Scandinavian Indie Digest Vol.3 Issue #35 [The Scandinavian Indie]


Vol.3 #35

August 3rd, 1996

There are 22 messages totalling 993 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. tape chains 2. Lollipop (2) 3. Emmaboda 4. Lollipop time schedule 5. Lollipop '96 6. Traestockfestivalen report coming soon! (3) 7. Lollipop festival report 8. Personal Lollipop '96 9. Tape Chains... 10. News from The Baltic States (2) 11. Lokko at Lollipop (was: Re: Lollipop) 12. Slowdive 13. primal scream... lollipop? 14. Ramones interview in Skelleftea /se 1995 15. Sin's Music on the Radio [12-Aug-96] 16. NONS release schedule 17. Lollipop '96 Official Report 18. Traestockfestivalen '96: the web pages! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 23:40:09 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: re: tape chains On Thu, 18 Jul 1996, (Jan Sundstrom) wrote: >> Yes, one does wonder about that at times. :-) Who's got the tapes now >> then by the way? > > OK, i feel a bit guilty here. The finnish tape is currently in Linkoping, > waiting for Erik to be picked up. The only problem, Erik is on Gotland, and > won't get the tape until next weekend. And I have tried to get in touch with my friend (Emil) all week, who was going to bring the stuff to me. Unfortunately I have not been successful, so I think it would be best if you contacted Pierre ASAP and tell him to send the stuff (or at least the tape - in order to get the finnish tape chain going again) to me here. > BTW, i visited Erik at work on Gotland, so now i'm one of the few who have > ever seen "The Chief" in RL! ;) Heh heh, yes. Two and counting. :-) //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 23:40:40 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: re: Lollipop On Sun, 21 Jul 1996, David M|llerstedt wrote: > I just bought my train ticket to Stockholm. Anyone else going to Lollipop? You bet! The Scandinavian Indie posse (heh, me and my girlfriend) will be there. We're going to flood the festival with Scandinavian Indie "flyers", so you'll probably notice us somewhere. :-) > I wonder if some one has seen a proper timetable, not just the one at > where the bands only are listed in the order they're going > to play. No, I wish I had seen one too. Anyone? Please? > How about some 'don't miss:' recommendations. > Don't miss: Soundtracks Of Our Lives Extreme agree-ness on that! Their EP "Homo Habilis Blues" has made a nest in my CD player the last week(s). Other recommendations must include The Chemical Brothers (_Tim Burgess_ (yaaay!) is DJ'ing on saturday, who says that he will _not_ perform with the chems?), Fidget (of course), Stereolab, Speaker (I haven't heard them yet), Eggstone, Bob Hund... and so on. :-) Some dedicated pages on the Scandinavian Indie web for the festival has been made, including a "DO NOT MISS" selection, but I can't reveal the URL to them yet, as I am waiting for some information from Lollipop that I need in order to "release" the pages. I hope they'll call today... > Avoid: Orup Definitely! I actually sat behind him and his new red-head girlfriend on the plane from Stockholm to Visby last sunday (yeah, my car you know..). He and his band were a bit .. intoxicated, and made the trip a pretty funny one, but I'm not going to like the music because of it. :-) Another "avoid" must be: Fluffy (blah). And Deep Blue Something (can you say "one-hit-band"?) And on Mon, 22 Jul 1996, (Jan Sundstrom) wrote: > Although i will probably get a better one, cause i'm on the > accreditations. ;) Well, me too, and I did receive a "information package" last friday, but there were no time schedules there. And I have to find a good microphone before friday too! I don't think I will be able to here though. :-( Jan, do you have one that you don't need that I can borrow from you?? I was thinking - maybe all of us Scansters can meet somewhere some time during the festival? Is this a good idea at all? Anyone? //Erik ( ... listening to Dada Girl ... ------------------------------ Date: Tue, 23 Jul 1996 23:40:26 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: re: Emmaboda On Thu, 18 Jul 1996, (Jan Sundstrom) wrote: > So apparently Stereolab was scrapped?! Anyone know which dates they play, > besides Lollipop? Which record company should i pester? ;> I visited my girlfriend in Jonkoping last weekend (and my car almost exploded, but that's another story) and saw Emmaboda posters all over town with some additional artists added to the line-up. Supermodel (UK) was one of them, but I can't remember the other three or four. Anyone? //Erik ( ...I am carless! I am without car!.... ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 24 Jul 1996 01:06:13 +0200 (MET DST) From: Erik S|derstr|m Subject: Lollipop time schedule Just checked the Lollipop web site, and they have added the time schedule today, so check out or wait for the list to be posted to the mailing list. :-) //Erik ( ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 25 Jul 1996 01:34:08 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Lollipop '96 Here you go.. the Lollipop Time schedule, nicely formatted, and easy to print out. If you want pocket-size, just load the text into Word (or whatever you use) and change the font size to 6, and you're all set. Please note that Wu-Tang Clan has cancelled, so Raekwon and Method Man + guests will hopefully be replaced by something else. Also note that Nick Cave will have Kylie Minogue with him. And last, but not least, Tim Burgess will probably not come, because The Charlatans member Rob Collins died in a car-crash early yesterday morning, reportedly. A truly sad day. Oh, and I got word from Lollipop today, so the Scandinavian Indie @ Lollipop '96 pages are now open and available! Check out the homepage or go directly to: You can find information, time schedules, where you can meet me and my girlfriend, maps... PLUS: Lollipop joins forces with Scandinavian Indie for a neat contest! Check it out! //Erik ( LOLLIPOP STOCKHOLM FRIDAY JULY 26th 1996 STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3 GRAND VEGAS VEGAS JR1 VEGAS JR2 13.00 Souls 13.00 13.15 Randy 13.15 14.00 Fidget 14.00 14.30 Bob Hund 14.30 15.15 High Llamas 15.15 15.45 15.45 16.00 Yvonne 16.00 16.30 Mother Stereolab 16.30 17.00 Robyn Superior 17.00 17.30 17.30 17.45 Bumblebees 17.45 18.15 Refused Pharcyde 18.15 18.30 18.30 19.00 Andy Bell & 19.00 19.15 Alex Lowe 19.15 19.30 Kent Wall Of 19.30 19.45 Sound 19.45 20.00 Lionrock 20.00 20.15 Dirty Three 20.15 21.00 Jon Alexi Doctor 21.00 21.15 Spencer Delano Rockit 21.15 21.30 Blues Fluffy Cari 21.30 22.15 Nick Cave Explosion Lekebusch 22.15 22.30 & 22.30 22.45 The Bad Kula Shaker Underworld 22.45 23.00 Seeds Jedi Norman 23.00 23.45 Maria Knights Cook 23.45 24.00 McKee Busty Ceasefire 24.00 00.15 Mike Dunn 00:15 00.45 00.45 01.00 Beck Coldcut 01.00 01.15 Hellacopters Propeller 01.15 01.30 heads 01.30 02.00 Advent Monkey 02.00 02.15 Leila K Mafia 02.15 02.30 Speaker 02.30 02.45 02.45 03.00 Jeff Mills Mad Mats Freestyle 03.00 05.00 Jam 05.00 LOLLIPOP STOCKHOLM SATURDAY JULY 27th 1996 STAGE 1 STAGE 2 STAGE 3 GRAND VEGAS VEGAS JR1 VEGAS JR2 13.00 Sobsister 13.00 13.15 Deep Blue 13.15 14.00 Something Chevy 14.00 14.30 Courtney 14.30 15.15 Pine Mufflon 5 15.15 15.30 Broder 15.30 15.45 Eggstone Daniel 15.45 16.00 16.00 16.30 Mazarine 16.30 17.00 Nomads Street Brainpool 17.00 17.15 w/Heavy 17.30 17.45 Friends Zoom Heavenly 17.45 18.00 Stretch Lollipop 18.00 18.15 Tinder- Armstrong Social 18.15 19.00 sticks Pineforest Raekwon Heavenly 19.00 19.30 Bob Crunch +guests Birds 19.30 20.00 Dylan Method Man Heavenly 20.00 20.15 Silverbullet +guests Jukebox 20.15 21.00 Manic Stretch Metalheadz S:t 21.00 21.30 Street Memphis- Armstrong Etienne 21.30 22.00 Preachers Revue Tony 22.00 22.15 Orup Zoulias 22.15 23.00 Chemical Kemistry Death In 23.00 23.45 Black Brothers & Storm Vegas 23.45 24.00 Grape Absent Juan 24.00 00.30 Minded Atkins 00.30 01.00 Prodigy Doc Scott Tom & Ed 01.00 01.15 Superstudio 01.15 02.00 Orange Hardfloor 02.00 02.30 Northern Falcon & 02.30 03.00 Uproar Sleepy Carl Cox Grooverider Justin 03.00 05.00 Robertson 05.00 -------------------------------- Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 11:51:54 +0200 From: Robert Cumming Subject: Traestockfestivalen report coming soon! Hi folks, just letting you know that I'll be working hard on the Traestock report over the next couple of days or so... Highlights will include: Interviews! Jocke, Komeda, Blissful, Him Kerosene, the Penniless People of Bulgaria, Pondicherry, and more... Reviews! All the bands we saw and heard summed up in flawless English... Pictures! See Jennie Medin shake her tambourine! Marvel at Carpe Wade's tracksuits! Stickboy's sideburns! Plus the festival's hottest kiss! Robert, a busy weekend ahead of him, clearly -------------------------------- Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 11:05:22 -0400 (EDT) From: Chris Forsberg Subject: Re: Traestockfestivalen report coming soon! In eager anticipation...... Will the pics be sent UUencoded thru the list, or available via ftp somewhere? -Chris ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 26 Jul 1996 17:14:21 +0200 From: Robert Cumming