Tunisia 2001

In Hammamet and at the Fourati Hotel

The souvenir salesguys. If you enter through the archway to the left, you will have approximately 2 seconds before the guy in the middle of the picture is upon you, asking "German? English? French? Danish? Huh? huh?" and trying to push you into his boutique "Just look! no buy". Around the area is about a hundred other shops with the same stuff and staff. This is a local girl selling flowers to tourists. As a market booster, she drags along her blind father.
This is central Hammamet, In the background is the old town, and in the front is a couple of small fishing boats. This is we're all male Tunisians spend their lunch, afternoon and evening - the local café. The ladies don't want them at home, so they go here to drink tea and play games.
This is central Hammamet. The yellow car is a taxi.    

Going to Tunis...

Trying to go to Tunis by train. Not easy, when there is noone selling tickets... This is the food market in Tunis. It's HUGE and you can buy anything that can be eaten in there.
This is central Tunis, a melting pot of people, cars and smelly odors. This very day, it was extremely hot as well, over 40 Celsius. This is the old town in central Tunis.

Going on a 2-day, 1500km sightseeing tour, in a bus...

This is elDjem, the biggest theater in northern africa, built by the Romans. Inside, many gladiator games took place, like 2000 years ago. I am feeding a little camel kid.
This is where the bus stopped for a while. It was 47 degrees here where the photo was taken. In the shadow. Young camel. This photo cost me a lot.
Salt lake bus stop. I thought the salt lake should be a big lake of salt water. It wasn't the surface was covered by salt and sand, making it appear as a huge *flat* desert. An oasis. Nice one.
A desert. The same house. Dug into the ground. This is where some starwars movie was shot.
Matmata, inside one of their cave-houses. This lady is grounding something. Me in sahara! :-)
Me riding a camel.    

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