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Scandinavian Indie Digest      Fri Apr 01, 1994          Volume 1 : Issue 06

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Topics of the day:

  1. Addresses
  2. Bob Hund
  3. Blithe
  4. Bear Quartet (3)
  5. Festivals
  6. Pleasurehouse
  7. He Didn't Even Draw a Fish on my Shower Curtain
  8. Whipped Cream
  9. West Side Fabrication
 10. A West Side Fabrication Discography (beta!!!!!!)


Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:35:13 +0100
Subject: Addresses

About a month ago, wrote:

> I would also like to know about how I could get demo's from bands and stuff.

I have compiled a small list of addresses to Swedish 'indie' bands and
record labels below. You can probably get demos and things from them if
you write to them.

--------------------------------address list--------------------------------
                                                 (all of them are in Sweden)
Record Labels
A West Side Fabrication, Box 183, 931 33 Skelleftea
Blind Dog Records, Box 1316, 600 43 Norrkoping
Hultsfred Records, Box 170, 577 24 Hultsfred
Reel Records, Box 19003, 104 32 Stockholm
Telegram Records, Box 19003, 104 32 Stockholm
Voodoo Records, Box 27, 430 84 Styrso

Baby Lemonade   - Richard Karstrom, Sigfridsv. 7, 126 50 Hagersten
Bandits         - Oskar Svensson, Akerg. 21, 388 30 Ljungbyholm
Bear Quartet    - Nuottaniemi, Tunastigen 105, 951 58 Lulea
Beetroots       - Beetroots, c/o Edvin Wallnas, Bergsgatan 2A, 413 01 Goteborg
Blithe          - Blithe, Sodra Ersmarksg. 11, 903 36 Umea
Blue            - Blue, Furug. 7, 690 50 Vrettorp
Brain           - Lars Auby, Ulvasav. 9, 582 47 Linkoping
Brainpool       - Rooster Rock Prod., Hansi Friberg, Sodra Esp. 10, 223 54 Lund
Bramleys        - Patrik Heurlin, Osterg. 8, 261 32 Landskrona
Burst           - Mats Samuelsson, Vistv. 32B, 582 63 Linkoping
Chunks          - Martin Johansson, Jarnakrav. 13C, 222 25 Lund
Clawfinger      - MVG Records, Box 19003, 104 32 Stockholm
Cloudberry Jam  - Jorgen Warnstrom, Vasav. 27, 582 33 Linkoping
Crush           - Anders Lindgren, Ostra Kanalg. 18, 652 20 Karlstad
Curfew          - Johan Aspberg, Stenaldersg. 64, 582 68 Linkoping
Doris Days      - Hammarstrom, Kungsg. 6, 582 22 Linkoping
Dream           - Liljesson/Fritzon, Tycho Brahes g. 6, 415 17 Goteborg
Easy            - Johan Holmlund, Kastellg. 11, 413 07 Goteborg
Embarrasing Wednesday - Tommy Sorensen, Ekerodsvagen 8, 241 33 Eslov
Funhouse        - Mikael Hartle, Disponentg. 27, 211 57 Malmo
Ginko Biloba    - David Mortimer-Hawkins, Kristinebergsv. 16, 183 44 Taby
Gluebellies     - Ole Andersson, Nobbelovs Torg 25:1202, 226 52 Lund
Green           - Green, c/o Lars Wirt‚n, Sodra Esplanaden 30E, 223 52 Lund
Hardy Nilsson   - Janne Pettersson, Kopmansg. 16A, 931 31 Skelleftea
Honeyman        - Jocke Forsemalm, Vasag. 26D, 573 31 Tranas
Honeymoons      - Honeymoons, Radhusesplanaden 1, 902 38 Umea
Justine Ahead   - Jorgen Westergren, Osterleden 52F, 352 42 Vaxjo
