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  1. Re: Varttina & Ottopasuuna (2)
  2. Hardy Nilsson? (2)
  3. Re: Souls Interview
  4. Re: some stuff
  5. Red Sleeping Beauty thoughts (and show date)
  6. The new Popsicle album?! (2)
  7. Liimanarina
  8. A West Side Fabrication Discography v1.1
  9. Mufflon 5 Interview
 10. is the ball rolling?
 11. I'm new on this list


Date: Tue, 12 Apr 1994 11:37:17 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Sami Rouhento 
Subject: Re: Varttina & Ottopasuuna

Kimmo wrote about Varttina:

> Anyway, their second album, the name of which escapes me at the
> moment, was not as huge a success as its predecessor.

No, it certainly wasn't. By the way, the album was called "Seleniko".

> Kimmo


...absoluuttinen mies...


Date: Tue, 12 Apr 1994 12:42:05 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Kimmo S{{skilahti 
Subject: Re: Varttina & Ottopasuuna 

According to Sami Rouhento:

* Kimmo wrote about Varttina:
* > Anyway, their second album, the name of which escapes me at the
* > moment, was not as huge a success as its predecessor.
* No, it certainly wasn't. By the way, the album was called "Seleniko".

Actually, what I meant to say was "their third album", not their
second.  Or then I meant to say "their second major album".

To sum up, they have done three albums: Musta Lindu, Oi Dai, Seleniko.

Sorry if I confused.  (An appropriate .sig today as well :-)

Kimmo Saaskilahti  *  "Why can't I ever say what I mean"    *   - Wedding Present


Date: Tue, 12 Apr 1994 13:31:05 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Kimmo S{{skilahti 
Subject: Hardy Nilsson?

Hello all Scansters!

The Swedish band Hardy Nilsson (or something close to that) is 
coming to play a gig in our town.

What are they like?  Should I go and see them?

If memory serves, they are another West Side Fabrication band and have
released an album (or EP?) in the end of last year.


Kimmo Saaskilahti  * "I never met chocolate    *  I didn't like"
                   *  - Deanna Troi


Date: Tue, 12 Apr 1994 12:38:09 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Petter Tiilikainen 
Subject: Re: hardy nilsson

Hardy Nilsson...

A swedish pop-band with out 'edges' I think,
they sing in swedish.
But they write nice pop songs though, if the
entrance fee isn't too high , go see them!

best regards, Petter.

Ps. Kimmo, got my snail-mail address???


Date: Tue, 12 Apr 1994 13:41:23 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Kimmo S{{skilahti 
Subject: Re: Souls Interview

First of all, thanks for this interview! (I finally had time to read
it properly).

According to chief:

* A. No, nothing like that. Yet. We have had two songs on two compilation CDs.
*    "It's Absence" on Snapology and "Boring In A Proper Way" on Life Is A
*    Joke.

This is rather surprising to me, because the song "It's Absence" was
one of my favourite songs last winter!  I think it's a very good pop
song!  And the New Order cover sounds also great, though it would have
been more interensting to hear another of their own songs.

* A. Yes. A single, hopefully in April. We haven't decided what to put on it
*    yet though, but it feels right. It feels right to release something now.
*    Wait and see. [Andreas: It will probably be in May.]

Any news on this?  Is the single already out?


*    No, but we have only two songs out on CD, on compilations, that
*    aren't very representative any more, but those who have heard them
*    writes us. So I guess there are two who have heard them now. 

Can anyone give any idea how their sound or songs have possibly
changed?  What did they sound like live?  Anything else?


Kimmo Saaskilahti  * "I never met chocolate    *  I didn't like"
                   *  - Deanna Troi


Date: Tue, 12 Apr 1994 15:29:00 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Kimmo S{{skilahti 
Subject: Re: some stuff

According to David Bennison:

* LIIMANARINA - Masilmann Tyisin Vittumaisuus (Bad Vugum, Finland)
*               Juutaiaiset (Bad Vugum, Finland)
*               Lantinen Pornokatu (Bad Vugum, Finland)

First of all, the correct titles for these 7" EP's (with rough
translations, though their lyrical style is quite incomparable :-)

Maailman Tylsin Vittumaisuus ('The Most Boring Fucked-Upness On Earth')
Juutalaiset ('Jews')
Lantinen Pornokatu 12 & 35 (Western Porn Street 12 & 35)

I'd like to believe that the numbers in the name of the last EP are an
allusion to Bob Dylan song 'Rainy Day Women 12 & 35'). (!)