Subject: Re: Traestockfestivalen report coming soon! > Will the pics be sent UUencoded thru the list, or available via ftp > somewhere? I'll stick them on the WWW somewhere. Or maybe I should post them to alt.binaries.indie.scandinavian.festivals.erotica... Robert, wondering if photoshop is easy to learn -------------------------------- Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1996 17:34:03 From: Subject: Lollipop festival report ----------------------------------------------- Selected Lollipop news brought to you by Jan Sundstrom ah, what the heck... ---------------------------------- OK, funbase supplies this place with e-mail, so here4s a summary. Yesterday: Stereolab did a massive show, although i must say that the one last year at Studion was even better. Underworld was cool and strange, but i don't really like the rave crowd. Besides i was to tired to appriciate the jumping up and down. OK, people are standing in line here to mail their boys- and girlfriends... For you coming out here, just have to say that Manic Street Preachers are cancelled. Teenage Fanclub are standing in, and nobody is sorry. ;) Chief and Ludde sends their greetings. Jan Sundstrom -------------------------------- Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 02:02:21 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Personal Lollipop '96 Hey all, don't worry - my Lollipop report will be posted to the list ASAP - but will not be put on the web-pages before I get the photos developed (but this will happen this week, so it won't be a long wait :-)) where a couple of photos will serve as compilment to the article + a special photos page will be added. (Yvonne, Eggstone, Teenage Fanclub, Kent, Andy Bell & Alex Lowe, Stereolab, Fidget, Bob Dylan...) But while you're waiting ;-) for the official report, here's the short personal one (heh heh): ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Scandinavian Indie @ Lollipop '96 >> Personal Report << ------------------------------------------------------------------------ * P{r Wiksten (The Wannadies) secretly revealed that the girls in UK band Fluffy (who were sitting behind us, eating. Something they seemed to do during the whole festival) tried to be as sexy as possible, but had, in his eyes, failed completely and were only ugly. They had also, during an interview with someone who's name will not be revealed, tried to maintain their cool attitudes. One of them showed her breasts, another did something else, and I won't go into details on what happened next. My pants got wet, though not from the story, but from beer that P{r accidentally spilled on me. He also said that their gig in Link|ping (1995) was one that he rated as one of their best, and wanted to come back and play there soon. Christina (The Wannadies) was also there by the way, but didn't say much. * Mats (The Wellmeant) was there together with all three booking people from the Herrg}r'n venue in Link|ping. He actually went to school with one of them. This will probably mean that the band will perform at Herrg}r'n this autumn/winter! * When Eggstone started to play, a large garbage truck drove up next to the stage, forcing the audience on one side to move, and causing a lot of noise as well as strange looks from both the band (who looked at it, and then at eachother) and the audience. Most people just laughed at the whole thing though. P3 Live recorded their performance, but did they get the truck sound? Unfortunately, I did. * No one knew if Tim Burgess (The Charlatans) would come. Virgin had no idea if he would come or if he would appear together with The Chemical Brothers. The festival arrangers said that they had no idea, but would look into it. Though when the festival ended, they still did not know. * David Birde and Janne Kask (Brainpool) were interviewed for a TV broadcast (I have no idea to what channel, or when it will be / was broadcasted). As it happened, Anna and I sat behind the guys reading a newspaper during the interview. Have anyone seen anything??? :-) * Peter LeMarc had gained weight, but that did not stop him from receiving an unmarked CD from a MNW staff member with the words "listen to it - I know you will like it!". I wonder what was on that disc... * Th}str|m (Imperiet, Peace Love & Pitbulls) roamed about backstage and caused a lot of attention. In an attempt to be nice and friendly I decided to ask him if it was okay if I took a photo of him. His reply was "No". That's what you get for being kind and not blasting away with the camera. * Andres Lokko was a hell of a lot friendlier then I had expected. He just stood