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Vol.3 #20

April 30th, 1996

There are 30 messages totalling 1300 lines in this issue. Topics of the day: 1. RSB/Mind the Gap/Siesta 2. Fidget (Was Re: Swedish tape) 3. I'm new 4. Finnish Tape 5. Salt gig tonite 6. Selected news (Trastockfestivalen) 7. Rock Festival in Lulea 8. Cloudberry Jam in London 9. Sin's Music on the TV [21-Apr-96] 10. Sin's Music on the Radio [22-Apr-96] 11. A night to remember!!! 12. Motor Tour List _Update_ [25-Apr-96] 13. Icelandic Tape (3) 14. Sin's Selected News [25-Apr-96] 15. Icelandic tape chain. 16. bob hund i Sthlm (4) 17. Another Shallow.. 18. Sin's Music on the Radio [29-Apr-96] 19. Sin's Upcoming Promotion Visits [26-Apr-96] 20. Sin's Music on the TV [26-Apr-96] 21. Sin's Selected News [27-Apr-96] 22. clubs? 23. FWD: Freelance Producer 24. Sin's Collected News [April 1996] 25. Sin's Selected News [29-Apr-96] --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Date: Tue, 16 Apr 1996 23:28:59 -0700 From: Subject: Re: RSB/Mind the Gap/Siesta >The Four Letter >Words mail order had the Siesta Europop 7" a while ago, you can check >their catalog at or mail Clint Barnes at > Clint's mailorder is great, but it's very small. I was over at his flat a few weeks back, and I'm pretty sure he was out of everything on Siesta. >and if you don't want to be such an idiot as I have >been and order European releases from the US, you can go for the Mind >The Gap mail order. Some resourceful lister will surely give their >address and the URL to their on-line catalogue (I seem to remember >that they have one as well). Don't bother with the URL - it's always out of date. But you can send e-mail to: Joerg Winzer <> Or, one could just write Siesta. I know that their prices to ship to the US are way too high, but within Europe it should be ok. And, actually, Erik, being in the enviable position that you are, it might be worth it to just write them and tell them that you run a mailing list, and you'd be interested in some samples...? Siesta Records Apartado de Correos 8117 28080 Madrid Spain Alexander ------------------------- Date: Wed, 17 Apr 96 12:34:00 +0200 From: (Marten Sahlen) Subject: Re: Fidget (Was Re: Swedish tape) Tue Apr 16 18:52 MET 1996 wrote: > What is the "Creation sound"? Being really new to the Swedish indie > scene, I'm dying to know, because your comment above has really piqued my > interest now......the Sugarcubes are my favorite band *of all time*. Any > band that sounds even remotely similar to them is a "must-listen" for me! > Please, more info!! Maybe I'm over-simplifying things here, but I was just referring to the record label Creation, where several of the bands shared a special "feel", for me at least: My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Boo Radleys... I got sort of the same feeling with Fidget, which was combined with the wackyness of Sugarcubes. Plus that Nina's voice reminds very much of Bjork, in the way she "whisper-sings" and breathes in the mic (though of course she lacks Bjork's range of voice). ---------------------------- Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 13:41:26 +0200 From: Andreas Kierst Subject: I'm new Hello all, So I’m new on the scan indie list and have just received my first digest (No3.18). There is a Tape mentioned a few times and as far as I can guess, it is something like a mixture of new and classic Swedish stuff. Is it true that it is send around so everybody can make a copy? If yes, can you send it to me, too? If it is possible, I´ll mail my address later. Now I have a suggestion: Can you please ad an address to the Demotape reviews, so that you now where you could ask for a copy? Well, I’m not from Sweden and it might be not so easy to get them here in Germany :) bye Andreas -------------------------- Date: Wed, 17 Apr 1996 15:02:44 -0700 From: Christer Nilsson Subject: Re: Finnish Tape I have to admit that I'm ashamed of my ignorance of Finnish pop. The only bands I've heard about before are Poverty Stinks and 22 Pistepirko. I got the compilation tape the other day and it's excellent! Beautiful melodies throughout the hole tape, very consistent. Good job Kimmo! -Christer p.s Off the topic: I saw Millencolin perform an awesome concert at Al`s bar, downtown L.A. this Sunday. They just released their latest album on Epitaph records and will tour the south, east-coast and Canada together with Down By Law. --------------------------- Date: Thu, 18 Apr 1996 19:53:59 -0400 (EDT) From: Chris Forsberg Subject: Salt gig tonite Hej everyone, In about a half an hour I'm heading back down to the 8x10 club to see Salt tonight with Girls Against Boys. I stopped earlier today, to buy a ticket, and I wound up meeting Daniel. I sorta knocked on the door of the tour bus and did the groupie bit....Daniel let me in, and then signed my CD and got the others (who were sequestered in a back room) to sign it too. Watched a roadie do surgery on Nina's Rickenbacker, the plastic underneath the pickup was fractured (she apparently mistreats it by playing it very rough, the roadie said.....). Daniel said he didn't know anything about this "free surprise" us US scan-indie subscribers were supposed to recieve via email. I told him that his management had set it up through the scan-indie list......he said he'd have to check with her, but seemed perplexed. He was very cool and nice nonetheless, and I'm looking forward to their show. Perhaps I'll give a little thumbnail show review later! Bye, Chris -------------------------- Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 11:46:37 +0300 (EET DST) From: (Kimmo Saaskilahti) Subject: Re: Selected news (Trastockfestivalen) According to * Trastocksfestivalen [...] * festival will be opened on July 18th with a big party * in downtown Skelleftea with all the West Side bands, * but from what I know, this is not a public happening. Yeah, but surely with your good