* Hailed as the misunderstood geniuses of the Finnish underground, you 
* really have to try this stuff.

One can really say 'misunderstood' in the sense that they aren't
exactly the cover stars of local rock/pop magazine(s)... I can't
remember ever reading a Liimanarina interview, but I don't really
follow the fanzine scene, maybe someone else can shed more light on
that matter.

And it's been ages since they last played live even here in Tampere,
where they are from.  One reason for this may be the fact that the
background singer Tarja Anarkia is currently studying cinema in Turku?

* A full length coming out on Drag City in '94 too

I'll believe that when I see it :-)  It's been a couple of years since
the last 7" EP already, and as I said before, no gigs (as far as I
know).  The last time I saw them they had one 'new' song, but it's
been a couple of years now...

* 'Almost noise, almost music...Great' - Flipside

This sums it up pretty well.  The first EP fits nicely into the 'low-fi'
category, and the last into 'no-fi', the second being somewhere
between.  They sound like they've been practising in a basement and
somebody has forgotten a portable cassette recorder running in the
next room :-)  But the songs have mostly quite incredible drive and
even a mad groove every now and then...  My favourite being still the
opening track of the first EP, "Kuinka Aku Ankasta tehdaan poliisi"
('How To Turn Donald Duck Into A Policeman').

Their lyrics are surreal, absurd, and utterly rude, but always funny.
In case somebody wants to have translations into English, I might try
to get something done.

* SWEETHEART - Well Dressed Meat (Bad Vugum, Finland)

* Acclaimed from all directions by many writers, this full-lengther sees 
* Sweetheart at their warped out best, taking 'garage dementia' to it's 
* beautiful extreme. Like four Syd Barrets with electrified wires up their 
* asses.

Yeah, 'warped' is the word.  Warped noise.  To me they sound like a
hardcore band has decided to start to play Captain Beefheart, with a
singer who tries all he can *not* to sound like the singer of Troggs 
or 22-Pistepirkko, but fails to do so...

* THE BEAR QUARTET - Penny Century/Family Affair/Cosy Den (AWSF,Sweden)

* - 10.49 CD only (damn - I don't have a CD player)

I'm telling you, this band is a good enough reason to buy a CD player!

* BLITHE - Head Is Mighty (AWSF, Sweden)
* ------
* These four guys from Umea, Sweden, have just recorded a Peel Session
* (only the 3rd Swedish band to do so).

I know Bear Quartet have done a Peel session, but which band is the third?

* PUFFIN - Carnivore (AWSF, Sweden)

Some time ago, I wrote something about this album, and now that I've
had time to listen to it better, I'd like to re-recommend it to you
all, if you're into elegant guitar pop with loud guitars.  They do
sound a bit like the mighty Quartet (and Blithe from what I've heard
them), but somehow they have similar approach to their music to Boo
Radleys (one of my favourite bands), with their various musical
styles, usage of horns etc.  The album has very different moods,
changing rapidly, but there is some kind of an overall vision, which
makes the whole thing work.  Or something.

* Back to me talking...all I can add is that I ordered some 
* Radiopuhelimet, Liimanarina and Deep Turtle and wow these three bands
* are onto something - blisteringly raw, chaotic and pure. I'd suggest
* snatching everything you can get ahold of by these bands. Also, 
* there's no excuse for not catching them live - they're playing all
* round Europe, the UK the natural exception of course!