Lick The Dog    - Peter Westman, Hantverksg. 6B, 737 48 Fagersta
Moulin Noir     - Anders Wikholm, Kopmansg. 47, 831 30 Ostersund
My Favourite Martians - Jesper Jansson, Nyg. 29, 602 34 Norrkoping
Nooners         - Nooners, Stobyg. 20, 281 39 Hassleholm
Page            - Marina Schiptjenko, Kungsholmsg. 58, 112 30 Stockholm
Paragraf 6      - Fredrik Kylberg, Furirg. 5, 583 47 Linkoping
Pimps & Pikes   - Ecke Jonsson, Bokbindareg. 4, 227 36 Lund
Pleasurehouse   - Bobo Brunnberg, Petter Swartzg. 8, 602 35 Norrkoping
Poodle          - Mattias Ulmner, S:ta Gertruds v. 169, 593 41 Vastervik
Pooneil         - Martin Carlsson, Frimastareg. 24, 415 07 Goteborg
Prank           - Peter Swedenhammar, Konstruktorsg. 74, 582 66 Linkoping
Puppyfield      - Fredrik Hakansson, Kloxhultsv. 32, 343 34 Almhult
Pure Pain       - Tango Train Productions, Langv. 24, 752 56 Uppsala
Rain            - Martin Aamot, Mossv. 5B, 441 40 Alingsas
Rhinos          - Mats Arbing, Blasgatan 2, 414 63 Goteborg
Rust            - Patrik Andersson, Norra Promenaden 129B, 602 19 Norrkoping
Scents          - Micael Boss, Viderupsv. PL 268, 240 32 Flyinge
Send No Flowers - Goran Gruber, Nya Tanneforsv. 29B, 582 31 Linkoping
Seventh Wave    - Mikael Westerlund, Idrottsg. 21A, 593 50 Vastervik
Shivering Spines - Sven-Ake Svensson, Hallmansv. 30, 554 48 Jonkoping
Shoplifters     - Info Service, Lars Wivallius v.8, 291 46 Kristianstad
Sinners         - Sinners, Box 1673, 221 01 Lund
Soapflakes      - Lasse Bjorn, Styrmansg. 3, 593 32 Vastervik
Spoon           - Spoons Prylservice HB, Agren, Skarpskyttev. 26B, 226 42 Lund
Staffan Hellstrand - Staffan Hellstrand, Musikalv. 61, 142 43 Trangsund
Suredo          - Ulf Stenport, Bantorget 1B, 582 21 Linkoping
Surreal         - Martin Wegeland, Box 8, 430 20 Veddinge
Teabags         - P. Lind‚n, Kloverv. 31, 161 36 Bromma
Teddybears      - Pat Scab, Sagarg. 15, nb, 116 36 Stockholm
Tipping Cows    - Adam Starck, Stattutg. 45, 554 47 Jonkoping
Trampsquad      - Jonas Flyckt, Ryds All‚ 7:115, 582 51 Linkoping
Tulip           - Pia Persson, Platav. 24, 191 50 Sollentuna
Wagon           - Ulf Ekerot, Sandgardsg. 1, 352 33 Vaxjo
Wannadies       - Par Wiksten, Asg. 31C, 931 40 Skelleftea
Waterbug        - Pelle Hedlund, c/o Hogdin, Mattssonsliden 8, 413 18 Goteborg
Watermelon Men  - Imre von Polgar, Karlbergsv. 47A, 113 35 Stockholm
Wirehead        - Fredrik Kjellin, Granby Tvarg. 2, 754 32 Uppsala
Zoobox          - Glenn Halvarsson, Kalgardsg. 4C, 414 69 Goteborg


Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:35:37 +0100
Subject: Bob Hund

About a month ago, Robert Cumming  wrote:

 but I *would* like to talk/hear about Bob Hund -- their album (I bought
 it in Stockholm in December) is the first I've got really excited about
 in ages. Firstly it is remarkable to hear a really good non-English-lyrics
 band from _anywhere_, it is nothing short of astonishing that they
 sound as boundary-breakingly good as they do...  If there was any justice
 in the world they'd be huge over here and I could go and see them live.

