Scandinavian Indie Digest Vol.3 Issue #26 [The Scandinavian Indie]


Vol.3 #26

May 21st, 1996

There are 12 messages totalling 1591 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. Texas Jesus and Vildensky 2. Scandinavian Indie *Poll* 3. Icelandic band "Gus Gus"? 4. FWD: Norwegian group Dollie De Luxe? 5. Sin's Hultsfred Festival List [19-May-96] 6. Luger Tour List _Update_ [19-May-96] 7. Sin's Promotion Visits [20-May-96] 8. Sin's Non-Swedish Bands Gig Guide [19-May-96] 9. Sin's Swedish Bands Gig Guide [19-May-96] 10. Sin's Swedish Bands Outside Scan Gig Guide [19-May-96] 11. Sin's Swedish Festivals 1996 [19-May-96] 12. Sin's Non-Swedish Festivals 1996 [19-May-96] --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Sun, 19 May 1996 20:59:15 +0300 (EET DST) From: Albert Svan Sigurdsson Subject: Texas Jesus and Vildensky Now I told you guys a few times about Texas Jesus from Iceland who has been playing lately in Denmark and Finland. They had a gig in Tampere last night and just like the gig in Helsinki last Wednesday. Those lucky enough to be in Aarhus, Denmerk next Tuesday will be able to see TJ and the Danish Vildensky. Vildensky released last year a CD with ca. 4 songs, and that is a great peace of work! The CD is called "Med al baest" and song nr. two 'Gronne sten' is a masterpiece. TJ also released their 1st CD a few weeks ago, and it includes 23 great cartoon rock songs, with a mixture of country, disco and ska. If this doesnt get you jumping you might as well be buried underground. I dont know the name of the place where they'll play (in Aarhus) on Tuesday, but the town must be covered with posters about that gig by now. The Vildensky CD also has a telephone contact number where I'm pretty sure you can get to know the name of the place they're playing (contact Stinus Ancher, tel. 86 19 89 22 in Aarhus). The Texas Jesus guys left me a few copies of their CD to sell so if you're interested you can email me, the CD has been sold for 80 FIM and I will only add postage to that on top. IMO it is f***ing worth every penny, just as the trip to Aarhus will be on Tuesday. There might also be some other gigs in Denmark in the next 2 weeks, but you hear more about that if you call Stinus. Take it easy, ----------------------------- Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 08:08:33 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Re: Scandinavian Indie *Poll* Regarding the Scandinavian Indie *Poll* - it seems as if most of you want all of the lists posted, even those that are not (but as of today will be) have been posted. The one list that got most "no"'s (54% of the replies) was the "Promotion Visits" list, but then again, 46% said they wanted it to be posted, so I think I'll continue with that one too. This means that you all will get at least 10 lists in your mailboxes from this mailing list, and if some of you feel after a while that it is way too much, I'll run another poll, and go from there. Does this sound okay with everyone? Hope so, because here they come.. :-) Thanks to all of you who helped out! //Erik ( --------------------------------- Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 08:09:07 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Icelandic band "Gus Gus"? Read on the 4AD-L list about a band from Iceland called "Gus Gus", or something like it - anyway, that they were recently signed to 4AD... Does anyone know more about this band? Maybe they're even on the Icelandic tape? Albert? //Erik ( ...listening to Gone - "Nothing"... ----------------------------------- Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 08:09:46 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: FWD: Norwegian group Dollie De Luxe? Forwarded mail below. Could someone help this guy? > Date: Thu, 16 May 96 13:28:59 -0700 > From: Octavio Augusto Deiroz > Subject: Help about Dollie de Luxe > > Please can you help me to find where to buy CD's from the norwegian > music group Dollie de Luxe? I have only one disc from this group and > i love it. Here in Brazil i can't find another. Thank's for your help. > Octavio Augusto Deiroz //Erik ( ---------------------------------- Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 08:10:31 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Hultsfred Festival List [19-May-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Festival Lists Scandinavian Indie Hultsfred Festival 1996 (June 13-15 1996) Updated 19-May-96 by Erik S|derstr|m ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Non-swedish artists: Bjork (Iceland), Blur (UK), Ministry (US), Iggy Pop (US), Pulp (UK), Cure (UK), The Prodigy (UK), Bad Religion (US), Frank Black (US), Emmylou Harris (US), Terrorvision (UK)*, Sick Of It All (US), Moby (US), Skunk Anansie (UK), The Bluetones (UK), Dog Eat Dog (US), Rocket From The Crypt (US)*, Northen Uproar (UK), Barkmarket (US), Super Furry Animals (UK), Artis The Spoonman (US), Gypsys From Rajastan (India), Pennywise (US), Walkabouts (US), Fear Factory (US), The Mike Flowers Pops (UK), K's Choice (B)*, Southen Culture On The Skids (US), Joykiller (US), Baby Chaos (UK), Skin (UK), Bif Naked (CAN)*, Mustard Naked (USA)*. Swedish artists: Popsicle, Kent, Olle Ljungstrom, Teddybears Sthlm, 59 Times The Pain, Drain, Liberator, Melony, Soundtrack Of Our Lives*, Chester Copperpot, Olle Adolphson, Refused, Naked, No Fun At All, Fireside, Yvonne, Kumekameli, Tongue Gongue, Ali Hussein, Passage 4, Cirkus Cirkor, Lifvens Vanner, Sanktum. Kosmos Club (The Hultsfred Festival's new "dance event"): Stakka Bo, Nova Nova, The Aloof*, Cedric Marszewski*, Micromoon, Jonas Lonna*, Alex Reece*, Larry Heard, Mourad Liti*, Calico, Ivan Smagghe*, Bender Boys, Eva*, Naid, Joel Mull*, Charlie Hall*, Bandulu, Cari Lekebusch*, Philippe Monrose, Stephan Grieder*. Stora Dansbanan stage: Face Down, Sludge Nation, Gordon, Busty, Jumper, The Drowners, Slapdash, Dipper, Disfear, Sinn Finn, Abstain, Psychic Kids United, Out Of Steets. * = new since last update ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cancelled