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Scandinavian Indie Digest      Fri May 06, 1994          Volume 1 : Issue 10

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Topics of the day:

  1. Some Answers
  2. Estonian Combilation Tape
  3. Fireside CD+CD5
  4. Article about Dr Gunni
  5. Bjorks Story 4th ed
  6. Pre-Sugarcubes Music & Info


Date: Sun, 24 Apr 1994 23:58:18 +0200
Subject: Some Answers

"Albert Sigurdsson"   wrote:

> - Is the normal language for the list English ?

Yes, nothing but english is "allowed".. though we don't have any restrictions,
but to keep everyone happy, english is prefered.

> - How many subscrivers are there ?

Right now, there are 46 "message" and 6 "digest" subscribers - ie 52.

> Purrkur Pillnikk, Theyr/Peir, Jupiters, Kolrassa, Texas Jesus,...etc.

Maybe you could write a bit more about these ones? I bet there aren't many
people on the list who has heard them, and I for one would like to know
more about them!

> Sweden:  Nomads.

Whoa! You should check out (at least) The Bear Quartet, Puffin, Mufflon 5,
Suredo, Cardigans and Blithe. If not Whipped Cream, The Pusjkins, Cloudberry
Jam and Popsicle as well. :) Nomads aren't really considered indie, are
they? More of a rock group.

> Norway:  Bel Canto, Imperiet.

Is there a group from norway called Imperiet as well?

> I purchased a Combilation of Estonian Underground while visiting in Tallin
> last summer.  So I've heard some samples from there, and I like them, but
> I'd like to know more.  Oak is now on the Bad Vugum label so I hope to see
> them this summer.  

What is on the Estonian Underground compilation?? Please list groups and
songs! What label was it released on? Info!

> Does anyone have some info on a music festival in late may in Lithuania ?
> I saw in Rumba (Finnish 'alt-music' magazine) that Cocteau Twins are coming
> there.  Is anyone going there ? And what about the festival in Estonia in
> august ?

I can't go to the Lithuanian festival, but I'll probably go to the Estonian
if I can. Haven't heard anything about them yet though (ie. don't know
who's playing and exact dates). Please post them if you got them!

> Well, enough of my crap.  I dont even know if there is anyone on the list
> to read this : -)

Of course there are! :)



Date: Mon, 25 Apr 1994 18:38:16 EET
From: "Albert Sigurdsson"  
Subject: Estonian Combilation Tape


>What about Bjork? What kind of Icelander are you, anyway.

Sorry for leaving Bjork out of my list of Icelandic faves, bot it goes without
saying that I like Bjorks solo stuff.  I mean when Chineze tell about their fave
food they dont have to mention the rice or when people talk about flammable
things of course Micael Jacksons hair comes to mind first.

Sami Rouhento  and wanted to know
more about the Estonian combilation.

>What! Hold it right there! Am I to understand that there is some
>stuff by the mighty OAK to be found on this compilation? Info, please!


>What is on the Estonian Underground compilation?? Please list 
>groups and songs! What label was it released on? Info!

The tape is called "Sue Darling -a compilation of estonian underground".  Made 
in Estonia in 1993 by Sally Cinnamon Music Ltd. (SAL 001 M.C.).

On the tape are (artist/song):
-a-  1983/Owl, Roovel Oobik/Mash mellow Masacre (edit), Suck & Blow/ 
The secret diary of a teenage get together, Oak/Obsession, Morning Rise/Day 
comes too fast, Weissernegger/Regenbogen.
-b-  Afternooning Plague Family/Ferdia, F.M. Violet/Nothing's more simle, 
St. Antonys Trucking Co./Walking on the water, Dallas/Red sun, 
Claymakers/Hey hey, Alberts/Absint, Normaalne Seltskond/Kuninga laul. 

The tape is kinda' mellow song collection with the sound of rain between the 
songs which gives it a sort of mellow wholesome sound.  No song really 
strikes me as better than other, but for some strange reason the group Alberts 
is my favourate.  The band Oak (add two dots over first two letters) is now on 
the Finnish Bad Vugum label.

A German friend of mine who likes punk/hardcore music didn't like the tape at
all, but I think it's nice and mellow music.  