Okay, people around here would say that _everyone_ have heard Bob Hund,
or they have been locked up somewhere. I haven't heard Bob Hund, and
I haven't been locked up, but from what I hear, they are about 100%
better live than on a recording, so they were scheduled to play here in
Linkoping on the 4th of February, but had to cancel due to their drummer
smashing his hand into a sharp pyramid-object of some sort (Souls came
instead). Well, the next time they are playing here is on the 9th of April
(with Eggstone) and I'll be there, hearing them for the first time. I'll
post a review of the concert when it happens.


Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:35:24 +0100
Subject: Blithe

A month ago, (David Bennison) wrote:

> We've discussed Popsicle, a band I never new existed till I got on this
> list. Howzabout any info on Blithe, a Swedish band who I first heard on
> the John Peel show a couple of months ago doing what sounded like a great
> Jonathan Richmond type 2 minute track called Bike Helmet which was great.
> I've also heard another track called Plush Boy?! and they did a Peel
> Session this weekend. None of it was half as good as Bike Helmet I thought.
> Anyone care to tell me more about their releases?

Of course! Blithe (pronounced Blajth) are Johan Nilsson (drums, backing
vocals), Mattias Norlander (guitar), Nils Forsberg (bass), Emil Odling
(vocals, guitar). They have released two full-lenth CDs "Pagan Rituals
Under a Midnight Sun" (1992) and "Head is Mighty" (1993) both on the
"A West Side Fabrication" label. They have also appeard on two (that I
know of) compilations: "North Of No South - One" (1992) and "West Side.
Strikes Back Vol IV" (1993). Blithe is the third swedish band who got to
do a Peel Session after Whipped Cream and Bear Quartet. Mufflon 5 will
(have?) also do one as the fourth swedish band.

I'd say Blithe sounds like Bear Quartet, without the rough edges/intentional
false chords now-and-then. :) They toured Sweden together with BQ last year,
and that probably says something about their sound.

On "North Of No South - One", they appeared with:
                              'Ugly'                - Really good track.
                              'The Vanishing Boy'   - Also a good track, sounds
                                                      a bit like Sugar..

On "West Side. Strikes Back Vol. IV", they appeared with:
                                      'Wallace Wood'       - Great Track!

"Pagan Rituals Under a Midnight Sun" (WeCD 038) (Time: 49.48) contains:
 Born To Be Bored, Sometimes, Paul, Lauren and me, 090, The Rainday,
 First It Seems, Holocaust Honey, True Believer (part 1), True Believer
 (part 2) (the return of popmusic), Lying Awake Considering a Move,
 Ok Today, Counting Sheep

"Head Is Mighty" (WeCD 057) (Time: 40.33) contains:
 No Comfort Holden, Hellstreet, Head is Mighty, Lost In The Attic,
 Bikehelmet, She's So Strange, Plushboy, Megababe, Goner, Football Field,
 Enemy, Leavingsong, Big One

I'd say my favourite tracks are 'Wallace Wood', 'True Believer', 'Goner'
and 'Enemy', but most of them are about as good as the others anyway. :)
Bikehelmet isn't really their normal sound, but it does give you an idea
to how the "Head Is Mighty" album sounds sort of.

Anyone who likes Bear Quartet would like Blithe (and Puffin as well)
I think. Puffin and Bear Quartet have a lot in common, and I'm not sure
of which one of them I like the most myself.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm sure I have a couple of articles about
Blithe somewhere as well. I'll look for them.


Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:35:49 +0100
Subject: Bear Quartet

Petter Tiilikainen  wrote:

> A short review of Bear Quartet's recently released EP, Revisited.

I have to agree with you. It's a brilliant EP, and it is worth the
money you pay for it, if you collect BQ stuff, or are a heavy fan.
My criticism of it though, is that it's nothing new. If you have
Penny Century, Cosy Den and Family Affair, you have heard these
songs before. Not exactly like this, but in some way or another.