Radiopuhelimet might well tour in the continent (in fact a couple of
weeks ago they had a live karaoke show here in Tampere, where their
fans could get on the stage and 'sing' (ie. scream :-) their favourite
Radiopuhelimet tune.  Sadly, I wasn't able to be there.)  Don't know
if Deep Turtle are touring, but don't hold your breath for the
Liimanarina European Tour, though :-)


Kimmo Saaskilahti  *  "One note is enough"    *   - Neil Young


Date: Tue, 12 Apr 94  17:39:13 EDT
From: stephen wood 
Subject: Red Sleeping Beauty thoughts (and show date)


I received a letter from Mikael yesterday who is one of the guitarists
in RSB.  I have to admit that I'm crazy about this guitar driven band.
It's very pop and might be a bit too sweet for some people's taste but
it's really fine matterial if you are drawn to Sarah/Bring-On-The-Bull/
Pillarbox Red/Marsh Marigold label music.

Anyhow, he says the band played an Easter party show in Stockholm to
which the drummer from Popsicle came.  Oh, also a Swedish soap opera
star named Regina Lund... he says she liked it.

Mikael says that Red Sleeping Beauty plays a show at the Cafe 44 in
Stockholm this Thursday (April 14.)  If someone from the list goes
please tell me what you thought of the show and, if you get a chance,
tell Mikael I said hello!!!



Date: Wed, 13 Apr 1994 13:15:04 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Kimmo S{{skilahti 
Subject: The new Popsicle album?!


Is the new Popsicle album out already in Sweden?
Has anyone got it yet, or seen it or anything?!
Any reviews in the press?


Kimmo Saaskilahti  * "I accept chaos, I don't know    *  whether it accepts me"
                   *  - Bob Dylan


Date: Wed, 13 Apr 1994 15:03:33 +0300 (EET DST)
From: Sami Rouhento 
Subject: Liimanarina

According to Kimmo Saaskilahti:

> One can really say 'misunderstood' in the sense that they aren't
> exactly the cover stars of local rock/pop magazine(s)... I can't
> remember ever reading a Liimanarina interview, but I don't really
> follow the fanzine scene, maybe someone else can shed more light on
> that matter.

It is a known fact that Liimanarina are not very keen on giving
interviews, which is probably due to their "anti-everything" 
attitude. But, there was a long-ish interview with the band's 
main man Olli Pauke in the Finnish fanzine Rhythm & Blues (now
that's a misleading name if I ever saw one) which was a fun read.
What he mainly had to say was that he thinks he is pretty much
the one and only personality on the Finnish scene with anything to 
say. A general mistrust toward the whole indie rock culture and the 
people involved in it was easily detectable. A lone wolf certainly,
a genius... well, perhaps. But I do enjoy the racket they make.

> Kimmo


...absoluuttinen mies...


Date: Wed, 13 Apr 1994 16:00:42 +0200 (MET DST)
From: Henrik Sjodin 
Subject: Re: The new Popsicle album?!

On Wed, 13 Apr 1994, Kimmo S{{skilahti wrote:

> Hello!
> Is the new Popsicle album out already in Sweden?

Yes, since last Thursday.

> Has anyone got it yet, or seen it or anything?!

Yes, both. :)
Seriously, it's a very good album. The production is more conventional, 
that is not as "indie"-sounding as Lacquer.
A lot of songs are more "dynamic" than before.
Sometimes you don't recognize the sound, but the Popsicle trademarks 
(nice harmonies, walls of guitars, catchy choruses etc.) are still there.
If you're a Lacquer-lover who's not afraid of giving up some of the loud 
volume, then BUY IT!

 > > Any reviews in the press?

The reviews have been pretty good in all the newspapers I've read.



Date: Sat, 23 Apr 1994 01:35:02 +0200
Subject: A West Side Fabrication Discography v1.1

A WEST SIDE FABRICATION                                      v1.1  22-Apr-94
Label discography                                    by
Catalog#  Form  Year  Group/Artist           Title