connections you will find a way for all the scan-indie listers to get in?! :) Kimmo listening to nothing at the moment ---------------------------- Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 12:34:40 +0200 (MET DST) From: Petter Tiilikainen Subject: Re: Rock Festival in Lulea LURF - Luleå Rock Festival 9-11 May -96 The festival is held on the University of Lulea Campus. Tickets cost 220 SEK (for entrance 10 & 11th of May) 150 SEK (for one of the days above) Bands who play: Kent,the Creeps,Soul Obsession, Companiet, Nina, Tryggve Larsson, Micke & Uno, Blake Carringtons, Picabo, Javlar Anamma; Vanvoom,Ted the mechanic; Ununplugged, Bruce Brothers, Tom Stone & The Rollin' Pettys. KSMB, Pineforest Crunch, Molly Maguire, Funny time flies, Greenland Whale Fisheries, Kalles Kaviar, Kartegenbandet, Bengt Eks Kvartett, aBLe, Jam Session, The Pornostars, CottonBluesBand, The Confusions. Email: homepage: I'll try to get hold of someone responsible, to obtain more facts as soon as possible. cheers, Petter. ----------------------------- Date: Fri, 19 Apr 1996 16:34:38 +0100 (BST) From: Sean Kyle-Price Subject: Cloudberry Jam in London I realise that this is kind of late and that to most people this'll be pointless (sorry!) but if anyone else on the list is going to see Cloudberry Jam at the Dublin Castle tonight (I'm sure that there is at least one other Londoner on the list), come up and say "hi!". I'll be the shortish, stoutish, dark haired chap wearing black jeans and a black polo-neck sweater. I am very much looking forward to it. I'll probably do a quck review for the list on Monday if anybody is interested. Sean ----------------------------- Date: Sun, 21 Apr 1996 21:19:37 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Music on the TV [21-Apr-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE TV Scandinavian Indie April 21st -> April 25th Day Date Artist/What TV Program Channel Time --- ----- ---------------------- ------------------- ----------- ----- Sun 21/4 Popsicle Artist ZTV 14.30 Whale Sen Kv{ll Med Luuk TV 4 16.10 R Kent S|ndags|ppet SVT 1 18.15 Newtone Jag, Peter ZTV 21.45 R The Cranberries Unplugged MTV Europe 23.30 R AC/DC Artist ZTV 23.55 R Mon 22/4 Soda Soda SVT 1 19.15 Toppen Toppen ZTV 19.15 Unplugged Unplugged MTV Europe 22.00 Tue 23/4 Pop & Indie Pop & Indie ZTV 19.15 Toppen Toppen ZTV 21.00 R Newtone Jag, Peter ZTV 23.45 R Alternative Nation Alternative Nation MTV Europe 00.00 Wed 24/4 Musikrevyn Musikrevyn SVT 1 19.15 Kiss Unplugged MTV Europe 00.00 Thu 25/4 Cloudberry Jam N|jesrevyn SVT 1 22.30 R = Rerun ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: //Erik ( ----------------------------- Date: Sun, 21 Apr 1996 21:20:11 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Music on the Radio [22-Apr-96] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE RADIO Scandinavian Indie April 22nd -> April 28th Day Date Artist Recorded --- ----- --------------------------------- -------------------------------- Mon 22/4 The Bluetones Stockholm, Studion 27-Mar-96 Tue 23/4 Robben Ford & The Blueline Sundsvall, Aveny 23-Feb-96 Wed 24/4 Blind Passengers, Progress Lund, Mejeriet Dec-95 Thu 25/4 Teddybears Stockholm, Gino 14-Apr-96 Sun 28/4 Iron Maiden (R) Gothenburg, K}ren 01-Nov-95 This list covers the Swedish National Channel P3's "Live" - always at 21.03 (R) = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: //Erik ( --------------------------- Date: Tue, 23 Apr 1996 16:24:28 +0100 (BST) From: Sean Kyle-Price Subject: A night to remember!!! WARNING: Three reasons why you should immediately delete this message: 1. It contains a surfeit of gushiness. Those with an aversion to unbridled enthusiasm should read no further. 2. This is a personal account of a night out at a concert. Much of the content has nothing to do with music. 3. It is long. Too long. You have been warned... Friday 19th April 1996. So, a few drinks after work and then it is straight to the Dublin Castle for the long-awaited Cloudberry Jam gig. I get there early (8ish) and am surprised to find a large crowd already in the pub. There are a smattering of people talking what I assume to be Swedish but the majority appear to be British. I had figured that CBJ were relatively obscure to UK gig goers. Maybe I'm wrong. I meet up with my Belgian housemate, Xavier and as they are still not letting us into the back room where the bands play, we grab a beer and wait near to the entrance. An American couple who are well into their forties are umming and ahhing about whether to go in and ask me what Cloudberry Jam are like. I've only heard two songs before but I do my best and it seems to work because they decide to go in. I then meet up with three lads that I know vaguely through work. They've come to see a band from Leeds that they thought were playing but aren't and are wondering whether or not to stay for Cloudberry Jam. Again, I tell them what I know and they decide to give it a go. I'm now responsible for six people (including Xavier) who have never heard of Cloudberry Jam before tonight paying five quid a head to see them. I begin to worry in case they don't live up to the promise of those two tracks. Eventually, we get in to the room with the stage and discover that Cloudberry Jam aren't due on stage until 11.00pm. I'll need to leave as soon as they finish their set if I'm to catch the last tube home. The first band come on and one reason for the large crowd is apparent. A whole bunch of folks, many of whom don't look like your typical indie gig goer, are stood near the front singing along to the lyrics. I assume that this is their first London gig and they've brought a coachload of friends along for support. I can't remember what they were called and soon lose interest. Time for another beer! The second band are no better. There's nothing to do but drink and wait, drink and wait, drink and wait... Finally, it's time. Cloudberry Jam amble onto the