When I hear "I'm Slow" and "Hot Meal", I have the feeling I've heard
them both before somewhere. Maybe they played them when they were here?
Maybe they are on some compilation CD under different names? Though
"I'm Slow" along with "Revisited" are the only tracks with somewhat

"Wear That Jacket" is ... excellent due to it's diversity and sharp
edges. I'm sure it's made to sound that way. Like an early Dino Jr
track. Slower than slow, but still interesting due to the guitar-

"Capital Breath" sounds new though, and is probably the best song on
the EP. Got that BQ feeling, in BQ speed, Jari playing some small
tunes on the side that you could easily hear on a Dino Jr album, if
you listen carefully. The pace is somewhat like "I Got The Door" on
Penny Century, which still is my favourite BQ album.

"Hrnn Hrnn"


Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:36:13 +0100
Subject: Bear Quartet

Kimmo S{{skilahti  wrote:

> So "Family Affair" was considered as a mini-album in Sweden?
> Here in Finland they charged 124,90 Fmk for it (fortunately, as I
> reported yesterday, I got it with a reduced price)!

No, not here anyway. I didn't pay full price for it, but it was only
because of that I'm a member of the local rock club, so the local
record stores have 'specials' for members, with special prices every
week. I'm not sure how much I paid though it was below 100 SEK.

> Sounds great!  The only slight complaint that I had with "Family
> Affair" was that the vocals were not very audible!

The vocals on the EP are very good. Probably worth it if you're hooked
on BQ. :)

> Does anyone know if A West Side Fabrication has a mail order service?
> Or if there is a mail order company in Sweden that has their releases
> in stock?  Or even if there is a shop in Finland which has their stuff???

Not that I know of. You can write to West Side and ask though (see earlier
message about addresses for the address). Jocke Wallstrom (the owner and
the mind behind the company) is very friendly (he said so himself when he
was here at the Bear Quartet/Blithe concert anyway), so a nice letter would
probably do.


Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:36:00 +0100
Subject: Bear Quartet

Kimmo S{{skilahti  wrote:

> Is this list dead, or is it dizzy? 

It is somewhat sleeping I think. I'm back (only for a day though) to
write a bit, but I hope it will start some discussions anyway. :)

> I had heard a couple of great tracks by Bear Quartet already before,
> but was I surprised when I heard their latest album, "Family Affair"!
> A local 'megastore' is going out of business and I managed to find the
> CD in the 'everything must go' sale for a reasonable price, on top of
> everything great!  For those of you, who are not familiar with the
> band's sound, I might say that they sound a bit like Dinosaur Jr.
> (when they were interesting) and Pavement, just like thousand other
> bands, but Bear Quartet does it only much better than the rest in the
> genre.

I like what I hear. :) Yes, they _do_ sound a but like Dino Jr, and
a bit like Pavement. And it's kind of amazing (I think) that they are
from Sweden. Makes me feel a bit proud it does.  John Peel was
astonished when he first heard them, and decided to look into more
swedish bands because of BQ, so they are definately something special.
And, like I said, they have sweden's best guitarrist, Jari. He's
amazing on stage _and_ on recordings.

> What is interesting is that I can't really say what is the particular
> aspect that makes them so divine and superior to their competitors.
> Their songs are good, they play well, the sound is fine, lyrics seem
> to be well-written (haven't checked them from the inlay card yet), but
> none of these factors alone can explain the monstrous effect on me.
> Rather it is something that goes beyond the surface... something that
> seems very wise....warm...human... (I admit this sounds quite naive
> and romantic, but that's the way I am :-)

There are only lyrics for a couple of the songs (if I remember it right)
but.. well, they are of a modest genre. Not very special, and not
clich‚-like either. They are good enough though. :) And you're absolutely
right about trying to get what's so special about BQ. I'm not sure either.
I know that they just stuck to me the first time I heard them, and I've
bought everything they've released ever since with just as much joy
as the first one.

> Anyway, what I'd like to know (if anyone's still reading) is if their
> other releases are as ecstatic?  I seem to remember that they released
> not only the above mentioned album last year, but two others as well!
> Any other bits of info are most appreciated as well.