The address for Sally Cinnamon is:
Sally Cinnamon Music Ltd.
PO Box 335, Tartu EE2400

PS  The tape cost me 10 Estonian Kronas (about 5 FIM or 4 SEK or 1$).  
I recommend everybody who is interested write to them and get more info directly
from them.


Ce n'est pas un P.S.

Albert Svan Sigurdsson,
Student of Geography,
University of Helsinki.


Date: Tue, 26 Apr 1994 07:56:17 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Petter Tiilikainen 
Subject: Fireside CD+CD5


If anyone cares for it I can do a review of the Fireside cd 'Fantastic four'
and the cd5 'jupiter'. The later contains a great cover-version of Husker
Du's 'I don't want to know if you are lonely'

best regards, Petter
"It's a brand new era,             | Petter Tiilikainen,
 but it came too late." - Pavement |


Date: Wed, 27 Apr 1994 10:29:12 EET
From: "Albert Sigurdsson"  
Subject: Article about Dr Gunni

The Story of Dr Gunni  -has the fun become more serious ?
By Arna Matthiasson (from Morgunbladid 17. April 1994)

Gunnar Larus Hjalmarsson has been at it for a long time on
the Icelandic rock scene.  He was in Svart/Hvitur Draumur
(black'n'white dream) and later in Bless and then he casually
slipped into his second identity as Dr Gunni.  

Dr Gunni appeared at first by himself with a drum machine
for support and nowdays sometimes with a bass player.  Dr
Gunni has made two 7" in Finland, one in USA and had one 
song on a Finnish combilation CD.

Gunni contacted the Finnish Bad Vugum label three years ago,
to ask them to make one 7" for him.  They liked the songs so
much they wanted to publish it on theyr own label.  So it came
that Dr Gunni went to Finland for some gigs.  The single 'Eins
og folk er flesk' (like folks are pork) sold quite well.  Two US
based companies asked if they could publish singles for the
Doctor.  "The company Vinyl Communication contacted me after
having heard Eins og folk er flesk and wanted to publish it in
the US.  I didn't want to publish it as the same so I changed it
before publishing there and now it's called Fuzz and Sway.  
Another company contacted me and wanted to publish a single,
but I didn't want to bother with it," says Gunnar.  He said he
wasn't surpriced for all this interest in his work.  "Eins og folk
er flesk is of course a masterpiece, so it's no surprice that 
people like it."  

Bad Vugum then published another Dr Gunni single, Vessar, last 
fall and he also had some songs on a combilation album from
the label.  

Gunnar says that originally Dr Gunni was for fun, but he became
more than was he intended.  

Gunnar is now in a band called Unun (delight) along with Thor 
Eldon and Kristin Jonsdottir, he says the two projects do not 
interrupt each other, he gets pop ideas that suit Unun and 
sometime he gets crazier ideas that suit Dr Gunni.  "Dr Gunni 
isn't doing anything else this year, but I intend to make a real 
record next year, a really throughout speculated masterpiece, 
no matter who publishes it."  
Loosely translated by Albert Sigurdsson for: &

Ce n'est pas un P.S.

Albert Svan Sigurdsson,
Student of Geography,
University of Helsinki.


Date: Wed, 27 Apr 1994 10:34:10 EET
From: "Albert Sigurdsson"  
Subject: Bjorks Story 4th ed

Here's a short story of Bjorks career before her solo stuff.
I've previously sent this to
and on the UseNet.  

Bjork was ca. 12 years old when she sang on an album for 
kids (called 'Litli Arabadrengurinn/The Little Arab Boy' or
something similar).
In 1981 she joined the group Tappi Tikarrass and appeared 
in the breakthrough movie Rokk i Reykjavik, about the rock 
scene in Reykjavik in those days.  Bjork had by then trans-
formed from a child 'music star' to a teenage new wave pop-

Tappi Tikarrass released one EP (Bitid fast i vitid; 1982), 
one LP (Miranda; 1983), and four songs on two compilation 
albums (Rokk i Reykjavik, Satt 3).  The music was a kind of 
alternative-new-wave-pop-music for the Icelandic under-
ground.  Tappi Tikarrass split up in early 1984.