there in his hat on the sunny friday afternoon, so I decided it was time for him to learn about Scandinavian Indie and slipped him a flyer. He took a look at it, and started to talk about the Internet, and how bad he was at it. He didn't know how to use it he said, but when I mentioned that he had a fan homepage (y-runann's) he said that he _did know_ about that, but only because someone at Pop had printed out some pages from it. He also said that the rumor about him and ]sa (Pineforest Crunch) on those pages was not true (that they had had a "good time" at some place) but that he would not have been sad if it had been. * Most rewarding thing to overhear backstage: Photographers from morning and evening newspapers complaining that they had not been allowed to take pictures at Andy Bell & Alex Lowe other than from the audience, while Scandinavian Indie got permission to do it. * Least fun to learn: that Soundtrack of Our Lives cancelled. Though for a good reason. One of them got married (I was told.) * Most fun to learn: that Teenage Fanclub would replace Manic Street Preachers! * Most secret thing: that Goldie would play at the festival. The arrangers even told those in the press tent at the moment that they would not go public with it. * Most gorgeous music business girl found at: Virgin's tent! Those green eyes and that smile stole my heart for a whole hour. Way to go Virgin! :-) * Most generous with drinks backstage: Warner. * Most generous with beer backstage: MNW / NONS / etc. * Most generous with Doom-like game backstage: DCM. Though the right keys were pretty hard to find... * Most friendly business people backstage: DCM. Extremely friendly even - I was starting to wonder if she was coming on to me! :-) * People that surprised me: Loosegoats! Three Loosegoat-ers knocked on my shoulder when I played that Doom-like game and asked if I wasn't Erik from Link|ping. Then the next day, another Loosegoat-er (Jens) walked by when I was taking a photo and just stopped looking at me. "Don't I know you from somewhere? Link|ping? Erik?". He walked away saying that he was probably best in the world to recognize and remember faces. I missed their "secret gig" at Expressen Fredag's tent (that they passed out flyers for the day before) because Courtney Pine would never stop playing, and Eggstone weren't allowed to start before C.P. had stopped (rules from C.P...). New Loosegoats 5-song EP "Country Crock" to be released in August! * More people that surprised me: aBLe! Someone shouted "Erik!" when I passed Expressen Fredag's tent on my way to Eggstone. And there they were! They had a fine not pre-mastered tape from the recordings of their new album (release-date: August 19th) with them that sounds fantastic! Managed to stick with Johan for most of the evening and see Eggstone, Teenage Fanclub, rave to Chemical Brothers, try to get through the Black Grape audience and eat and drink together, though the party at their tent had to be cancelled (because it was really late and Prodigy was just about to start!). * And yet more people surprising me: Sara Reis. Found her at the Tullinge Airport while looking for the Press/Backstage/etc. place and gave her + company lift with the cab to the right place. * Most fun news to spread: the Loosegoats gig. No one knew. :-) * Most happy person at the festival: Jan Sundstr|m! * More happy people: Nina and Louise (Fidget) (FULL FORCE!) :-) * Person I met most times at the festival: Jan Sundstr|m! * Persons I wish I had met: Martin and Lisa (Aquadays). The damn transportation problems managed to cancel that meeting. * More people I wish I had met: Jojo and M}rten (Beat Butchers). The damn transportation problems again. * Person I wish I had met again: Rami Nihlawi (Sandy Lyle) who slipped me a good-looking Sandy Lyle t-shirt during the Mufflon 5 gig. We planned to meet again at Eggstone, but that never happened. Never saw him again actually. :-( * Shortest gig at the festival: Fidget - 18 minutes. * Most well-spent 200 SEK: on a Charlatans t-shirt (the tiger one). * Least well-spent 200 SEK: on transportation. * How fast did it take to pass out 100 Scandinavian Indie flyers: 10 minutes. Well... that's the short one... // Erik ( ------------------------------- Date: Tue, 30 Jul 96 09:55:20 +0200 From: Christian Bartholdsson Subject: Re: Lollipop > * Andres Lokko was a hell of a lot friendlier then I had expected. He > just stood there in his hat on the sunny friday afternoon, so I > decided it was time for him to learn about Scandinavian Indie and > slipped him a flyer. He took a look at it, and started to talk about > the Internet, and how bad he was at it. He didn't know how to use it > he said, but when I mentioned that he had a fan homepage (y-runann's) > he said that he _did know_ about that, but only because someone at > Pop had printed out some pages from it. He was baffled when I showed him the print-outs, I can assure you... > He also said that the rumor > about him and ]sa (Pineforest Crunch) on those pages was not true > (that they had had a "good time" at some place) but that he would not > have been sad if it had been. After seeing the way she constantly followed him around backstage for several hours, I believe it's a one-way thing... - ------------------------- Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 11:22:42 +0300 (EET DST) From: Roberts Galvans Subject: Tape Chains... Hi there!!! I have some questions... - I didn't get or missed there a chance to be added to Tape #1 and #2 (Icy and Finnish) chains... please,let me know,coz I wanted to get these tapes too... - (only for dewd who is makin' Scandinavian Tape #4 - The Baltic Indie) I wanted to know which bands/artists are/will be included in The Baltic Indie (tape #4)cassette Thanx RoberC "I'm only happy when it rains...I'm only happy when it's complicated...and though I know you can't appreciate it...I'm only happy when it rains..." - GARBAGE --------------------------- Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 11:57:40 +0300 (EET DST) From: Roberts Galvans Subject: News from The Baltic States ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEWS FROM THE BALTIC STATES Scandinavian News Scandinavian Indie Tuesday,30th July Indie Roberts Galvans ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4th August - Riga (Latvia) festival: "Rock against Stupidty" tickets: entance free bands: New Moon,Rebel,Prata Vetra (Brain Storm),Linga,Perkons (Thunder) + more to be announced 9-11th August - Liepaja (Latvia) festival : "Liepajas Dzintars" tickets: 1 day/night Ls 1.50 weekend Ls 6.00 bands: : LADEZERS, PIENVEDEJA PIEDZIVOJUMI, HOW MUCH PERSONALITIES?, KRISTAPS GRASIS BAND, LIVI, PRATA VETRA, Kristine Broka, YAPUTMA SOUND SYSTEM, OPUS PRO, LABVELIGAIS TIPS, BET BET, MENUETS + more to be announced. // ----------------------------- Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 12:46:40 +0200 From: (Anna-Karin Rundquist) Subject: Lokko at Lollipop (was: Re: Lollipop) >> * Andres Lokko was a hell of a lot friendlier then I had expected. He >> just stood there in his hat on the sunny friday afternoon, so I >> decided it was time for him to learn about Scandinavian Indie and >> slipped him a flyer. He took a look at it, and started to talk about >> the Internet, and how bad he was at it. He didn't know how to use it >> he said, but when I mentioned that he had a fan homepage (y-runann's) >> he said that he _did know_ about that, but only because someone at >> Pop had printed out some pages from it. > >He was baffled when I showed him the print-outs, I can assure you... Oh, so you were the one who showed him. Thanks! When I made that page I never really thought that he was going to see it. I guess this might be beacuse he said the net was just one huge hype in some interview. I actually talked to Andres Lokko myself at Lollipop! And like you said, he was very friendly. I thought he should find a fan homepage with himself a bit silly but he only seemed genuinely happy about it. And he did say that he was really didn't know anything about the internet. So I am really glad he got to see my pages anyway. He had even noticed that the page was mentioned in Expressen Fredag two weeks ago... >> He also said that the rumor >> about him and ]sa (Pineforest Crunch) on those pages was not true >> (that they had had a "good time" at some place) but that he would not >> have been sad if it had been. > >After seeing the way she constantly followed him around backstage for >several hours, I believe it's a one-way thing... When I met him his girlfriend stood next to him. He said that the Pineforest rumours weren't true. But he didn't say anything about him being sad about it. take care, akeen writes poems of friendship Homepage: also pages for Whigfield, The Chemical Brothers & Andres Lokko plus Ace Of Base musical references page --------------------------- Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 19:25:36 -0300 (EST) From: (Alcides Honorio Junior) Subject: Slowdive Hi all of list ! I'm Alcides from Brazil (South America) and i need some help. Someone have a letter of '40 days' and 'When the sun hits' from Slowdive album called 'souvlaki'??? (wondeful songs...) Please, send