so far (as noted by the Motor Booking Agency): Abhinanda, At The Gates, Afghan Whigs, Sigge Hill, Lush, Mindjive, Skunkwork ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Complete festival information can be found on the Scandinavian Indie WWW : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 08:11:05 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Luger Tour List _Update_ [19-May-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Luger Tour List UPDATE Scandinavian Indie May 19th 1996 by Erik S|derstr|m ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Swedish: At The Gates, Breach, Cloudberry Jam, Dismember, Fireside, Loosegoats, Meshuggah, Mindjive, Misery Loves Co., Monster, Naked, Refused, Shredhead, Sindy Kills Me, Starmarket, Teddybears Sthlm. Non-Swedish: Archers Of Loaf, Barkmarket, Brainiac, Come, Exploited, Fu Manchu, Ignite, Madball, Man Or Astro Man, Pitch Shifter, Samiam, Sick Of It All, Snapcase, Texas Is The Reason. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SWEDISH: AT THE GATES (S) - Earache / HOK 20/7 Arvika (S) Festival New Date 21/7 Angelholm (S) Tullakrok New Date BREACH (S) - Burning Heart / MD 26/6 Motala (S) Folkets Park 19/7 Skelleftea (S) Trastocksfestivalen 20/7 Arvika (S) Festival 27/7 Kolback (S) Herrevadsrocken CLOUDBERRY JAM (S) - Nons / Border 19/5 Vaxjo (S) Smalands Nation 31/5 Stockholm (S) Universitetet 19/7 Skelleftea (S) Trastocksfestivalen 22/7 Osaka (J) Club Quattro 23/7 Osaka (J) Club Quattro 24/7 Nagoya (J) Club Quattro 26/7 Tokyo (J) The Garden Hall 28/7 Osaka (J) tba 29/7 Fukuoka (J) Vieben 31/7 Tokyo (J) Club Quattro 2/7 Sapporo (J) Penny Lane 24 9-10 /8 Emmaboda (S) Festival DISMEMBER (S) - Nuclear Blast Records / House of Kicks 26/5 Santiago (C) Estadio Chile CANCELLED 6/7 Mariestad (S) Kamikaze Festival 20/7 Arvika (S) Festival FIRESIDE (S) - Startrec/American Recordings - House of Kicks/BMG Support where noted w/ ¤: Him Kerosene (S) - Ampersand Rec - Hose of Kicks 25/5 Umea (S) Brannbollsyran 26/5¤ Stockholm (S) Studion (M. Teddybears Sthlm) CANCELLED 13-15/6 Hultsfred (S) Festival 21/6 Lulea (S) Guldudden New Date 5/7 Oskarshamn (S) Stadsparken New Date 6/7 Laholm (S) Festival New Date 13/7 Hedemora (S) Dalarock New Date 19/7 Arvika (S) Festival New Date 20/7 Pitea (S) Pitea Dansar & Ler New Date 26/7 Stockholm (S) Lollipop New Date 27/7 Ostersund (S) Storsjoyran New Date 3/8 Flekkefjord (N) Fjellparksfestivalen New Date 9/8 Stockholm (S) Water Festival New Date 10/8 Emmaboda (S) Festival New Date LOOSEGOATS (S) - Startrec/House of Kicks 22/5 Oslo (N) So What New Date 23/5 Goteborg (S) Underground New Date 25/5 Uppsala (S) Kalmar Nation New Date MESHUGGAH (S) - Nuclear Blast / HOK 25/5 Umea (S) Brannbollsyran New Date MINDJIVE (S) - Burning Heart / MD 8/6 Stockholm (S) Sergelscenen New Date 13-15/6 Hultsfred (S) Festival 26/6 Motala (S) Folkets Park 6/7 Mariestad (S) Kamikazefestivalen MISERY LOVES CO. (S) - MNW ZONE/MD 20/5 Stockholm (S) Studion MONSTER (S) - Deaf & Dumb / Amigo 1/6 Fagersta (S) Bergslagsrocken 2/6 Stockholm/Handen(S) Mera Hitlatar 11-13/7 Hedemora (S) Dalarock 19/7 Arvika (S) Festival NAKED (S) - Stockholm Label Group / Polygram 24/5 Umea (S) Brannbollsyran 26/5 Norrkoping (S) Kammaren 31/5 Lidkoping (S) tba Date Changed 1/6 Trollhattan (S) tba New Date 6/6 Trelleborg (S) tba 7/6 Soderhamn (S) Festival 14/6 Karlshamn (S) Rockfestival 15/6 Hultsfred (S) Festival 6/7 Mariestad (S) Kamikazefestivalen 19/7 Pitea (S) Dansar & Ler 20/7 Skelleftea (S) Trastocksfestivalen 26/7 Ostersund (S) Storsjoyran 9-10/8 Emmaboda (S) Festival REFUSED (S) - Startrec. / House Of Kicks 31/5 Vingaker (S) Folkets Park 1/6 Fagersta (S) Bergslagsrocken 2/6 Stockholm (S) Mera Hitlatar 6/6 Kalix (S) tba New Date 13/6 Hultsfred (S) Festival 26/6 Motala (S) Folkets Park SHREDHEAD (S) - NONS / Border 8/6 Stockholm (S) Sergelscenen New Date 26/6 Motala (S) Folkets Park 1/8 Sundsvall (S) Torgrocken New Date SINDY KILLS ME (S) - Beat That / Border 2/6 Handen (S) Mera Hitlatar 20/7 Arvika (S) Festival New Date 9-10/8 Emmaboda (S) Festival STARMARKET (S) - Dolores / MD 24/5 Umea (S) Brannbollsyran 31/5 Stockholm (S) Universitet 1/6 Fagersta (S) Bergslagsrocken 26/6 Motala (S) Folkets Park 3/7 Vuollerim (S) Festival 5/7 Flensburg (D) Volksbad 6/7 Bremen (D) Hard Pop Days 7/7 Hamburg (D) Knust 8/7 Munich (D) Backstage Date Changed 9/7 Saarbrucken (D) tba Date Changed 10/7 Heidelberg (D) Schwimmbad 11/7 Bochum (D) Zwischenfall 12/7 Peine (D) Juz 19/7 Arvika (S) Festival New Date 20/7 Skelleftea (S) Trastocksfestivalen 9-10/8 Emmaboda (S) Festival TEDDYBEARS STHLM (S) - MVG Records / MD 26/5 Stockholm (S) Studion 31/5 Stockholm (S) Universitetet (Festival) CANCELLED 8/6 Stockholm (S) Vitabergsparken (Ship to Bosnia) 13-15/6 Hultsfred (S) Festival 20/7 Arvika (S) Festival 9/8 Stockholm (S) Water Festival --------------------------------------------------------------------------- NON-SWEDISH: ARCHERS OF LOAF (USA) - Alias Records/Border 19/7 Skelleftea (S) Trastocksfestivalen New Date 20/7 Arvika (S) Festival New Date BARKMARKET (USA) - American/PIAS - MNW ILR 13/6 Hultsfred (S) Festival BRAINIAC (USA) - Touch & Go/Border 19-20/7 Arvika (S) Festival New Date COME (USA) - Domino/MNW ILR 30/5 Malmo (S) KB w/Bob Hund EXPLOITED (UK) - Rough Justice/MNW ILR 26/6 Motala (S) Folkets Park New Date FU MANCHU (USA) - Mamooth/MNW ILR 4/6 Kopenhamn (DK) Sputnik 13/7 Hedemora (S) Dalarock IGNITE (USA) - Lost & Found/House Of Kicks 1/6 Fagersta (S) Bergslagsrocken MADBALL (USA) - Roadrunner/MNW ILR - Reel 1/6 Fagersta (S) Bergslagrocken MAN OR ASTRO MAN (USA) - One Louder / Import 30/5 Goteborg (S) Underground PITCH SHIFTER (UK) - Earache / HOK + ABOVE ALL (UK) - Raodrunner/MNW ILR 19/5 Gavle (S) Club Latting 20/5 Stockholm (S) Studion Not w/Above All 21/5 Goteborg (S) Magasin 3 / Filter SAMIAM (USA) - EastWest/Warner 31/5 Vastervik (S) Ung Kultur New Date 1/6 Fagersta (S) Bergslagsrocken SICK OF IT ALL (USA) - EastWest/WEA 13/6 Hultsfred (S) Festival 15/6 Kobenhavn (DK) Rock Festival New Date SNAPCASE (UK) - We Bite - Victory / HoK + TURMOIL - Century Media / HoK 23/5 Solvesborg (S) Kartago Date Changed 24/5 Katrineholm (S) tba New Date 25/5 Karlstad (S) tba 26/5 Umea (S) Galaxen 27/5 Sandviken (S) Kungen 28/5 Stockholm (S) Kafe 44 29/5 Linkoping (S) Skylten 30/5 Vanersborg (S) Cafe Eloge TEXAS IS THE REASON (USA) - Revelation/Border 31/5 Vastervik (S) Ung Kultur New Date 1/6 Fagersta (S) Bergslagsrocken ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The complete Luger Tour List can be found on the Scandinavian Indie WWW : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------- Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 08:11:47 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Promotion Visits [20-May-96] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie UPCOMING PROMOTION VISITS Scandinavian Indie May 20th, 1996 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Corrs (Warner) 21/5 Stockholm Francis Dunnery (Warner) 27/5 Stockholm Fugees (Sony) 22/5 Stockholm Brian Green (Sony) 20/5 Stockholm Caroline Henderson (BMG) 24/5 Malmo Hootie & The Blowfish (Warner) 27/5 Stockholm Love (Warner) 23-24/5 Stockholm, Malmo Amanda Marshall (Sony) 30/5 Stockholm Eros Ramazzotti (BMG) 21/5 Stockholm Joshua Redman (Warner) 26/5 Stockholm Send No Flowers (Warner) 31/5-1/6 Malmo, Stockholm Spacehog (Warner) 28/5 Stockholm Specials (Virgin) 20/5 Lund Mike Stern (Warner) 1-2/6 Stockholm Neil Young (Warner) 25/6 Stockholm ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you need to know who to contact, e-mail me for further details. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Erik ( ------------------------------- Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 08:12:31 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Non-Swedish Bands Gig Guide [19-May-96] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Non-Swedish Indie Bands Gig Guide Scandinavian Indie May 19th, 1996 Corrections, additions or comments to: Included: Aknestik, Archers Of Loaf, Bel Canto, Bjork, Frank Black, Coo, Dada Girl, Oriental Kaviar Dinner, The Pansies, Prodigy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Texas Jesus, Velvet Belly, Neil Young. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Aknestik (all dates are in FINLAND) 22/5 Helsinki, Tavastia 14/6 Turku, Down by the laituri 15/6 Turku, Down by the laituri 14/7 Ilosaarirock Klubi -or- 15/7 Ilosaarirock Klubi * Archers Of Loaf 19/7 Skelleftea, Trastocksfestivalen 20/7 Arvika, Festival * Bel Canto (N) 24/5 Oslo, Rockefeller (NORWAY) * Bjork 13/6 Hultsfred festival - 15/6 29/6 Sandvika, Kalvoya festival (NORWAY) - 30/6 * Frank Black 30/6 Oslo, Sentrum Scene (NORWAY) * Dada Girl (all dates are in FINLAND) 22/5 Tampere, YO-talo (w/Oriental Kaviar Dinner, The Pansies) 1/6 Helsinki, Club Splendid (Semifinal) (w/Coo) * Prodigy (The) 13/6 Hultsfred, Festival -15/6 * Red Hot Chili Peppers 3/7 Oslo, Spektrum (NORWAY) * Texas Jesus 20/5 Copenhagen (DENMARK) -26/5 * Velvet Belly 29/6 Sandvika, Kalvoya festival (NORWAY) - 30/6 * Neil Young 25/6 Stockholm, Sjohistoriska Museet ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie Web-pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 08:13:06 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Swedish Bands Gig Guide [19-May-96] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Swedish Indie Bands Gig Guide Scandinavian Indie May 19th, 1996 Corrections, additions or comments to: Included: A Shrine, April Tears, Bazooka, Big Fish, Blake Carringtons, Bob Hund, Broder Daniel, Busty, Candysuck, Cardigans, Cloudberry Jam, Coca Carola, Fanscene, Fidget, Fireside, Gluebellies, Him Kerosene, Kent, Komeda, Kottgrottorna, Olle Ljungstrom, Loosegoats, Mazarine Street, Melony, Merrymakers, Mindjive, Misery Loves Co., Mole Session, Naked, Pineforest Crunch, Pluto, Popsicle, Radioaktiva Raker, Ray Wonder, Refused, Shredhead, Sindy Kills Me, Singer, Sive, Sludge Nation, Slush Puppies, Sonic Surf City, Souls, Speaker, Starlet, Starmarket, Superswirls, Svart Sno, Teddybears Sthlm, Tongue Gongue, Yvonne. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * A Shrine 22/5 Goteborg, Underground 23/5 Stockholm, Studion 25/5 Helsingborg * April Tears (The) 24/5 Tranas, Musikcafeet * Bazooka! 31/5 Boras, Amandas 1/6 Handen, Mera Hitlatar 14/6 Hultsfred, Festival * Big Fish 31/5 Koping 1/6 Uppsala 1/6 Saltsjoboo * Blake Carringtons 25/5 Uppsala, Kalmar Nation (w/Bob Hund, Busty, Loosegoats) * Bob Hund 24/5 Stockholm, Universitetet (TBC) 25/5 Uppsala, Kalmar Nation (w/Blake Carringtons, Busty, Loosegoats) 28/5 Lund, Mejeriet 29/5 Vaxjo, Kafe Kristina 30/5 Malmo, KB (w/Come) 31/5 Goteborg, Magasin 3 1/6 Lidkoping, Solkult 2/6 Handen, Mera Hitlatar 19/7 Stockholm, Tanto 20/7 Angelholm, Tullakrok 26/7 Stockholm, Lollipop -27/7 9/8 Emmaboda, Festival -10/8 * Broder Daniel 21/5 Lund, Mejeriet * Busty 24/5 Stockholm, Studion 25/5 Uppsala, Kalmar Nation (w/Blake Carringtons, Bob Hund, Loosegoats) * Candysuck 31/5 Mariestad 1/6 Kalmar 28/6 Mjolby * Cardigans (The) 29/6 Sandvika, Kalvoya festival (NORWAY) - 30/6 * Cloudberry Jam 19/5 Vaxjo, Smalands Nation 31/5 Stockholm, Universitetet 19/7 Skelleftea, Trastocksfestivalen 9/8 Emmaboda, Festival -10/8 * Coca Carola 25/5 Solna + Finspang + orebro 26/5 Rattvik 1/6 Handen, Mera Hitlatar 7/6 Akersberga + Vaxholm 6/7 Mariestad, Kamikaze festival 20/7 Arvika, Festival 21/7 Angelholm, Tullakrok 9/8 Mjolby 17/8 Tyreso * Fidget 20/7 Angelholm, Tullakrok -21/7 9/8 Emmaboda, Festival -10/8 * Fireside 25/5 Umea, Brannbollsyran 13/6 Hultsfred, Festival -15/6 21/6 Lulea, Guldudden 5/7 Oskarshamn, Stadsparken 6/7 Laholm, Festival 13/7 Hedemora, Dalarock 19/7 Arvika, Festival 20/7 Pitea, Pitea Dansar & Ler 26/7 Stockholm, Lollipop 27/7 Ostersund, Storsjoyran 3/8 Flekkefjord, Fjellparksfestivalen (NORWAY) 9/8 Stockholm, Water Festival 10/8 Emmaboda, Festival * Gluebellies (w/Pluto) 24/5 Uppsala, Kalmar Nation, Pop festival 7/6 Goteborg, Underground * Him Kerosene 23/5 Umea, Braannbollsyran * Kent 24/5 Ljungby 25/5 Karlskoga 26/5 Rattvik 