In 1983 Bjork also recorded a song with Bjorgvin Gislason 
(1 of Icelands best guitar players) called 'Afi/Grandpa'), this 
song became quite popular, and it IS a good song.  

Next Bjork got together with Einar Orn (voice), Einar Melax 
(keyboard), Sigtryggur 'Triggur' (drums), Gudlaug (guitar) 
and B. Mogensen (bass) to form the supergroup Kukl.  They 
performed live on the radio in the summer of '83 in a fare-
well program of the 10-year-old radio program called Afangar, 
which had inspired the Icelandic new wave scene during it's 

Thus Kukl was formed, they were a true supergroup on Icelandic 
scale.  Einar Orn came from the well known group Purrkur 
Pillnikk, two of them (Sigtryggur & Gudlaugur) came from 'Theyr' 
or 'Peir' (it's impossible to write the name in english) and had also 
played with Jas Coleman of Killing Joke on his visit to Iceland, 
then there was Mogensen who had played with Killing Joke and 
lastly Melax had been in the short lived Van Hautens Koko.

Kukl immediately released two songs on a single (the songs were 
'Pokn' and 'Songull') on Crass records.  Kukl released two LP's ('The 
Eye' and 'Holidays in Europe') on the same label, and at least one 
music video was made from the first LP (the song 'Anna').  

The Sugarcubes saw the light of day in the year 1986 when some 
changes in Kukl released a new band.  Bragi Olafsson, Fridrik 
Erlingsson 'Frikki' from Purrkur Pillnikk and Thor Eldon joined Bjork, 
Einar Orn and Sigtryggur, and later Margret Ornolfsdottir 'Magga' 
joined them on keyboards, also Frikki dropped off somewhere.  The 
music also changed, they started singing about birthdays and bees 
instead of death and doom.  

That same year the Sugarcubes ('Sykurmolarnir' in Icelandic) made 
a single called 'Einn mol'a mann' (One cube per person), which was 
financed by selling postcards connected to the Reagan/Gorbasjoff 
summit in Reykjavik.  On that 7" there were two songs in Icelandic:  
Afmaeli (Birthday) and Kottur (Cat).

In 1987 they released the english versions of their single on One Little
 Indian label, in England and early next year the LP Life's too good was 
released.  'Birthday' grabbed the worlds attention and the Sugarcubes 
became an important part of many peoples lives, besides their own.  

The 2nd LP came out in 1989, was called Here Today - Tomorrow Next 
Week and they also made an Icelandic version called 'Illur arfur', with
has the same songs w. Icelandic lyrics (sounds much better in Icelandic).  

The Sugarcubes third album ('Stick around for joy') contained the hit 'Hit' 
and then in 1992 the last Sugarcubes "album" 'It's-It', with mixes and 
remixes of some of their earlier songs, one mixed song 'Leash Called Love' 
reached the top of some U.S. dance charts in dec. '93.  

Closely tied with the Sugarcubes is the Bad Taste Inc. in Iceland.  Bad 
Taste published the postcards mentioned before and Bad Taste also 
became a host for publications of other Icelandic alternative bands like:  
Reptile, Ham, Oxtor, Rosebud, Reptelicus, Bless, Bootlegs and Kolrassa 
Krokridandi, which all have something to add to the concept of bad taste.  

The Sugarcubes are now no more, according to Sigtryggur in an Icelandic 
interview in Sept. '93.  But, according to Bjork the band is only in non-
active mode, so we dont know what'll happen in the future.
Sigtryggur has now moved to California with his girlfriend, Bjork has 
moved to London to bathe in her solo success, Einar Orn is currently 
working as a journalist and he's also in team with Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson 
(of Current 93 and more) called Frostbite (where Katy Jane from the late 
Daisy Chainsaw is reported to be involved).  Bragi is probably somewhere 
making poems (he has released some books with his poems), Magga and 
Thor live in Iceland, together, separately or something else.  