in a e-mail for me. Thanx a lot! *** The Brazilian Indie compilation CD is comming... Yeah!!! *** Alcides H. Junior DBWF --------------------------- Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 21:23:24 +0200 From: (Jan Sundstrom) Subject: Re: primal scream... lollipop? >i heard that maybe primal scream would play at lollipop. OK; now it's over, but as some of you recognized, Bobby Gillespie was seen mingling among the audience at Lollipop. He was invited by the arrangers just to give it some "star quality", by simply strolling around doing nothing. Seems like a cheap way of making a life. Oh well, i hope ole Bobby had a good time. He seemed to like Teenage Fanclub anyway, where he stood next to me. Jan Sundstrom ---------------------- Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 21:25:39 +0200 From: (Jan Sundstrom) Subject: Re: News from ThE Baltic States > NEWS FROM THE BALTIC STATES >8-11th August Liepaja (Latvia) - rock festival "Liepajas > Dzintars",perfomence by 26 bands Damn! I will arrive in Liepaja on the 13th, spending my vacations in Latvia. F**k, always at the wrong place at the wrong time... Jan Sundstrom -------------------------- Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 21:30:45 -0700 From: Subject: Ramones interview in Skelleftea /se 1995 Help me find a interview with Ramones and Kenneth Bergdahl in Skelleftea se. 1995. Ramones gave the interview to Kenneth because he has a very large record samples of Ramones. Please send answer to my mail address Thanks -------------------------- Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 23:23:33 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Music on the Radio [12-Aug-96] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE RADIO Scandinavian Indie August 12th -> August 18th Day Date Artist Recorded --- ----- --------------------------------- -------------------------------- Mon 12/8 Oasis Knebworth, UK 11-Aug-96 Tue 13/8 Instigators, Monsteras Bluesband Monsteras Bluesfestival 18-May-96 Wed 14/8 R. Kelly Wembley Arena, UK 26-Feb-96 Thu 15/8 Pennywise Hultsfred, Festival 14-Jun-96 Sun 18/8 Ruby (R) Stockholm, Studion 22-Jan-96 This list covers the Swedish National Channel P3's "Live" - always at 21.03 (R) = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Erik ( ------------------------------- Date: Wed, 31 Jul 1996 23:25:55 +0200 From: (Jan Sundstrom) Subject: NONS release schedule Ahnging around at Lollipop i chance-met Jesper of nons, who kindly slipped over the preliminary schedule of coming releases: August: Doktor Kosmos - Cocktail CD Pinko Pinko - Nosebleed singel+video Komeda - Boogie Woogie/Rock'n'roll single+video Sept: Fivel - Fivel CD Fivel - Concrete Glass video Colonel Blimp - Cynosure CD Pinko Pinko - Traffic CD Ray Wonder - TBA singel+video Oct: Ray Wonder - At Solar Plexus CD Honeymoon/Histrionic CDep Nov: Doktor Kosmos - Stj=E4rnjerry CD Trio Lligo - Bulldozerballader CD Umm, "enjoy" or something! On behalf of Jesper... Jan Sundstrom ------------------------------ Date: Fri, 2 Aug 1996 01:12:10 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Lollipop '96 Official Report ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Lollipop '96 Scandinavian Indie Official Report ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Friday - to the festival It was hot outside when we started our journey from downtown Stockholm to Lida, just outside the city. The train was packed to the limit, but it was only a 25 minute ride, so it was okay. Looking out the window when we reached Tullinge station brought worried faces to all passengers. About 1.000 people stood there waiting for the busses that would take them to the festival area. The busses (two of them) would come every 6-10 minutes a sign said, but in reality about every 20 minutes. We concluded that we would not get to the festival in time for Souls, Fidget or Bob Hund if we were to wait there, so we decided to try to get a cab. That is exactly what about 3-400 other people also decided to do, which meant that we struggled to get a cab for about 1 1/2 hour. It took about 10 minutes before we reached the Tullinge airport where we were supposed to get backstage/press passes. At the airport they told us to go to the festival parking area. Well there, we noticed two long queues next to a white, unmarked trailer. People waiting in line told us this was the place for those passes, so we placed ourselves in one queue. It didn't move for 10 minutes, and there were about 20 persons in front of us. Suddenly someone said that the queue we were standing in was meant for band people