Yes, they are just as good, though I like their first one (Penny Century)
the best, but I guess it's because it was the first one I heard. Though
Hrnn Hrnn, I Got The Door and Headacher are definately worth the price
for the whole CD. (The CD contains: The Juiceman, Headacher, 20, Hrnn Hrnn,
Spoon, Bob, Private Sue, Dead Speedy, Tenderversion, Elvis Beach,
I Got The Door, Sandi Morning, Broke). They have a couple of tracks on
compilations as well:

On: "Life Is A Joke" (Rainbow Music) (1993) - '7th'
 - Strange track. Really. Disted vocals and nothing like whatever they
   have released.

On: "West Side. Strikes Back Vol IV" (West Side) (1993) - 'Great Thing'
 - Wonderful. Amazing. One of the best BQ tracks.

The West Side compilation one is highly recommended in case you don't
have it already. It's one of their best songs (I think). There are loads
of info on BQ if you want it. I have an interview I did with them when
they played here, articles etc. Let me know if you want me to type 'em
in, okay?

> Another CD I picked up from the sale was "Carnivore" by Puffin.  It
> sounds great as well, a bit more Boo Radley-ish at times maybe.  I
> haven't had time to give it many a spin yet, as you surely understand
> from my rambling above.

Yes! You should listen to it a couple of times more. You made the
right choice when you decided to buy that one. It's BQ, with a not
so ... new-wave-like song. One of my favourites as a matter of fact.
(Too bad I recorded about 4 songs from it on the tape I sent you).
They are playing here in May, so I'll interview them then, and write
a concert review as well. They are probably sweden's second best
'indie' band right now. (or first.. I can't decide between them and
Bear Quartet). Puffin was called 'In The Flesh' before, and appeared
on a couple of compilations as well:

"North of No South - One" with: 'Snow'      - Completely okay. Fast beat.
                                'Slowtime'  - A Great tune. Dist vocals.

"Life Is A Joke" - with: 'Ooh!'
 - Okay track, but nothing like Carnivore. More like A Shrine.

> Finally, another A West Side Fabrication band has been getting quite a
> lot of radio play here in Finland lately (even I have heard one or
> their songs twice, and I don't own a radio!).  The band is Carpe Vade,
> or Carpe Wade, or Karpe Vade, or... you get the picture.  Well, the
> name may be totally wrong also, my memory is a bit hazy on this
> subject. Anyway, their song "Medicine" sounded quite fine, reminding me of
> Therapy?.  The DJ on the radio said it was from their just released
> debut album.  Any info, opinions, reviews?

Yeah yeah! It's Carpe Wade, and you're right. They just released their
debut album. I'm sorry to say that I haven't heard a _song_ from
them yet. They swedish radio (P3) broadcasted a concert with them a
while ago, but I didn't catch it. I'll look into them though now when
I'm going to Stockholm this weekend, as well as the new Fireside
debut album. They say both are worth checking out, so I will. :)

> Sorry this got so long (once again), but there hasn't been a lot of
> traffic lately.

Well this one got long too. :) Hope it's okay with the rest of you.
Swedish indie music is my life! 


Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:36:28 +0100
Subject: Festivals

Kimmo S{{skilahti  wrote:

> The first news about the line-up for forthcoming Roskilde Festival in
> Denmark have reached the distant shores of Finland.  According to
> today's morning paper the festival will be held 30.6 - 3.7. and the
> line-up will include at least Boo Radleys, Grant Lee Buffalo and 
> Tindersticks.  The first of the headlining acts was also revealed,
> namely Aerosmith (who cares?).

I heard a couple of others that were coming as well, but I don't
remember now. I _think_ Smashing Pumpkins were among them anyway,
which can't be missed.

> The festival is probably the best in Scandinavia, so if you happen to
> be around at summertime, don't miss it!

Are there several people on this list who are going? Would be nice
to arrange something (because if we decide to meet there, we'll
never meet at all. There's too much people, too large place, too
much stuff to do etc, so we'd better meet before, somewhere).
I'm going with my girlfriend Jenny. Anyone else?

> I'm sure our Danish readers will give more info on this (do we have
> any yet?)