stage and we make our way to the front. There are still quite a few people in the room (over 100 anyway) but the majority of the folks at the front, apart from us and a handful of Japanese kids, appear to be Scandinavian. We grin inanely as we dance, carried away by the wondrously happy melody. Only one problem, Jennie's vocals are too quiet, blended into the instruments when they should be soaring above them. After the second song (to my chagrin I don't know the names of any of the songs they play) I shout out to Jennie that we can't hear her. She motions to the soundman and we are in thrall to the melody. I wish I had the vocabulary to describe how *good* those songs make me feel. I'd told people beforehand that they were kitsch sixties style pop, a bit like the Cardigans but much better. Well, that is still true and the Cardigans are the obvious (too obvious) starting point when trying to describe Cloudberry Jam (anyone who likes the Cardigans ought to love Cloudberry Jam) but, but, but... Okay, I'll try and put it this way. Imagine the Cardigans with a whole lot of Soul added in. Yes, as in Motown, but also as in that indefinable ingredient that some music has that enables you to completely and utterly lose yourself in it. They finish but we are still intoxicated with them. We turn to each other and tell one another how great they were as if we can scarcely believe that it was real. I break a cardinal rule. I go up and speak to the band. I'm probably embarassing myself, telling them how great they were. Gush, gush, gush. They must think I'm a real idiot. Come on Sean, act your age. But they're really great people. I ask if they have CDs to sell and as they don't, they introduce me to Helena from North of No South and she turns out to be wonderfully friendly too and takes my address and promises to help me out. And then we all go to the Laurel Tree, en masse, and I get completely wasted and my jacket gets stolen but I have a fabulous time nonetheless. The evening has a rather surreal end to it involving me being arrested on suspicion of assault and paying someone to break into my own house but this message is already far too long. Sean --------------------------- Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 06:05:32 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Motor Tour List _Update_ [25-Apr-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie Motor Tour List UPDATE Scandinavian Indie April 25th 1996 by Erik S|derstr|m ( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SWEDISH: Bazooka! Wea/Roligan 14/5 Stockholm - Studion New date Liberator Burning Heart 15/5 Lund - Mejeriet New date Mole Session *NEW* Roligan Rec. 27-30/6 Roskilde - Festival No Fun at all Burning Heart 15/5 Lund - Mejeriet New date Satanic Surfers & 59 Times The Pain Burning Heart Whale *NEW* Virgin 30/4 Uppsala - Sten Sture & Co 1/5 Karlstad - Jager 2/5 Linkoping - Herrgar'n 3/5 Kristianstad - G Punkt 4/5 Angelholm - Club Ester 9/5 Trollhattan 10/5 Gothenburg - Metron 11/5 Vasteras - Babylon 12/5 Gavle - Club Flanor 14/5 Lund - Mejeriet 15/5 Varberg - KG26 16/5 Vaxjo - Slottstallarna 17/5 Orebro - Karen 18/5 Karlskoga - Smee Festival ----------------------------------------------------------------------- NON-SWEDISH: China Drum (UK) *NEW* MNW ILR 8/5 Copenhagen - Stengade 30 9/5 Malmo - KB 10/5 Gothenburg - Underground 11/5 Stockholm - Studion The Fugees (US) *NEW* Sony 20/5 Copenhagen - Loppen ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- The complete Motor Tour List can be found on the Scandinavian Indie WWW : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 07:56:39 +0300 (EET DST) From: Albert Svan Sigurdsson Subject: Icelandic Tape You lucky few I started off the Icelandic tape chain on Monday. The tape is brilliant even if I say so myself. The tape will make 11 stops, starting here in Finland. I wrote a little info about all the groups on the tape. Hold you breath the Icy Icy tape is comin' ! 1. Markus Metsala Kahluuniitynite 1a 01610 Vantaa &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 2. Jari Hilden Rautalammintie 5 B 24 00550 Helsinki &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 3. Kimmo Saaskilahti Aleksis Kiven katu 30 A 14 33200 Tampere &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 4. Sami Rouhento Pinninkatu 14 B 29 33100 Tampere &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 5. Erik Soderstrom Bjornkarrsgatan 13 B:34 582 51 Linkoping Sverige &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 6. Marten Sahlen Folkungagatan 134 116 30 Stockholm Sverige &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 7. Ludvig Borgne H|gbergsgaten 49 S-118 26 Stockholm Sverige &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 8. Johan Helmstad Dr Lindhs g 6 416 25 Gothenburg Sverige &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 9. Robert Cumming Igelbodav. 1 S-133 38 Saltsjbaden Sverige &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 10. Christer Nilsson 117 31st St Apt. A Newport Beach CA 92663 USA &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& 11. Chris Forsberg 2906 Summit Ave. Baltimore, MD 21234 USA --------------------------------------------------------------------- Albert S. Sigurdsson Sigurdss@Helsinki.Fi Student of Environmental Geography & EIA ---------------------- ------------------------------------------ Sibeliuksenkatu 2 B 34 Give me a good mathematical problem to 00260 Helsinki, Finland solve, and I'll give you the finger. Tel: +358 - 0 - 445 884 --------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------- Date: Wed, 24 Apr 1996 11:57:57 +0300 (EET DST) From: (Kimmo Saaskilahti) Subject: re: Icelandic Tape According to Albert Svan Sigurdsson: * I started off the Icelandic tape chain on Monday. The tape is brilliant * even if I say so myself. * * The tape will make 11 stops, starting here in Finland. I wrote a little * info about all the groups on the tape. Hold you breath the Icy Icy tape * is comin' ! Good job Albert!! Can't wait to hear the tape!! Kimmo -------------------------- Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 06:55:49 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Selected News [25-Apr-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie SELECTED NEWS Scandinavian Indie April 25th, 1996 by Erik S|derstr|m ( "Remember where you heard it first" Contents: A Shrine, Aquadays, Cloudberry Jam, Eggstone, Fidget, Gatufesten, Lousy, Salt, Shallow Soundwave. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Shrine - (West Side) appeared on Swedish National Radio P3's program Musikjournalen Dans, a program for dance/house/techno/trance music, on wednesday April 24th. The band was interviewed and two songs from their album "Unisex" were played. Something the band said would never happen if they would have continued to play guitar-based independent north-pop. Ekan said that the record company (West Side) was so indie, that half would have been enough. (Source: Scandinavian Indie, P3) Aquadays - who appears on the Dorian Records compilation CD (800 copies made) called "A Chance To Shine", to be released around May 6th, have changed their song from "Spacious" to "June". The band also have plans to release their debut album this summer, also on Dorian Records. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Cloudberry Jam - (NONS) went to see Sonic Youth on their first night in London, UK. This was of course the night before their gig at the Dublin Castle Club. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Eggstone - (Soap) and Komeda (NONS) will play in London, UK at the opening night of a new club called "Wonderwall" on May 7th, 1996. (Source: ZTV) Fidget - have received clear offers from four record companies, and will decide on which one of those they are going to select after they have played in Stockholm at Studion on May 3rd. The band will probably also play at Lollipop in Stockholm this summer, though that is not 100% sure yet. They want to play at the Hultsfred Festival, and want us (Scandinavian Indies) to help them out by sending e-mail to the Festival stating that we want to see them at the festival! Messages can be something like "Please get _Fidget_ from Gothenburg to play at the festival this year! They are the greatest..." etc. The Hultsfred Festival has email address: (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Gatufesten - the festival in Sundsvall July 4-6 is starting to get their artist schedule ready. Here is the list (so far): Hoola bandoola band, Kent, Garmarna, Louise Hoffsten, Pineforest Crunch, Popsicle, Rob'n Raz, Papa Dee, Robyn, Fistfunk, Infinite Mass, Sven Ingvars, Rebecka Thornqvist, Stefan Andersson, and Leningrad Cowboys. (Source: Anders Thorsell) Lousy - has received very positive reactions from a UK management company called Jam X. The company also has it's own label called Superior Quality Recordings with distribution around the world by Polygram. One of the bands in their stable is The Bluetones. A&R people from the company are planning to come and take a look at the band in the near future. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Salt - (MVG/Island) 's song "So" will go on the radio first this week on WFNX in Boston. It will also be the second single from the Mission Impossible Soundtrack (though it is _not_ in the movie). The first single is the Mission Impossible Theme reworked by Larry & Adam from U2, which is said to be pretty wild. Meanwhile, in Sweden the video to "Honour Me" was premiered on ZTV's "Tryck Till" April 19th where it got the grade "sv{nger" - which means that they think it will be a hit. (Source: Scandinavian Indie, ZTV) Shallow Soundwave - play together with Broder Daniel at Hemulen in Gothenburg on April 27th. They will play all the songs from their demo tape + two new songs. The band has added a new guy on guitar, Olof, but he will not perform live with the band yet. Two record companies, MVG Records and Sun Spot Rec. will be on the spot to check them out, which probably means that there is a very bright future for the band. They have also been added to STIM recently, and they also appear on the Dorian Records compilation CD, which you already know. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- All news always at: Quote the source, _and the link_, if Scandinavian Indie is the source! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 10:25:54 +0300 (EET DST) From: Christoforos Kakkos Subject: Icelandic tape chain. Hello, My name is Christopher and I 'm from Greece. I would like to be included in the Icelandic tape chain. So my address, to be put at the back of the list, is: Christopher Kakkos Formionos 64 11633 Pagrati Athens Greece P.S. Please send me a confirmation that my name is entered in the list. Thanx in advance ------------------------------- Date: Thu, 25 Apr 96 14:33:17 +0200 From: (Robert Cumming) Subject: bob hund i Sthlm Hi stockholmare, So the big day is approaching... Anybody else (everybody, surely!) going to see bob hund at Studion on Saturday? Fancy a stor stark tillsammans beforehand? Robert, who should be posting a review of the new Aknestik album before long ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- Date: Sun, 25 Feb 1996 15:44:46 +0200 From: (toby) Subject: bob hund in sthlm i don't know if this has been mentioned before but i feel compelled to bring it up. bob hund will be doing two shows on saturday a matine in the afternoon which is all ages and a 18+ show later that night. honestly i think everyone should try to go to the all ages show just to prove that all ages shows realy work and there should be more of them. i still feel the fear of rejection that always crept through my spine when i had to sneak in to see that bands i wanted too. and music with such a pure emotional impact as bob hunds gets me higher than