Bjork has appeared on numerous other LP's singing main or back vocals for 
other artists:
- B. Gislason, as told before.
- Megas,  Bjork has sung on many of his later records.
- Bless, Bjork sang in two songs on Bless's LP 'Gums'.
- 808 State, Bjork sang 2 songs on they're LP 'Excel'.
- Bjork & Trio Gudmundar Ingolfssonar: LP 'Gling-Glo' (mostly a collection 
   of Icelandic songs from the 50's).
- Bjork sang back vocals on the song 'Falling' by Current 93.
- Bjork can be heard chanting some songs in the Icelandic movie 
   'Nytt Lif', but the music was not released as far as I know.
- A christmas song, two years ago.
- Many others.  

- My 'rusty' memory. 
- Rokksaga Islands 1955-1990 (History of Icelandic rock '55-'90) by 
  Gest Gudmundsson.
- Morgunbladid (Icelandic morning/main paper).  
- BEP   The Bjork/Sugarcubes
   mailing list (witch also discusses other Icelandic music).

* You can E-mail me if you want more info, I can also put some early Bjork music 
on tape and sell you for cheap (you pay for the tape(s) and the postage).  
* There is also a Bad Taste mail service at P.O. Box 1263, 121 Reykjavik, Iceland.  
They have lots'o'stuff, I've typed up their catalog and can email it to you if you want. 

Ce n'est pas un P.S.

Albert Svan Sigurdsson,
Student of Geography,
University of Helsinki.


Date: Wed, 27 Apr 1994 10:41:10 EET
From: "Albert Sigurdsson"  
Subject: Pre-Sugarcubes Music & Info

Subject:       Pre-Sugarcubes music and info
Compiled by Albert Sigurdsson ( 
& Vidar Ringstrom ( for BEP.
A discography of most of the music that the Sugarcube members 
have been involved in before the Sugarcubes.
A. Combilation albums with pre-Sugarcube member's stuff.
B. Theyr (with ex-Cube Sigtryggur) 
C. Purrkur Pillnik discography (w.  ex-Cubes Einar and Bragi)  
D. Tappi Tikkarass (vocals by Bjork)
E. KUKL (w.  Bjork, Einar, Bragi, Sigtryggur and Thor Eldon)

A. Combilation albums.

1.  Rokk i Reykjavik (1982)  
2.  Northern Lights playhouse (1981)  
3.  Satt 1-3 (1983)  -LP no. 3 has two Tappi Tikarrass songs  
4.  Geysir (1986)  
5.  World domination or death (1990)  
6.  Null & Nix (1993)  

1.  ROKK I REYKJAVIK:  Hugrenningur, 1982 2 LP's -(hug 001)
Side A:  O Reykjavik / Vonbrigdi. Sieg heil / Ego. Gotta go / 
Fraebblarnir. Ovaent / Purrkur Pillnikk. Rudolf / Theyr. Creeps / 
Q4U. Breyttir timar / Ego. Where are the bodies / Bodies
Side B: Hrollur / Tappi Tikarrass. Moving up to a motion / 
Baraflokkurin. Talandi hofud / Spliafifl. I speglinum / 
Thursaflokkurin. I kirkju / Fridryk. Lifid og tilveran / Start. 
Gullurid / Grylurnar
Side C: Sat eg inni a kleppi / Ego. Guggagaegir / Purrkur Pillnikk. 
Dukkulisur / Tappi Tikarrass. Bereft / Mogo homo. Hver er svo 
sekur / Jonee Jonee. Killer boogie / Theyr. Kick us out of the 
country / Bodies
Side D: Af thvi ad pabbi vildi thad / Jonee Jonee. I nott / 
Fraebblarnir. Gudfraedi / Vonbrigdi. Storir strakar / Ego. Gonna 
get you ; Toys / Q4U. Lolipops ; Antchrist ; Sjalfsfroun / Sjalfsfroun. 
Af litlum neista verdur mikid mal / Brani B.B. Rimur / Sveinbjorn 
- The album has a spread-out cover, illustrated with little film-bits
from a lot of groups, you can just make out Bjork looking very cute.
- Rokk i Reykjavik was re-released on CD and on video in 1993.
- A Rokk i Reykjavik poster has been reported to be included with all 
purchases from the Bad Taste Mail Service, where you can buy the
RiR combilation on CD.