7/6 Linkoping, Universitetet - SommarX * Komeda 22/5 Umea 25/5 Umea, Brannbollsyran * Kottgrottorna 29/6 Ljungby * Olle Ljungstrom (w/Hoola Bandoola Band) 3/7 Dannemora 14/7 Vastervik 22/7 Borgholm * Loosegoats 22/5 Oslo, So What (NORWAY) 23/5 Goteborg, Underground 25/5 Uppsala, Kalmar Nation (w/Blake Carringtons, Bob Hund, Busty) * Mazarine Street 11/7 Hedemora, Dalarock -13/7 * Melony 1/6 Uppsala, Fyristorg 6/6 Stockholm, Kungstradgarden 23/8 Mjolby * Merrymakers 1/6 Stockholm, Tre Backar * Mindjive 8/6 Stockholm, Sergelscenen 13/6 Hultsfred, Festival -15/6 26/6 Motala, Folkets Park 6/7 Mariestad, Kamikazefestivalen * Misery Loves Co. 20/5 Stockholm, Studion * Mole Session 27/6 Roskilde, Festival (DENMARK) -30/6 * Naked 24/5 Umea, Brannbollsyran 26/5 Norrkoping, Kammaren 31/5 Lidkoping 1/6 Trollhattan 6/6 Trelleborg 7/6 Soderhamn, Festival 14/6 Karlshamn, Rockfestival 15/6 Hultsfred, Festival 6/7 Mariestad, Kamikazefestivalen 19/7 Pitea, Pitea Dansar & Ler 20/7 Skelleftea, Trastocksfestivalen 26/7 Ostersund, Storsjoyran 9/8 Emmaboda, Festival -10/8 * Pineforest Crunch 31/5 Halmstad -1/6 * Pluto (w/Gluebellies) 24/5 Uppsala, Kalmar Nation 7/6 Goteborg, Underground * Popsicle 7/6 Soderhamn, Festival 15/6 Hultsfred, Festival 21/6 Skelleftea, Festival 28/6 Hudriksvall, Festival -29/6 5/7 Sundsvall, Gatufestival 12/7 Hedemora, Dalarock -13/7 20/7 Pitea, Pitea Dansar & Ler 27/7 Bergvik, Bergviks marknad 2/8 Trollhattan, Westgothafestival -3/8 9/8 Emmaboda, Festival -10/8 * Radioaktiva Raker 20/7 Angelholm, Tullakrok * Ray Wonder 24/5 Umea, Brannbollsyran * Refused 31/5 Vingaker, Folkets Park 1/6 Fagersta, Bergslagsrocken 2/6 Stockholm, Mera Hitlatar 6/6 Kalix 13/6 Hultsfred, Festival 26/6 Motala, Folkets Park * Shredhead 8/6 Stockholm, Sergelscenen 26/6 Motala, Folkets Park 1/8 Sundsvall, Torgrocken * Sindy Kills Me (w/Refused) 25/5 Goteborg 2/6 Handen, Mera Hitlatar 20/7 Arvika, Festival 9/8 Emmaboda, Festival -10/8 * Singer 30/5 Stockholm, Studion 1/6 Kalmar 6/6 Stockholm, Kungstradgarden * Sive 23/5 Lund, Smalands Nation 31/5 Stockholm, Universitetet * Sludge Nation 23/5 Goteborg, Kino-Disco, Underground 13/6 Hultsfred, Festival * Slush Puppies 25/5 Helsingborg * Sonic Surf City 24/5 Uppsala, Klubb Dacke 25/5 Stockholm, Studion (free) (w/Fanscene) 30/5 Linkoping, Herrgar'n 31/5 Uppsala, Kalmar Nation 1/6 Karlstad, Cafe Cinema * Souls 24/5 Gallivare 25/5 Umea, Brannbollsyran * Speaker 24/5 Goteborg, Underground * Starlet 20/5 Stockholm, Orangus Tangus * Starmarket 24/5 Umea, Brannbollsyran 31/5 Stockholm, Universitetet 1/6 Fagersta, Bergslagsrocken 26/6 Motala, Folkets Park 3/7 Vuollerim, Festival 19/7 Arvika, Festival 20/7 Skelleftea, Trastocksfestivalen 9/8 Emmaboda, Festival -10/8 * Superswirls 30/5 Uppsala, Fellini * Svart Sno 25/5 Helsingborg 27/7 Kolback * Teddybears Sthlm 26/5 Stockholm, Studion 8/6 Stockholm, Vitabergsparken - Ship To Bosnia 13/6 Hultsfred, Festival -15/6 20/7 Arvika, Festival 9/8 Stockholm, Water Festival * Tongue Gongue 25/5 Finspang 13/6 Hultsfred, Festival -16/6 * Yvonne 31/5 Mariestad 1/6 Uppsala, Fyristorg 6/6 Stockholm, Kungstradgarden 7/6 Mjolby ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie Web-pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 08:13:42 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Swedish Bands Outside Scan Gig Guide [19-May-96] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scan-Indie Swedish Indie Bands Outside Scandinavia Gig Guide Scan-Indie May 19th, 1996 Corrections, additions or comments to: Included: Cardigans, Cloudberry Jam, Drain, Souls, Starmarket. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Cardigans 18/7 Stratford Upon Avon, Phoenix festival (UK) - 21/7 * Cloudberry Jam (all dates in JAPAN) 22/7 Osaka, Club Quattro 23/7 Osaka, Club Quattro 24/7 Nagoya, Club Quattro 26/7 Tokyo, The Garden Hall 28/7 Osaka, tba 29/7 Fukuoka, Vieben 31/7 Tokyo, Club Quattro 2/8 Sapporo, Penny Lane 24 * Drain 30/6 Dessel, Graspop Metal Meeting festival (BELGIUM) * Souls 22/5 London, Astoria (UK) (w/Bush) * Starmarket (all dates in GERMANY) 5/7 Flensburg, Volksbad 6/7 Bremen, Hardpop Days festival 7/7 Hamburg, Knust 8/7 Munich, Backstage 9/7 Saarbrucken, tba 10/7 Heidelberg, Schwimmbad 11/7 Bochum, Zwischenfall 12/7 Peine, Juz ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie Web-pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 08:14:13 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Swedish Festivals 1996 [19-May-96] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Swedish Festivals 1996 Scandinavian Indie 19-May-96 Updates, corrections or additions to: Included: 12 Timmar 70-Tal, Arvikafestivalen, Bergslagsrocken, Bollnasfestivalen, Bollnaspunken, Brannbollsyran, Dalarocken, Emmabodafestivalen, Falu Folkmusikfestival, Festivalen i Skelleftea, Folkfesten i Malmo, Fyrisfestivalen, Gatufestivalen i Sundsvall, Gothenburg Jazz Festival, Grasrock, Herrevadsrocken, Hudriksvallsfestivalen, Hultsfredsfestivalen, Jazzfestivalen i Kristianstad-Ahus, Kalott Jazz & Bluesfestival, Karlshamn Rock Festival, Lollipop, Lulea Universitet Rock Festival, Mejeriets Festivalvecka, Mera Hitlatar, Musik Vid Siljan, Monsteras Bluesfestival, Nordic Country Festival, Pitea Dansar & Ler, Salafestivalen, Skansen Jazz & Blues '96, Solkult, Stockholm Water Festival, Storsjoyran, Stangafestivalen, Soderhamnsfestivalen, Tivolirock, Trastocksfestivalen, Tullakrok, Underground Art & Noise Festival, Urkult Vid Namforsen, Visfestivalen, Westgothafestivalen. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 12 Timmar 70-Tal Date: June 1 Place: Kristinebergs IP, Stockholm Price: 350 SEK Phone: +46-8-321770 (info) Phone: +46-77-1707070 (biljett direkt) Line-Up (so far): Boney M, Gloria Gaynor, Gary Glitter, Harpo, Kinks, Kim Larsen, Nationalteaterns Rockorkester, Nazareth, Pugh Rogerfeldt, Sister Sledge, Gilbert O'Sullivan, Uriah Heep, Van Morrison. Arvikafestivalen Date: July 19 - 20 Place: Arvika Price: 360 SEK (in advance) 395 SEK (at the gate) Contact: Arvikafestivalen Box 99 671 23 Arvika Sweden Phone: +46-570-12199 (office) Phone: +46-570-13666 (info & tickets) Fax: +46-570-12112 E-mail: E-mail: WWW: Line-Up (so far): Abhinanda, Archers of Loaf, At The Gates, Breach, Brainiac, Brick, Charta 77, Coca Carola, De Lyckliga Kompisarna, Deadmoon, Dismember, DJ ANTI, DJ Hjalmar, DJ Max Reich, DJ Moment H, Drugstore, Elegant Machinery, Fireside, Fiwe, Honey Is Cool, Kent, King Fisher, Lame, Levellers, Liberator, Olle Ljungstrom, Ludo X, Monster, No Fun At All, Page, Pawky Metaws, Popsicle, Projekt Pitchfork, R.A.M.M.theaterart, Max Reich, Sindy Kills Me, Starmarket, SU-EN Butoh, Teddybears, Young Gods, Yvonne. Bergslagsrocken Date: June 1 Place: Fagersta Price: 240 SEK (in advance) 260 SEK (at the gate) Phone: +46-223-16588 (info) Line-Up (so far): Chickenpox, Civ, Ignite, Liberator, Madball, Mindjive, Monster, No Fun At All, Puffball, Rancid, Refused, Samiami, Shield, Starmarket, Voodoo Glow Skulls. Bollnasfestivalen Date: June 27 - 30 Place: Bollnas Price: 1-Day: 230 SEK (in advance) 260 SEK (at the gate). 4-Day: 400 SEK (in advance) 440 SEK (at the gate) Phone: +46-278-15581 (info) Line-Up (so far): Assoul Band, De Sotos, Glamour Boys, Ann-Louise Hansson, Louise Hoffsten, Kent, Morgana Lefay, Lill-Babs, M.I.D, Siw Malmqvist, Millencolin, Smokie, Status Quo, Sven Ingvars, Rebecka Thornqvist. Bollnaspunken Date: May 25 Place: Bollnas Price: 50 SEK Line-Up (so far): Aparat, Bastuaggregaters, Black Nation, Bristless, Chaos Sweden, Disagree, Disfear, Dismorot, Distortion 'till Deafness, Harass, Hiroshima, Lennart, M.I.D., Mental Chaos, Perkele, Planet Trash, Rebell-Robert, Rovsvett, Stockholm Pigs, Sotlimpa. Brannbollsyran Date: May 23 - 25 Place: Umea Price: University: 3-Day: 190 SEK (with student id), 230 SEK (without) 1-Day: 23: 40 SEK, 24: 140 SEK, 25: 200 SEK. Center: 2-Day: 150 SEK Phone: +46-90-139058 (info) Line-Up (so far): University: Fireside, Leningrad Cowboys, Meshuggah, Naked, Ray Wonder, Rob'n Raz, Idde Schultz, Souls, Stakka Bo, Starmarket, Wannadies. Center: Marie Bergman, Meta Roos, Viktoria Tolstoy. Dalarocken Date: July 11 - 13 Place: Motorstadion, Hedemora Price: 3-Day: 480 SEK (in advance), 580 SEK (at the gate) Only Saturday: Advance 280 SEK (+ fee), At Gate 330 SEK Tickets can be bought from Biljett Direkt (+46-77-1707070), ATG-outlets and Post offices, or ticket outlets in Avesta (Konsum), Borlange (Folk & Rock), Fagersta (Playman), Falun (Skivstallet), Gavle (Skivbutiken), Gothenburg (Bengans), Hedemora (Dalarock office), Ludvika (Turistbyran), Stockholm (MEGA, Sound Pollution), Sater (Konsum), Uppsala (Musikorat), Vasteras (Skivborsen). Contact: Dalarock P.O Box 12 776 21 Hedemora Sweden Phone: +46-225-14101 Phone: +46-225-15250 (info) Phone: +46-225-10810 (info) Fax: +46-225-15320 (info) E-mail: WWW: Line-Up (so far): Brigade, Candysuck, Creeps, Fireside, Fivel, Fu Manchu, Gene, Gordon, Guineapigs, Johan Johansson, Kent, Liberator, Shane MacGowan and the Popes, Mazarine Street, Monster, No Fun At All, Popsicle, Porklift, Rob'n Raz Circus, Idde Schultz, Singer, Sugar Ray, Visions, Rikard Wolff, Yvonne, Zest. Emmabodafestivalen Date: August 9 - 10 Place: Emmaboda (Smaland) Price: 320 SEK (in advance), 380 SEK (at the gate) Tickets can be bought from ticket outlets in Emmaboda (Biblioteket), Vaxjo (Megahertz), Nybro (Video CD Toppen), Kalmar (Takt & Ton), Goteborg (Bengans), Stockholm (Pet Sounds, Freak Scene, Sound Pollution), Malmo (Jukebox), Lund (Doolittle), Oskarshamn (Musikextasen), Karlskrona (Skivlagret). Contact: Vinterbadarna Rasslebygd 361 33 Emmaboda Sweden Phone: +46-470-10559 (info) Fax: +46-470-12779 WWW: Line-Up (so far): Ark, Bob Hund, Brick, Broder Daniel, Busty, Chester Copperpot, Cloudberry Jam, Doktor Kropp, Fidget, Fireside, Fly, Gud i Brallan, Leslies, Loosegoats, Lousy, Ludo X, Mouth, Naked, Nomads, Nooners, Pineforest Crunch, Popsicle, Silverbullet, Sindy Kills Me, Sobsister, Sodabuzz, Starmarket, Superswirls, The Tambureens, Trad Gras Och Stenar, Word Of Life. Falu Folkmusikfestival Date: July 10 - 13 Place: Falun Price: Between 30 - 200 SEK. Phone: +46-23-19042 (info) Line-Up (so far): Amani, Anitas Livs, Cabaret Oriental, Eddy Clearwater Bluesband, Ephat Mujuru, Folk & Rackare, Froknarna Klack, Gongole Players, Kenny Hakansson Trio, Kamkars, Habib Koite, Mighty Sparrow, Njavi, Pers Pans, Pakkas Gustav, Bjorn Stabi, Gary Thomas, Tran Quang Hai, Urban Turban, Wimme Band, John Wright. Festivalen i Skelleftea Date: June 21 - 23 Place: Skelleftea Price: 1-Day: 225 SEK (in advance) 250 (at the gate) Contact: Biljett Direkt at +46-77-1707070, ATG-outlets or Post offices. Phone: +46-910-57938 (info) WWW: Line-Up (so far): Stefan Andersson, Brand New Bag, Neneh Cherry, Di Lange, Lady Be Good, Olle Ljungstrom, Miro Kids, Popsicle, Idde Schultz, Sleeper, Stakka Bo, Rebecka Thornqvist, Tre Damer - Siw Malmqvist, Lill-Babs, Ann-Louise Hansson, Wallmans Salonger. Folkfesten i Malmo Date: June 8 - 9 Place: Malmo Price: Free Phone: +46-40-124545 (info) Line-Up (so far): Page, Urban Turban, Jaque Werup. Fyrisfestivalen Date: May 31 Place: Uppsala Line-Up (so far): Randy, Stakka Bo. Gatufesten i Sundsvall Date: July 4 - 6 Place: Sundsvall Price: 1-Day: 200 (in advance) 220 SEK (at the gate), 3-Day: 450 SEK From Biljett Direkt +46-77-1707070, ATG-outlets or Post offices. Contact: Gatufesten i Sundsvall Box 103 851 03 Sundsvall Sweden Phone: +46-60-120797 (info) Fax: +46-60-177715 WWW: Line-Up (so far): Stefan Andersson, Fistfunk, Garmarna, Louise Hoffsten, Hoola Bandoola Band, Infinite Mass, Jannez, Kent, Leningrad Cowboys, Mora Trask, Papa Dee, Perikles, Pineforest Crunch, Popsicle, Rob'n Raz, Robyn, Sven Ingvars, Svenne Rubins, Swanzons, Rebecka Thornqvist. Gothenburg Jazz Festival WWW: Grasrock Date: May 25 Place: Solna, Stockholm Price: Free Phone: +46-8-887659 (info) Line-Up (so far): Absinthe, Candy Among Friends, Coca Carola, Hellacopters, Misdemanor, Numantia, Phrank, Silvermachine, Spacecowboy, Straight Ahead, Tenpin, Tosab. Herrevadsrocken Date: July 27 Place: Kolbacks folkets park Price: 100 SEK Phone: +46-220-17802 (Henrik) Phone: +46-220-10765 (Erik) Phone: +46-221-71953 (Jorgen) Line-Up (so far): Breach, Hans & Greta, Johan Johansson, Kolans Band, Meshuggah, Paid, Sober, Svart Sno. Hudriksvallsfestivalen Date: June 28 - 29 Place: Hudriksvall Line-Up (so far): Popsicle. Hultsfredsfestivalen Date: June 13 - 15 (starts on the 13th at 14.00) Place: Hultsfred (Smaland) Price: 650 SEK (in advace) 720 SEK (at the gate) Tickets can be bought from Biljett Direkt (+46-77-1707070), ATG-outlets and Post offices, or ticket outlets in Gothenburg (Bengans), Hultsfred (Domus), Lund (Folk a Rock), Helsingborg (Folk a Rock), Linkoping (Get Back), Skovde (Jannes Vax), Jonkoping (Megahertz), Malmo (Jukebox, Musik a Konst), Vaxjo (Z ordLjud&Bild), Stockholm (Mega, Pet Sounds, Sound Pollution), Uppsala (Musikorat), Boras (Skivspegeln), Ystad (Gunillas Skivshop). Contact: Hultsfredsfestivalen Box 170 577 24 Hultsfred Sweden Phone: +46-495-14050 Phone: +46-495-13800 (info) Phone: +46-495-12030 (tickets, weekdays 9-17) Fax: +46-495-13838 E-mail: WWW: Text-Tv: TV4 - page 751 Line-Up (so far): 59 Times The Pain, Abstain, Olle Adolphson, Aloof, Artis The Spoonman, Baby Chaos, Bad Religion, Bandulu, Barkmarket, Bender Boys, Bif Naked, Bjork, Frank Black, The Bluetones, Blur, Busty, Calico, Chester Copperpot, Cirkus Cirkor, Cure, Dipper, Disfear, Dog Eat Dog, Drain, The Drowners, Eva, Face Down, Fear Factory, Fireside, Gordon, Stephan Grieder, Gypsys From Rajastan, Charlie Hall, Emmylou Harris, Larry Heard, Ali Hussein, Iggy Pop, Joykiller, Jumper, K's Choice, Kent, Kumekameli, Cari Lekebusch, Liberator, Lifvens Vanner, Mourad Liti, Olle Ljungstrom, Jonas Lonna, Cedric Marszewski, Melony, Micromoon, Mike Flowers Pops, Ministry, Moby, Philippe Monrose, Joel Mull, Mustard Naked, Naked, No Fun At All, Northern Uproar, Nova Nova, Naid, Out Of Streets, Passage 4, Pennywise, Popsicle, The Prodigy, Psychic Kids United, Pulp, Alex Reece, Refused, Rocket From The Crypt, Sanktum, Sick Of It All, Sinn Fenn, Skin, Skunk Anansie, Slapdash, Sludge Nation, Ivan Smagghe, Sneaker Pimps, Soundtrack of Our Lives, Southern Culture On The Skids, Stakka Bo, Super Furry Animals, Teddybears Sthlm, Terrorvision, Tongue Gongue, Walkabouts, Yvonne. Jazzfestivalen i Kristianstad-Ahus Date: July 10 - 13 Place: Kristianstad-Ahus Price: The same as last year. Phone: +46-44-126805 (info) Line-Up (so far): Anders Bergcrantz Quartet, Gunnar Bergsten Kvartett, Rolf Ericson Band, Johny Griffin & Jan Lundgren Trio, Gringelstad Hot Five Quartet, Maggi Olin Quartet, Kjell-Ake Persson Kvintett, Luluk Purwanto & The Helsdingen Trio, Amanda Sedgewick Kvartett, Swedish Jazz Allstars med Viktoria Tolstoy, Jan "Tollarpan" Eriksson & Friends. Kalott Jazz & Bluesfestival Date: June 27 - 30 Place: Haparanda / Tornea Price: Free to 120 SEK depending on concerts. 270 SEK blues concert + Jazz-tent concert, saturday & sunday. Phone: +46-922-15139 (info) Line-Up (so far): Svend Asmussen, Case, Palle Danielsson & Contra Post, TJ Johnson And The Boys In The Band, Kojamo Rhythm & Blues Band, Nils Landgren Unit, Helena Lindgren & Manhattan Feeling, Lapi Murto, One O'Clock Humph, Open Chorus feat. Hakan Bostrom, Pan Trio, Flora Purim & Airto Moreia "Fourth World", Vladimir Rezitsky Project, Riverside Jazz Band, Sleepy People, Jake Voutilainen Band & Kallio Horns, Carlos Ward Quartet. Karlshamn Rock Festival Date: June 14 - 15 Place: Karlshamn (Blekinge) Price: 1-Day: 320 SEK, 2-Day: 480 SEK Contact: Ticket outlets in Karlshamn, Karlskrona (Skivlagret), Kristianstad (Skivlagret), Halmstad (Skivlagret), Kalmar (Skivlagret), Hassleholm (Skivlagret), Ronneby (Musikspecialisten), Olofstrom (Skivhornan), Vaxjo (Z Skivor), Helsingborg (Heta Vax), Jonkoping (Megahertz), Malmo (Jukebox), Gothenburg (Bengans), Linkoping (Musikborsen), Norrkoping (Vaxkupan), Stockholm (Mega). Phone: +46-46-147888 (Julius Ticket Service) (24 hrs) Phone: +46-454-17713 (festival ticket service) Phone: +46-454-89350 (info) Phone: +46-454-70296 (festival ticket service) Phone: +46-454-81203 (additional Information - tourist bureau) Fax: +46-454-70065 (festival fax ticket service) Line-Up (so far): Blues Bag, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Deep Purple, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Drain, Joe D'Ursu & The Stone Caravan, Electric Light Orchestra, Freak Kitchen, Garmarna, Georgia Satellites, Sigge Hill, Kent, Liashram, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Naked, Sinn Fenn, Status Quo, Stefan Sundstrom, Bo Wilson Band. Lollipop Date: July 26 - 27 Place: Stockholm Price: 1-Day: 300 SEK, 2-Day: 550 SEK Tickets can be bought from Biljett Direkt (+46-77-1707070), ATG-outlets and Post offices, or ticket outlets in Stockholm (Pet Sounds, Svala & Soderlund, Mega, Globen, Sverigehuset). Contact: Lollipop Allhelgonagatan 10 118 58 Stockholm Sweden Phone: +46-8-4570220 (info) Fax: +46-8-6423750 E-mail: WWW: Line-Up (so far): Advent, Beck, Bob Hund, Brainpool, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Chemical Brothers, Bob Dylan, Eggstone, Fireside, Kent, Lionrock, Maria McKee, Jeff Mills, Northern Uproar, Orup, Prodigy, Robyn, Stereolab, Underworld, Wu-Tang Clan. LURF - Rock Festival Date: May 9 - 11 Place: Karen, Lulea (the University campus) Price: 1-Day: 150 SEK, 3-Day: 220 SEK Email: WWW: Line-Up (so far): aBLe, Blake Carringtons, Bengt Eks Kvartett, Bruce Brothers, Companiet, Confusions, CottonBluesBand, Creeps, Funny Time Flies, Greenland Whale Fisheries, Jam Session, Javlar Anamma, Kalles Kaviar, Kent, KSMB, Kartegenbandet, Micke & Uno, Molly Maguire, Nina, Picabo, Pineforest Crunch, Pornostars, Soul Obsession, Ted The Mechanic, Tom Stone & The Rollin' Pettys, Tryggve Larsson, Ununplugged, Vanvoom. Mejeriets Festivalvecka Date: May 13 - 18 Place: Lund Price: 14: 40 (30) SEK, 15: 85 (55) SEK, 16: 40 SEK, 18: 165 (135) SEK Phone: +46-46-123811 (info) Line-Up (so far): 14: Letters To Cleo, Whale. 