anything anyways so there's realy no need for the alcohol. see you at the eary show... toby thorsen ------------------------------- Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 22:44:39 +0200 (MET DST) From: (Magnus Jansson) Subject: Re: bob hund in sthlm Hi there >bob hund will be doing two shows on saturday a matine in the afternoon >which is all ages and a 18+ show later that night. honestly i think >everyone should try to go to the all ages show just to prove that all ages >shows realy work and there should be more of them. >toby thorsen Just wanted to add that Bob hund are playing on Sunday as well. Same place and time (20.00). I won't be there... But i will be there on Monday when Unsane and Neurosis are playing. ------------------------- Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 23:03:16 +0200 From: (siri) Subject: Re: bob hund in sthlm >bob hund will be doing two shows on saturday a matine in the afternoon which >is all ages and a 18+ show later that night. honestly i think everyone should >try to go to the all ages show just to prove that all ages shows realy work >and there should be more of them. i still feel the fear of rejection that >always crept through my spine when i had to sneak in to see that bands i >wanted too. yes! at least ONE who remembers how it was being about 16, standing outside the place where your favourite band was going to play and not getting in because of some stupid rules about alcohol. i don't want alcohol! i want the concert. with 2 years left to that magic age, i'm dying almost once a month because of this. it IS a relevant problem. this all-ages-concert is a brilliant idea but as it only happens maybe 4 times a year it's not enough. maybe it helps making yourself look like true sXe? i don't know. > see you at the eary show... of course. /siri ---------------------------- Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 06:05:24 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Another Shallow.. Just thought I'd menation that I found yet another band called "Shallow"... This one is from Kansas City (Missouri) and have a sound, that isn't very surprising, in the Dreampop/Shoegazer area, with influences from Spacemen 3 and Cranes. Reportedly, they have played with bands like Luna and Mercury Rev. A small discography: 1. "Shallow" tape, 1993 7 songs. 2. "(lack a dai si cal)" tape, 1994 8 songs. 3. "Cool 500/Sounds so Good" 5" 1995 2 songs. 4. "3D Stereo Trouble", Zero Hour Records 1995 17 songs 5. "the sonic boom remixes" vinyl/cd 1995 (vinyl and cd have different songs) also on zero hour. 6. "CD Lens Cleaner", ???? Zero Hour (includes a Spacemen 3 cover) A bunch of bootlegs (videos/tapes) also exist. Their homepage can be found at: Anyone found another Shallow? :-) //Erik --------------------------- Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 06:05:46 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Re: Icelandic Tape On Wed, 24 Apr 1996, Albert Svan Sigurdsson wrote: > You lucky few > > I started off the Icelandic tape chain on Monday. The tape is brilliant > even if I say so myself. Hail to the ... umm, Albert! :-) Seriously, definitely nice work there. This means that we have two chains going, the finnish and the icelandic. I've received votes for the Swedish tape (3:rd vote) from four people as of today, and I don't think there will be any more votes coming in, so I'll better take care of it asap! (so we can start the 3rd chain.. :-)) I'm only waiting for an "OK" from MCA to include one of the songs by Fidget. //Erik ( ----------------------------- Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 06:06:11 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Music on the Radio [29-Apr-96] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE RADIO Scandinavian Indie April 29th -> May 5th Day Date Artist Recorded --- ----- --------------------------------- -------------------------------- Mon 29/4 Weeping Willows Stockholm, Studion -96 Tue 30/4 De Dannan Stockholm, Mosebacke 13-Apr-96 Wed 1/5 Tower of Power Sundsvall, Tonhallen 03-Apr-96 Thu 2/5 Stardog Skelleftea, 08-Mar-96 Sun 5/5 Living Stone, Soap, Moonshine Ostersund, April -96 This list covers the Swedish National Channel P3's "Live" - always at 21.03 (R) = Rerun ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: //Erik ( ---------------------------- Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 06:06:34 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Upcoming Promotion Visits [26-Apr-96] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie UPCOMING PROMOTION VISITS Scandinavian Indie April 26th, 1996 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Busta Rhymes (Warner) 4/5 Stockholm, Sturekompaniet China Drum (MNW ILR) 9-11/5 Malmo, Gothenburg, Stockholm Francis Dunnery (Warner) 27/5 Stockholm Caroline Henderson (BMG) 24/5 Malmo Hootie & The Blowfish (Warner) 27/5 Stockholm Letters To Cleo (BMG) 13-14/5 Stockholm, Lund Psyked Up Janis (MNW ILR) 9-11/5 Malmo, Gothenburg, Stockholm Eros Ramazzotti (BMG) 21/5 Stockholm Raw Stylus (BMG) 7-9/5 Stockholm Shed Seven (Polygram) 14-15/5 Malmo, Stockholm Kenny Wayne Shepherd (BMG) 17-18/5 Malmo, Stockholm Sleeper (BMG) 7/5 Stockholm Spacehog (Warner) 28/5 Stockholm Specials (Virgin) 20/5 Lund Neil Young (Warner) 25/6 Stockholm ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- //Erik ( ---------------------------- Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 06:06:59 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Music on the TV [26-Apr-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie MUSIC ON THE TV Scandinavian Indie April 26th -> May 2nd Day Date Artist/What TV Program Channel Time --- ----- ---------------------- ------------------- ----------- ----- Fri 26/4 Pop Tv Live Pop Tv Live ZTV 16.00 Bel Canto Centralen SVT 2 21.00 Starmarket Jag, Peter ZTV 21.00 Nina Persson Sen Kv{ll Med Luuk TV 4 22.45 Sat 27/4 Monster