2.  Northern Lights playhouse:  Steinar Music LDT UK, 1981.  LP  -F1
Featuring songs from:  Theyr (their 1st single), Megas, Fraebblarnir, 
Purrkur Pillnikk's (the 1st single, 'Tilf'), Taugadeildin, Utangardsmenn.  
- Lyric sheets and band info in English.

3.  Satt 3:  -Holds two Tappi Tikarrass songs, but is out of print.

4.  Geysir:  Gramm/Enigma Records, 1987
Anthology of the Icelandic independent music scene of the eigties:
Theyr/Killer Boogie, Purrkur Pillnikk/Excuse me, Das Kapital/Svartur gitar, 
Megas & Ikarus/Kondor, Vonbrigdi/Kjot, Jonee Jonee/Glas, HOH/Ad astra, 
Kukl/Man on the cross, Vunderfoolz/Citified, Stanya/Life, Sveinbjorn 
Beinteinsson/Edda & Voluspa

5.  World domination or death:  Workers Playtime, Play CD 12, 1990
Reptile/Gun fun, Bless/Nothing ever happens in my head, Ham/Voulez-vous, 
Bootlegs/Thrash attack, Sugarcubes/My march, Bless/Alone at the movies, 
Ham/Lonesome duke, Reptile/O, Bootlegs/Street lover, Oxtor/Kontinental, 
Reptelicus/Shrimpy dog, Daisy Hill Puppy Farm/Youngblood, Brak/Brak, 
Most/Ciccolina, Dyrid Gengur Laust/Nottin, Rosebud/Fishious
-The Sugarcubes song 'My March' which is unavailable elsewhere.

6.  Null & Nix:  2 CD, Bad Taste, 1993
-Includes Bjorks song 'One day', Debut version.

B. PURRKUR PILLNIKK, short intro (written in 1981) & discography.

Here is a short synopsis of Purrkur Pillnikk's history, compiled by Dr Orn 
Thoris in order to clear up some and to mystify other accounts of this 
peculiar group's existence.  
How it is:  Purrkur Pillnikk is probably the most unprofessional group to 
play rock'n'roll in Iceland.  The group does not own any equipment, has no 
rehearsal place and has no plans for the future, except to play as much as 
How it was:  Purkkur Pillnikk was formed in March 1980, recorded 10 songs 
on a 45 in April and ceased existing in May (for the time being).  During these 
two months Purrkur Pillnikk made 13 public appearances and caused quite a 
stir in Icelands rock world with their concerts, as well as with their inter-
views with the old fashioned rock press.  
Phylosophy:  Except for the catchy cliche that 'doing something is more important 
than being able to', Purrkur Pillnikks philosophy cannot be 
separated from the music or vice versa.  But it is clear that if the group has any 
message to the people at all, that message is an anti-establishment one -violent 
and human, both at the same time.  
The Music:  Rock (at times other music trends) with outstanding rhythm, nice 
guitar riffs and exceptionally unusual voice best describe Purrkur Pillnikk's 
music.  The music should be played loud for comfort.  
The Musicians:  The four gangly youths that make up the group have no experience 
of playing rock and roll, except the drummer who played bass even before Purrkur 
Pillnikk was established.  Perhaps no master musicians the gang of four share a 
youthful vigour that gives them a decisive edge over better musicians.  

  1.   TILF   7"  EP   -GRAMM 1
      Contains:  The Time/Timinn; Slobbys/Sloggur; Doctor/Laeknir;    
                      Happiness/Gledi; Face/Andlit; A Feeling/Tilfinning;   
                      Tired/Threita; Suspicious/Grunsamlegt; Love/Ast; 
                      John Merrick
  2.  Googooplex   2 X 12"  -GRAMM 6
        Side 1A: Fullkomnun ; ast no:2 ; vinir minir
                1B: Kassinn minn ; svart/hvitt ; uppgjor ; mig langar
                2A: Kugum ; osigar ; itesrof
                2B: I augum uti ; likami ; Hamburger plaza
  3.   No time to think   7" EP GRAMM 9
         Side A: Excuse me ; Surprise
         Side B: Googooplex ; For viewing

1.   Ehgji en/Ekki enn (engl. = Not yet), 1981   -GRAMM 3
Here's the english translation of the titles:  
       Side 1 (Purrkur): Twixt ; Now ; Not yet ; Rage ; Peeper ;
       The flight ; Vaterland
       Side 2 (Pillnikk): Holy terror ; What can I do ; Outlocked ;
       Exceptional product ; Anonymous ; Prime target ; Bad boy ;
       Still young but ; Dream ; Knockout
- Includes icelandic and english txt sheets.
- All the info on the cover and the icelandic txt sheet is in
phonetic transcription!  
- Powerful music !

