmo - KB + Nomads 11/10 Copenhagen (DK) - Loppen For more information, interviews etc, call, fax or send e-mail! Luger Production / Patrick Fredriksson Tel: +46 (0)26 250900 Fax: +46 (0)26 250915 E-Mail: or White Jazz / Calle Schewen Tel: +46 (0)8 7918989 Fax: +46 (0)8 200726 ----------------------------- Date: Sun, 8 Sep 1996 03:29:36 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Luger Tour List _Update_ [05-Sep-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Luger Tour List UPDATE Scandinavian Indie September 5th 1996 by Erik Soderstrom ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCANDINAVIAN: FIRESIDE (S) - Startrec/American Recordings - House of Kicks/BMG are on tour in the US September + half of October. More info later. THE HELLACOPTERS (S) - White Jazz / House Of Kicks 12/10 Ludvika (S) Folkets Hus Venue Decided 16/10 Helsingfors (SF) Tavastia New Date 17/10 Abo (SF) Tba New Date 19/10 Vaxjo (S) Elvagarden New Date 1/11 Hultsfred (S) Metropol New Date 2/11 Koping (S) Ray Harder New Date MESHUGGAH (S) - Nuclear Blast / House of Kicks *NEW* 14/9 Umea (S) TBA MINDJIVE (S) - Burning Heart / MD 22/9 Trelleborg (S) Klubb Allan New Date, w/Tractor (S) 1/11 Koping (S) Raj Harder New Date TEDDYBEARS STHLM (S) - MVG Records / MD *NEW* 27/9 Stockholm (S) Universitetet --------------------------------------------------------------------------- NON-SCANDINAVIAN: THE DICTATORS (USA) - White Jazz / HOK & THE HELLACOPTERS (S) - White *NEW* Jazz / HOK + Special Guests: THE NOMADS (S) - Strange Edge / MD 2/10 Stockholm (S) Gino w/Nomads 3/10 Linkoping (S) Herrgar'n 4/10 Gavle (S) Club Latting 5/10 Borlange (S) TBA 6/10 Oslo (N) Last Train 8/10 Lund (S) Mejeriet w/Nomads 9/10 Goteborg (S) Underground w/Nomads 10/10 Malmo (S) KB w/Nomads 11/10 Copenhagen (DK) Loppen FAITHLESS (UK) - Scandinavian Records *NEW* 12/10 Stockholm (S) Gino RYKER'S (D) - Warner / Import + BROTHER'S KEEPER (USA) - WeBite / HOK 18/9 Oskarshamn (S) Roque Club New Date ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The COMPLETE Luger Tour List can be found on the Scandinavian Indie WWW : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- Date: Sun, 8 Sep 1996 03:30:11 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Music on the TV [06-Sep-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE TV Scandinavian Indie September 6th -> September 12th Day Date Artist/What TV Program Channel Time --- ----- ---------------------- ------------------- ----------- ----- Fri 6/9 Fivel, Space Age Ba.. Pop-TV Z-TV 16.00 Hultsfred Festival Report (part 1) Z-TV 19.15 R Smashing Pumpkins etc. 1996 VMA MTV Europe 21.00 R Sat 7/9 Video Top List Toppen Z-TV 17.35 R Brainpool Musikmagasinet Z-TV 18.20 R Oasis etc. 1996 VMA MTV Europe 19.00 R Fivel, Space Age Ba.. Pop-TV Z-TV 23.10 R Sun 8/9 Video Top List Toppen Z-TV 15.30 R Brainpool Live Sthlm 2/9 Z-TV 16.45 R R.E.M. MTV Files MTV Europe 21.30 R Mon 9/9 Video Top List Toppen Z-TV 18.15 Tue 10/9 Musikmagasinet Musikmagasinet Z-TV 22.00 Alternative Nation Alternative Nation MTV Europe 00.00 Wed 11/9 Musikmagasinet Musikmagasinet Z-TV 18.15 R Thu 12/9 - R = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------- //Erik ( ------------------------------- End of SI Digest #3.38 **********************
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