Soda SVT 2 13.15 R Pop & Indie Pop & Indie ZTV 14.00 R Popsicle Artist ZTV 15.55 R Toppen Toppen ZTV 17.05 R Cloudberry Jam N|jesrevyn SVT 1 00.05 R Pop Tv Live Pop Tv Live ZTV 01.10 R Sun 28/4 AC/DC Artist ZTV 14.30 R Nina Persson Sen Kv{ll Med Luuk TV 4 15.40 R Starmarket Jag, Peter ZTV 21.45 R Kiss Unplugged MTV Europe 23.30 R Popsicle Artist ZTV 23.55 R Mon 29/4 Toppen Toppen ZTV 19.15 Unplugged Unplugged MTV Europe 22.00 Tue 30/4 Naked, Goldmine Soda SVT 1 18.45 Pop & Indie Pop & Indie ZTV 19.15 Toppen Toppen ZTV 21.00 R Starmarket Jag, Peter ZTV 23.45 R Alternative Nation Alternative Nation MTV Europe 00.00 Wed 1/5 Synk Det b{sta ur.. SVT 1 22.30 Unplugged Unplugged MTV Europe 00.00 Thu 2/5 - R = Rerun ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- This list is also available on the Scandinavian Indie WWW pages at: //Erik ( ---------------------------- Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 06:07:19 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Selected News [27-Apr-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie SELECTED NEWS Scandinavian Indie April 27th, 1996 by Erik S|derstr|m ( "Remember where you heard it first" Contents: Cardigans, Cloudberry Jam, Honeymoons, Sound Affects ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cardigans - (Trampolene) grabbed the #1 spot on the Iceland Album Chart with their album "Life" the same week (10) it was released and it has stayed there ever since (7 weeks now). (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Cloudberry Jam - (NONS) appeared on swedish national television's program "N|jesrevyn" thursday april 25th (re-run on saturday), playing a couple of songs and chatted with the hosts during the show. The band play next in Stockholm at Gino on May 1st and then in Link|ping with Whale and TNT at the "Herrg}r'n 10 year celebration week" outdoors if the weather allows on the 2nd. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) Honeymoons - (NONS) is the next swedish band playing at the Dublin Castle club in London. The date: April 30th. (Source: Topp40) Sound Affects - the nice swedish Pop magazine _will_ have the next issue (30) out by the beginning of May. The issue contains articles about Lush, Popsicle, Stereolab, Tommy 16, Marion, Seam, Leslies, Superchunk, High Llamas. Other than that it will feature articles about Detroit Rock and a Festival guide. The reason for stating that it would be out in June earlier? Just to stop people from calling and asking when/if the next issue will be released. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- All news always at: Quote the source, _and the link_, if Scandinavian Indie is the source! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------- Date: Sun, 28 Apr 1996 17:48:20 +0100 From: Ann Nilsson och Magnus Skarbo Subject: clubs? Hi, I wonder if there's anyone on the list who can help me out with this: I want names,(or) addresse(or) and telephone numbers to clubs/live-scenes in Skane and Stockholm. I'm most interested in new joints and obscure but good places. I know about places like Studion, Gino, Kafe 44 (Stockholm) and KB, Mejeriet, Blekingska and so on (Skane).Are you willing to add some new clubs? If so, here's my address . I would be very grateful to the person who helps me with this. Magnus Skarbo(blake) -------------------------- Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 06:14:15 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: FWD: Freelance Producer Got the following in my mailbox - forwarding it if someone on the list might need a freelance producer? :-) //Erik ( ----------------------------forwarded message----------------------------- > From: > Date: Sat, 27 Apr 1996 03:24:49 -0700 > To: > Subject: Cecil English freelance producer > X-Url: > > To whom it may concern; > Hi, my name is Cecil English. You may, or, may not be > familiar with some of my work as a producer and an engineer. > > I have worked exclusively in the alternative music scene > since 1978, mostly in Vancouver Canada. > > If you're a punk rocker, you may have heard the > NOMEANSNO, Jello Biafra, DOA, SNFU, Victims Family, > and the Dayglow Abortions albums that I did in my studio up > here, (Profile Studios). > > More recently I've been working with bands like d.b.s. , > the Smalls, the Beat Farmers, the Sweaters, and Redsugar. In total , > I have produced about 70 albums, most of them in the last 7 years. > > I am totally functional in any recording environment, no > matter how primitive or complicated, as long as an assistant > engineer who knows the place is handy. > > I have a very relaxed and confidant vibe, and the ability to > deliver a solid project, no matter what the circumstances or budget. > > The last important note, is that I am not a money grubber, > so I'll only work on projects that turn me on creatively. > > If you think you might have a project that might interest me, > you can contact me at Profile Studios, 3348 Commercial St., Vancouver > British Columbia, Canada, V5N4E9, or telephone me at 604-875-6821, > any time of day or night. Or you can E-mail me at -------------------------------end of message----------------------------- --------------------------- Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 06:14:43 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Collected News [April 1996] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie COLLECTED NEWS Scandinavian Indie April, 1996 by Erik S|derstr|m ( News that I didn't have time to type in the first time... Contents: Broder Daniel, Drain, Kent, Mazarine Street, Monostar, Nojesguiden, Popsicle, Salt, Scents, Shredhead, Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Stardog, Waterbug. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Broder Daniel - (EMI) received 3 "wasps" (out of 5) from reviewer Peter Ohman in Expressen Fredag for their latest self-titled album. He says: "Pure technically, this is one of the most rickety and warped albums ever recorded, it sounds rehearsal studio, demo tape and skipped re-takes; the guitars are some of the worst swedish ones since the punk-years. Probably completely deliberate." and "And in some way, the imperfections are not interesting behind the band's stong front. Broder Daniel is this country's most deranged rock group, and that is an underestimated talent for rock stars." The album received 4 "plus" (= "very good")(out of 5) from reviewer Per Bjurman in Aftonbladet Puls. He says: "A lot of things have changed since their debut last year. The band has grown remarkably. It sounds tight and heavy." and "It is more glam-rock now, more Ziggy Stardust and Telegram Sam. And at the same time, the quintet shows a lot more pop-culture than before." (Source: Expressen Fredag, 19-Apr-96. Aftonbladet Puls, 19-Apr-96) Drain - (MVG) made a video to the song "I Don't Mind" with Wayne Isham, who directed Metallicas Enter Sandman, behind the camera. The video is based on drummer Martina Axen's recurrent nightmares and is said to be extremely scary. (Source: Aftonbladet Puls, 12-Apr-96). "- I have big troubles with authorities, I have been fired from every job I've had, can't take it when someone tells me what to do. I didn't do that in school either. I quit school when I was 13. The last job I had was at Burger King, I got fired after six weeks that time.", drummer Martina Axen says in an interview in the magazine Kerrang. (Source: Aftonbladet Puls, 19-Apr-96) Kent - (BMG) member Markus got beat up by a girl when he went to school (fourth grade). (Source: Aftonbladet Puls, 12-Apr-96) Mazarine Street - (FineTone) received 3 "plus" for their debut album "The Beast Of..." by reviewer Per Bjurman in Aftonbladet Puls. He says: "I was pretty impressed when I, last summer, saw these young Gothenburgers play nice glitter-pop at the Emmaboda Festival. But I'm even more impressed when they now make their debut with a bunch of raw, noisy, Stooges- coloured firecrackers. Very promising." (Source: Aftonbladet Puls, 19-Apr-96) Monostar - are on their way to be signed to EMI. "- Everything is actually ready. We're just waiting for the management to give us the go-ahead" says Eric Palmquist (vocals, guitar). Several record companies have displayed an interest for the band from Gotland, though these days they live in Stockholm. The biggest interest comes from EMI. A talent scout has seen them live several times and has been listening closely to their demo tapes. The same talent scout recently signed Busty, fronted by Carl Lundell, who is a close friend of Eric's. "- It's great for him and the band. And at the same time, it's an incentive to us.", says Eric. Similarities and differences between Monostar and Busty? "- We probably have the same influences, Neil Young, and that lot, but what comes out of it differs." Eric has been writing and recording new songs during spring, and started to work at Studion in Stockholm about a month ago. The other members of the band are: Linus Larsson (guitar), Carl Silver (bass) and Jimmy Harlevi (drums). (Source: Gotlands Tidningar, 06-Apr-96) Nojesguiden - the free Stockholm entertainment magazine asked a bunch of artists if they dance? Here are some of the answers: Jennie Medin, Cloudberry Jam: "- Yes, to everything but techno. I actually met my boyfriend on the dancefloor." Q: How do you dance? "- Like a windmill. I flap my arms a lot. At the Emmaboda Festival I happened to lose my balance and fell down some stairs, it hurt a lot in my caudal vertebra." Henrik Berggren, Broder Daniel: "- Yes, sometimes when I have been drinking so much that I don't know what I'm doing. Some acrobatic exercises and one or two somersaults. But very rarely. Q: Do you headbang too? "- Yes, but not in the traditional way. I more shake my head sideways." Karin Dreijer, Honey Is Cool: "Sometimes, if it is a party. I get happy when I dance, but it has to be sexy music, that is, not guitar-pop." Q: What is the worst? "- Pulp and Oasis!" PA Wikander, Popsicle: "- Well, not really, I feel too old. Mostly cheek-to-cheek to old classics from my youth. Q: Any dance memories? "- I remember that all the boys who danced cheek-to-cheek with good looking girls sagged a lot. That was hard to look at. I'm not sagging at all. (Source: Nojesguiden, April 1996) Popsicle - (Telegram) were asked if they would like to do a duet with the swedish "dansband" Arvingarna on TV4's program "Sen Kv{ll Med Luuk" by the producers of the same program. The answer? A fat "No!". Maybe Popsicle still wishes that Arvingarna will be killed in a tragical bus accident. (Source: Aftonbladet Puls, 05-Apr-96) The band is back in the studio again, recording new songs for an upcoming single with producer Niclas Frisk, even though there still are a couple of good single-tracks on their latest album. (Source: Expressen Fredag, 19-Apr-96) Salt - (MVG/Island) from Stockholm entered UK Independent list at spot 20 with the song "Honour Me". (Source: Aftonbladet Puls, 12-Apr-96) Scents - (Soap) received 2 "plus" (= "passed") for their latest self-titled album by reviewer Per Bjurman in Aftonbladet Puls. He says: "In more temperamental-filled songs, like for example 'Now This!' and 'Virgin Snow', Scents competes with the top of the swedish indie- pop wave survivors. But the well-combed people from Skane seem, for some reason, to want to make cool coctail-pop and when they do, they are just a second- ord third-grade Eggstone." (Source: Aftonbladet Puls, 19-Apr-96) Shredhead - (NONS) received 3 "plus" (= "good")(out of 5) from reviewer Hakan Steen in Aftonbladet Puls for their latest album "Melting Pot". He says: "It rocks dynamically and intelligently and there are lots of pop-threads to continue on. And that Nina Ramsby from Salt is a guest on a couple of tracks certainly does not make things worse." The album received 3 "wasps" (out of 5) from reviewer Martin