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  6. Swedish "softer" Indie
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  8. Forwarded Mail: Re: Good Day!
  9. Introducing myself
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 11. FTP Site Update
 12. Popsicle live on radio!


Date:    Fri, 11 Feb 94  18:47:32 EST
From:    Stephen Wood 
Subject: New Member intro


I'm really pleased that Erik has taken the time to set up this list!

My name is Stephen and over the last few years I've become quite the
indie-pop maven.  My tastes revolve mostly around melodic jangle bands
such as those appearing on the Sarah, Sunday, Waaaaa!, Marsh Marigold,
Mermaid, Turntable Friend and Brilliant labels.  I also love a slew of
bands on the 4AD label.  Anyway, over the last few months I've been
made aware of some very accomplished Scandinavian bands:  Acid House
Kings, Red Sleeping Beauty, Mary Go Round, Happy Dead Men and Egg-
stone (to name a few.)  I was wondering if someone could point out
other bands that play in the same general indie-pop vein as those
named above.

Has anyone come across any good fanzines covering this region?  The
only one I've seen has been _Grimsby Fishmarket_ and that might not
even be Scandinavian... German?

I really look forward to seeing how this list evolves!  I'm hoping
that we see a lot of input from Scandinavians themselves.  It should
prove to be both interesting and enlightening to cover an area of the
world that has been neglected in the usual media forums.



Date: Sat, 12 Feb 94 6:55:41 EST
From: Richard Metcalf 

                      ???????  ???????  ?????        ?
                           ?        ?   ?   ?        ?
                          ?        ?    ?   ?        ?
                         ?        ?     ?????        ?
                        ?        ?      ?   ?        ?
                       ?        ?       ?   ?  ?     ?
                      ??????   ??????   ?   ?  ???????

                  ?????   ????    ????   ???????   ???????
                  ?   ?   ?  ?    ?  ?    ?    ?   ?
                  ?????   ????    ?  ?    ?    ?   ???????
                  ?       ?  ?    ?  ?    ?    ?         ?
                  ?       ?   ?   ????   ???????   ???????

The LATEST news from Zzaj Productions, publishers of the 'zine
"IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION" is that there HAVE been just (barely)
enough subscriptions received to CONTINUE the 'zine for one
more year.  We still hope, of course, that MANY MORE volkz will
order a subscription, to enable us to expand the 'zine that 
LaDonna Smith (in the latest edition of 'the Improvosior' 
magazine) called "the immensely informative networking

The offer of a "free" copy of the ZZAJ 1994 Sampler tape with
a subscription will continue through the last day of February
1994.  Subscriptions are $8.00 (4 issues) & single-copy price
is $2.25.  Artists/tapes included on the sampler include:

     from MESSIN' 'ROUND, Zzaj & John Herron (Drummer, SLC, Utah)

     from STRANGE ATTRACTORS, Zzaj & synthmeister KRAMTONES, Olympia, 

     from NECESSARY ILLUSIONS, Zzaj & poetess Belinda Subraman, 
                               El Paso, Texas

     the THING from Columbus, Zzaj, wacky wordbender Ficus
Strangulensis from 
                              West Virginny and "out" beat poet John
M. Bennett 
                              from Columbus Ohio

     nEW dIRECTIONS, Zzaj, Jeff Olson & Stacey Gravatt from Branson,

Since it's been DECIDED that "I.N." can/WILL continue, please pass
this post
along to ANY AND ALL you know who play/sing/write, etc., etc.  I'm in
need of new material for issue # 12!  Tell them to send it QUICK!

Send all orders/review material to:

Dick Metcalf
UNIT 15015, POB 2879
APO AP 96218-0171

You can also reach me at:



Date: Sat, 12 Feb 94 6:56:55 EST
From: Richard Metcalf 

Zzaj Productions is in need of ANY e-mail address information
you may have that will allow me to get in contact over
INTERNET with the following groups/labels/artists:

NOTE:  Make sure you tell these folks that if they MENTION
       you when contacting me (& INCLUDE your address), 
       I'll send you a *free* copy of "I.N."