2.   Maskinan :  Live 8/3/81 - 28/8/82   -GRAMM 10
      Side 1(Fugl):  tilfinning ; lestin ; i saw her ; freyimdargretszchybusch; 
      dr. livingstone ; vid sem heima sitjum #45 ; kassin ; kassinn
      minu ; john merrick
      Side 2(Fiskur):  timinn ; augun uti ; googooplex ; ord fyrir dauda      
- Live.  Sleeve is a folded poster.  With lyrics, list of all concerts to 
28/8/82 (what did you expect), + info when and where the various cuts 
were recorded. The "poster" side is a collage of live photos, very catching.

Purrkur Pillnikk is not dead, they played unplugged on a last Bad Taste 
anneversary in December 1993.  
Einar Orn has been involved in other groups, besides PP & Kukl, for instance he 
was in a group called Iss for a while in ca. 1983.  Iss, unfortunately, left no 
songs on vinil.
Einar Orn also worked with Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson (of HOH/Current 93 and a film 
music composer who got awards in Cannes 1991 for the music in the Icelandic 
film Children of Nature).  They had a project in 1984 or 85, called Ornamental, 
Ornamental released a single with the song Cristal Nights.  Einar and Hilmar are 
currently working in a team called Frostbite.  They had a song called H3OH, close 
to the top of the British techno charts recently.  H3OH is a remix from the song 
Goldfish from the album Second Coming, released last summer.  They are now 
working on a new album where rumours say Katy Jane from the late Daisy 
Chainsaw sings also.

C.  THEYR discography

1. Life Transmission.  1980, 7".  - ESQ 2
  A:  Life Transmission
  B:  Heima er best (i.e. 'Home sweet home')
2. Idur til fota.   1981, 10".  - ESQ 1
  A:  Bas 12; Maggasyn
  B:  Tedrukkinn; Areareggae
3. The fourth reich.  1982,  EP.  - MJOT 1  
  A: Public ; Metamorphosis
  B:  Zen (in the art of snobbery) ; Blood
- Dedicated to the memory of Wilhelm Reich and other anti-facists
4. Lunaire.   1983,  7".   - GRAMM,. - GM2
  A: Lunaire
  B: The walk ; Positive affirmations

1.  Thagad i hel.  SG-139, 1979  
   A:  En.., ..Nema Joi, Hringt, Heilarokk 
   B:  Svid, Eftir vigid, Vitisdans, 555 
-Unavailable anywhere and everywhere-
2.  Mjotvidur maer.  - ESQ 2, 1980
  A:  Ulfur, Iss, Current, 2999, Mjotvidur, Opid
  B:  Their, Rudolf, Never suck, Thad er nog, Hva-fhan, Onefnt
- The album includes a lyric-sheet and is dedicated to everybody the band 
members have bitten in the right earlobe.
3.  As above.   - SHOUT, 1982. - LX001
  A: Homo gestalt ; Killer boogie ; Dead/Undead ; Wolf ; 
     Technologos ; Poeme
  B: Current ; Rudolf ; Are you still there ; Enough ; Shout ; Mjotvidur

- Theyr were:  Magnus Gudmundsson -vocals-, Gudlaugur Ottarsson -Guitars-, 
Thorsteinn Magnussaon -Guitars-, Hilmar Orn Agnarsson -Bass- and Sigtryggur 
Baldursson -Drums- (later in Kukl, Sugarcubes and as Bogomil Font).  Also, 
Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson -lyrics- acted as an ideological influence, being 
knowledgable about occult, wisardry and all kinds of '-isms'  (zenism, paganism... 
he was alos involed in Current 93, Psychic TV, film music composing, the 
Ornamental group and now in Frostbite).  