We 001    MC    86    West European Politics God's Name In Vain
We 002    7"    87    West European Politics Delirium Is A Disease Of The Night
We 003    MC    87    Compilation            Musikfabriken
We 004    MC    87    This Perfect Day       Christ, Marx, Wood and Wei
We 005    7"    88    West European Politics Dej  Vu
We 006    7"    88    Genre Happy            Hit The Happiness
We 007    7"    88    This Perfect Day       Songs About Love And Affection
We 008    7"    89    Tekman                 Welcome
We 009    7"    89    Wannadies              The Beast Cures The Lover
We 010    LP    89    West European Politics Slugging For...
We 011    7"    89    West European Politics Women
WeTS 012  TS    92    T-shirt                Popmusic Ruins Your Brain
We 013    LP    90    Compilation            From A Northern Place
We 014    7"    90    This Perfect Day       Balcony Love
We 015    7"    90    Livingstone            Half A Lifetime
We 016    7"    90    Mary*Go*Round          Plays Golden Hits
We 017    MP    90    Holger Danske          Holger Danske
We 018    7"    90    The Waiting Rain       Sail
We 019    7"    90    Mindre Modiga M„n      Tysta M„n
We 020    7"    91    The Boom Band          Osynlig V„n
We 021    LP    91    Compilation            A West Side Fabrication Vol 2
We 022    7"    91    Holger Danske          Water From The Moon
We 023    7"    91    This Perfect Day       Postcard Summers
We 024    7"    91    Tins & Cans            Mission
We 025    7"    91    Send No Flowers        Learning French
We 026    7"    91    Mindre Modiga M„n      Vackra Ann
We 027    LP    91    Tins & Cans            Trancemission
WeCD 027  CD    91    Tins & Cans            Trancemission
We 028    LP    91    Mindre Modiga M„n      L”gnerna Och Sanningen
WeCD 028  CD    91    Mindre Modiga M„n      L”gnerna Och Sanningen
We 029    MC    91    Popsicle               Popsicle
WeCD 030  CD    92    Compilation            This Is A West Side Fabrication
WeCD 031  CD    92    Compilation            15 Songs To The Spring
We 032    LP    92    Cod Lovers             Pretty Things
WeCD 032  CD    92    Cod Lovers             Pretty Things
WeCD 033  CD    92    Popsicle               Template
WeCD 034  CD    92    Mindre Modiga M„n      Sn„lla Mamma
We 035    7"    92    The Bugs               Bumble Bee
WeCD 036  CD    92    The Waiting Rain       Another Mental Earthquake
WeCD 037  CD    92    The Bear Quartet       Penny Century
WeCD 038  CD    92    Blithe                 Pagan Rituals Under A Midnight Sun
WeCD 039  CD5   93    Holger Danske          I Am Here
WeCD 040  CD5   93    Mindre Modiga M„n      Lyckligare D†
WeCD 041  CD    93    Stardog                Champions
WeCD 042  CD    93    Pleasurehouse          Marseille
WeCD 043  CD    93    Holger Danske          Hank vs Hank
WeCD 044  CD    93    Mindre Modiga M„n      K†gedalen
WeCD 045  CD    93    The Bear Quartet       Cosy Den
WeCD 046  CD    93    Compilation            West Side Strikes Back Vol IV
WeCD 047  CD5   93    Stardog                The Godrats EP
WeCD 048  CD5   93    Holger Danske          Pitch Vs Frequenzy EP
WeCD 049  CD5   93    Mindre Modiga M„n      Sa Dom P† Radion
WeCD 050  CD5   93    Hardy Nilsson          1973/Hon Som G†r Bredvid
WeTS 051  TS    93    West Side Fabrication  Got A Cooler Sounding Name
WeTS 052  TS    93    The Bear Quartet       Cosy Den
WeTS 053  TS    93    A Shrine               Friendly Friends
WePO 054  PO    93    Stardog                Stardog
WePO 055  PO    93    Compilation            Got A Cooler Sounding Name
WeCD 056  CD5   93    A Shrine               Glace
WeCD 057  CD    93    Blithe                 Head Is Mighty
WeCD 058  CD5   93    Hardy Nilsson          Pops†ng/Din Match
WeCD 059  CD    93    Mufflon 5              Boca Juniors
WeCD 060  CD5   93    Fireside               Softboy
WeCD 061  CD    93    The Bear Quartet       Family Affair
WeCD 062  CD    93    Puffin                 Carnivore
WeCD 063  CD5   93    Blue                   Popsong EP
WeCD 064  CD    93    Hardy Nilsson          Žr Det V„rt Det?
WePO 065  PO    --    Compilation            Never Trust A Teenage Popstar
WeMC 066  MC    --    Compilation            NS West Side
WeCD 067  CD5   --    Carpe Wade             Porch Light
WeCD 068  CD5   --    Hardy Nilsson          Gud I Mikrofon EP
WeCD 069  CD5   94    Puffin                 Medium Cool EP
WeCD 070  CD    94    Carpe Wade             Full Circle
WeCD 071  CD5   94    The Bear Quartet       Revisited EP
WeCD 072  CD5   94    Fireside               Jupiter
WeCD 073  CD    94    Compilation            We're All Part Of A Family
WeCD 074  CD5   94    A Shrine               48k
WeCD 075  CD    94    Fireside               Fantastic Four