Carlsson in Expressen Fredag. He says: "To find a swedish group that jumps with more life and movement than Shredhead is almost impossible. Johan Sellman's funk-mouth rattles like a muffled Anthony Kiedis and the fiery hardcore- comp creates a thorough pressure, not to mention a resounding swing." (Source: Aftonbladet Puls, 05-Apr-96. Expressen Fredag, 19-Apr-96) Soundtrack Of Our Lives - (Telegram) were finally signed to.. that's right, Telegram, after slow negotiations with a bunch of different record companies. Ebbot Lundberg (vocals) who recently turned 30, notoriously wild ex-singer in Union Carbide Productions tells about Telegram- boss Klas Lunding crying when he heard the group playing live. Not just because they were so good, but also because he felt sorry for them. The reason? That they would be a success first when they were so old. (Source: Nojesguiden, April 1996) Stardog - (West Side) received a 2 "wasps" (out of 5) from reviewer Martin Carlsson in Expressen Fredag, for their latest album "In Order To Disorder". He says: "Chilly weight, just about right agressively without being slow or speedy, rather monotonous after a while. On the other hand, the melancholy pop-ballad 'Never Be The Same' stands out like a lyrical Popsicle at a death mass. More of that, please." (Source: Expressen Fredag, 12-Apr-96) Waterbug - (West Side) from Gothenburg made their debut last year with one of Record-sweden's most kept secrets. The album, called "Super- califragilisticepialidocious" has, according to the band, sold about 1.000 copies. The fact that it, a) was good and b) got pretty good reviews in the press, does not make the buyers' powerful non-interest more comprehensible. Their new album, "Monday Morning Quarterback" is a lot more artful and radio- friendly, than the debut, which was a tasty excess in swedish lo-fi. Kjell Nasten, who has produced The Wannadies and The Bear Quartet, was called in to make Waterbug's music a bit more easy accessible. But the album is not super-slick - their sound is still both awkward and full of go. Patrik Jonasson (bass) says, though without bitterness: "If it doesn't work this time, we might as well just quit. It feels like a win or lose situation with this album." (Source: Nojesguiden, April 1996) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- All news always at: Quote the source, _and the link_, if Scandinavian Indie is the source! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------- Date: Mon, 29 Apr 1996 06:15:03 +0200 (MET DST) From: Subject: Sin's Selected News [29-Apr-96] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scandinavian Indie SELECTED NEWS Scandinavian Indie April 29th, 1996 by Erik S|derstr|m ( "Remember where you heard it first" Contents: A Shrine, Busty, Scandinavian Indie, This Perfect Day. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Shrine - (West Side) were interviewed in Expressen Fredag by Anders Nunstedt. On the question what they were going to do this summer, Ekan answers: "- We're going to watch soccer and drink hard liquor. And then we'll probably go around Sweden and play nonsense-gigs for idiots." To which Nunstedt replied: "What?" and Ekan answered: "- I'm sorry... We're a bunch of miserable assholes who are complaining about everything, but we don't mean anything bad with it." He also says that: "- It would be fucking ridiculous if we succeed in Japan." stating that it would be more natural for them to aim at the UK with their present sound. (Source: Expressen Fredag) Busty - (EMI) singer Carl Lundell's famous father Ulf Lundell speaks out about his son in the latest issue of "Upp & Ner" magazine. "- I said to him: 'Why aren't you singing in swedish, it is such a golden opportunity right now? Those who are get everyone's attention immediately.' But he read somewhere that they're really interested in bands from Scandinavia in the UK right now... It's okay with me. He's got to make his own experiences. I don't know why someone would want to look that way, but he probably does. Eyeshadow, glitter, ink on the eyelids, too tight clothes..." (Source: Aftonbladet Puls) Scandinavian Indie - received a "4-Star" site review by The McKinley Group's online editorial team. By this review, which is the highest rating an Internet site can achieve in Magellan, they mean that the site has excelled in each of their criteria for evaluating web sites, namely "Depth of Content," "Ease of Exploration," and "Net Appeal." Sites awarded a "4-Star" review will be republished as part of licensing agreements with Time Warner's Pathfinder, AT&T, The Microsoft Network, IBM, Europe Online, NYNEX, and other information providers. The review is as follows: "Independent music in the Scandinavian and Baltic countries seems to be flourishing, and "Scandanavian Indie" is dedicating to covering this burgeoning scene. You can listen to the latest demos from a number of bands while you read reviews of the work. The site includes many in-depth band profiles with photos, plus a comprehensive concert and festival listing. The producers of the site exude enthusiasm for their subject matter, making an impressive and well-organized page that much better." Rating Summary: Net Appeal: 9, Depth of Coverage: 9, Ease of Exploration: 10. (Source: Scandinavian Indie) This Perfect Day - (Soap) reload and will not give up, even though their latest album "Don't Smile" was something of a failure. The quintet from Skelleftea, pioneers of what is called swedish indiepop, continues stronger than ever. According to rumours, they are making a Smashing Pumpkins, that is a double-CD. (Source: Aftonbladet Puls) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- All news always at: Quote the source, _and the link_, if Scandinavian Indie is the source! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------ End of SI Digest #3.20 **********************
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