D.  TAPPI TIKARRASS discography
-Bjorks first band

Bitid fast i vitid.  - 1982. - 12".   - SPOR 4
A:  Ottar, Lok-lad, Ilti ebni
B:  London, Fa-fa

Miranda.  - GRAMM, 1983.  - GRAMM 16 
A: Miranda ; Skrid ; Krio ; Ithrottir ; Tjet ; Laekning ; Drek-lek
B: Beri-beri ; Hvitibjorn ; Sokkar ; Med-tek ; Get ekki sofid ; Myrin andar
- The album includes a lyric-sheet (of the song Miranda) with a 
child-drawing on the verso.

E. KUKL history and discography.

This short history is taken from Per Starbacks translation of the KUKL 
entry in "Bonniers rocklexikon" (1987) and posted to the "old" sugarcubes list 
(in the sugarcubes archives list. 1).
Icelandic group created in Reykjavik in August '83 with Einar Orn
Benediktsson (vo, tp) (earlier in Purrkurr Pillnikk); Bjork Gudmundsdottir (vo) 
(earlier in Tappi Tikarrass); Gudlaugur Kristinn
Ottarsson (el-g) (earlier in Theyr and Killing Joke); Einar Melax (keyb)
(earlier in Van Houtens Koko) and Sigtryggur Baldursson (dm) (earlier
in Theyr).  Originally the group was a project based on an idea by
among others Asmundur Jonsson from Gramm Records in Reykjavik.  They debuted 
live in Icelandic radio and played at a "We demand a future" festival in Reykjavik 9/20/83 
before The Crass.  Later they played with Psychic TV and in England with 
Flux of Pink Indians and others.  Their debut album was, recorded in London in 
January '84.  Later the same year they played at concerts in several European 
contries.  In June '85 at the Roskilde Festival [in Denmark] and later the same 
year at concerts in Iceland they played with Megas, the "grand old man" of Icelandic rock.  
At the turn of the year '85/'86 they released 2, produced by Penny Lapsang Rimbaud 
(Crass) in London, where Einar Orn studied at London Polytechnics.
Kukl's music is complex and rhythmic, and a mixture of punk, rock,
jazz, and more experimental music, with the lyrics sometimes in
English, and sometimes in Icelandic.  A powerful and personal band
combining qualities from three important groups in Icelandic rock from the 
beginning of the eighties.  

SINGLE   7"  -GRAMM 17, 1984
  Songull ; Pokn/Ponk fyrir byrjendur (Punk for beginners)   
- Songull is a version of Dismembered from 'The Eye'.  
With icelandic lyrics and guitar instead of pipes/bells playing the 
intro (Also a little bit faster?)

  1.   The eye / K.U.K.L.
       CRASS Records 1984/1
- It's difficult establishing the exact order and name for the songs
on this album. I'm certain of A1 and B1, as for the rest ... 
       A: Assassin ; Anna ; Moonbath ; ?.
       B: Dismembered ; Seagull ; The spire ; Instrumental.
- Some lyrics are printed on the foldout poster sleeve.  But as the singing is 
a mix between english and icelandic and only some of the words are printed, 
its very hard to say what is what on the actual record.
- A music video was made for "Anna".
 2.   Holidays in Europe (the naughty nought)   -CRASS Records 4 1985
       A: Outward flight (Psalm 323) ; France ( A mutual thrill) ;
       Gibraltar (Copy thy neighbour) ; Greece (just by  the book)
       B: England (Zro) ; Holland (Latent) ; Aegean (Vials of wrath) ;
       The homecoming (The night)
- Pre-release name:  The naughty nought.
  3.   Live in Paris cassette <1984?>
- Crass had a special affinity for Iceland. KUKL is the only band besides Crass 
themselves to appear more than once on the Crass label. Reykjavik was the only 
place outside of England that Crass ever played. Personal contacts between KUKL/
GRAMM and Crass members were frequent.
There is a Bad Taste mail service at P.O. Box 1263, 121 Reykjavik, Iceland.  
Where some of this stuff might be available, ask for a catalog. 


Ce n'est pas un P.S.

Albert Svan Sigurdsson,
Student of Geography,
University of Helsinki.

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