(West Side together with Telegram Records:)

WeT 1     CD    93    A Shrine               Li & Friends
WeT 2     CD    93    Blue                   Blue

(West Side under the JB label:)

JB 01     CD5   93    SUSS von AHN           River Of Love
JB 02     CD5   94    SUSS von AHN           Bet I Would Fall In Love Again

(West Side under the BUFFEL label:)

BUF.S 01  CD5   94    Garp                   Faller En, Faller Alla... EP


Date: Sat, 23 Apr 1994 01:34:44 +0200
Subject: Mufflon 5 Interview

Interview with "Mufflon 5" 8 April 1994 - by Erik Soderstrom after a gig at
"Herrgar'n", Linkoping, Sweden.
Mufflon 5 are:

Karl Mogren (vocals, guitars)          Daniel Mannheimer (drums)
Fabian Edmar (guitar, backing vocals)  Lars Johansson (bass, backing vocals)
(if the answer is "A." it was answered by someone. If the answer came from
 someone special, the initials are written.)

A. Small Place. Warm, but it was a good crowd down there. It was packed.
   The stage here swayed a bit, but it wasn't too troublesome really.
   We heard ourselves pretty too much though. The bass and the guitars
   were the worst. We played 11 songs, of which four are new ones. Stars,
   Closer To The Door, Cpop, Freewheeling, Come Again, The Wheel, NY Pop,
   Come Show Me, Don't Let Them Know, The Size Of Buddha and Almagest.
   The Size Of Buddha, which is a slow-ish song, about 8 minutes long,
   is on a new collection from A West Side which is due any day now by the 
   way with 20 other bands. [The collection 'We're All Part Of A Family'
   was released two weeks later.] The four new songs were Stars, Cpop,
   NY Pop and Almagest which we "try out" right now. They will probably
   be included on the forthcoming album. We got 3.000 SEK for this gig,
   so now we own our tour-bus (haha).

Q. DO YOU OFTEN HAVE OPENING BANDS [they had one this night] ?
KM. No, almost never. We're looking for a group with sort of a similar
    sound that we could tour with, but we haven't found one yet.

DM. I got blisters from the drum stick a while ago, and had to have some
    sort of bandage to protect it, but the bandage fell off real early
    tonight, and I had to concentrate on holding the stick right, pushing
    it back all the time to be able to play with it. It hurts. Did you

KM. We played in Lund yesterday, Linkoping today and Uppsala tomorrow,
    and all gigs are arranged by Smalands Nation [It's like a club for
    people from the same part of Sweden (in this case, Smaland) at the
    universities]. Tonight was better than yesterday in Lund though.

FE. About two years ago. Lars, Kalle and Daniel played in other groups
    before that. We're from Gothenburg. Earlier we were called Happy
    Everly After (they played us on the radio show 'Bommen') and then
    we changed it to Pipelines. Pet Sounds handled the distribution
    back then, but well, you know, they went down the drain and now
    we're called Mufflon 5. We're the same now as we were when we were
    signed to A West Side.