and festival workers, and that we were supposed to go to the other queue (which was growing and growing). So we did. And waited there for an hour, which meant that we missed Souls and Fidget. We started to get worried about the Bob Hund performance now, but fortunately a bus came along and picked us up. Finally! Now the road to the festival area is not the best one. It is extremely narrow and bumpy. People were walking on it to the area, and cabs and other busses came in the other direction. This caused delays which meant that when we arrived at the festival area, Bob Hund was just about to end. It is not necessary to continue to explain the transport hassle (back to the city at night, to the area in the morning, and back to the city again the last night), because you probably understand what it was like by now. The arrangers did manage to make things a bit better on the saturday, and they open-heartily apologized for all the trouble, which I felt helped to cope a bit. Maybe they had not expected that it would be such a success - over 43.000 visitors (!) during the two days, but that is something to think about for next year's festival. Friday - to the music As we missed the first three great bands Souls, Fidget and Bob Hund, we started out by checking out the festival and backstage areas. And at the last place, we found Fidget! Louise revealed that they wanted Jay-Jay Johanson (new MCD "Whiskey" out in August) to sing with Nina on their upcoming album, and you know what happens when you talk about other people? Right, Jay-Jay appeared out of nowhere and stopped for a chat. He later performed in the Gino tent that night. Anyway, after enjoying their well- earned meal, Louise and Nina put on a small and exclusive performance. The first musical performance had to be Yvonne on stage 2. And what is there to be said about them but that they are simply fantastic! Henric de la Cour struck enough poses to make the girls at front row dizzy in their pop heads. He jumped around, almost screaming, stealing the show and got all the attention from the audience. The rest of the band was pretty anonymous, which I felt was a bit sad. Musically, it was interesting to hear them again after almost a year, though they are definitely still in the synth-pop genre, and are only getting better and better! It makes me sad to think that we all have to wait such a long time for their next album. Stereolab were supposed to enter the Grand Vegas stage thirty minutes into Yvonne's performance, but luckily enough they were moved to later in the afternoon (though unfortunately pretty close to Andy Bell & Alex Lowe). Stereolab usually creates a lot of raving reviews when they play, though I must confess that I have not really been paying attention to it. Until now. This is what Kent did to me at last year's Lollipop. Now I understand, and now I know. Their music is swirly, dreamy and beautiful. It is not Slowdive, but definitely in that direction. At least live. They made me speechless with their walls of sound, their gorgeous music, and I just stood there and smiled, probably looking as silly as everyone around me. Andy Bell (Ride) and Alex Lowe do not have a name for their band yet, but that did not stop them from playing at the Stage 3. Amazingly enough, they sound like a whole band, even though they do not have one. The pop poses are there, as well as two acoustic guitars, which makes their music more folk-like than I like it to be. But as this is one of their first performances ever, it is just stupid to judge what their sound will be like with a whole band, or on an album, from it. Kent switched place with Beck and played at 1am on the biggest stage, Stage 1. I am still a big fan, even though their second, latest album did not leave a big impression on me. Fortunately, they played a lot of songs from their debut album. "Bl}jeans" was announced as a proletarian song. Followed by "Ingen Kommer Att Tro Dig". They played their hits from the second album too of course, like "En Timme En Minut", "Halka" and ended with their rock cover of Depeche Mode's "Stripped". Jocke Berg stole the show as usual, but what a show-stealer he is! You can just look at him and understand how, why and from where everything he is saying is coming. Sweden is lucky to have this fantastic band, do you hear me! Saturday - the music For reasons you now know all about, we managed to miss Sobsister and Chevy the second day, but as we had planned to be there extremely early, we did get to see Mufflon 5 for about 10 minutes. The reason? Loosegoats were to play a small flyer-only-announced gig at