15: Liberator, No Fun At All, Refused, Tic Tox. 16: Anitmakassar, Cirkus Flabbergast, Dipper, Flames, Into The Void, Langhornes, Milky, Poetized, Pornostar, Radiomobel, Reaction, Rottingdean, Scents, Sinners, Sister Silicon, Supereight, Weed, Wonderland Zoo, Aby 1 Kanaby. 18: Cardigans, Dipper, Kent, Loosegoats, Naked, Popsicle. Mera Hitlatar Date: June 1 - 2 Place: Sjon Rudan, Handen, Stockholm Price: 100 SEK (in advance) 140 SEK (at the gate) Phone: +46-8-7450113 (info) Line-Up (so far): Bob Hund, Coca Carola, Cosa Nostra, Hellacopters, Johan Johansson, Kottgrottorna, Monster, Nausea Hits, Nomads, Passage 4, Refused, Sindy Kills Me, Smaklosa, Smash Hit Wonders, Sobsister. Musik Vid Siljan Date: June 30 - July 7 Place: Leksand-Rattvik Price: Week-card: 1.200 SEK. Separate tickets can also be bought. Phone: +46-701-272769 (info) Fax: +46-248-51981 (info) Line-Up (so far): Anelli Alhanko, Gunilla Von Bahr, Arne Domnerus, Judita Leitaite, Kontra-Kvartetten, Tommy Korberg, Lege Artis, Leksands Kyrkokor, Lill Lindfors, Ulf Lundell, Moskvas Kammarorkester, Arja Saijonmaa, Gustav Sjokvists Kammarkor, Stockholms Kammarbrass, Putte Wickman. Monsteras Bluesfestival Date: May 16 - 18 Place: Monsteras Price: 260 SEK Phone: +46-499-17385 (info) Phone: +46-499-17363 (info) Line-Up (so far): AL's Bluesband, Johnny Augland, Lillen Eklund, Ronny Eriksson, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Holmes Brothers, Instigators, L.A Jones, Louisiana Red Blues Band, On Cue Blues Band, Sam Mitchell, Smiling Crocodiles, Sven Zetterberg. Nordic Country Festival Date: July 4 - 7 Place: MalungPrice: 470 SEK Phone: +46-280-13700 (info) Line-Up (so far): Dwine Cris, Trond Granlund, Guns'n Horses, Tomas Haglund, Hogvilt, Wanda Jackson, David Lamar, Rip Masters, Inger Nordstrom, Jim Novak, Red Hot Max, Rhinestones Band, Marsha Thornton, Laura Tyler, Joe Lynn White, John Whiteleather. Pitea Dansar Och Ler Date: July 17 - 21 Place: Pitea Price: 1-Day: 220 SEK (in advance), 250 SEK (at the gate). 2-Day: 360 SEK - sold only in advance. Contact: Pitea Dansar & Ler Storgatan 44 941 32 Pitea Sweden Phone: +46-911-93390 (info) Phone: +46-911-92323 Fax : +46-911-92333 Email: WWW: Line-Up (so far): Stefan Andersson, Thorstein Bergman, Gunnar Bergstens Kvartett, Busty, Rune Carlsson & Witchcraft, Creeps, De De, Nicolai Dunger, Ronny Eriksson, Fireside, Ruth Gerson Band, Goggles, Kent, Peter Lundblad, Ulf Lundell, Naked, Joakim Niels, No Fun At All, Nordman, Norrbotten Big Band, On Stage, Orup, Pineforest Crunch, Popsicle, Meta Roos, Superswirls, Sven Ingvars, Svante Thuresson, Rebecka Thornqvist, Urban Turban. Salafestivalen Date: June 28 - 29 Place: Sala Price: 150 SEK (in advance) 200 SEK (at the gate) Phone: +46-224-12260 (info) Line-Up (so far): Stefan Andersson, Backdoors, Captain & The Crew, Grateful Head, Hans & Greta, Hit Heads, In Thy Dreams, Infinite Mass, Kent, Lill-Babs & Siw Malmqvist, Ramalama Tubsox, Rob'n Raz, Slip Into Silk, Leif Zeppelin. Skansen Jazz & Blues '96 Date: July 5 - 8 Place: Stockholm Price: 1-Day: 195 SEK, 6-Day: 400 SEK Phone: +46-8-450224 (info) Line-Up (so far): Anders Bergcrantz, Gunnar Bergsten, Ray Charles, Chick Corea, Arne Domnerus, Kurt Elling, Groove Collective, Buddy Guy, Cecilie Norby, Lina Nyberg, Skansens Storband, Stora Stygga, Viktoria Tolstoy, Uppsala Big Band, Claes Yngstrom. Solkult Date: May 31 - June 1 Place: Framnas, Lidkoping Price: Free Line-Up (so far): Bob Hund, Downstroke, Naked, Owe Rall, Paid, Pinheads, Plan B, Potlatch, Rose Mary, Smash Hit Wonders, Sun Of Mine. Stockholm Water Festival Date: August Place: Stockholm Line-Up (so far): Mari Boine, Glenn Branca, Coolio, Elvis Costello, Cowboy Junkies, Cesaria Evora, Fireside, Emmylou Harris, Angelique Kidjo, Nine Below Zero, Pineforest Crunch, Iggy Pop, Popsicle, Teddybears Sthlm. Storsjoyran Date: July 25 - 28 Place: Ostersund Price: 1-Day: 260 SEK, 2-Day: 395 SEK Phone: +46-63-120076 (info) Line-Up (so far): Apopo, Corrs, Edward The Second, Fireside, Louise Hoffsten, Holmes Brothers, Hoola Bandoola Band, Johan Johansson, Kent, Kinky Vibes, Christina Kjellsson, Jeanette Lindstrom Quintet, Maria McKee, Naked, Popsicle, Skunk Anansie, Stefan Sundstrom, Sven Ingvars, Taraf De Haiduks, Svante Thuresson & Beppe-Bandet, Rebecka Thornqvist, Jack Vreeswijk. Stangafestivalen Date: July 4 - 5 Place: Linkoping Line-Up (so far): Cloudberry Jam. Soderhamnsfestivalen Date: June 7 - 9 Place: Hallasen Price: 7: 190 SEK, 8: 190 SEK, 9: 100 SEK. 3-Day: 380 SEK Tickets can be bought from Biljett Direkt (+46-77-1707070), ATG-outlets and Post offices, or JC stores in Gastrikland, Dalarna, Halsingland and Medelpad. Phone: +46-270-41150 (tickets & info) Fax: +46-270-12767 (tickets & info) WWW: Text-TV: TV4 - page 752 Line-Up (so far): Basic Element, Dia Psalma, Jan Johansen, Paulo Mendonca, Motorhead, Naked, Nazareth, Popsicle, Svenne Rubins, Henrik Aberg. Tivolirock Date: July 6 Place: Kristianstad Price: 120 SEK (in advance) 140 SEK (at the gate) Phone: +46-44-122405 (info) Line-Up (so far): Big Fish, Colubrids, Lars Demian, Kjell Hoglund, Kent, Leslies, Olle Ljungstrom, Milky, Mutts, Sludge Nation, Smash Hit Wonders. Trastocksfestivalen Date: July 19 - 20 Place: Skelleftea Price: Free Phone: +46-910-19335 (info) Line-Up (so far): A Shrine, All Janet, Anthill Mob, Archers Of Loaf, Backfisch, Bear Quartet, Blissful, Blithe, Blue, Boolteens, Breach, Carpe Wade, Cloudberry Jam, Daybehaviour, Drowners, Fireside, Garp, Heed, Komeda, Meatgazer, Melony, Merlin, Merrymakers, Military Muscle Men, Mufflon 5, Naked, Optical Blue, Penniless People Of Bulgaria, Pondicherry, Popundret, Puffin, Purusam, Randy, Rebecca, Skumdum, Slapdash, Sofistikerat Svammel, Spacious Mind, Stardog, Starmarket, Stickboy, Tommy 16, Wannadies, Waterbug, Yoni. Tullakrok Date: July 20 - 21 Place: Angelholm Price: 2-Day: 80 SEK Phone: +46-431-17730 (info) Line-Up (so far): Agretator, At The Gates, Bob Hund, Coca Carola, Fidget, Fishlips, Little Stalin Bluesband, Mutts, Poetized, Sobsister, Speaker, Tellus Y, Totalteatern, Wakey, Wisex Pistols. Underground Art & Noise Festival Date: May 11 Place: Ludvika Price: Day-time: 80 SEK, Night-time: 100 SEK Phone: +46-240-86050 (info) Line-Up (so far): Children Within, Svante Grundberg & Bjorn Wallde Hellacopters, Iodine Jupiter, Kristet Utseende, Monster, Naked. Urkult Vid Namforsen Date: August 1 - 4 Place: Nasaker Price: many different prices - contact them for more information Contact: Urkult PL: 940 881 95 Undrom Sweden Phone: +46-622-10789 Phone: +46-612-60302 Phone: +46-612-60567 Fax: +46-622-10789 Fax: +46-612-60156 E-mail: Line-up (so far): Mari Boine, Pierre Dorge, Farmer's Market, Gongole Players, Groupa, Sofi Hellborg Gang, Hoven Droven, Evert Ljusberg & Kingen, Mynta, Rinne Radio, Wimme Sari. Visfestivalen Date: July 9 - 12 Place: Vastervik Price: 190 SEK Phone: +46-490-21300 (info) Line-Up (so far): Lasse Berghagen, Anders Bergman & Mats Klingstrom, Totte Bergstro Och Bluegrass Etc, Nick Borgen, Lars Demian, Donovan, Dana Dragomir, Jane Kitto, Totta Naslund, Sarstedt Brothers, Anita Strandell, Stefan Sundstrom, Triple And Touch, Svante Thuresson. Westgothafestivalen Date: August 2 - 3 Place: Trollhattan Price: 2-Day: 270 SEK (in advance) Contact: Westgothafestivalen Magasinsgatan 15 461 30 Trollhattan Sweden Phone: +46-520-481818 (info) Phone: +46-520-481870 (tickets & office) Fax: +46-520-39928 E-mail: WWW: Line-Up (so far): Abhinanda, Big Fish, Brandgul, Cirkus Cirkor, De Lyckliga Kompisarna, Johan Johansson, Kiss of Thunder, Moonlanders, Nissebandet, Pacman Crew, Popsicle, Raserbajs, Singer, Sinn Fenn, Smash Hit Wonders, Svenne Rubins, Tuk Tuk Rally, Yoni, Olh-Vers. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie Web-pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------- Date: Mon, 20 May 1996 08:14:39 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Non-Swedish Festivals 1996 [19-May-96] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Non-Swedish Festivals 1996 Scandinavian Indie 19-May-96 Updates, corrections or additions to: Included: Copenhagen Rockfestival (DK), Festihvalstrand 96 (N), Kalvoya (N), Norwegian Wood (N), Oslo Rock Festival (N), Quart Festival (N), Roskilde Festival (DK), TMV Festival (N). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copenhagen Rockfestival Date: June 14 - 16 Place: Copenhagen, Valby Idraetspark, Denmark Price: 14: 395 DKR, 15: 395 DKR, 16: 275 DKR, 3-Day: 675 DKR Contact: BILLETnet (+45-38-887022), or ticket outlets: FONA, HMV or post offices (all in Denmark). Phone: +45-36-308014 (info) Phone: +46-46-147888 (Sweden - Julius Ticket Service 24 hrs) Phone: +47-22-426244 (Norway - Ticket Service) WWW: Text-Tv: MTV Europe - page 566. KONKURRENCE! - page 588. Line-Up (so far): Georgia Satellites, Emmylou Harris, Jesus & Mary Chain, Poul Krebs, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Mercyful Fate, Metallica, Michael Learns To Rock, Alannah Myles, N-Trance, Prince, Andrew Strong, Toto, Paul Young. Festihvalstrand 96 Date: June 1 Place: Hvalstrand Bad, Asker, Norway Music: Techno, Indie, Local Underground Rock Line-Up (so far): Acid Queen, Bloom County, Complaints, Dj Prof. Scuba, Explicit Lyrics. Kalvoya Date: June 29 - 30 Place: Sandvika outside Oslo, Norway Phone: +47-66-905307 (info) Music: Traditional and new Rock Line-Up (so far): Saturday: Bad Religion, Bjork, Cardigans, Green Cortinas, Mazzy Star, Moby, Sepultura. Sunday: Afghan Wigs, Dumdum Boys, Rage Against the Machine, Velvet Belly, Virvelvann, Neil Young & Crazy Horse. Norwegian Wood Date: June 15 - 16 Place: Frognerbadet, Oslo, Norway Phone: +47-815-50333 (info) WWW: Music: Old and new Rock Line-Up (so far): Bel Canto, Grant Lee Buffalo, Emmylou Harris, The Kinks, Iggy Pop, Savoy. Oslo Rock Festival Date: August 21 - 25 Place: Oslo, Norway Phone: +47-22-208200 (info) WWW: Music: Everything, split up to all clubs and venues in the city. Line-Up (so far): The Animals, Bo Kaspers Orkester, Clawfinger, Dr. Feelgood, Fury In The Slaughterhouse, Murmurs America, Prodigy, Transglobal Underground. Quart Festival Date: July 3 - 7 Place: Kristiansand, Norway Phone: +47-38-070925 (info) Phone: +44-171-6272112 (UK Ticket Sales) WWW: (in Norwegian) WWW: (in English) Music: The latest and hippest Rock & Techno Line-Up (so far): Amps, Ash, Ballistic Brothers, Beck, Black Grape, Brotherhood, BT, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Chemical Brothers, Coolio, Dirty 3, Dog Eat Dog, Faithless, Fear Factory, Funkiporcini & Herbaliser, Garbage, Genius/GZA, Goldie/Metalheadz, Highrollers, Leftfield, Lionrock, Massimo & Will Da Beast, Massive Attack, Mike Flowers Pops, Ministry, Moloko, Nightmares On Wax, Ocean Colour Scene, Orbital, Penthouse Playboys, Presidents of the USA, Pulp, Pussies, Red Cloud, Alex Reece, Slayer, Stgermain, Sub Grud, Tasha Killer, The Roots, Underworld, Wax Doctors, Whipping Boy. Roskilde Festival Date: June 27 - 30 Place: Roskilde, Denmark Price: Different in different countries (about 800 SEK in Sweden) Tickets: 90.000 - SOLD OUT Contact: Roskilde Festival Box 44 670 41 Koppom Sweden Phone: +46-571-10254 (Swedish 24 hour service) Phone: +45-70-101717 (Denmark) Phone: +47-69-323036 (Norway) Phone: +358-0-14803400 (Finland) WWW: Line-Up (so far): The Amps, Ash, Baal, Bel Canto, Bjork, Frank Black, Bluetones, David Bowie, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Chumbawamba, D.A.D., Docreforsog, The Fall, Flaming Lips, Foo Fighters, Frontline Assembly, Garbage, Heather Nova, Caroline Henderson, Hotel Hunger, Kent, Kinky Vibes, Merzy, Mole Session, Pop Will Eat Itself, Pretty Maids, Pulp, Rage Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Schweinhund, Sebadoh, Sex Pixtols, Tindersticks, Underworld, Walkabouts, Neil Young & Crazy Horse. TMV Festival Date: June 2 - 8 Place: Trondheim Mekaniske Verksted, Norway Phone: +47-73-502490 (info) Music: Ethnic, Roots, World Music Line-Up (so far): Ciwan Haco w/Knut Reiersrud and Paolo Vinaccia, Fun-Da-Mental, Salif Keita. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie Web-pages at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------- End of SI Digest #3.26 **********************
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