KM. Well, in an old sketch with Tage Danielsson [famous, now dead,
    swedish comedian], he said something about Mufflon sheep, which
    are some sort of sheep from Australia they have in Halland [a
    part of Sweden] and we grabbed that. We were in a hurry, and
    had to decide. We couldn't use just 'Mufflon' because it didn't
    sound right and we couldn't use 'Mufflon 4' which we wanted
    (with four members), because it would have been too much (haha).
    [4 is pronounced 'four' in swedish as well, but is also
    pronounced like 'f}r' which means 'sheep' in swedish.] so we
    just added 1. You know, there are a lot of groups with '5' in their
    names. Like The Jackson 5 and so on.
DM. It's till a bit embarrasing when someone asks what group I'm a
    member of. I say 'Mufflon 5' and they just say 'uh..', or they
    ask what the hell it means. But my dad thinks it's a great name

KM. It's really good. We like it. SNAP takes care of the distribution
    outside Sweden, and A West Side handles the domestic. We were up
    there [in Skelleftea, where the label headquarters are located]
    two months ago and met Bear Quartet, A Shrine, Blithe and Jocke.
    It was really great.

A. First, we sent a porta-studio demo to Jocke [the owner of A WS]
   but he lost the cover, so he didn't know who we were, but he liked
   it. Thought it was Bear Quartet and called them and asked even!
   Well, we didn't know anything about this then, but we sent another
   demo later on, around spring 1993, and he recognized the sound,
   and signed us on the spot. Then in october, 'Boca Juniors' was

KM. This week actually, SNAP is releasing a single we made for foreign
    distribution, called 'Freewheeling', througout Europe. It has 'The Size
    Of Buddha' on the back side. SNAP is changing name by the way to SOUP
    pretty soon now, because, you know, the group, Snap, wanting to take the
    case to court and all.. Oh well, we've been talking through our fax with
    a label in Canada/USA as well. They contacted us, after going through
    the complete A West Side stable and said they liked our sound. Pretty
    amazing isn't it? Well, it's the same label as Skinny Puppy is on
    [Northwood?] We're also looking at Japan through SNAP [or SOUP] as well.
    We've released a full-length CD, 'Boca Juniors' and a new full-length
    CD is to be released this autumn where the soft songs will be softer
    and the hard ones will be harder.

A. We did a Peel Session which is to be broadcasted really soon. Three
   new songs and one old one. It sounded awful though (haha). I wish
   we could have worked with them some more before we went into the

A. Yeah. The Bear Quartet Peel Session. It didn't sound like a live
   session, but it was great anyway.

A. We're still handling pretty much everything ourselves, for example,
   no-one moves our stuff for us. We have to do that, but everything
   has moved really fast. They play our songs on the radio even! We
   find that amazing, really.

KM. Well, Neil Young, Frank Zappa, Rolling Stones, Television, Cumberland,
    22 Pistepirkko, Sebadoh. 70's stuff, funk, jazz, whatever comes to
    mind. Did you hear any jazz influences tonight? In the slow songs?
    But yeah, we do have a lot of guitar-walls, and it's really extreme
    when we play live (haha).

KM. Both are really lousy these days. I mean, Suede. Even the latest stuff
    from Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr are low-marks.

A. Yeah, we made a video. We sent it to Intensiven [Indie show on
   the swedish television] but they thought it was too lousy to
   show. MTV did show it once though. On 120 Minutes. Paul King talked
   about us for a long while before he showed the video too! It was
   sometime in february 1994. Later, people told us they thought it
   was so 'B' it was cool. (Haha).

KM. Whipped Cream... they're boring. Easy is okay. I saw Fleshquartet
    last weekend - they're really good live. Really good. It's a pity
    Union Carbide doesn't exist anymore. They were great. Popsicle?
    Ahem.. naah. I really like one song by A Shrine by the way. On
    their first, or second EP. A slow one.

A. (Hahaha). We played in Karlstad once, and they had a disco (played
   dance music) before we were to play. There were about 800 people
   dancing in front of the stage. When we started to play, everyone
   left the floor. Everyone but eight people of which five were
   dressed in suits, loaded to the limit. They stage-dived..
A. No. No covers. Except once, a couple of years ago, when we played at
   a birthday party (one of ours) we played Neil Young, Beatles, Iggy
   Pop etc.