Not that I know of, unfortunately. Maybe I should post a couple of
ads for the list again somewhere.

> Just wondering if anyone has heard anything new about bands scheduled
> for the summer festivals in Finland, Sweden, Denmark??

They are selling tickets to the Hultsfred festival already here, but
I haven't seen any lists of bands that are coming yet. It'll come
though. Last year, the lists started to appear around town around
late april - early may. I heard about a festival in Norway on the
UK Indie list (I think) that someone recommended. Anyone from Norway
know more about it?

> Inquiring minds want to know...

Indeed. News about festivals? POST THEM! Please! (Bruce Scott TK) wrote:

> When dates and places for the summer Open Airs up North become known,
> could someone post them to the list? It is a bit far, but if they are
> late enough I might make one.

Agreed. I'll post as soon as I know more about any scandinavian (and
northern europe) festivals. Anyone have the schedule for PinkPop
(in Holland) 22-23 May? I got an invitation, but all I've heard
about it is that Rage Against The Machine will play this year also.


Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:36:58 +0100
Subject: Pleasurehouse wrote:

> It is therefore time for me to ask again some question about this band
> (Pleasurehouse) that I have never been able to listen to but whose "This is
> how it feels ep" is in bargain in my record shop ! Is it worth buying it ?
> How does the band sound ? Is there any relation with the Inspiral Carpets
> song ?

The EP was only released outside Sweden, so you probably should pick it
up (if not for yourself, to send it over to me :)).

> The EP contains 4 songs : "Cindy", "This is how it feels", "Perfect summer"
> and "Happy when you leave" and, in spite of what Erik could probably think
> :-), the band plays the same kind of music than Popsicle, that is typical
> power-pop.

Hmm, yeah. Their old songs are a bit.. old. They feel old today anyway.
Do you have more information on the EP? On which label (cat #?), length
of the tracks, when it was released, producer etc? I'd like to know to
complete my pleasurehouse discography. Thanks!

> And I must say that I have been slightly disappointed by this EP. The
> overall sound on the EP is good but with the exception of "Cindy", their
> songs are not very good, a little boring... On the other hand, "Cindy"
> is really good ! It really reminds me some Popsicle songs (especially
> "Sandy", and not only for the names of the songs :-) and there are some
> catchy tunes that work well.

I have to admit that I like the music, but the singing isn't that great
when it comes to Pleasurehouse. And it probably won't change either,
as the singer is still in the band  but who knows. They are still
looking for a new guitarrist, and I still don't know which one of them
quit, but the ads are still up at the record stores around town here.

> In the interview, the band said that this song was written by their new
> member and that the other songs were quite old. So perhaps there are good
> chances that their new songs sound like "Cindy"...

Yeah, I hope so. I'll write to Niklas (guitar) in a week or two to get
some more information on what's happening.

> Can anyone (well, Erik seems to be the only person caring about
> Pleasurehouse...) tell which direction they are taking now ? Is the new
> member bringing poppier things to their music ?

I'll do another interview with them if I can, and ask that question.
According to what they said the last time though, he's bringing a lot
of inspiration and ideas to the band, so I guess Cindy is a good sign
on what's coming.


Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:37:32 +0100
Subject: He Didn't Even Draw a Fish on my Shower Curtain

About a month ago, Kevin Carhart  wrote:

> Has anyone heard the compilation CD _He Didn't Even Draw a Fish on my
> Shower Curtain_?  I think there are some tracks by bands from the 
> Scandinavian countries.  It's a really excellent compilation of psychedelia
> and some covers.

Never heard of it even! Could you please post information about it? Like
groups / tracks, who released it and when etc? Thanks!


Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:38:05 +0100
Subject: Whipped Cream

About a month ago, I wrote:

> I don't know which of these are on the "& Other Delights" album, because
> they say that "most of the songs are really new, and are from the forth-
> coming album".. and that was November 1993. I don't think "& Other Delights"
> came out after that, so most songs aren't out yet.