John Dobie, POB 796, London SE20 7UD

October Music, POB 439 Reading RGI 4DE UK

Tall Poppies Records, POB 373 Globe NSW 2037

VKH-Tonesetters, Groenhovestratt 38, B-8820, Torhout Belgium

Moonfood Records, POB 1109, Astor Station, Boston MA

O.O. Discs, Inc., 502 Anton St., Bridgeport, CT 06606-2121

Rachot, Postboks Nr. 515, 2200 Copenhagen, Denmark

Barry Chabala, 510 DaVsel Rd., Landing, NJ 07850

Jazzhaus Musik, Venloer Str. 40, Koln 1, Germany

2nd Floor Edition, Hans-Martin Muller, Wissmannstr 30 
D-5000, Koln 30, Germany

Aria L. DiSalvio, 1535 Hatcher Crescent, Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Dennis Warren, 13 Murray St., Apt 12, Chelsea MA 02140-1323

Gary Hassay, 908 N. Penn St., Allentown, PA 18102

Hilary Double-D, 2312 Spalding Ave., Berkeley, CA 94703

Bruce's Fingers, 24 Chauntry Rd., Haverhill, Suffolk England CB98BE

Sound and Fury, c/o M. Reams, POB 10331, Greensboro, N.C. 27404

SST Records, POB 1, Lawndale, CA 90260

Capella Verlag, Blucherstr. 35, D-6200 Weisbaden, Germany

John Mettam, 20 Powderhouse Blvd., Somerville, MA 02144

Chris Millner, 1721 37th Ave., Oakland, CA 94601

Jose Conroy, 3706 Warner Ave., Louisville, KY 40207-3732

NoMan'sLand, Postfach 11 04 49, D-8700 Wurzburg, Germany

VOTP Records, 29-A Connaught St., London W22A4, UK

Paul Hoskin, POB 20273, Columbus Circle Station, NY NY 10003

Sumac, Jill Burton, 2200 NE 7th St., Gainseville, FL 32604

Mike Havancsek, Pointless Music, 1889 Algonquin, Kent OH 44240

Rastacan Records, POB 3073, San Leandro CA 94578-3073

Muworks, 111 4th Ave., HSA NY NY 10003

Wafer Face Records, Box 4272, Station A, Portland Maine 04101

Dennis Maxfield, 1607 Clark Ave., Cleveland OH 44109

Geoff Dugan 329 E. 12th St., # 7, NY NY 10003

Tom Djil, Soul on Rice Productions, 2312 Spalding Ave., Berkeley, CA

Bern Nix, New World Recordings, 701 Seventh Ave., NY NY 10036

Laughing Horse Records, 145 Second Ave., #26, NY NY 10003


Snailmail is:

Dick Metcalf
UNIT 15015, POB 2879
APO AP 96218-0171


Date: Sat, 12 Feb 1994 17:57:22 +0100
Subject: Scandinavian Indie Digest

Just to let you know that the first issue of the Scandinavian Indie
Digest is ready (and sent out to the digest subscribers). I will try
to get a directory for it on asap, but before that,
all issues will be available from in the directory
/pub/texts/uxu/SID, in case someone wants to check 'em out. :)

Swedish indie news coming up in a minute.



Date: Sun, 13 Feb 1994 12:10:40 -0500 (EST)
From: Jukka Westhues <>
Subject: New Member ...

Hello ...

I would like to take a brief moment to introduce myself.  MY name is 
Jukka Westhues (half-Finn/half-American).  I go to school at Wheaton 
College in Massachusetts here in the States.  I do not know that much 
about the Scandinavian indie scene, but I am very interested.  There are 
a few bands from Finland that I am very interested in (though, I don't 
know how indie they are).  They are Sielun Veljet, 22 Piste Pirkko, and 
Ismo Alanko (on his own, without the rest of Sielun Veljet).

I am very excited to learn as much as I possibly can, but I have to go 
now.  I hope to hear from you all soon.



Date: Mon, 14 Feb 1994 00:03:30 +0100
Subject: Swedish "softer" Indie

Stephen Wood  wrote:

> Anyway, over the last few months I've been made aware of some very
> accomplished Scandinavian bands:  Acid House Kings, Red Sleeping
> Beauty, Mary Go Round, Happy Dead Men and Eggstone (to name a few.)
> I was wondering if someone could point out other bands that play in
> the same general indie-pop vein as those named above.