KM. Ahem. Well I was pretty nervous tonight.
FE. Me too.
DM. I thought it was great tonight. I wasn't nervous at all.
KM. We were all nervous yesterday though. It was our first gig since
    the 13th of december last year.

KM. I write the lyrics. Some of them are personal, but they get less
    and less personal these days. I work really hard with them. Sitting
    on my bed, thinking: 'Ok, I have to write lyrics to this music I'm
    listening to' and I get frustrated, which more than often, you can
    hear if you listen to them. I only write in english, because if I
    were to write in swedish, people listen a lot more to them, they
    seem to mean a lot more when they are in swedish, and I don't want
    that. It's the music that's important. The new ones, on the new
    CD is a lot more.. "out there" you know? Misty. Umm. I like swedish
    lyrics though, but there are so few who can write good swedish

KM. (Haha) Yeah.. we were interviewed by a guy from MM [Media for Musiker,
    a serious magazine for people in the music business.] and the headline
    in the magazine was "It ain't Easy". The story behind this: we have
    our studio below Easy's studio (in the same building), and we mentioned
    that they stole a riff they heard through the floor once, but we told
    him not to print that, because we like the guys, and we didn't mind
    them using that piece of music in one of their songs, but he used it
    as the headline. Embarrasing. When we asked him why the hell he wrote
    what we told him not to write, he just said "it was too hot to leave
    out". And we meet the guys in Easy every day in the stairs. Embarrasing.



Date: Fri, 22 Apr 94 12:22:45 +0200
Subject: is the ball rolling?


Just got my subscription reply which suggests a gratuitous opening post to let
people know I'm here- here goes!

I have just moved to Stockholm from Sydney Australia. I really enjoyed the
local/'indie'/generally unknown music scene there and I would like to tap
into a similar one in Stockholm. I don't know many names yet, but the kind
I'm after don't often appear in newspapers, and you don't have to pay hundreds
of crowns in overcrowded places to see them. I thought I'd just listen to the
discussion here and see if anything interesting comes up.

Some news (in case you live in stockholm and are interested and didn't know)
Brainpool are playing at stockholms university tonight (friday 22). I don't
know if they're good or not, but I have heard vaguely positive things from
some hip swedes.



Date: Sat, 23 Apr 1994 11:25:52 EET
From: "Albert Sigurdsson"  
Subject: I'm new on this list

	Hi there

I have a couple of Q's for you:
- Is the normal language for the list English ?
- How many subscrivers are there ?

I'm Icelandic, living in Finland (Helsinki).  

I have extensive knowledge of the Icelandic 'indie' scene and I am rapidly 
learning about the Finnish one.

My faves:

Iceland:  Risaedlan (Reptile), Dr Gunni, Bless, Sykurmolarnir (Sugarcubes),
          Purrkur Pillnikk, Theyr/Peir, Jupiters, Kolrassa, Texas Jesus,...etc.
Finland:  Radiopuhelimet, Sweetheart, Raptori, Scumbags, 22 Pistepirrkko,
	  Hassisen Kone, Sielun Veljet & Ne Luumaet.
Sweden:  Nomads.
Norway:  Bel Canto, Imperiet.

I have to admit that my knowledge of Dan, Swe, Nor music is quite limited.
Of course I'm aware of Eddie Skoller, Roxette & A-ha but the underground
does'nt travel easily btw. countries.  

I purchased a Combilation of Estonian Underground while visiting in Tallin
last summer.  So I've heard some samples from there, and I like them, but I'd 
like to know more.  Oak is now on the Bad Vugum label so I hope to see them
this summer.  

Does anyone have some info on a music festival in late may in Lithuania ?
I saw in Rumba (Finnish 'alt-music' magazine) that Cocteau Twins are coming
there.  Is anyone going there ?
And what about the festival in Estonia in august ?

Well, enough of my crap.  I dont even know if there is anyone on the list
to read this : -)


Ce n'est pas un P.S.

Albert Svan Sigurdsson,
Student of Geography,
University of Helsinki.

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