And I was right! :) The new songs they played are now released on the brand
new (third) album "HorseMountain" (Snap records). Here's a small review from
a paper:

 "If you want to surprise your audience, you have to teach it what it's
  supposed to expect. Whipped Cream from Gothenburg have, in that way,
  been swedens most explicit band. They have created their own small
  world of dreamy, slow and psychedelic guitar-rock, full of perculiar
  small sounds and sensually whispering voices. On their third album,
  they suddenly play the role of being a hard-rock band, or more accurate,
  a heavy rock-band from the early ages of hard-rock. Still with a strong
  psychedelic feeling, but now with the pedal to the metal, where on earlier
  albums, you would only feel a hint to something like that. Though there
  _are_ whirling slow-ish tracks as well. They touch the edges (even a drum-
  solo, the total provocation against good rock-taste). It is like if they
  just suddenly came through the door, full of joy to discover whatever might
  be there. They try everything, with a happy look in their eyes. The single
  "You and I" belongs to one of the best the group has ever made, but it
  resembles Electric Boys more than WC's own past. Whipped Creams
  "HorseMountain" breaths freedom."

There's a picture as well with the text: "Whipped cream tries everything
with a happy look in their eyes. Jorgen Cremonesei and Elisabeth Punzi
have, together with the rest of the band, transformed into a hard-rock
band and sounds like... Electric Boys."

I'd say listen before you buy, again. :) Sounds good though from what I
have heard on the bootleg. Real good.


Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:37:47 +0100
Subject: West Side Fabrication

Petter Tiilikainen  wrote:

> Regarding A West Side.. there is a lot of crap on that label as well, but
> other bands on the label are that I think are good:
> . Fireside  (popcore a la Quicksand, one EP released
>             (soft boy) with a full-length album +
>             another EP to follow)

Hmm do you have the West Side cat #, and more info on this one? I'd like
a full review if you have the time?

> . A Shrine  (I've only got 'Li and Friends' and that is
>             the only release I know of...)

They have also released an EP called "Glace" (WeCD 056) (1993) that I
think you should check out. I found it at a record fair (they have two
each year, and it's time for another one in May. Mmmm.. :)) Anyway,
the EP contains: 'Hi', 'Only Rider', 'Benito', 'Blimp', 'G As The Movie'.

> . Blithe    (I've been told that their latest album should
>             be as good as BQ, even tho I don't know,
>             cos I haven't heard it (Only heard a few songs..)

It isn't _as_ good, but it is _good_. Better than "Pagan Rituals..."
in case you got that one. Worth the 125 SEK I paid for it anyway. :)

> . Stardog   (I've only seen them live, + heard one song from
>             A West Side strikes... vol IV, and it was
>             impressive.... Heavier than most of the other
>             bands on West Side....)

Hehe, I have only heard them live (on the radio) and the track on
the West Side compilation. They played three or four songs on the
radio, with A Shrine anyway, in case someone wants a copy that is.
Okay.. not _that_ good, but okay.

> . Mufflon 5 (Dinosaur wanna-bees? Well maybe... but it's good!)
>             Got one album called 'Boca Juniors' and it's cool...

I think I have heard _one_ song, but they're playing here on the
4th or 5th of April (in a week or so..) so I'll catch them then,
and write a review etc. :) Mmmmm..


Date: Thu, 24 Mar 1994 22:38:32 +0100
Subject: A West Side Fabrication Discography (beta!!!!!!)

A WEST SIDE FABRICATION                                      v1.0  10-Mar-94
Label discography                                    by
Catalog#  Form  Year  Group/Artist           Title