Expressen Fredag's tent 15 minutes into Mufflon 5's performance. That did not happen though, because Courtney Pine played and played and played on Stage 1 just in front of Expressen Fredag's tent. Their gig was moved, and we had to go and see Eggstone! To be here, in the sunny afternoon, at a festival, and get to see and hear Eggstone, like a friend of mine said to me just before they went on stage, must be the definite highlight. And so it was. They started out with a new easy-breeze song that had somewhat of a carnival feeling over it, though in the middle of it, a garbage truck drove up next to the stage, making the audience there move, and created a bit of a stir. The band-members just looked at the truck, then at each other, but continued with the song. Most of the audience just laughed at the whole thing though. Well, back to the performance. It was just as light, beautiful and funny as one would expect from Eggstone. Including the small brass section called The Mopeds, that they had brought with them. They played a whole bunch of new songs like "The First Jump From The Bridge" and their latest single "Summer and Looking For a Job", but also oldies like "Sun King". When they went off the stage, some friends said "But they have to play My Trumpets!". And they did - as an extra number! Per Sunding enjoying every second, smiles on every face, people jumping up and down everywhere singing along, and I did smoke a Lucky Strike - a perfect ending to a perfect gig! The time went fast this afternoon, and when we had found some food, mingled with the in-crowd (ha ha), listened somewhat to Brainpool, Nomads, Tindersticks and Bob Dylan, it was suddenly time for Manic Street Preacher's replacement Teenage Fanclub. Something we had been waiting for both days. "Hi we're Teenage Fanclub from Glasgow in Scotland, we're here to stand in for the Manic Street Preachers who couldn't make it tonight", they greeted us. And no one was sad about that. It was impossible to stand still. Everyone was enjoying the music to the full, even Bobby Gillespie in the middle of the crowd. Great songs like "Starsign", "What You Do To Me" and a new song called "Ain't That Enough" followed. And what a performance! This is a really fantastic band to see and hear live! When the night closed in on us, The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy and Carl Cox made everyone want to dance, and so we did. We even missed Northern Uproar, though we did manage to go right through the unbelievably large Black Grape audience at the Stage 2. Big Stage! Big Stage! people shouted, and we had to agree. Overall it was a great festival, creating a lot of happy memories musically, and a great place to meet people, bands and new contacts. Though Fidget, Sobsister, Souls and Bob Hund would all have made it even better. Outstanding performances from Teenage Fanclub, Eggstone, Kent, Underworld, Yvonne and The Chemical Brothers, and the guards behind Stage 3 who were extremely helpful made it all worthwhile. Definitely. We'd also like to thank Helena Dill‚n for her fantastic help in bringing Scandinavian Indie to the festival, and sponsoring the Scandinavian Indie @ Lollipop '96 Contest! //Erik Soderstrom (words) & Anna Elkert (photo) P.S. This article + photos will be added to Scandinavian Indie's Lollipop '96 pages on August 3rd. The Contest is open right now though, so check out ! D.S. --------------------------- Date: Fri, 2 Aug 1996 13:52:47 +0200 From: Robert Cumming Subject: Traestockfestivalen '96: the web pages! they're here! and they're bright green! Yes, it's the scan-indie Traestockfestivalen web pages, available now in glorious HTML and sparkling English at the following URL... +-----------------------------------------------------+ | | URL: | | +-----------------------------------------------------+ featuring all your old favourite bands... Bob Hund! Komeda! The Bear Quartet! Cloudberry Jam! and the bands that'll be your favourites before long... Pondicherry! Him Kerosene! Backfish! The Penniless People of Bulgaria! the first two of which making their internet debut... Pictures, interviews and reviews. And that kiss you've all been wondering about... All courtesy of Robert 'Stor stark? Magic!' Cumming, Kimmo Saasparilla^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hkilahti and Petter 'Burrito' Tiilikainen. Robert +-----------------------------------------------------+ | | URL: | | +-----------------------------------------------------+ ------------------------------ End of SI Digest #3.35 **********************
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