To mention a few that are in the same "area" of indie as Happydeadmen
and Eggstone (I'd say they're not as "guitar-based" as the rest of
the indie scene, more Levellers-like);

 Honeymoons - Contact: Peter Rosenberg, Fabriksgatan 11, 903 31 Umea,
              Sweden. I have only heard them on compilations, and I'm
              not sure they have anything else out. Perhaps a single,
              I'll look into that though.

 Seashells - Contact: Mattias Jonsson, Sprakgrand 41, 907 33 Umea,
             Sweden. The same goes for Seashells. I have only heard
             them on compilations, and I don't know if they have
             released something else.

 Blue - Contact: A West Side Fabrication, Box 183, 931 22 Skelleftea,
        Sweden. They have released at least 1 MCD, 1 EP and 1 album
        and have appeared on a couple of compilations as well.

These are the ones that come to mind right now though I'm certain there
are more (anyone else knows?). There are a couple of compilation CD's
that would probably be of interest to those who wants to get a better
clue to the swedish indie scene;

 West Side. Strikes Back Vol IV  (A West Side Fabrication 1993)
 cat # WeCD 046 (see address above) with:
  Mindre Modiga Man, Popundret, The Bear Quartet, Pleasurehouse, Blithe,
  Hoger Danske, Optical Blue, Blodungen, Nuclear 45, Balanga, The Boom Band,
  Spacious Mind, Blue, Stardog, A Shrine, Hardy Nilsson, Garp, Family Butcher.

 Life Is A Joke  (Rainbow Music 1993)
 cat # RMCD 3020 (address: Rainbow Music, Hostvagen 5, 171 40 Solna, Sweden)
  Dish, Scents, Bloom, In The Flesh, False By West, Bear Quartet, Continental
  Soul Searchers, Honeymoons, Plain Good, Submarine Prophets, Singer, Suredo,
  Roots Of Echo, Souls, Searching For Beatrice.

 North Of No south Compilation One (North of No South 1992)
 cat # NONSCD-01 (address: North of No South, c/o Per Helin, Skolgatan 100,
 903 31 Umea, Sweden) with:
  Komeda, Blithe, In The Flesh, The Taste Of Raindrops, Satellite Circus,
  Seashells, Cloudberry Jam, Honeymoons. (2 tracks from each group)

 Dogstew (Blind Dog 1993)
 cat # BDCD001 (address: Blind Dog, Box 1316, 600 43 Norrkoping, Sweden) with:
  Sonic Surf City, Persuaders, Cod Lovers, Rust, B-Gum Justice, Sallystream,
  The Brain, Hertzmans Plans, My Favourite Martians.



Date: Mon, 14 Feb 1994 00:04:01 +0100
Subject: Swedish Indie Magazines

Stephen Wood  wrote:

> Has anyone come across any good fanzines covering this region?  The
> only one I've seen has been _Grimsby Fishmarket_ and that might not
> even be Scandinavian... German?

Hmm, there are a couple of fanzines and of course some regular magazines
as well, though I don't have information on more than these at the moment:

Nowhere   (address: Martin Gelin, Storholmsv. 48, 132 31 Saltsjo-Boo)

Sound Affects  (address: Sound Affects, Box 1617, 600 46 Norrkoping, Sweden)
               subscriptions (6 issues/year) with flexi w/each issue:
               Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland: 195 Swedish Crowns
               Europe: 270 Swedish Crowns
               Rest of the world: 300 Swedish Crowns

Pop  (address: Pop, Box 26023, 100 41 Stockholm, Sweden)
               subscriptions (6 issues/year): 195 Swedish Crowns

None of these are specialized on the Swedish Indie scene, but cover it
well enough I think. I recommend Sound Affects highly. All of them are
written in Swedish.


Date: Mon, 14 Feb 1994 11:55:26 +0100
Subject: Forwarded Mail: Re: Good Day!

Just a reminder to use the address when posting
to the list, and not the "-request" address. Here's the forwarded mail:

>From Mon Feb 14 11:33:13 1994
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 94 09:53:35 GMT
From: (David Bennison)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: Good Day!
Status: R

>                       Sugarcubes/Bjork
>       Ok. Broaden my mind.... What else is out there? I've been
> listening to the Sugarcubes since Life's Too Good came out, and bjork has
> to have the best voice around...*sigh*
>       Anyway, hope to hear from y'all soon!