We 001    MC    86    West European Politics God's Name In Vain
We 002    7"    87    West European Politics Delirium Is A Disease Of The Night
We 003    MC    87    Compilation            Musikfabriken
We 004    MC    87    This Perfect Day       Christ, Marx, Wood and Wei
We 005    7"    88    West European Politics Dej  Vu
We 006    7"    88    Genre Happy            Hit The Happiness
We 007    7"    88    This Perfect Day       Songs About Love And Affection
We 008    7"    89    Tekman                 Welcome
We 009    7"    89    Wannadies              The Beast Cures The Lover
We 010    LP    89    West European Politics Slugging For...
We 011    7"    89    West European Politics Women
We 012    TS    92    T-shirt                Popmusic Ruins Your Brain
We 013    LP    90    Compilation            From A Northern Place
We 014    7"    90    This Perfect Day       Balcony Love
We 015    7"    90    Livingstone            Half A Lifetime
We 016    7"    90    Mary*Go*Round          Plays Golden Hits
We 017    MP    90    Holger Danske          Holger Danske
We 018    7"    90    The Waiting Rain       Sail
We 019    7"    90    Mindre Modiga M„n      Tysta M„n
We 020    7"    91    The Boom Band          Osynlig V„n
We 021    LP    91    Compilation            A West Side Fabrication Vol 2
We 022    7"    91    Holger Danske          Water From The Moon
We 023    7"    91    This Perfect Day       Postcard Summers
We 024    7"    91    Tins & Cans            Mission
We 025    7"    91    Send No Flowers        Learning French
We 026    7"    91    Mindre Modiga M„n      Vackra Ann
We 027    LP    91    Tins & Cans            Trancemission
WeCD 027  CD    91    Tins & Cans            Trancemission
We 028    LP    91    Mindre Modiga M„n      L”gnerna Och Sanningen
WeCD 028  CD    91    Mindre Modiga M„n      L”gnerna Och Sanningen
We 029    MC    91    Popsicle               Popsicle
WeCD 030  CD    92    Compilation            This Is A West Side Fabrication
WeCD 031  CD    92    Compilation            15 Songs To The Spring
We 032    LP    92    Cod Lovers             Pretty Things
WeCD 032  CD    92    Cod Lovers             Pretty Things
WeCD 033  CD    92    Popsicle               Template
WeCD 034  CD    92    Mindre Modiga M„n      Sn„lla Mamma
We 035    7"    92    The Bugs               Bumble Bee
WeCD 036  CD    92    The Waiting Rain       Another Mental Earthquake
WeCD 037  CD    92    The Bear Quartet       Penny Century
WeCD 038  CD    92    Blithe                 Pagan Rituals Under A Midnight Sun
WeCD 039  CD5   93    Holger Danske          I Am Here
WeCD 040  CD5   93    Mindre Modiga M„n      Lyckligare D†
WeCD 041  CD    93    Stardog                Champions
WeCD 042  CD    93    Pleasurehouse          Marseille
WeCD 043  CD    93    Holger Danske          Hank vs Hank
WeCD 044  CD    93    Mindre Modiga M„n      K†gedalen
WeCD 045  CD    93    The Bear Quartet       Cosy Den
WeCD 046  CD    93    Compilation            West Side Strikes Back Vol IV
WeCD 047  CD5   93    Stardog                The Godrats EP
WeCD 048  CD5   93    Holger Danske          Pitch Vs Frequenzy EP
WeCD 049  CD5   93    Mindre Modiga M„n      Sa Dom P† Radion
WeCD 050  
WeCD 051  
WeCD 052  
WeCD 053  
WeCD 054  
WeCD 055  
WeCD 056  CD5   93    A Shrine               Glace
WeCD 057  CD    93    Blithe                 Head Is Mighty
WeCD 058  
WeCD 059  CD    93    Mufflon 5              Boca Juniors
WeCD 060  
WeCD 061  CD    93    The Bear Quartet       Family Affair
WeCD 062  CD    93    Puffin                 Carnivore
WeCD 063  CD5   93    Blue                   Popsong EP
WeCD 064  CD    93    Hardy Nilsson          Žr Det V„rt Det?
WeCD 065  
WeCD 066  
WeCD 067  
WeCD 068  
WeCD 069  CD5   94    Puffin                 Medium Cool E.P.
WeCD 070  
WeCD 071  CD5   94    The Bear Quartet       Revisited E.P

(West Side together with Telegram Records:)

WeT 1     CD    93    A Shrine               Li & Friends
WeT 2     CD    93    Blue                   Blue

End of SI Digest #1.06

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