Err, well, much as it pains me to talk about Bjork and her irritating habits
of scrunching up her face, talking like a little girl, teetering on one foot
and wearing ridiculous clothes, all at the same time, her pre-sugarcubes stuff
was pretty good. Einar manages to keep ahold of his ego and wails far less than 
he did in the sugarcubes. The band was K.U.K.L, I know far less about them than 
most other people on this list I'd imagine. They released The Eye, and another 
LP, both on the Crass label and the Eye at least shows Bjork and band (about 75% 
of the Sugarcubes I think) in a less pop mode. The sound seemed more spaceous, 
weird but not weird for weird sake with a little more tribal dub/drums thrown 
in. Most of the lyrics were in Icelandic and therefore added to their general 
mystique. Bjorks vocals seemed a mix of uninteligable whispers and occasional 
cries, which seemed to assist and accompany the music more than when she was in 
the Sugarcubes and her likkle-girl vocals seemed to detract, almost as much as 
Einar. By the way, I'm still puzzled as to how Bjork gets top of the most 
desirable women lists every year. A grown woman with kids for gods sake!


end forward


Date: Mon, 14 Feb 1994 12:11:10 +0100 (MET)
From: "Henrik Sj\vdin" 
Subject: Introducing myself

Hi people!
I just wanted to drop you a few lines about myself....
I live and study psychology and computer sciences here in Stockholm, and I'm 
19 years old. I play the keyboards in a band myself (sort of a mix of the 
Smiths, Popsicle, Bruce Springsteen, and the Pet Shop Boys :)
Favorite Nordic indie bands: Popsicle, This Perfect Day, Brainpool, Bjork.

		Looking forward to participating in the discussions...

				/Henrik Sjodin (


Date: Mon, 14 Feb 1994 12:01:09 +0000 (GMT)
From: King James IV 
Subject: K.U.K.L

	I have to admit that i've never heard of this band - is any stuff
still available? As for bjorks likkle girl vocals - i'd agree with you as
far as the majority of songs on Life's Too Good and virtually everything
on Here Today, Tommorrow, Next Week go, but the rest of her work isalmost
perfect. As for her being the most desirable woman etc, she's not that
old, she _IS_ gorgeous - as if her voice isn't enough... i envy Dom-T very

	So, anyway, can i get hold of these pre-Sugarcubes albums? And i
also heard that bjork has done some jazz albums - are they any good? So
far, a fair few mew band names have been thrown at me, but not with much
in the way of description. Anyone care to tell me their faveourite band,
how they compare with other bands etc...

Thanking you kindly,




Date: Mon, 14 Feb 1994 13:07:53 +0100
Subject: FTP Site Update

Just got the answer from FTP.UWP.EDU about getting our own directory for
the scandinavian indie list; Unfortunately the site is full right now,
but there will be space available in a short while. The admins would
let me know when something was available.

So, until we get a directory on there, I'll keep the directory on
FTP.LYSATOR.LIU.SE (ie. /pub/texts/uxu/SID) for the digests, and
if you want to add something to the directory, let me know and
I'll put it up there.

The interview with Souls is ready, and I'll post it here tonight,
and also add it to the SID directory.

Have fun!


Date: Mon, 14 Feb 1994 14:36:11 +0200 (EET)
From: (Kimmo S{{skilahti)
Subject: Popsicle live on radio!

Hello all Scansters!

Just a quick note to all Finns (and those who can pick up our radio
broadcast by whatever method there might be available):

Tonight at 19:00 Finnish time there will be a Popsicle (the gods of
power pop) concert on Radiomafia (one of the national state-owned
radios here).  The gig is from the EBU rock festival which was held 
in Helsinki some time last year.

I'm trying to tape the show (I need first to get hold of a radio or 
a receiver or whatever the gagdet is called...)  If anyone wants to
get a copy of the show, let me know and me can work something out.

In case you don't know this band, check it out, it's the band that
you've been waiting for to change your life (or something)!

As they are from Sweden, I don't actually *know* a lot about them,
just that their music is excellent, but I'm sure there are a lot of
people on the list who are willing to give us the essential and
trivial info!


Kimmo Saaskilahti  * "MTV is not about music,    *  it's about women in their underwear"
                   *  - Mark E Smith


End of SI Digest #1.02

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